2nd presentation  DiY-studio introduction
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2nd presentation DiY-studio introduction



Second part: DiYSE project presentation and the introduction to the DiY-Studio held @ TEI'11 Funchal, Portugal....

Second part: DiYSE project presentation and the introduction to the DiY-Studio held @ TEI'11 Funchal, Portugal.


Spakers: Marc Godon, Marc Rolands, Juan R. Velasco and Geert Vanderhulst and Ivan Marsá



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    2nd presentation  DiY-studio introduction 2nd presentation DiY-studio introduction Presentation Transcript

    • Do-it-Yourself Creation of Pervasive, Tangibe Applications Smart Objects and Smart Applications
    • Studio Objectives
        • Experience the possibilities of DiY creation of pervasive applications
        • Pervasive applications
          • Tied to everyday objects and problems
          • Aware of the user and the environment
        • DiY creation
          • Non-expert user is able to create and innovate in unexpected ways
    • The user as an innovative creator
        • Traditionally, designers try to create a finished product
          • An object, an application, a tool …
          • Very precise function
        • However, most innovative successes come from using objects for unexpected things
    • The user as an innovative creator
        • An Example: IKEA hacks
          • Clever design for making inexpensive furniture that users can build by themselves
          • Some users, however, decide to « ignore » the instructions…
            • ¿Salad bowl as a sink?
            • ¿Spherical speaker arrays?
    • Our idea here
        • Bring this kind of « user creativity » to the domain of pervasive applications
          • Provide the equivalent to glue and duct tape so that users may attach devices , tools & components to make them work together.
          • See what happens
            • Hopefully, it will be amazing!
    • The Smart Object
        • Basically, take an ordinary object and make it « smart »
          • Able to sense the environment: sensors
          • Able to interact with it: effectors
        • It rocks, but it’s pretty useless…
      sensors+ effectors Smart chicken
    • The Smart Application
        • Basically, « glue » the smart objects together to perform a useful function
        • What’s the « duct tape » here?
          • Provide an standard interface so that objects and users may interact easily
        • Now we can take over the world!!!
      « duct tape » + user cleverness Lots of smart chickens An army of smart chickens
    • What are we going to do here?
        • Create smart objects from scratch
          • Well, not totally from scratch
            • We will use Arduino boards for that
            • Though we could use anything else
        • Create smart applications which make use of the smart objects
          • Our « glue »: drivers which make a common interface for all smart objects
          • Our « duct tape »: a gateway which allows to hold them all together
    • What kind of things we can achieve?
        • With enough time and technological support, almost anything we can think of
        • Let us assume plenty of both
          • 2020: World is full of IoT, smart objects, pervasive and tangible applications
          • How would be approach day-to-day challenges in this context?
        • We will focus on specific problems
    • Problem statement #1: DIY granny-assistive smart flat
        • Grandma is going to visit for a monh
          • Doesn’t know about basic arrangements
          • You don’t have time to explain
          • She will be alone most of the time
          • She is a bit deaf (e.g. won’t hear the phone)
        • How can you make your flat
        • instantly granny assistive
        • using smart objects?
    • Problem statement #1: DIY Eco-smart neighborhood
        • You’re concerned with sustainability
          • Reduce human ecological footprint
          • Involve your neighbors in eco-friendliness
        • How can smart objects contribute
        • to create an eco-enthusiast
        • neighborhood?
    • Problem statement #1: DIY Social City
        • One step further: the Smart City
          • Reducing traffic congestion
          • Providing information about plces you like
          • Identify common needs among the citizens
        • How can we use smart objects
        • to increase citizen
        • participation and social
        • impact?