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What is technology?

What is technology?






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    What is technology? What is technology? Presentation Transcript

    • What is Technology?
      Diego Valdez
      Lorena Olea
      Andrea Mosqueda
      Verónica Gutierrez
    • There is one thing most people agree about technology  It is important
      Things, actions, methods, processes, and systems.
      Seneca: when the words are corrupt, the mind is also.
    • Non-natural objects of all kinds manufactured by humans.
      Usage 1: Hardware orArtifacts
    • The process of manufacturing hardware
      Manufacturing of equipment
      People who operate the equipment
      All elements needed to manufacture a particular kind of hardware. The complete working system:
      Inputs: people, machinery, resources, processes, legal, economic, political and physical environment.
      Usage 2: Sociotechnical system of manufacture
    • Usage 3: Knowledge, Technique, Know-How, metodology
    • Usage 4: Sociotechnical System of Use
      What we do with the hardware after it’s manufactured.
      Withoutthesystem= objectwithoutpurpose
    • Dependson time…
    • Dependson social class…
      • Animals use systems beavers, ants, etc.
      • Humans innovations to improve the system
      • Without the systemshumans would not exist or we would be powerless: few in number and not important.
      • With systems= masters of the planet
    • On the idols, the Scientific Study of Nature, and the reformation of Education
    • Was an English lawyer, statesman, essayist, historian, intellectual reformer, philosopher, and champion of modern science.
    • The need for a Philosophy of Invention
      The methods of discovery or invention are just as much in need of examination.
      Those who try to discover the nature or mode of operation of anything by the repetition of random experiments are never at one stay.
      One discovery being the need for further investigation.
    • The nature of human ambition, 3 kinds:
      Those men who with restless striving seek to augment their personal power in their own country.
      Those who seek to advance the position of their own county in the world, and this maybe allowed to have more worth in it and less selfishness.
      Those whose endeavour is to restore and exalt the power and dominion of man himself, of the human race, over the universe.
      ***Now the dominion of human over nature rests only on knowledge
    • TheopinionmencherishaboutAntiquityisill- considered and ill-suitedtotheword.
      Thetermshould mean theripeage, thefullness of years, of thewholeworld.
      “ The blacker the past, the brighter the hope of the future”
    • Interpretation of Nature(a problem)
      Idols and false notions are interfering in the human understanding
    • 4 kinds of Idols
      Idols of the tribe
      Idols of the cave
      Idols of the market - place
      Idols of the theather
    • Idols of the Tribe
      “Its wrongly asserted thet the human sense is measure of things”
      Perceptions = man´sreflections
      Evereybody change the nature of things by giving their own meaning to each of them.
      Dalí / Diurnal Fantasies, 1932
    • Idols of the Cave
      BaconalludingPlato’smyth “The Cave”
      “Each of us has hisown and private cave or den, whichbreaks up and falsifiesthelights of nature”
      Each of us has some ideals or knowledge that don'tlet us to make an objective judgment about any situation, we are naturally impartial.
    • Idols of the market -place
      When words are applied to a common understanding and these words are used in a wrong way or in an inapropiate application
      Throw everything into confusion
    • Idols of the theatre
      There are philosophies that have entered in human minds and created fictitius and imaginary worlds.
    • We can notice the enlargement of human power over nature.
      It dosent matter how nature create the world and everything what happens in it because human explain whatever he understand.
    • Reformation of education
      The advancement of learning is a process related with:
      Places of learning (customes, traditions)
    • Books of learning : (knowledge of our antecestors)
      Compilation of information (new editions)
    • Persons of the learned
      * cultural context
      A deffect in theeducationprogressisthediversity of univeristies , theremustbe a connectionbetweenteaching in alltheuniversities,
    • Efficient and necessary
      Not personal
      Technology needs Education
      Technology is education
      Technology & Education