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  • 1. BY: Marta y Marcos
  • 2. Aztecs
  • 3. Aztec culture began in 1325 BCE The Aztecs were a warlike tribe, nomadic hunter-gatherers from the semiarid region of northern Mexico. The Aztecs were farmers who distributed the city of Tenochtitlan in 20 clans gathered to families in 4 districts of the city.Social life at the top were the nobles with the priests, then the warriors and merchants. At the base of the social pyramid were the peasants and slaves. Religion: Aztec flower wars provoked calls to make prisoners of war were offered to the gods.
  • 4. Incas
  • 5. The Incas lived in Tawantinsuyu, which in Quechua, the Inca language, means The Four Parts. The cities plan was based on a system of main avenues intersected by smaller roads that converged on an open plaza surrounded by municipal buildings and temples. The structure was one story of a perfect assembly of cut stones; also used mud bricks and straw in the coastal regions. Gold, symbol of the Sun God, was exploited for the use of religion dirigentes.La dominated the whole political structure. Religious practice consisted in consultation of oracles, sacrifices as offerings, religious trances and public confessions.
  • 6. Mayas
  • 7. The Maya were not a unified state, but is organized into several independent city-states. Maya buildings were made of wood and stone. The Maya developed the most complete writing system of all Native Americans. The social elite were the priests and nobles who lived in the city. Farmers living in rural areas. The main spectacle of the Maya was a ball game similar to soccer. The Maya believed that before there had been other our world.
  • 8.