A quick overview of the Social Media World


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A fast and easy presentation to get a snapshot of the vast Social Media world and the diverse uses of some of the most popular social channels.

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A quick overview of the Social Media World

  1. 1. A quick overview of theSocial Media Worldby Diego GomezCanberra, ACT – April 2012
  2. 2. SummaryWhat is Social Media?Why it is important to the AAC to includeSocial Networking into its Communications Strategy?How some of the SM channels work
  3. 3. Online content is created by usersA shift in how people find, consume, and share informationMoving from monologue (one to many)to dialogue (conversations among many)Changing people from content readersinto contributors and publishersWhat is Social Media?
  4. 4. Engage with thecommunityConnect with people, leadersand other organisationsPromote eventsand servicesImprove effectiveness of external communicationsProvide informationand advocacyBecome a community leader and AuthorityPersuade about healthy behaviourTrack social trendsBuild the brandKnow what is hapenningSocialMedia
  5. 5. Too many channels to achieve one objective
  6. 6. 1B users!!!Good way of building a databasePeople who get interested in the organisation want itto be totally friendlyPlay with apps and take & share surveysCatchy presentation of the organisation showingits best qualitiesThe more fans the page has, the more popular andappreciated the organisation isStream of content(comments, videos, photos, links, etc) posted by thepage administratorsPages are public, thus search engines can index the page•••••••Where people spend time with people they know
  7. 7. It is an amalgamation of several Google services we already useSegment social communication with “Circles”(members, donnors, sponsors, stakeholders, staff, etc)Allows to follow anyone without having to get “permission”Follow topics of interest in real time (Sparks)It will become the core of Google´s servicesIt is a much clearer way to selectively share data with others•Interact with up to 10 memebers simultaneusly via video chat (Hangouts)•••••
  8. 8. Video-sharing website on which users can upload,share and view videosGreat way to get to run ongoing information aboutnew products or servicesCustomisable background pageAllows to insert videos on the website or blogVideo producer technology became cheaperVideo has more impact than any otherand it´s potentially viralEdit videos directly onsiteYou don’t have to produce your own videosto have an active social experience on YouTubeVideo is SEO Friendly••••••••
  9. 9. It is a discussion channelHow can you add value to the community?It is about quality rather than quantityBe interesting and conversational140 characters micro-bloggingFollow > Create > EngageEasy to see what others say about the organisationLots of opportunities to meet the organisation´s needsOrganisational reputation management#Leading_the_WorldBeyond_HIV/AIDS••••••••
  10. 10. Pinboard-styled social photosharingIt´s like a Twitter with picturesIncrease the virality of your content / Boost trafficIt connects people based on similarinterests, not only based on friendshipPeople can ‘like’ your pins or “repin” them onto theirboards, comment or share on Facebook and TwitterIt is driving more traffic to brand sites thanYouTube, LinkedIn and G+ combined!!!Promote a (healthy) lifestyle••••••
  11. 11. Integrated Login with Google accountsAdd own AdSense ads and keep 100% of the revenueFriendly Search Engine OptimizationEasy way to share your expertise and knowledgewith a larger audienceEncourage and influence People’s lifeDemonstrate commitment with your communityInvite community members to writeIncrease researching skills•••••••
  12. 12. The online professional networkYour network is bigger than you think!!Build strategic partnerships and relationshipsGreat for staff recruitmentRise your professional/corporate profile locally and globallyJoin groups where you can contribute to discussionsand collaborate with potential supportersDrive support to your organisation byadding the Volunteer and Causes sectionTell supporters about your organisation•••••••
  13. 13. Thank YouAny Questions?