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Pasion por emprender

Pasion por emprender






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    Pasion por emprender Pasion por emprender Document Transcript

    • TOEFL Destinations Directory ®The directory of more than 8,000 universities, agenciesand other institutions that accept TOEFL scores.
    • Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences Tampere University of Technology Centre d’études France et Europe http://www.metropolia.fi/ http://www.tut.fi/ Nantes Helsinki Tampere DI Code: 0124 DI Code: 3804 DI Code: 0599 Helsinki Polytechnic Turku Centre for Computer Science Centre International D’Admission Management Helsingen http://www.tucs.fi/about/ http://www.hec.fr/ DI Code: 0564 Turku Jouy-en-Josas DI Code: 8410 DI Code: 0700 Helsinki School Economics & Business Administration Turku School of Economic & Business Administration Centre Scolaire-St. Paul http://hkkk.fi/index_e.html http://www.tse.fi/EN/ http://www.cen3.ab.ca/ Helsinki Turku St. Paul DI Code: 0636 DI Code: 9881 DI Code: 8755 In the TOEFL Destinations Directory you’ll find a list of more than Helsinki University of Technology Turku University of Applied Sciences CERAM-Nice-Center International Management http://www.tkk.fi/English/ http://www.turkuamk.fi/ http://www.isn-nice.com/ Helsinki Turku Nice DI Code: 0053 DI Code: 0792 DI Code: 0738 8,000 institutions worldwide that rely on the TOEFL test as the most JAMK University of Applied Sciences University Admissions Finland CERAM-Sophia Antipolis http://www.jamk.fi/English http://www.universityadmissions.fi/ http://www.ceram.edu/ Jyvaskyla Helsinki Sophia Antipolis DI Code: 0719 DI Code: 3138 DI Code: 0034 Kajaani University of Applied Sciences University of Applied Sciences-Tampere Polytechnic CERAM-Sophia Antipolis-Graduate Business School accurate measure of English language skills. http://www.kajak.fi/in_english.iw3 http://www.tamk.fi/fi/ http://www.ceram.edu/ Kajaani Tampere Sophia Antipolis DI Code: 1563 DI Code: 0561 DI Code: 9721 Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Sciences University of Art & Design-Helsinki DIDAC Exchange Program http://www.tokem.fi/?deptid=11594 http://www.uiah.fi/english/ Marnes Kemi Helsinki DI Code: 9261 DI Code: 0528 DI Code: 0725 Kymenlaakso Univ of Applied Science University of Eastern Finland Ecole Active Bilingue Jeannine Miguel Kouvola http://www.uku.fi/english/ http://www.eabjm.org Kuopio TOEFL DESTINATIONS DIRECTORY DI Code: 3910 DI Code: 9779 Paris Updated January 2011 DI Code: 9531 Institutions include: Lahti University of Applied Sciences University of Helsinki University of New South Wales Ecole Centrale d’Electronique Paris Australian International Hotel School AfghAnistAn http://www.lamk.fi/engl/ http://www.aihs.edu.au/ http://www.helsinki.fi/university/ http://www.unsw.edu.au/ http://www.ece.fr/ Lahti Canberra Helsinki Sydney Paris American Univ of Afghanistan DI Code: 5728 DI Code: 9872 DI Code: 4814 Kabul DI Code: 0108 DI Code: 0890 • Colleges and universities DI Code: 1423 Community colleges •Lappeenranta University of TechnologyAustralian National University http://www.lut.fi/en/ http://www.anu.edu.au/ •Technical institutions University of Jyväskylä http://www.jyu.fi/indexeng.shtml http://www.unsw.edu.au/ Ecole Centrale de Lyon University of New South Wales-Foundation Studies http://www.ec-lyon.fr/ American University-Afghanistan http://www.auaf.edu.af/ Lappeenranta Canberra Jyväskylä Sydney Ecully Cedex • Scholarship providers Kabul •DI Professional Code: 0496 associations DI Code: 0506 DI Code: 9818 •Government agencies DI Code: 8944 DI Code: 5880 DI Code: 0610 Laurea University of Applied Sciences Canberra Institute of Technology University of Lapland University of Newcastle Ecole Centrale de Nantes http://www.newcastle.edu.au/ • English language programs PRT http://www.laurea.fi/ http://www.cit.act.edu.au/ http://www.ulapland.fi/ Nantes baktash_aryan@yahoo.com Vantaa Canberra Rovaniemi Callaghan DI Code: 5722 Mazar DI Code: 0562 DI Code: 6232 DI Code: 8264 DI Code: 0569 DI Code: 6784 University of Canberra University of Notre Dame-Australia Metropolia Polytechnic University of Oulu Ecole Centrale de Paris http://www.canberra.edu.au/ http://www.nd.edu.au/ http://www.metropolia.fi/ http://www.oulu.fi/english/index.html http://www.ecp.fr/ Canberra Broadway This directory is updated and published quarterly. For the most recent listings and 0229 view available score requirements, DI Code: to Vantaa DI Code: 9837 Oulu DI Code: 9001 Paris DI Code: 0567 DI Code: 9672 AlgeriA University of Sydney Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences University of Tampere Ecole d’Ingenieurs de Tours please use our online institutions search at www.toeflgoanywhere.org. Mikkeli Hopeland Institute http://www.mikkeliamk.fi/index.asp http://www.hopelanddz.com/5.html New South Wales http://www.uta.fi/english/index.html Tampere Tours DI Code: 9792 http://www.usyd.edu.au/ Sydney DI Code: 0867 Algiers DI Code: 0179 DI Code: 9871 DI Code: 1814 Australasian College of Natural Therapies University of Technology Sydney-Insearch In-Tuition North Karelia University of Applied Sciences http://www.acnt.edu.au/ University of Turku http://www.insearch.edu.au/ Ecole d’Ingenieurs du Val de Loire Dza Algers Hydra http://www.ncp.fi/english/ Surry Hills http://www.utu.fi/en/ Haymarket http://www.univ-tours.fr/ DI Code: 0921 Joensuu DI Code: 9268 Turku DI Code: 7511 Tours Quick tips on using this TOEFL Destinations Directory: DI Code: 6209 Novia University of Applied Sciences Campion College-Sydney http://www.campion.edu.au/ Toongabbie East DI Code: 9701 University of Vaasa University of Technology-Sydney http://www.uts.edu.au/ Broadway DI Code: 0056 Ecole de Centrale Nantes-Graduate http://www.novia.fi/ http://www.uwasa.fi/ http://www.ec-nantes.fr/index_en.jsp ArgentinA DI Code: 4777 DI Code: 0743 Vasa Vaasa Nantes DI Code: 3875 CSU Study Centre (Sydney) DI Code: 0647 University of Western Sydney DI Code: 2699 Agency International Development Argentina Argentina http://www.csu.edu.au/ http://www.uws.edu.au/ Oulu University of Applied Sciences Albury VAMK University of Applied Sciences Sydney Ecole de Commerce Europeenne DI Code: 9374 http://www.oamk.fi/english/ http://www.puv.fi/en/ http://www.ece-france.com/fr/accueil.cfm?id= DI Code: 9838 DI Code: 9853 Oulu Vaasa Lyon Centro Cultural Ingles DI Code: 0530 International College of Management-Sydney Code: 5726 DI University of Western Sydney-Penrith Campus DI Code: 8311 http://www.culturalingles.com/ http://www.icms.edu.au/ http://www.uws.edu.au/ Trelew PIRAMK University of Applied Sciences Sydney Penrith South DC Ecole des Cadres DI Code: 4124 http://www.piramk.fi/english DI Code: 0525 DI Code: 0380 http://www.edcparis.edu/ Tampere Paris Kinross Wolaroi School University of Wollongong Centro de Capacitacion en Ciencias Geograficas DI Code: 0723 http://www.kws.nsw.edu.au/ France http://www.uow.edu.au/ DI Code: 9530 http://www.igm.gov.ar/node/1 Buenos Aires Orange Rovaniemi University of Applied Sciences Wollongong American Graduate School of International Relations & Diplomacy Ecole des Mines de Nantes DI Code: 7948 http://www.ramk.fi/ DI Code: 8060 http://www.agsird.edu/ DI Code: 9799 http://webi.emn.fr/ Rovaniemi Lloyds International College Paris Nantes Colegio San Pedro Apostol DI Code: 5731 DI Code: 0230 DI Code: 0581 http://www.sanpedroapostol.com/ Sydney Search by bookmarks Cordoba DI Code: 7068 Saimaan University of Applied Sciences American International School-France Northern Territory Ecole Europeenne D’affairs Eap DI Code: 8193 http://www.scp.fi/en-FI/ http://www.faispdx.org/home/ Paris Columbia School Lappeenranta Macquarie University Nice Charles Darwin University DI Code: 0681 http://www.columbiaschool.com/ DI Code: 1967 http://www.mq.edu.au/ DI Code: 9648 http://www.cdu.edu.au/ Buenos Aires North Ryde Alice Springs Satakunta University of Applied Sciences DI Code: 0850 Audencia Nantes School of Management 8919 DI Code: Ecole Francaise Lysee Stendhal-Grenoble DI Code: 9632 http://www.samk.fi/english/ http://www.audencia.com/ http://www.ac-grenoble.fr/ De Paula School of English Pori Martin College Nantes Milano Obera DI Code: 0563 http://www.martincollege.edu.au/ DI Code: 0161 DI Code: 8074 DI Code: 6864 Sydney Savonia University of Applied Sciences Code: 6230 DI Bordeaux Ecole de Management Queensland Ecole Nationale D’ingenieurs D’ Technology D’ Ind Green Hills School of English http://www.savonia.fi/eng/ http://www.bem.edu/ Nantes San Juan Raffles College of Design & Commerce Australian Catholic University Kuopio http://www.raffles.edu.au/ Bordeaux http://www.acu.edu.au/ DI Code: 0171 DI Code: 0025 DI Code: 5747 DI Code: 7189 North Sydney Banyo DI Code: 1174 National University Mission-School of Chemistry University of Applied Sciences DI Code: 9623 Seinajoki & Centre d’etudes de Saclay Ecole Nationale de la Meteorologie Natural Science http://www.seamk.fi/ http://www.enm.meteo.fr/ Southern Cross University http://www.cea.fr/FR/Saclay/ Australian Institute of Medical Sciences Posadas DI Code: 0541 Seinajoki http://www.scu.edu.au/ Saclay http://www.aims.org.au/c/index.php?page=about-usToulouse DI Code: 1305 Coffs Harbour DI Code: 0131 Brisbane DI Code: 9894 United States Embassy Argentina DI Code: 0374 DI Code: 6732 argentina.usembassy.gov Buenos Aires Sydney English Language Centre Australian International College of Art DI Code: 9417 http://www.selc.com.au/ http://www.aica.net.au/ Sydney Gold Coast Universidad Austral-IAE DI Code: 8923 DI Code: 0572 TOEFL DESTINATIONS DIRECTORY http://www.austral.edu.ar/ Pilar DI Code: 0088 www.ets.org/toefl Sydney Film School http://www.sydneyfilmschool.com/ 12 Bond University http://www.bond.edu.au/ Updated January 2011 TOEFL Destinations Waterloo Robina DI Code: 6515 DI Code: 9808 Hanken School of Economics Sibelius Academy Centre d’études et de recherches sur les qualifications http://www.hanken.fi/public/Content/Index TAFE-New South Wales http://www.siba.fi/fi/ Central Queensland Universityhttp://www.cereq.fr/ ArmeniA http://www.tafensw.edu.au/ http://www.cqu.edu.au/ Helsinki Helsinki Darlinghurst Southport Marseille DI Code: 8433 American University-Armenia DI Code: 0217 DI Code: 9822 DI Code: 4511 DI Code: 0074 http://www.aua.am/ TaylorsTampere University College of Technology Central Queensland University Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences Yerevan http://www.taylorscollege.edu.au/ http://www.cqu.edu.au/ Centre d’études France et Europe DI Code: 4151 http://www.metropolia.fi/ Sydney http://www.tut.fi/ Rockhampton Nantes Helsinki Essence Development Ltd Tampere DI Code: 6229 DI Code: 9809 DI Code: 0124 Search by keywords DI Code: 3804 Yerevan DI Code: 1768 DI Code: 0599 Universities Admissions Centre http://www.uac.edu.au/ Charlton Brown http://www.charltonbrown.com.au/pageDisplay.php Helsinki Polytechnic Homebush Bay Centre for Computer Turku Science Brisbane Centre International D’Admission Management Helsingen http://www.tucs.fi/about/ DI Code: 8619 DI Code: 5487 http://www.hec.fr/ DI Code: 0564 Turku Universities Admissions Centre Griffith University Jouy-en-Josas AustrAliA DI Code: 8410 http://www.uac.edu.au/ http://www.gu.edu.au/ DI Code: 0700 Silverwater South Brisbane Helsinki School Economics & Business Administration DI Code: 9179 School of Economic Turku & Business Administration DI Code: 9619 Centre Scolaire-St. Paul http://hkkk.fi/index_e.html Australian Capital Territory http://www.tse.fi/EN/ University of New England-Australia Imagine Education http://www.cen3.ab.ca/ Helsinki Turku http://www.une.edu.au/ St. Paul http://www.imagineeducation.com.au/ DI Code: 0636 ANU College Armidale Code: 9881 DI Bundall BC DI Code: 8755 http://www.anucollege.com.au/ DI Code: 9668 DI Code: 6234 Canberra Helsinki University 0271 DI Code: of Technology Turku University of Applied Sciences CERAM-Nice-Center International International-Gold Coast Institute of TAFE Management http://www.tkk.fi/English/ http://www.turkuamk.fi/ http://www.isn-nice.com/ http://www.goldcoast.tafe.qld.gov.au/international/ Bundall BC Helsinki Turku DI Code: 6223 Nice DI Code: 0053 DI Code: 0792 DI Code: 0738 JAMK University of Applied Sciences University Admissions Finland CERAM-Sophia Antipolis http://www.jamk.fi/English http://www.universityadmissions.fi/ http://www.ceram.edu/ Jyvaskyla Helsinki Sophia Antipolis DI Code: 0719 www.ets.org/toefl DI Code: 3138 1 DI Code: 0034 TOEFL Destinations Kajaani University of Applied Sciences University of Applied Sciences-Tampere Polytechnic CERAM-Sophia Antipolis-Graduate Business School http://www.kajak.fi/in_english.iw3 http://www.tamk.fi/fi/ http://www.ceram.edu/ Kajaani Tampere Sophia Antipolis DI Code: 1563 DI Code: 0561 DI Code: 9721 Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Sciences University of Art & Design-Helsinki DIDAC Exchange Program Use the active web http://www.tokem.fi/?deptid=11594 http://www.uiah.fi/english/ Marnes Kemi Helsinki DI Code: 9261 site links DI Code: 0528 DI Code: 0725 Kymenlaakso Univ of Applied Science University of Eastern Finland Ecole Active Bilingue Jeannine Miguel Kouvola http://www.uku.fi/english/ http://www.eabjm.org DI Code: 3910 Kuopio Paris DI Code: 9779 DI Code: 9531 Lahti University of Applied Sciences University of Helsinki Ecole Centrale d’Electronique Paris http://www.lamk.fi/engl/ http://www.helsinki.fi/university/ http://www.ece.fr/ Lahti Helsinki Paris DI Code: 5728 DI Code: 9872 DI Code: 4814 Lappeenranta University of Technology University of Jyväskylä Ecole Centrale de Lyon http://www.lut.fi/en/ http://www.jyu.fi/indexeng.shtml http://www.ec-lyon.fr/ Lappeenranta Jyväskylä Ecully Cedex DI Code: 0496 DI Code: 9818 DI Code: 5880 Laurea University of Applied Sciences University of Lapland Ecole Centrale de Nantes http://www.laurea.fi/ http://www.ulapland.fi/ Nantes Copyright © 2012 by Educational Testing Service. All rights reserved. ETS, the ETS logo, LISTENING. LEARNING. LEADING., TOEFL and TOEFL IBT are registered trademarks of Vantaa Rovaniemi DI Code: 5722 DI Code: 0562 DI Code: 8264 Educational Testing Service (ETS). Metropolia Polytechnic University of Oulu Ecole Centrale de Paris http://www.metropolia.fi/ http://www.oulu.fi/english/index.html http://www.ecp.fr/ Vantaa Oulu Paris DI Code: 0567 DI Code: 0229 DI Code: 9672 Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences University of Tampere Ecole d’Ingenieurs de ToursGo to www.toeflgoanywhere.org today for the best ways to practice and to register for the TOEFL test. http://www.mikkeliamk.fi/index.asp Mikkeli http://www.uta.fi/english/index.html Tampere Tours DI Code: 9792 DI Code: 0179 DI Code: 9871 North Karelia University of Applied Sciences University of Turku Ecole d’Ingenieurs du Val de Loire http://www.ncp.fi/english/ http://www.utu.fi/en/ http://www.univ-tours.fr/ Joensuu Turku Tours DI Code: 6209 DI Code: 9701 DI Code: 0056
    • TOEFL DESTINATIONS DIRECTORY Updated January 2012 Sydney English Language CentreAfghAnistAn ArmeniA http://www.selc.com.au/American University of Afghanistan Essence Development Ltd Bondi Jcthttp://www.auaf.edu.af/ Yerevan DI Code: 8923Kabul DI Code: 1768 Sydney Film SchoolDI Code: 1423 http://www.sydneyfilmschool.com/American University of Afghanistan Waterloohttp://www.auaf.edu.af/ DI Code: 6515Kabul TAFE-New South WalesDI Code: 0610 AustrAliA http://www.tafensw.edu.au/Kabul University-Faculty of Engineering New South Waleshttp://ku.edu.af/en DI Code: 9822Kabul Taylors CollegeDI Code: 7361 Australian Capital Territory http://www.taylorscollege.edu.au/Provisional Reconstruction Team (PRT) ANU College SydneyMazar http://www.anucollege.com.au/ DI Code: 6229DI Code: 6784 Canberra Universities Admissions Centre DI Code: 0271 http://www.uac.edu.au/ Australian International Hotel School Silverwater http://www.aihs.edu.au/ DI Code: 8619 Canberra Universities Admissions CentreAlbAniA DI Code: 0108 http://www.uac.edu.au/Foundation Education Centre Elbasan Australian National University Lidcombe Nswhttp://www.dachplus.al/pages/ece.html http://www.anu.edu.au/ DI Code: 9179Elbasan Canberra University of New England-AustraliaDI Code: 7305 DI Code: 0506 http://www.une.edu.au/ Canberra Institute of Technology Armidale http://www.cit.act.edu.au/ DI Code: 9668 Canberra University of New South WalesAlgeriA DI Code: 6232 http://www.unsw.edu.au/Hopeland Institute University of Canberra Kensingtonhttp://www.hopelanddz.com/5.html http://www.canberra.edu.au/ DI Code: 0890Algiers Canberra University of New South Wales-Foundation StudiesDI Code: 1814 DI Code: 9837 http://www.unsw.edu.au/In-Tuition SydneyDza Algers Hydra DI Code: 8944DI Code: 0921 University of Newcastle New South Wales http://www.newcastle.edu.au/ Australasian College of Natural Therapies Newcastle http://www.acnt.edu.au/ DI Code: 0569 Sydney University of Notre Dame-AustraliaArgentinA DI Code: 9268 http://www.nd.edu.au/Agency International Development Argentina Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School FremantleArgentina www.bluemontains.edu.au DI Code: 9001DI Code: 9374 Leura University of Sydney DI Code: 7833 http://www.usyd.edu.au/Centro Cultural Ingles Bridge Business College Sydneyhttp://www.culturalingles.com/ www.bridgebc.edu.au DI Code: 0867Trelew Sydney University of Technology Sydney-InsearchDI Code: 4124 DI Code: 8662 http://www.insearch.edu.au/Centro de Capacitacion en Ciencias Geograficas Campion College-Sydney Haymarkethttp://www.igm.gov.ar/node/1 http://www.campion.edu.au/ DI Code: 7511La Rioja Toongabbie East University of Technology-SydneyDI Code: 7948 DI Code: 4777 http://www.uts.edu.au/Colegio San Pedro Apostol CSU Study Centre (Sydney) Broadwayhttp://www.sanpedroapostol.com/ http://www.csu.edu.au/ DI Code: 0743Cardoba New South Wales University of Western SydneyDI Code: 8193 DI Code: 9838 http://www.uws.edu.au/Columbia School International College of Management-Sydney Kingswoodhttp://www.columbiaschool.com/ http://www.icms.edu.au/ DI Code: 9853Buenos Aires Sydney University of Western Sydney-Penrith CampusDI Code: 9632 DI Code: 0525 http://www.uws.edu.au/De Paula School of English Kinross Wolaroi School Penrithhttp://depaulaenglish.com/ http://www.kws.nsw.edu.au/ DI Code: 0380Obera Orange University of WollongongDI Code: 6864 DI Code: 8060 http://www.uow.edu.au/Green Hills School of English Lloyds International College WollongongSan Juan http://www.lloydscollege.nsw.edu.au/ DI Code: 9799DI Code: 0025 Sydney DI Code: 7068Lincoln Macquarie UniversityCordoba http://www.mq.edu.au/ Northern TerritoryDI Code: 7452 Sydney Charles Darwin University DI Code: 0850 http://www.cdu.edu.au/National University Mission-School of Chemistry & Martin College DarwinNatural Science http://www.martincollege.edu.au/ DI Code: 8919Posadas SydneyDI Code: 0541 DI Code: 6230Professional Language Links (PLL) Argentina Nan Tien Institute Limitedhttp://www.pllargentina.com/pll.htm http://www.nantien.edu.au QueenslandCordoba Berkeley (Wollongong) Australian Catholic UniversityDI Code: 7691 DI Code: 9761 http://www.acu.edu.au/United States Embassy Argentina Raffles College of Design & Commerce North Sydneyargentina.usembassy.gov http://www.raffles.edu.au/ DI Code: 9623Buenos Aires North Sydney Australian Institute of Medical SciencesDI Code: 9417 DI Code: 1174 http://www.aims.org.au/c/index.php?page=about-usUniversidad Austral-IAE Southern Cross University Brisbanehttp://www.austral.edu.ar/ http://www.scu.edu.au/ DI Code: 6732Buenos Aires Lismore Nsw Australian International College of ArtDI Code: 0088 DI Code: 0374 http://www.aica.net.au/ Gold Coast DI Code: 0572www.ets.org/toefl TOEFL Destinations 1
    • TOEFL DESTINATIONS DIRECTORY Updated January 2012Bond University Southern Australia Holmesglen Institute of TAFE-Waverly Campushttp://www.bond.edu.au/ http://www.holmesglen.edu.au/Robina Cultural Immersion MelbourneDI Code: 9808 http://www.culturalimmersion.com.au/ DI Code: 8924 AdelaideCentral Queensland University DI Code: 3017 Holmesglen Institute of TAFE-Chadstone Campushttp://www.cqu.edu.au/ http://www.holmesglen.edu.au/Southport Eynesbury College International MelbourneDI Code: 4511 http://www.eynesburyinternational.sa.edu.au/ DI Code: 8921 AdelaideCentral Queensland University DI Code: 4985 Holmesglen Institute of TAFE-Moorabbin Campushttp://www.cqu.edu.au/ http://www.holmesglen.edu.au/Rockhampton Flinders University MelbourneDI Code: 9809 http://www.flinders.edu.au/ DI Code: 8922 AdelaideCharlton Brown DI Code: 9823 Kaplan Business School-Australiahttp://www.charltonbrown.com.au/pageDisplay.php http://www.kbs.edu.au/Brisbane International College of Hotel Management ParkvilleDI Code: 5487 http://www.ichm.edu.au/ DI Code: 4824 AdelaideGriffith University DI Code: 1696 La Trobe Universityhttp://www.gu.edu.au/ http://www.latrobe.edu.au/city/South Brisbane Le Cordon Bleu MelbourneDI Code: 9619 http://www.cordonbleu.edu/ DI Code: 9785 Regency ParkImagine Education DI Code: 8920 La Trobe University International Collegehttp://www.imagineeducation.com.au/ http://www.latrobe.edu.au/icollege/Bundall Mercedes College MelbourneDI Code: 6234 http://www.mercedes.adl.catholic.edu.au/ DI Code: 6562 AdelaideInternational-Gold Coast Institute of TAFE DI Code: 6259 Melbourne Global Mobility @ University of Melbournehttp://www.goldcoast.tafe.qld.gov.au/international/ http://www.unimelb.edu.au/Bundall SATAC-Southern Australian Tertiary Admissions Centre MelbourneDI Code: 6223 http://www.satac.edu.au/ DI Code: 3269 AdelaideIpswich Grammar School DI Code: 7282 Ozford College of Businesshttp://www.ipswichgrammar.com/ http://www.ozford.edu.au/Ipswich South Australian Tertiary Admissions Centre MelbourneDI Code: 8088 http://www.satac.edu.au/ DI Code: 4812 AdelaideJames Cook University DI Code: 9513 Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT University)http://www.jcu.edu.au/ http://www.rmit.edu.au/Townsville University of Adelaide MelbourneDI Code: 9811 http://www.adelaide.edu.au/ DI Code: 0985 AdelaideKelly Colleges DI Code: 0727 Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT University)-http://www.kellycolleges.com.au/ Department of Civil & Geological EngineeringBrisbane University of South Australia http://www.rmit.edu.au/DI Code: 0252 http://www.unisa.edu.au/ Melbourne Adelaide DI Code: 9728Mackintosh College DI Code: 9840Gold Coast South Pacific InstituteDI Code: 6706 www.sp.vic.edu.au Melbourne DI Code: 9188Queensland College of Teachers Tasmaniahttp://www.qct.edu.au/ Swinburne University of TechnologyToowong University of Tasmania-Launceston http://www.swinburne.edu.au/index.phpDI Code: 9555 http://www.utas.edu.au/ Hawthorne Launceston DI Code: 0054Queensland Institute of Business and Technology DI Code: 0684http://www.qibt.qld.edu.au/ University of BallaratQueensland University of Tasmania-Sandy Bay http://www.ballarat.edu.au/DI Code: 6211 http://www.utas.edu.au/ Ballarat Sandy Bay DI Code: 0070Queensland International Business Academy DI Code: 9667http://www.qiba.qld.edu.au/ University of MelbourneGold Coast http://www.unimelb.edu.au/DI Code: 8953 Melbourne DI Code: 0974Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre Victoriahttp://www.qtac.edu.au/ Victoria University of TechnologyMilton Australian Technical and Management College http://www.vu.edu.au/DI Code: 9527 http://www.atmc.vic.edu.au Melbourne Melbourne DI Code: 9786Queensland University of Technology DI Code: 8820http://www.qut.edu.au/ Victorian UniversityRed Hill Ballarat University College http://www.vu.edu.au/DI Code: 9778 http://www.ballarat.edu.au/ Melbourne Ballarat Victri DI Code: 9199Shafston International College DI Code: 9869http://www.shafston.edu/Brisban Box Hill Institute of TAFEDI Code: 0624 http://www.bhtafe.edu.au/ Box Hill Western AustraliaTAFE-Queensland DI Code: 0364http://www.tafe.qld.gov.au/ Cambridge International CollegeBowen Charles Sturt University Study Centre-Melbourne http://www.cambridge.com.auDI Code: 9735 http://csu.edu.au/division/internat/oncampus/studycentremelbourne.htm East Perth Melbourne DI Code: 7812University of Queensland DI Code: 1078http://www.uq.edu.au/ Curtin CollegeBrisbane Deakin University-Burwood www.curtincollege.edu.auDI Code: 0987 http://www.deakin.edu.au/campuses/burwood.php Bentley Burwood Victori DI Code: 8783University of Queensland-Foundation Year DI Code: 9824http://www.foundationyear.com/ Curtin University of Technology-BentleySpring Hill Deakin University-Geelong http://www.curtin.edu.au/DI Code: 0077 http://www.deakin.edu.au/ Bentley Geelong DI Code: 0704University of Southern Queensland DI Code: 0765http://www.usq.edu.au/ Curtin University of Technology-PerthDarling Heights Department of Education & Training-Victoria http://www.curtin.edu.au/DI Code: 0176 http://www.det.vic.gov.au/det/ Perth Melbourne DI Code: 9826University of the Sunshine Coast DI Code: 8907http://www.usc.edu.au/ Edith Cowan UniversityMaroochydore Einstein College of Australia http://www.ecu.edu.au/DI Code: 8644 www.einsteincollege.com.au Perth Melbourne DI Code: 8936 DI Code: 8843 Guildford Grammar School Hawthorn English http://www.ggs.wa.edu.au/ http://www.hawthornenglish.com/ Guildford Hawthorn DI Code: 8906 DI Code: 5446www.ets.org/toefl TOEFL Destinations 2
    • TOEFL DESTINATIONS DIRECTORY Updated January 2012Melbourne Academy The International University Vienna American International University-Bangladeshhttp://www.mbs.edu/ http://www.iuvienna.edu/257_EN http://www.aiub.edu/Parkville Vienna DhakaDI Code: 5679 DI Code: 5953 DI Code: 7067Monash University University of Applied Sciences-Lauder Business School EDULINKhttp://www.monash.edu.au/ http://www.lbs.ac.at/ www.edulinkbd.co.ukBerwick Vienna SylhetDI Code: 0782 DI Code: 8454 DI Code: 8782Murdoch University University of Applied Sciences-Upper Austria Independent University, Bangladeshhttp://www.murdoch.edu.au/ http://www.fh-ooe.at http://www.iub.edu.bd/Murdoch Wels DhakaDI Code: 9841 DI Code: 9775 DI Code: 7494Perth Institute of Business & Technology University of Vienna International University of Business Agriculture & Technologyhttp://www.pibt.wa.edu.au/ http://www.univie.ac.at/?L=2 http://www.iubat.edu/Mt Lawley Vienna DhakaDI Code: 6261 DI Code: 0275 DI Code: 9776SAE Institute-Australia Vienna Graduate School of Economics North South Universityhttp://adelaide.sae.edu/en-gb/home/ http://www.univie.ac.at/vwl/ViennaGraduateSchoolEconomics/ http://www.northsouth.edu/Adelaide Vienna Banani DhakaDI Code: 8969 DI Code: 6757 DI Code: 2505Study Link Vienna Graduate School of Financehttp://studylink.com/index.html http://www.vgsf.ac.at/St Leonards ViennaDI Code: 8911 DI Code: 9618 bArbAdosTertiary Institutions Service Center-Western Vienna University of Technology Codrington Language Centrehttp://www.tisc.edu.au/ http://www.informatik.tuwien.ac.at/ http://codringtonlanguagecentre.com/Nedlands Vienna Christ ChurchDI Code: 9528 DI Code: 4465 DI Code: 6862University of Melbourne-Melbourne Business School Webster University-Viennahttp://www.mbs.edu/ http://www.webster.ac.at/Carlton ViennaDI Code: 7285 DI Code: 0547 belgiumUniversity of Western Australia Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien Antwerp International Business Schoolhttp://www.uwa.edu.au/ http://www.wu-wien.ac.at/english http://www.aibs.be/Perth Vienna AntwerpDI Code: 7496 DI Code: 0609 DI Code: 1501University of Western Australia-Graduate School of Boston University-BrusselsManagement-MBA Program http://www.bu.edu/brussels/http://www.business.uwa.edu.au/ BrusselsCrawley AzerbAijAn DI Code: 0814DI Code: 8899 Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy Bruface UlbVubUniversity of Western Australia-International Centre http://www.ada.edu.az http://www.bruface.eu/EN/http://www.international.uwa.edu.au/ Baku BruxellesPerth DI Code: 2093 DI Code: 7273DI Code: 0051 Azerbaijan University of Languages Brussel Business School http://www.adu.edu.az http://www.brussels.uibs.org/ Baku Antwerp DI Code: 0764 DI Code: 1504AustriA Qafqaz University College of EuropeAustrian-American Educational Commission-Fulbright Commission http://www.qafqaz.edu.az/ http://www.coleurop.be/http://www.fulbright.at/ Abseron BrugesVienna DI Code: 0560 DI Code: 0014DI Code: 7517 Continental Theological SeminaryFachhochschule Technikum Kaernten http://www.ctsem.edu/http://www.fh-kaernten.at/eng/ Sin Pieters LeeuwSpittal bAhrAin DI Code: 0194DI Code: 8728 Arab Open University European University College-Brussels CampusFachhochschule Vorarlberg http://aou.org.bh/ Economische Hogeschoolhttp://www.fh-vorarlberg.ac.at/ Kingdom Of Bahrain http://www.ehsal-dubai.net/Dornbirn DI Code: 8544 BrusselsDI Code: 8898 DI Code: 7039 Bahrain SchoolFH Joanneum University of Applied Sciences http://www.bahr-ehs.eu.dodea.edu/ European University Institutehttp://www.fh-joanneum.at/aw/~a/home/?lan=de Bahrain http://www.iue.it/Graz DI Code: 8025 BrusselsDI Code: 0290 DI Code: 9408 Capital InstituteIMADEC University Manama Ghent Universityhttp://www.imadec.ac.at/ DI Code: 0543 http://www.ugent.be/enWien GentDI Code: 9932 DI Code: 2643 IBN Khuldoon National SchoolInstitute for Advanced Studies http://www.ikns.edu.bh/ Group T-International University College Leuvenhttp://www.ihs.ac.at/ Isa Town http://www.groupt.be/Vienna DI Code: 8116 LeuvenDI Code: 8929 DI Code: 4208 Modern Knowledge SchoolsInstitute of Science and Technology Austria http://www.mks.edu.bh/home.htm Hasselt Universityhttp://www.ist.ac.at/ Manama http://www.uhasselt.be/Klosterneuburg DI Code: 8255 DiepenbeekDI Code: 6384 DI Code: 9005 Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland-BahrainInstitute of Tourism and Hotel Management http://www.rcsi-mub.com/ International Management Institutehttp://www.ith-salzburg.at/ Manama http://www.timi.edu/Salzburg DI Code: 6349 AntwerpDI Code: 7676 DI Code: 0753 University of BahrainInternational University for Business and Diplomacy http://www.uob.edu.bh/ Katholieke Universiteit Leuven-PediatricsVienna Sukhair http://www.kuleuven.be/DI Code: 6793 DI Code: 0036 Leuven DI Code: 4187Management Center Innsbruck Katholieke Universiteit-Leuvenhttp://www.mci.edu/com/index.html http://www.kuleuven.ac.be/english/Innsbruck bAnglAdesh LeuvenDI Code: 0367 DI Code: 0749 American Embassy DaccaSalzburg University of Applied Sciences http://dhaka.usembassy.gov/ Katholieke Universiteit-Leuven-Center for Advanced Legal Studieshttp://www.fh-salzburg.ac.at/ Dacca http://www.law.kuleuven.ac.be/cals/Puch Salzburg DI Code: 9296 LeuvenDI Code: 4180 DI Code: 0716www.ets.org/toefl TOEFL Destinations 3
    • TOEFL DESTINATIONS DIRECTORY Updated January 2012UIBS Ghent Business School Centro Boliviano Americano Instituto Cultural Brasil-Estados Unidoshttp://www.ghent.uibs.org http://www.cba.edu.bo/ http://www.icbeuonline.com.br/Ghent Cochabamba Rio De JaneiroDI Code: 8845 DI Code: 2008 DI Code: 8185United Business Institutes United States Embassy La Paz Instituto Cultural Brasil-Estados Unidos-ICBEU-SJChttp://www.ubi.edu/ http://www.megalink.com/usemblapaz/english/engindex.htm Sao PauloBrussels La Paz DI Code: 6855DI Code: 9866 DI Code: 9418Universite Catholique de Louvain Faculty of Biological, Universidad Catolica Boliviana Leader Consultoria LinguisticaAgricultural, Environmental Engineering www.mpd-ucb.edu.bo http://leaderconsultoria.net/www.uclouvain.be/agro La Paz BrasiliaLouvain-la-neuve DI Code: 8375 DI Code: 7547DI Code: 8823 Universidad Privada Boliviana Melbourne AssessoriaUniversité Catholique de Louvain-ADEF http://www.upb.edu/ Sao Paulowww.uclouvain.be/agro Cochabmba DI Code: 7110Louvain-La-Neuve DI Code: 0434DI Code: 4169 Universidad Tecnológica Privada de Santa Cruz Pontificia Universidad Catolica do Rio De Janeiro (PUC de Rio)Université Catholique de Louvain- http://www.utepsa.edu/ http://www.puc-rio.br/index.htmlLouvain School of Management Santa Cruz Rio De Janeirohttp://www.uclouvain.be/en-lsm.html DI Code: 8950 DI Code: 6980TarcienneDI Code: 7167 UNICENTRO-Universidade Estadual do Centro Oeste http://www.unicentro.br/Université de Liège Guarapuavahttp://www.ulg.ac.be/cms/c_5000/home bosniA/herzegovinA DI Code: 9835LiegeDI Code: 7548 US Information Service United States Embassy Brazilia Sarejevo brazil.usembassy.govUniversité Libre de Bruxelles DI Code: 9987 Brasiliahttp://www.ulb.ac.be/homepage_uk.html DI Code: 9419BruxellesDI Code: 0550 Universidade de Brasília http://www.unb.br/Université Libre de Bruxelles-Solvay Business School Brasiliahttp://www.solvay.edu/ botswAnA DI Code: 4140BruxellesDI Code: 0343 University of Botswana Universidade de Ribeirao Preto http://www.ub.bw/ http://www.unaerp.br/Universiteit Antwerpen Gaborone Ribeiraohttp://www.ua.ac.be/ DI Code: 6796 DI Code: 0111AntwerpenDI Code: 9096 Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro http://www.ufrj.br/University College Ghent Itaguaihttp://www.hogent.be/ brAzil DI Code: 7327GhentDI Code: 4370 Birkmeier Idiomas UP Language Consultants Jardim Silveira http://www.uplanguage.com.br/Vesalius College DI Code: 7437 Sao Paulohttp://www.vub.ac.be/ DI Code: 1240BrusselDI Code: 3574 Business School Sao Paulo U S A I D / Brazil http://www.bsp.edu.br/ http://brazil.usaid.gov/Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School Sao Paulo Brasiliahttp://www.vlerick.be/ DI Code: 9092 DI Code: 9340LeuvenDI Code: 7176 Canadian English Vision VUNESP Foundation http://www.canenglishvision.com/ http://www.rankarea.com/vunesp.com.brVrije Universiteit Brussel Sao Paulo Sao Paulohttp://www.vub.ac.be/english/index.php DI Code: 1041 DI Code: 6766BrusselsDI Code: 6740 Centro de Pos-Graduacas http://www.posgraduacao.upe.poli.br/ Campo Grande DI Code: 8984 bulgAriAbelize Chapel School American Embassy Bulgaria http://www.chapelschool.com/ http://bulgaria.usembassy.gov/Galen University Sao Paulo Sofiahttp://www.galen.edu.bz/ DI Code: 8043 DI Code: 9639San Ignacio CayoDI Code: 7974 Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnologico American University-Bulgaria http://www.cnpq.br/ http://www.aubg.bg/Saint John’s College-Belize Brasilia DF Blagoevgradhttp://www.sjc.edu.bz/ DI Code: 9095 DI Code: 2451Belize CityDI Code: 0384 Coordenacao de Aperfeicoamento de Pessoal de Nivel Superior St. Cyril & St. Methodius International Foundation http://www.capes.gov.br/index.php http://www.cmfnd.org/St. John’s College-Belize-HS Division Brasilia Sofiahttp://www.sjc.edu.bz/ DI Code: 9377 DI Code: 0452Belize CityDI Code: 8118 Difference School http://www.differenceschool.com/University of Belize Graduate Mogi Das Cruzeshttp://www.ub.edu.bz/ DI Code: 3007 CAmbodiABelize CityDI Code: 7147 Escola de Administracao de Empresas de Sao Paulo American Intercontinental Institute http://www.eaesp.fgvsp.br Phnom PenhUniversity of Belize Undergraduate Sao Paulo DI Code: 0737http://www.ub.edu.bz/ DI Code: 0158Belmopan CityDI Code: 6659 Escola Graduada de Sao Paulo English Language Training Institute http://www.graded.br/ http://www.elt.edu.kh/ Sao Paulo Phnom Pehn DI Code: 9720 DI Code: 0654bhutAn FAE Centro Universitario http://www2.fae.edu/curitiba/Royal Institute of Management Curitibahttp://www.rim.edu.bt/ DI Code: 6982 CAnAdAThimphuDI Code: 0139 Fulbright Commission-Brazil http://www.fulbright.org.br/english/ Brasilia Df DI Code: 8557 AlbertaboliviA Ibmec-Sao Paulo Alberta Association of Registered Nurses http://www.ibmec.br/ www.nurses.ab.caCBA La Paz Sao Paulo EdmontonLa Paz DI Code: 8496 DI Code: 9398DI Code: 7546www.ets.org/toefl TOEFL Destinations 4
    • TOEFL DESTINATIONS DIRECTORY Updated January 2012Alberta College of Speech-Language Pathologists King’s University College Archbishop Carney Secondary Schoolwww.acslpa.ab.ca http://www.kingsu.net/Default.aspx http://www.acrss.org/Edmonton Edmonton Pt CoquitlamDI Code: 7698 DI Code: 9232 DI Code: 1270Alberta College of Art and Design Lethbridge Community College Art Institute of Vancouver-Center for Digital Imaging & Soundhttp://www.acad.ab.ca/ http://www.lethbridgecollege.ab.ca/ http://www.artinstitutes.edu/vancouver/Calgary Lethbridge BurnabyDI Code: 0595 DI Code: 0930 DI Code: 9044Alliance University College & Nazarene University College Maple Leaf Academy Ashton Collegehttp://www.auc-nuc.ca/ http://www.mapleleafacademy.com/ http://www.ashtoncollege.com/Calgary Calgary VancouverDI Code: 8915 DI Code: 8038 DI Code: 1879Ambrose University College Medicine Hat College Association of Registered Nurses of British Columbiahttp://www.ambrose.edu/ http://www.mhc.ab.ca/ http://www.arnbc.ca/Calgary Medicine Hat VancouverDI Code: 9227 DI Code: 9333 DI Code: 9115Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists, & Mt Royal College Boucher Institute of Naturopathic MedicineGeophysicists of Alberta http://www.mtroyal.ab.ca/ http://www.binm.org/http://www.apegga.org/ Calgary VancouverEdmonton DI Code: 9326 DI Code: 7532DI Code: 9140 Newman Theological College British Columbia College of TeachersAthabasca University http://www.newman.edu/ http://www.bcct.ca/default.aspxhttp://www.athabascau.ca/ Edmonton VancouverSt. Albert DI Code: 0559 DI Code: 8693DI Code: 0809 Northern Alberta Institute of Technology British Columbia Institute of TechnologyAthabasca University PhD http://www.nait.ca/ http://www.bcit.ca/www.athabascau.ca Edmonton BurnabySt. Albert DI Code: 0661 DI Code: 9110DI Code: 7760 Olds College British Columbia Veterinary Medical AssociationBow Valley College http://www.oldscollege.ab.ca/ http://www.bcvma.org/http://www.bowvalleycollege.ca/ Olds N VancouverCalgary DI Code: 0797 DI Code: 8495DI Code: 9078 Prairie Bible College-Graduate School Camosun CollegeCanadian University College http://www.prbi.edu http://camosun.ca/http://www.cauc.ca/ Three Hills VictoriaLacombe DI Code: 9589 DI Code: 7527DI Code: 0914 Peace River Bible Institute Canadian Business English InstituteCDI College http://www.prairie.edu/biblecollege.htm http://www.cbei.com/http://www.cdicollege.ca/ Sexsmith VancouverCalgary DI Code: 8668 DI Code: 9744DI Code: 5998 Red Deer College Capilano CollegeCentre Scolaire-St. Paul http://www.rdc.ab.ca/ http://www.capcollege.bc.ca/Home.htmlhttp://www.cen3.ab.ca/ Red Deer N VancouverLille Cedex DI Code: 9297 DI Code: 0505DI Code: 8755 Southern Alberta Institute of Technology Carey Theological CollegeClear Water Academy http://www.sait.ab.ca/flash.htm http://www.carey-edu.cahttp://www.clearwateracademy.com/ Calgary VancouverCalgary DI Code: 0849 DI Code: 5981DI Code: 0510 Taylor University College & Seminary Centre for Arts & Technology-KelownaCollege of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta http://www.taylor-edu.ca/ http://www.digitalartschool.com/campuses/kelownawww.clpna.com Edmonton KelownaEdmonton DI Code: 8703 DI Code: 8687DI Code: 9902 University Canada West Christ for the Nations Bible CollegeCollege of Registered Psychiatric Nurses of Alberta http://www.ucan.ca/ http://www.cfni.bc.ca/www.crpna.ab.ca Vancouver SurreyEdmonton DI Code: 7570 DI Code: 1410DI Code: 9752 University of Alberta-Edmonton College of Licensed Practical Nurses of British ColumbiaConcordia University College-Alberta http://www.ualberta.ca/ http://www.clpnbc.org/http://www.concordia.ab.ca/ Edmonton BurnabyEdmonton DI Code: 0963 DI Code: 9543DI Code: 0916 University of Alberta-Edmonton-Department of College of Midwives of British ColumbiaCovenant Bible College Dentistry’s Advanced Placement Program http://www.cmbc.bc.ca/http://www.covenantbiblecollege.com/ http://www.dent.ualberta.ca/advdds.cfm VancouverStrathmore Edmonton DI Code: 8616DI Code: 8741 DI Code: 9004 College of New CaledoniaDeVry Institute of Technology-Calgary University of Alberta-Edmonton-School of Business http://www.cnc.bc.ca/http://www.devry.edu/calgary/index.jsp http://www.bus.ualberta.ca/ Prince GeorgCalgary Edmonton DI Code: 9053DI Code: 1158 DI Code: 0817 College of Pharmacists of British ColumbiaDeVry University-Alberta University of Calgary http://www.bcpharmacists.org/http://www.cal.devry.edu/ http://www.ucalgary.ca/ VancouverCalgary Calgary DI Code: 0016DI Code: 0118 DI Code: 0813 College of Physical Therapists of British ColumbiaGrande Prairie Regional College University of Lethbridge http://www.cptbc.org/http://www.gprc.ab.ca/ http://www.uleth.ca/ VancouverGrande Prairie Lethbridge DI Code: 9906DI Code: 9395 DI Code: 0855 College of Physicians and Surgeons of British ColubmiaGrant MacEwan College University of Phoenix-Calgary https://www.cpsbc.ca/http://www.macewan.ca/ http://www.phoenix.edu/calgary/welcome.aspx VancouverEdmonton Calgary DI Code: 6533DI Code: 0720 DI Code: 8697 College of Registered Psychiatric Nurses of British ColumbiaGrant MacEwan College-City Centre Campus Vanguard College http://www.crpnbc.ca/http://www.macewan.ca/ http://www.vanguardcollege.com/ CoquitlamEdmonton Edmonton DI Code: 9160DI Code: 9753 DI Code: 3330 College of the RockiesInstitute of Chartered Accountants of Alberta http://www.cotr.bc.ca/http://www.icaa.ab.ca/home/index.shtml CranbrookEdmonton DI Code: 8982DI Code: 12/9/201112/9/2011 British Columbia Columbia AcademyKeyano College Adler School of Psychology http://www.columbia-academy.com/http://www.keyano.ca/ www.adler.edu VancouverFt McMurray Vancouver DI Code: 3406DI Code: 0423 DI Code: 6215www.ets.org/toefl TOEFL Destinations 5
    • TOEFL DESTINATIONS DIRECTORY Updated January 2012Columbia Bible College Okanagan College University of British Columbiahttp://www.columbiabc.edu/ http://www.okanagan.bc.ca/site15.aspx http://www.ubc.ca/Clear Brook Kelowna VancouverDI Code: 0030 DI Code: 9536 DI Code: 0965Columbia College-Vancouver Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts University of Northern British Columbiahttp://www.columbiacollege.ca/ http://www.picachef.com/ http://www.unbc.ca/Vancouver Vancouver Prince GeorgDI Code: 0800 DI Code: 9067 DI Code: 0320Coquitlam College Pacific Language Institute University of Phoenix-Vancouverhttp://www.coquitlamcollege.com/english/ http://www.pli.ca/ http://www.phoenix.edu/vancouver/welcome.aspxCoquitlam Vancouver BurnabyDI Code: 0346 DI Code: 7144 DI Code: 9063Coquitlam College-Undergraduate Admissions Pacific Life Bible College University of the Fraser Valleyhttp://www.coquitlamcollege.com/english/ http://www.pacificlife.edu/ http://www.ucfv.bc.ca/home.htmCoquitlam Surrey AbbotsfordDI Code: 0068 DI Code: 9016 DI Code: 9736Douglas College Quest University Canada University of Victoriahttp://www.douglas.bc.ca/home.html http://www.questu.ca http://www.uvic.ca/New Westminsetr Squamish VictoriaDI Code: 9568 DI Code: 8341 DI Code: 0989Emergency Medical Assistants Licensing Board Regent College Vancouver Academy of Musichttp://www.healthservices.gov.bc.ca/ema/index.html http://www.regent-college.edu/ http://www.vam.bc.ca/Victoria Vancouver VancouverDI Code: 8435 DI Code: 9738 DI Code: 9958Emily Carr Institute Royal Roads University Vancouver Central Collegehttp://www.eciad.ca/www/ http://www.royalroads.ca/ http://www.vancollege.com/Vancouver Victoria BurnabyDI Code: 0032 DI Code: 9054 DI Code: 0481Fairleigh Dickinson University-Vancouver Selkirk College Vancouver Community College-International Educationhttp://view.fdu.edu/default.aspx?id=3553 http://selkirk.ca/ http://study.vcc.ca/Vancouver Castlegar VancouverDI Code: 7627 DI Code: 0838 DI Code: 0658Fraser International College Seminary of Christ the King Vancouver Community College-The Canadian School ofhttp://www.fraseric.ca/ http://www.sck.ca/ Takuda-Langara CampusBurnaby Mission http://study.vcc.ca/DI Code: 1452 DI Code: 9708 Vancouver DI Code: 9392Great Northern Way Campus-Masters of Digital Media Simon Fraser University-Burnabyhttp://mdm.gnwc.ca/ http://www.sfu.ca/ Vancouver Georgia CollegeVancouver Burnaby http://www.vgccanada.com/DI Code: 2949 DI Code: 0999 Vancouver DI Code: 1572Greystone College Simon Fraser University-Vancouverhttp://www.greystonecollege.com/ http://www.sfu.ca/ Vancouver Island UniversityVancouver Vancouver http://www.mala.ca/index.aspDI Code: 3933 DI Code: 5866 Nanaimo DI Code: 9581Harbourside Institute of Technology Southern Skies Aviation Ltd.www.harboursideit.com http://www.southernskies.ca/main.htm Vancouver Premier CollegeNorth Vancouver Penticton http://www.vpcollege.com/DI Code: 9506 DI Code: 1679 Vancouver DI Code: 8912Imperial Hotel Management College Sprott-Shaw Community Collegehttp://www.ihmc.ca/s/Home.asp http://www.sprottshaw.com/ Vancouver YMCA CollegeVancouver Victoria http://www.vanymca.org/DI Code: 7177 DI Code: 8724 W Vancouver DI Code: 9399Institute of Indigenous Government-All Nations Institute St. Michael’s University SchoolBurnaby http://www.smus.ca/ Victoria Four Corners Language InstituteDI Code: 0292 Victoria http://www.fcli.bc.ca/ DI Code: 7442 Victoria DI Code: 8032King George International College St. Paul’s Hospitalhttp://www.kgic.ca/ http://www.providencehealthcare.org/ Yukon CollegeSurrey Vancouver http://www1.yukoncollege.yk.ca/index.phpDI Code: 0269 DI Code: 9941 Whitehorse DI Code: 2684Kwantlen University College Thompson Career Collegehttp://www.kwantlen.bc.ca/ http://www.thompsoncc.ca/Surrey KamloopsDI Code: 0157 DI Code: 7629 ManitobaLangara College Thompson Rivers Universityhttp://www.langara.bc.ca/ http://www.tru.ca/ Applied Linguistics CentreVancouver Kamloops http://www.alcentre.com/DI Code: 0335 DI Code: 8989 Winnipeg DI Code: 9707Lester B. Pearson College of the Pacific Thompson Rivers University-School of Nursinghttp://www.pearsoncollege.ca/ http://www.tru.ca/nursing/ Assiniboine Community CollegeVictoria Kamloops http://public.assiniboine.net/DI Code: 9244 DI Code: 9813 Brandon DI Code: 9564Medical Recruiters International Canada Ltd Tobei Collegehttp://www.mrinetwork.com/ www.tobeicollege.ca Booth CollegeVancouver Richmond http://www.boothcollege.ca/DI Code: 9554 DI Code: 7387 Winnipeg DI Code: 7951North Island College Trinity Western Universityhttp://www.nic.bc.ca/ http://www.twu.ca/ Brandon UniversityCourtenay Langley http://www.brandonu.ca/DI Code: 8538 DI Code: 0876 Brandon DI Code: 0905Northern Lights College University Canada West Academies-Academy of Languageshttp://nlc.bc.ca/index.php http://www.ucwacademies.ca/ Canadian Mennonite UniversityFt St John Victoria http://www.cmu.ca/DI Code: 9603 DI Code: 0342 Winnipeg DI Code: 5432Northwest Baptist Seminary University College Cariboohttp://www.nbseminary.com/ Kamloops Canadian Mennonite University-Concord CollegeLangley DI Code: 0540 http://www.cmu.ca/who.htmlDI Code: 0332 Winnipeg DI Code: 0180Northwest Community College University of British Colombia-Sauder School of Businesshttp://www.nwcc.bc.ca/ http://www.sauder.ubc.ca/ College of Registered Nurses of ManitobaPrince Ruper Vancouver http://www.crnm.mb.ca/DI Code: 4257 DI Code: 0517 Winnipeg DI Code: 9289www.ets.org/toefl TOEFL Destinations 6
    • TOEFL DESTINATIONS DIRECTORY Updated January 2012Institute of Chartered Accountants of Manitoba St. Thomas University-New Brunswick NSCAD Universityhttp://www.icam.mb.ca/ http://w3.stu.ca/stu/default.aspx http://www.nscad.ns.ca/Winnipeg Fredericton HalifaxDI Code: 0689 DI Code: 0803 DI Code: 3265International College of Manitoba St. Thomas University-New Brunswick- Saint Mary’s Universityhttp://www.icmanitoba.ca/ Central Application Center http://www.smu.ca/Winnipeg http://www.stthomasu.ca HalifaxDI Code: 6961 Fredericton DI Code: 0958 DI Code: 0740Manitoba Pharmaceutical Association St. Francis Xavier Universityhttp://www.napra.org/docs//23/24.asp University of New Brunswick-Fredericton http://www.stfx.ca/Winnipeg http://www.unb.ca/ AntigonishDI Code: 9064 Saint John DI Code: 0953 DI Code: 0485Providence College & Theological Seminary Technical University of Nova Scotia-Dalhousie Universityhttp://prov.ca/ University of New Brunswick-Saint John http://www.dal.ca/Otterburne http://www.unb.ca/ HalifaxDI Code: 6585 Saint John DI Code: 9476 DI Code: 0976Red River College University of Kings Collegehttp://www.rrc.mb.ca/ Yorkville University http://www.ukings.ca/Winnipeg http://www.yorkvilleu.ca/ HalifaxDI Code: 8600 Fredericton DI Code: 0990 DI Code: 8532Red River College-Undergraduate Admissionshttp://www.rrc.mb.ca/WinnipegDI Code: 7866 Ontario NewfoundlandSt. John’s Ravenscourt School Academy of Applied Pharmaceutical Scienceshttp://www.sjr.mb.ca/ Academy Canada-Career College http://www.aaps.ca/Winnipeg http://www.academycanada.com/ North YorkDI Code: 8158 St John’s DI Code: 8632 DI Code: 0291Steinbach Bible College Algoma Universitywww.sbcollege.ca Association of Registered Nurses of Newfoundland & Labrador http://www.auc.ca/index.php?try=2Steinbach http://www.arnnl.nf.ca/ Slt St MarieDI Code: 8854 St John’s DI Code: 0820 DI Code: 9288University College of the North Algonquin College of Applied Arts & Technologywww.ucn.ca College of Physicians & Surgeons of Newfoundland & Labrador http://www.algonquincollege.com/The Pas http://www.nmb.ca/ OttawaDI Code: 7372 St John’s DI Code: 7004 DI Code: 0084University of Manitoba Algonquin College of Applied Arts & Technology-http://www.umanitoba.ca/ College of the North Atlantic Woodroffe CampusWinnipeg http://www.cna.nl.ca/ http://www.algonquincollege.com/DI Code: 0973 Clarenville Ottawa DI Code: 7965 DI Code: 7005University of Manitoba-St. Pauls College Canadahttp://www.umanitoba.ca/stpauls/ Memorial University of Newfoundland Appleby CollegeWinnipeg http://www.mun.ca/ http://www.appleby.on.ca/DI Code: 0994 St John’s Oakville DI Code: 0885 DI Code: 8434University of Winnipeghttp://www.uwinnipeg.ca/ Memorial University of Newfoundland-Marine Institute Ashbury CollegeWinnipeg http://www.mun.ca/ http://www.ashbury.on.ca/DI Code: 9379 St John’s Ottawa DI Code: 1226 DI Code: 0105Winnipeg Technical Collegehttp://www.wtc.mb.ca/ Association of Early Childhood EducatorsWinnipeg http://www.aeceo.ca/DI Code: 8870 Toronto Nova Scotia DI Code: 9158 Acadia University Benna International School, Inc. http://www.acadiau.ca/ TorontoNew Brunswick Wolfville DI Code: 0687 DI Code: 0901Atlantic Baptist Universityhttp://www.abu.nb.ca/ Cape Breton University Bond International CollegeMoncton http://www.cbu.ca/ http://www.bondcollege.com/DI Code: 9716 Sydney Toronto DI Code: 9142 DI Code: 1956Atlantica Centre for the Artshttp://www.atlanticacentre.com/ College of Registered Nurses of Nova Scotia Brock UniversitySaint John http://www.crnns.ca/ http://www.brocku.ca/DI Code: 2620 Halifax St Catharine DI Code: 9446 DI Code: 0895Bethany Bible Collegehttp://www.bbc.ca/ Dalhousie University Cambridge Educational Group Canada, Inc.Sussex http://www.dal.ca/ http://www.cegci.ca/education.htmDI Code: 4878 Halifax Toronto DI Code: 0915 DI Code: 0272Columbia College Canadahttp://www.columbiacollege.ca/ Dalhousie University-Clinical Vision Science Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy RegulatorsDieppe http://cvs.healthprofessions.dal.ca/Program/ http://www.alliancept.org/DI Code: 3880 Halifax Etobicoke DI Code: 0730 DI Code: 0015Lansbridge Universityhttp://www.lansbridge.edu/general/index.php Dalhousie University-School of Public Administration Canadian Association of Medical Radiation TechnologistsFredericton http://spa.management.dal.ca/ http://www.camrt.ca/english/home.htmDI Code: 8565 Halifax Ottawa DI Code: 0957 DI Code: 9873Meritus Universityhttp://www.meritusu.ca/ Mount Saint Vincent University Canadian Bureau for International EducationFredericton http://www.msvu.ca/ http://www.cbie.ca/DI Code: 3863 Halifax Ottawa DI Code: 0865 DI Code: 9500Mount Allison Universityhttp://www.mta.ca/ Nova Scotia Agricultural College Canadian College of Naturopathic MedicineSackville http://www.nsac.ns.ca/ http://www.ccnm.edu/DI Code: 0939 Truro Toronto DI Code: 0844 DI Code: 8673New Brunswick Community College Networkhttp://www.nbcc.nb.ca/ Nova Scotia Community College Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine-Campbellton http://www.nscc.ns.ca/ Admissions & Student ServicesDI Code: 3027 Halifax http://www.ccnm.edu/ DI Code: 8686 TorontoNurses Association of New Brunswick DI Code: 0245http://www.nanb.nb.ca/ Nova Scotia Community College-Institute ofFredericton Technology Campus Canadian Memorial Chiropractic CollegeDI Code: 9201 http://www.nscc.ca/ http://www.cmcc.ca/ Halifax Toronto DI Code: 9588 DI Code: 8866www.ets.org/toefl TOEFL Destinations 7
    • TOEFL DESTINATIONS DIRECTORY Updated January 2012Canadian Resident Matching Service George Brown College Mohawk College of Applied Arts & Technologyhttp://www.carms.ca/jsp/main.jsp http://www.georgebrown.ca/ http://www.mohawkcollege.ca/Ottawa Toronto HamiltonDI Code: 8309 DI Code: 5310 DI Code: 9278Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science George Brown Toronto City College Niagara Collegehttp://www.csmls.org/ http://www.georgebrown.ca/ http://niagarac.on.ca/Hamilton Toronto WellandDI Code: 8688 DI Code: 9375 DI Code: 0202Canadore College Georgian College Nipissing Universityhttp://www.canadorec.on.ca/ http://www.georgianc.on.ca/ http://www.nipissingu.ca/North Bay Barrie North BayDI Code: 0557 DI Code: 9740 DI Code: 3614Carleton University Great Lakes College of Toronto Northern Ontario School of Medicinehttp://www.carleton.ca/ http://www.glctschool.com/ http://www.nosm.ca/Ottawa Toronto KenoraDI Code: 0854 DI Code: 0616 DI Code: 4374Centennial College Grenville Christian College Ontario College of Art & Designhttp://www.centennialcollege.ca/ http://www.grenvillecc.ca/ http://www.ocad.ca/home.htmScarborough Brockville TorontoDI Code: 9213 DI Code: 9595 DI Code: 0537Centre for the Evaluation of Health Professionals Hansa Language Centre Ontario College of PharmacistsEducated Abroad (CEHPEA) http://www.hansacanada.com/ http://www.ocpinfo.com/http://www.cehpea.ca/faqs.html Toronto TorontoToronto DI Code: 6970 DI Code: 9511DI Code: 8310 Heritage College & Seminary Ontario College of TeachersCollege of Audiologist & Speech-Language http://www.heritage-theo.edu/ http://www.oct.ca/Pathologists of Ontario Cambridge Torontohttp://www.caslpo.com DI Code: 1498 DI Code: 9041TorontoDI Code: 8492 Herzing College-Ottawa Campus Ontario Colleges Application Services http://www.herzing.edu/campus.php?id=2 http://www.ontariocolleges.ca/College of International Holistic Studies Ottawa Guelphhttp://www.cihs.ca/ DI Code: 8660 DI Code: 0211MiltonDI Code: 6347 Humber College Ontario International Medical Graduate Program http://www.humber.ca/ http://www.imginfo.ca/College of Massage Therapists Etobicoke Torontohttp://www.cmto.com/index.html DI Code: 9285 DI Code: 8316TorontoDI Code: 9658 Institute for Christian Studies Oxford College of Arts-Business & Health Science Technology http://www.icscanada.edu/ http://www.oxfordedu.ca/College of Medical Radiation Technologists of Ontario Toronto Scarboroughhttp://www.cmrto.org/home/default.asp DI Code: 9541 DI Code: 8403TorontoDI Code: 0042 Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario Pacific Language Institute-Toronto http://www.icao.on.ca/ http://www.pli.ca/College of Nurses of Ontario Toronto Torontohttp://www.cno.org/ DI Code: 0060 DI Code: 4076TorontoDI Code: 9230 International Academy of Design & Technology Peel Board of Education http://www.iadt.ca/ http://www.peelschools.org/College of Physicans & Surgeons of Ontario Toronto Mississaugahttp://www.cpso.on.ca/ DI Code: 9037 DI Code: 0311TorontoDI Code: 9544 International Council for Canadian Studies Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics http://www.iccs-ciec.ca/index.html http://www.perimeterinstitute.ca/Columbia International College of Canada Ottawa Waterloohttp://www.cic-totalcare.com DI Code: 9939 DI Code: 4239HamiltonDI Code: 0588 Kawartha Lakes Bible College Petro Jacyk Educational Foundation http://www.klbc.ca/ http://www.infoukes.com/pjef/CompuCampus College Peterborough Mississaugahttp://www.compucampus.com/ DI Code: 8398 DI Code: 9781WindsorDI Code: 8723 Kingston General Hospital Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada http://www.kgh.on.ca/ http://www.pebc.ca/Conestoga College Kingston Torontohttp://www.conestogac.on.ca/ DI Code: 9248 DI Code: 9210KitchenerDI Code: 0426 Lakehead University Queen’s University-Ontario http://www.lakeheadu.ca/ http://www.queensu.ca/homepage/Confederation College-Arts & Science Thunder Bay Kingstonhttp://www.confederationc.on.ca/ DI Code: 0888 DI Code: 0949Thunder BayDI Code: 9111 Lambton College Queen’s University-Ontario-Faculty of Education http://www.lambton.on.ca/ http://educ.queensu.ca/index.shtmlConnect School of Languages Sarnia Kingstonhttp://www.connectlanguage.com/ DI Code: 9299 DI Code: 8573TorontoDI Code: 4193 Laurentian University Queen’s University-Ontario-School of Business (MSc Management) http://www.laurentian.ca/ http://business.queensu.ca/msc/index.htmCornerstone Academic College Sudbury Kingstonhttp://www.cacenglish.com/zbxe/ DI Code: 0889 DI Code: 0250TorontoDI Code: 3881 Loyalist College Queen’s University-Ontario-School of Business (PhD Management) http://www.loyalistc.on.ca/DefaultSite/index_e.aspx http://business.queensu.ca/phd/Durham College Belleville Kingstonhttp://www.durhamc.on.ca/ DI Code: 9810 DI Code: 0279OshawaDI Code: 8428 Master’s College & Seminary Radio College of Canada (RCC) Institute of Technology http://www.mcs.edu/ http://www.rccit.ca/Elmcrest College of Applied Health Toronto ConcordSciences & Spa Management DI Code: 1507 DI Code: 3907http://www.elmcrestcollege.com/Toronto McMaster University Redeemer University CollegeDI Code: 8748 http://www.mcmaster.ca/ http://www.redeemer.on.ca/ Hamilton AncasterEmmanuel Bible College DI Code: 0936 DI Code: 0907http://www.ebcollege.on.ca/Kitchener Michener Institute for Applied Health Sciences Richard Ivey School of BusinessDI Code: 8658 http://www.michener.on.ca/ http://www.ivey.uwo.ca/ Toronto LondonEverest College DI Code: 0323 DI Code: 1602info.everest.eduMississauga Modak Aviation, Inc. Royal College of Technology Canada Ltd.DI Code: 7416 London North York DI Code: 8618 DI Code: 0023Fanshawe Collegehttp://www.fanshawec.on.ca/LondonDI Code: 9120www.ets.org/toefl TOEFL Destinations 8
    • TOEFL DESTINATIONS DIRECTORY Updated January 2012Royal Conservatory of Music Trent University Prince Edward Islandhttp://www.rcmusic.ca/ http://www.trentu.ca/Toronto Peterborough Association of Registered Nurses of Prince Edward IslandDI Code: 9937 DI Code: 0896 http://www.arnpei.ca/ CharlottetwnRyerson University Trillium Talent Resouces, Inc. DI Code: 9146http://www.ryerson.ca/home.html http://www.trilliumhr.com/Toronto Toronto University of Prince Edward IslandDI Code: 0886 DI Code: 8302 http://welcome.upei.ca/ CharlottetwnSaint Paul University Tyndale University College & Seminary DI Code: 0941http://www.ustpaul.ca http://www.tyndale.ca/Ottawa TorontoDI Code: 3858 DI Code: 0532Salon & Spa Career College United Church of Canada Quebechttp://www.salonspacollege.com/ http://www.united-church.ca/Toronto Toronto Bishops College SchoolDI Code: 6079 DI Code: 9472 http://www.bishopscollegeschool.com/ SherbrookeSault College University of Guelph DI Code: 9519http://www.saultc.on.ca/ http://www.uoguelph.ca/Slt St Marie Guelph Bishops UniversityDI Code: 9116 DI Code: 0892 http://www.ubishops.ca/ SherbrookeSeneca College of Applied Arts & Technology-King City Campus University of Guelph-Ontario Agricultural College DI Code: 0906http://www.senecac.on.ca/cms/ http://www.oac.uoguelph.ca/North York Guelph Canada College-QuebecDI Code: 9100 DI Code: 0943 http://www.collegecanada.com/ MontrealSeneca College of Applied Arts & Technology-Willowdale Campus University of Ontario-Institute of Technology DI Code: 0173http://www.senecac.on.ca/cms/ http://www.uoit.ca/Willowdale Oshawa Champlain Regional College-LenoxvilleDI Code: 9212 DI Code: 7178 http://www.lennox.champlaincollege.qc.ca/ SherbrookeSheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning University of Ottawa DI Code: 0962http://www.sheridancollege.ca/ http://www.uottawa.ca/welcome.htmlOakville Ottawa Champlain Regional College-Saint LambertDI Code: 9117 DI Code: 0993 http://www.champlainonline.com/ St LambertSheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning University of Toronto DI Code: 0937http://www.sheridancollege.ca/ http://www.utoronto.ca/Brampton Toronto College LaSalle InternationalDI Code: 7535 DI Code: 0982 http://www.collegelasalle.com/en/ MontrealSir Sandford Fleming College University of Toronto-Institute for Aerospace Studies DI Code: 0614http://www.flemingc.on.ca/ http://www.utias.utoronto.ca/site4.aspxPeterborough Toronto Concordia University-QuebecDI Code: 0848 DI Code: 7179 http://www.concordia.ca/ MontrealSouth African Student Education Project University of Toronto-Joseph L. Rotman School of Management DI Code: 0956http://lesterpearsoninternational.dal.ca/ http://www.rotman.utoronto.ca/index.htmlOttawa Toronto Concordia University-Quebec-MSC ProgramDI Code: 9702 DI Code: 8696 http://johnmolson.concordia.ca/ MontrealSt. Clair College University of Toronto-Master of Management & DI Code: 0381http://www.stclaircollege.ca/ Professional AccountingWindsor http://www.utoronto.ca/mmpa/ Concordia University-Quebec-PhD ProgramDI Code: 0887 Toronto http://graduatestudies.concordia.ca/programs/phd.shtml DI Code: 4306 MontrealSt. Jerome’s University DI Code: 0294http://www.sju.ca/ University of Toronto-Rotman PhD ProgramWaterloo http://www.rotman.utoronto.ca/phd/ Conversation Anglaise L.C.DI Code: 0853 Toronto http://www.conversationanglaiselc.com/ DI Code: 7211 St-CalixteSt. Lawrence College-Brockville Campus DI Code: 7502http://www.sl.on.ca/Brockville/index.htm University of WaterlooBrockville http://www.uwaterloo.ca/ Dawson CollegeDI Code: 9510 Waterloo http://www.dawsoncollege.qc.ca/ DI Code: 0996 MontrealSt. Lawrence College-Cornwall Campus DI Code: 0847http://www.sl.on.ca/Cornwall/index.htm University of Western OntarioCornwall http://www.uwo.ca/ Education Canada CollegeDI Code: 9127 London http://www.educationcanadacollege.com/ DI Code: 0984 MontrealSt. Lawrence College-Kingston Campus DI Code: 1155http://www.sl.on.ca/Kingston/index.htm University of Western Ontario-BiomedicalKingston Engineering Graduate Program Farel Reformed Theological SeminaryDI Code: 9279 http://www.eng.uwo.ca/research/biomed/ http://www.farel.net/ London MontrealStanford International College of Business & Technology DI Code: 3866 DI Code: 0341http://www.scbt.ca/Toronto University of Windsor HEC MontréalDI Code: 0153 http://www.uwindsor.ca/ http://www.hec.ca/ Windsor MontrealSutherland-Chan School & Teaching Clinic DI Code: 0904 DI Code: 4371http://www.sutherland-chan.com/Toronto Upper Canada College Institut de Tourisme-ITHQDI Code: 9973 http://www.ucc.on.ca/ http://www.ithq.qc.ca/fr/index.php Toronto MontrealTAIE International Institute DI Code: 5295 DI Code: 6710http://www.taie.ca/en_version/index.htmlToronto Upper Grand District School Board John Abbott CollegeDI Code: 0611 http://www.ugdsb.on.ca/ http://www.johnabbott.qc.ca/ Guelph Ste. Anne de BellevueThe Academy of Design DI Code: 4447 DI Code: 0875http://www.aodt.ca/Toronto Ursuline College-Ontario Laval UniversityDI Code: 3893 http://www.st-clair.net/schools/ursuline/ http://www.ulaval.ca/ Chatham QuebecToronto Baptist Seminary & Bible College DI Code: 9122 DI Code: 0931http://www.tbs.edu/Toronto Wilfrid Laurier University Marianopolis CollegeDI Code: 0518 http://www.wlu.ca/ http://www.marianopolis.edu/ Waterloo WestmountToronto School of Theology DI Code: 0893 DI Code: 0832http://www.tst.edu/Toronto World University Service of Canada McGill UniversityDI Code: 0655 http://www.wusc.ca/ http://www.mcgill.ca/ Ottawa MontrealTown Centre Montessori Private Schools DI Code: 9191 DI Code: 0935http://www.tcmps.com/Markham York UniversityDI Code: 9065 http://www.yorku.ca/web/index.htm North York DI Code: 0894www.ets.org/toefl TOEFL Destinations 9
    • TOEFL DESTINATIONS DIRECTORY Updated January 2012Ordre des infirmieres et infirmiers du Quebec University of Regina-Campion College Nankai University College of Foreign Languageshttp://www.oiiq.org/ http://www.campioncollege.sk.ca/ www.nankai.edu.cnMontreal Regina TianjinDI Code: 9450 DI Code: 0862 DI Code: 8295Stanstead College University of Saskatchewan National Tsing Hua Universityhttp://www.stansteadcollege.com/ http://www.usask.ca http://www.nthu.edu.tw/Stanstead Saskatoon HsinchuDI Code: 0509 DI Code: 0980 DI Code: 1275Universite du Quebec a Montreal-Business Administration Neso Chinahttp://www.uqam.ca/ http://www.nesochina.org/homeMontreal BeijingDI Code: 0969 CAymAn islAnds DI Code: 2336Universite du Quebec a Montreal-Executive MBA International College-Cayman Islands New Zealand Embassy-Beijinghttp://www.mba.uqam.ca/english/index.html http://www.icci.edu.ky/ BeijingMontreal Grand Cayman DI Code: 2993DI Code: 9661 DI Code: 0758University of Montreal Shanghai American Schoolhttp://www.umontreal.ca/english/index.htm http://www.saschina.org/Montreal ShanghaiDI Code: 0992 Chile DI Code: 5611University of Sherbrooke Comisión Nacional de Investigación Científica y Tecnológica Sun Yat-Sen University-School of Life Scienceshttp://www.usherbrooke.ca/ http://www.conicyt.cl/ http://www.sysu.edu.cn/en/Sherbrooke Santiago GuangzhouDI Code: 0808 DI Code: 3310 DI Code: 6161Vanier College Fulbright Commission-Chile Sun Yat-Sen University-School of Tourism & Managementhttp://www.vaniercollege.qc.ca/ http://www.fulbrightchile.cl/ http://eng.sysu.edu.cn/St Laurent Santiago GuangzhouDI Code: 0964 DI Code: 3328 DI Code: 7512 Instituto Chileno Norteamericano de Cultura Southwest Research Institute-SWRI http://www.norteamericano.cl/ http://www.chinaoffice.swri.org/ Santiago BeijingSaskatchewan DI Code: 9329 DI Code: 3923Briercrest College & Seminary International Center Chile Tongji University-Shanghai International MBA (SIMBA)http://www.briercrest.ca/ http://www.internationalcenter.com/ http://www.simba-tongji.com/EN/Caronport Vina Del Mar ShanghaiDI Code: 9644 DI Code: 8891 DI Code: 7063Caronport High School United States Embassy Chile UM-SJTU Joint Institutehttp://www.briercrest.ca/chs/prospective/ chile.usembassy.gov http://umji.sjtu.edu.cn/en/Caronport Dpo ShanghaiDI Code: 9645 DI Code: 9420 DI Code: 6210College of Physicians & Surgeons of Saskatchewan Universidad Adolfo Ibanez University of Macauhttp://www.quadrant.net/cpss/ http://www.uai.cl/ http://www.umac.mo/Saskatoon Santiago Taipa, MacauDI Code: 9681 DI Code: 6992 DI Code: 8995Institute of Chartered Accountants in Saskatchewan University of Michigan-Shanghai Jiao Tonghttp://www.icas.sk.ca/ University Joint InstituteRegina http://umji.sjtu.edu.cn/en/DI Code: 0777 ChinA, PeoPle’s rePubliC of Shanghai DI Code: 6066Kelsey Institute of SIAST ACT Hunan International Schoolhttp://www.siast.sk.ca/ Changsha University of SunderlandSaskatoon DI Code: 7647 http://school.sunderland.ac.uk/DI Code: 9897 Beijing DI Code: 0590Lutheran Theological Seminary-Saskatoon American International School-Chinahttp://www.usask.ca/stu/luther/ http://www.aisgz.edu.cn/ Zhengzhou UniversitySaskatoon Guangzhou http://www.zzu.edu.cn/DI Code: 0501 DI Code: 8184 Nanjing DI Code: 4213Parkland Regional College Beihua Universityhttp://www.parklandregionalcollege.org/ http://www.beihuauniversity.com/Yorkton JilinDI Code: 0634 DI Code: 6239 ColombiARegistered Psychiatric Nurses’ Association of Saskatchewan Beijing International MBA-Peking Universityhttp://www.rpnas.com/public/homePage.jsp http://en.bimba.edu.cn/ Centro Colombo Americano MedellinRegina Beijing http://www.colomboworld.comDI Code: 9559 DI Code: 2613 Medellin DI Code: 8838Saskatchewan Association of Licensed Practical Nurses Bond International Collegehttp://www.salpn.com/public/home.jsp http://www.bondcollege.com/ CESARegina Beijing http://www.cesa.edu.co/default.aspxDI Code: 3260 DI Code: 0612 Bogota DI Code: 1899Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science & China Europe International Business SchoolTechnology-Kelsey Campus http://www.ceibs.edu/ Colegio Bennetthttp://www.siast.sk.ca/ Pudong Shanghai http://www.colegiobennett.edu.co/Saskatoon DI Code: 0159 CaliDI Code: 8608 DI Code: 1955 China International ExaminationSaskatchewan Institute of Applied Science & http://www.china.org.cn/english/features/hsk/15146.htm Colegio BolivarTechnology-Palliser Campus Beijing http://www.colegiobolivar.edu.co/http://www.siast.sk.ca/ DI Code: 0744 Santiago de CaliMoose Jaw DI Code: 9587DI Code: 0872 Crown Education http://www.crowneducation.org/ Colegio Britanico de CartagenaSaskatchewan Institute-Wascana Bejing http://www.colbritanico.com/intro.htmlhttp://www.siast.sk.ca/wascana/ DI Code: 0613 Cartagena de IndiasRegina DI Code: 8108DI Code: 8610 Donghua University http://www.ices.cn/ Colegio Colombo HebreoSaskatchewan Institute-Woodland Campus Shanghai Bogotahttp://www.siast.sk.ca/ DI Code: 4422 DI Code: 6391Prince AlbrtDI Code: 8609 Huanshi Institution of Technology http://www.at0086.com/HSIT/ Collegio ClermontSaskatchewan Registered Nurses’ Association Huanshi http://www.clermont.edu.co/portal/http://www.srna.org/ DI Code: 6263 BogotaRegina DI Code: 6786DI Code: 9134 Jinan University Management School http://www.asiaedp.com Eafit UniversityUniversity of Regina Guangzhou http://www.eafit.edu.co/http://www.uregina.ca/ DI Code: 7226 MedllinRegina DI Code: 8945DI Code: 0830www.ets.org/toefl TOEFL Destinations 10
    • TOEFL DESTINATIONS DIRECTORY Updated January 2012Education USA Cali Prague CollegeCali CostA riCA http://www.praguecollege.cz/DI Code: 7620 American Embassy Costa Rica Prague sanjose.usembassy.gov DI Code: 1765Escuela de Ingenieria de Antioquia San José United States Information Servicehttp://www.eia.edu.co DI Code: 9460 PragueEnvigado Humboldt Schule-Germano Cultural Association Institution DI Code: 9934DI Code: 3896 San JoséFulbright Commission Colombia DI Code: 7402 University of Economics-Praguehttp://www.fulbright.edu.co/index_en.htm http://ozs.vse.cz/english/Bogota INCAE Business School PragueDI Code: 9039 http://www.incae.edu/ES/ DI Code: 5959Fundacion Universitaria CEIPA Alajuela University of New York in Praguehttp://www.ceipa.edu.co/v2_base/ DI Code: 4287 http://www.unyp.cz/Sabaneta Integral PragueDI Code: 6768 www.integral.bg DI Code: 3380Gimnasio Britanico Plovdiv University of Northern Virginia-Prague Campushttp://www.gimnasio-britanico.edu.co/ DI Code: 7399 http://www.unva.cz/living.htmChia University for Peace PragueDI Code: 7079 http://www.upeace.org/ DI Code: 8683Gimnasio Colombo Britanico San José Univerzita Hradec Králové (UHK) Institute for Further Educationwww.gimnasiocolombobritanico.edu.co DI Code: 7180 www.uhk.czBogota Hradec KrálovéDI Code: 7350 DI Code: 8763Gimnasio Fontanahttp://www.gimnasiofontana.edu.co/ CroAtiABogota International Graduate Business School in ZagrebDI Code: 4567 http://www.igbs.hr/ denmArkInternational Alliance of Academic Services Zagreb Aalborg Universityhttp://www.alliance.edu.co DI Code: 7210 http://en.aau.dk/Cali AalborgDI Code: 3241 DI Code: 8892Universidad de la Sabana Aarhus School of Businesshttp://fld.unisabana.edu.co/english/index.html CyPrus http://www.asb.dk/Chia Cyprus International Institute for the Environment & Public Health Aarhus VDI Code: 3603 http://www.hsph.harvard.edu/cyprus/start.html DI Code: 7993Universidad de la Sabana Nicosia Aarhus Technical Collegehttp://www.unisabana.edu.co/english_version/index.htm DI Code: 8957 http://www.ats.dk/Chia Cyprus International Institute of Management AarhusDI Code: 2331 http://www.ciim.ac.cy/ DI Code: 0268Universidad de Los Andes Nicosia Aarhus University Institute of Business & Technologyhttp://www.uniandes.edu.co/home-visitantes/ DI Code: 0389 http://www.hih.dk/AU-HIH_-_UK-478.aspxBogota Internapa College HerningDI Code: 8701 http://www.edynet.com.cy/internapa/ DI Code: 8607Universidad de Pamplona Sotira Copenhagen Business Schoolhttp://www.unipamplona.edu.co/ DI Code: 7774 http://uk.cbs.dk/forsidePamplona United States Education Commission Cyprus FrederiksbergDI Code: 6767 http://fulbright.state.gov/participating-countries/europe-and-eurasia/cyprus.html DI Code: 7035Universidad del Norte Nicosia Copenhagen University College of Engineeringhttp://www.uninorte.edu.co/ DI Code: 9454 http://www.ihk.dk/Barranquilla University of Cyprus BallerupDI Code: 0261 http://www.ucy.ac.cy/ DI Code: 0503Universidad del Valle Nicosia Danish University of Educationhttp://www.univalle.edu.co/ DI Code: 4189 http://www.dpu.dk/site.aspx?p=968Cali Copenhagen NvDI Code: 6548 DI Code: 1358Universidad Externado de Colombia Engineering College of Copenhagenhttp://www.uexternado.edu.co/eng/externado/index.html CzeCh rePubliC http://www.ihk.dk/Bogota American Embassy Czechoslovakia BallerupDI Code: 6775 www.mzv.cz/washington DI Code: 8459Universidad Industrial de Satander Prague IT University of Copenhagenhttps://www.uis.edu.co/webUIS/en/index.html DI Code: 9628 http://www1.itu.dk/sw5211.aspBucaramanga Anglo-Americka Vysoka Skola Copenhagen SDI Code: 6714 http://www.aauni.edu/ DI Code: 9015Universidad Manuela Beltran Praha Metropolitan University Collegehttp://www.umb.edu.co/ DI Code: 9734 http://www.phmetropol.dkBogota Cerge-El, MAR CopenhagenDI Code: 6344 http://www.cerge.cuni.cz/ DI Code: 5341Universidad Pontificia-Bolivariana Prague Royal School of Library and Information Sciencehttp://www.upb.edu.co/ DI Code: 7351 http://www.db.dk/english/Monteria CMC Graduate School of Business CopenhagenDI Code: 8981 http://www.cmc.cz/ DI Code: 1911Universidad Santo Tomas Celakovice Technical University of Denmarkhttp://www.usta.edu.co/ DI Code: 0361 http://www.dtu.dk/English.aspxBogota EMINENC Language School Kongens LyngbyDI Code: 0223 Prague DI Code: 1684Universidad Sergio Arboldea DI Code: 7221 University College of Northern Denmark-School of Technology & Businesshttp://www.usergioarboleda.edu.co/ http://www.ucnorth.dk/Home/Technology_-_Business_Studies.aspxBogota Europort Business School Prague AalborgDI Code: 8947 www.epbs.cz DI Code: 7294Universidad Technologica de Bolivar Prague University College-Vitus Bering Denmarkhttp://www.unitecnologica.edu.co/ DI Code: 8757 http://www.vitusbering.com/Cartagena De Indias Institute of Finance & Administration HorsensDI Code: 8988 http://www.vsfs.cz/ DI Code: 1969 Prague University of Aarhus DI Code: 0468 http://www.au.dk/en International Baptist Theological Seminary AarhusCongo (drC) http://www.ibts.cz/ DI Code: 8935American School of Kinshasa Prague University of Copenhagenhttp://www.tasok.cd/ DI Code: 9574 http://www.ku.dk/english/Kinshasa KoobenhavnDI Code: 8053 DI Code: 8928www.ets.org/toefl TOEFL Destinations 11
    • TOEFL DESTINATIONS DIRECTORY Updated January 2012University of Copenhagen-Faculty of Humanities Egypt Kuwait Holding Co. Tallinn Universityhttp://www.humanities.ku.dk/ http://www.ekholding.com/ http://www.tlu.ee/?LangID=2Copenhagen S Giza TallinnDI Code: 3312 DI Code: 7065 DI Code: 0449University of Copenhagen-Faculty of Life Sciences Egyptian American Academy Tallinn University of Technologyhttp://www.life.ku.dk/English.aspx/ Cairo http://www.ttu.ee/Frederiksberg DI Code: 0354 TallinnDI Code: 4680 DI Code: 8665University of Copenhagen-Faculty of Science Faculty of Applied Arts University of Tartuhttp://science.ku.dk/ http://www.appliedarthelwan.com http://www.ut.ee/index.aw/set_lang_id=2Copenhagen Cairo TartuDI Code: 0177 DI Code: 8799 DI Code: 0133University of Copenhagen-Pharmaceutical Science Future Academyhttp://www.farma.ku.dk http://www.future-academy.org/Copenhagen CairoDI Code: 7293 DI Code: 8800 ethioPiAUniversity of Southern Denmark ITC Academy Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nationshttp://www.sdu.dk/indexE.html Mansoura http://www.fao.org/Odense M DI Code: 7661 Addis AbabaDI Code: 7969 DI Code: 9169 ITEC-Information Technology Engineering Consultancy Mekelle University http://www.itec.net.eg/ http://www.mu.edu.et/ Mansoura MekelledominiCA DI Code: 6758 DI Code: 0296Dominica State College-Faculty of Health Sciences Masrya Information Technology & Language Institute St. Mary’s University College-EthiopiaRoseau http://www.tareknofal.com http://www.stmarycollege.edu.et/DI Code: 6977 Sohag Addis Abbaa DI Code: 2052 DI Code: 0443 Mercy Tree Academy www.mercycom.com CairodominiCAn rePubliC DI Code: 7424 finlAndInstituto Cultural Dominico Americano Modern Univeristy for Technology & Information Aalto Universityhttp://www.icda.edu.do/english/index.asp http://www.mti.edu.eg/ http://www.aalto.fi/en/Dominican Cairo AaltoDI Code: 0224 DI Code: 1068 DI Code: 7364Universidad Iberoamericana Nile Academy Abo Akademi Universityhttp://www.unibe.edu.do/ http://nileacademy.org/index http://www.abo.fi/aa/engelska/Santo Domingo Cairo AboDI Code: 4429 DI Code: 8787 DI Code: 9880 Nile Academy for Science Arcada University of Applied Sciences http://www.nileacademy.net/ http://www.arcada.fi/ Elmansourah HelsinkieCuAdor DI Code: 0366 DI Code: 5724Alliance Academy Nile University Central Ostrobothnia University of Applied Scienceswww.alliance.k12.ec http://www.nileu.edu.eg/ http://www.cou.fi/eng/Quito Giza KokkolaDI Code: 8119 DI Code: 1862 DI Code: 5851Benedict Schools of Languages Ofok e-Academy Diaconia Univ Applied SciQuito Giza english.diak.fiDI Code: 7701 DI Code: 6979 Helsinki DI Code: 5943Colegio Experimento Alberto Einstein Valve & Tools Haaga-Helia University of Applied Scienceshttp://www.einstein.k12.ec/ Cairo http://www.haaga-helia.fi/en/haaga-heliaQuito DI Code: 7080 HelsinkiDI Code: 9947 DI Code: 5716Oxbridge British Language Centre Zagazig University HAMK University of Applied Scienceswww.oxbridge.3a2.com http://www.zu.edu.eg/ http://portal.hamk.fi/Quito Zagazig HameenlinnaDI Code: 8643 DI Code: 1170 DI Code: 0576United States Embassy Ecuador Hanken School of Economicsecuador.usembassy.gov http://www.hanken.fi/public/Content/IndexQuito HelsinkiDI Code: 9422 el sAlvAdor DI Code: 8433Universidad Del Pacifico Academia Europea El Salvador Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Scienceshttp://www.upacifico.edu.ec http://www.academia-europea.com/ http://www.metropolia.fi/Quito San Salvador MetropoliaDI Code: 6981 DI Code: 0644 DI Code: 3804Universidad San Francisco de Quito Colegio Salvadoreno Ingles Helsinki Polytechnichttp://www.usfq.edu.ec/ http://www.csi-elsalvador.com/home1.html HelsinkiQuito San Salvador DI Code: 0564DI Code: 8461 DI Code: 1220 Epitur Helsinki School Economics & Business Administration San Miguel http://hkkk.fi/index_e.html DI Code: 7534 HelsinkiegyPt DI Code: 0636American University-Cairo Helsinki University of Technologyhttp://www.aucegypt.edu/ http://www.tkk.fi/English/Cairo EspooDI Code: 0903 estoniA DI Code: 0053AMIDEAST-Egypt Dream Foundation Iso Kirja Collegehttp://www.amideast.org/offices/egypt/default.htm https://www.dreamfoundation.eu/ www.isokirja.fiCairo Tallinn KeuruuDI Code: 9404 DI Code: 7624 DI Code: 7826Cairo American College International University Audentes-Admissions JAMK University of Applied Scienceshttp://www.cacegypt.org/ http://www.audentes.eu/ http://www.jamk.fi/EnglishCairo Tallinn JyvaskylaDI Code: 9842 DI Code: 8519 DI Code: 0719Century 21 International University Audentes-English Language Institute Kajaani University of Applied Scienceshttp://www.c21clc.com/ http://www.audentes.eu/12341 http://www.kajak.fi/in_english.iw3Tanta Talliinn KajaaniDI Code: 2172 DI Code: 0078 DI Code: 1563www.ets.org/toefl TOEFL Destinations 12
    • TOEFL DESTINATIONS DIRECTORY Updated January 2012Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Sciences University of Art & Design-Helsinki DIDAC Exchange Programhttp://www.tokem.fi/?deptid=11594 http://www.uiah.fi/english/ MarnesKemi Helsinki DI Code: 9261DI Code: 0528 DI Code: 0725Kymenlaakso University of Applied Science University of Eastern Finland Ecole Active Bilingue Jeannine Miguelhttp://www.kyamk.fi/Frontpage http://www.uku.fi/english/ http://www.eabjm.orgKouvola Kuopio ParisDI Code: 3910 DI Code: 9779 DI Code: 9531Lahti University of Applied Sciences University of Helsinki Ecole Centrale d’Electronique Parishttp://www.lamk.fi/engl/ http://www.helsinki.fi/university/ http://www.ece.fr/Lati Helsinki Paris CedexDI Code: 5728 DI Code: 9872 DI Code: 4814Lappeenranta University of Technology University of Jyväskylä Ecole Centrale de Lyonhttp://www.lut.fi/en/ http://www.jyu.fi/indexeng.shtml http://www.ec-lyon.fr/Lappeenranta Jyvaskyla EcullycedexDI Code: 0496 DI Code: 9818 DI Code: 5880Laurea University of Applied Sciences University of Lapland Ecole Centrale de Nanteshttp://www.laurea.fi/ http://www.ulapland.fi/ http://www.ec-nantes.fr/version-anglaise/Vantaa Rovaniemi NantesDI Code: 0562 DI Code: 8264 DI Code: 5722Metropolia Polytechnic University of Oulu Ecole Centrale de Parishttp://www.metropolia.fi/ http://www.oulu.fi/english/index.html http://www.ecp.fr/Vantaa Oulu Chatenay-MalabryDI Code: 0567 DI Code: 0229 DI Code: 9672Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences University of Tampere Ecole de Centrale Nantes-Graduatehttp://www.mikkeliamk.fi/index.asp http://www.uta.fi/english/index.html http://www.ec-nantes.fr/index_en.jspMikkeli Tampere NantesDI Code: 0179 DI Code: 9871 DI Code: 2699North Karelia University of Applied Sciences University of Turku Ecole de Commerce Europeennehttp://www.ncp.fi/english/ http://www.utu.fi/en/ http://www.ece-france.com/fr/accueil.cfm?id=Joensuu Turku BordeauxDI Code: 6209 DI Code: 9701 DI Code: 8311Novia University of Applied Sciences University of Vaasa Ecole des Cadreshttp://www.novia.fi/ http://www.uwasa.fi/ http://www.edcparis.edu/Vaasa Vaasa CourbevoieDI Code: 3875 DI Code: 0647 DI Code: 9530Oulu University of Applied Sciences VAMK University of Applied Sciences Ecole des Mines de Nanteshttp://www.oamk.fi/english/ http://www.puv.fi/en/ http://webi.emn.fr/Oulu Vaasa Nantes CedexDI Code: 0530 DI Code: 5726 DI Code: 0581PIRAMK University of Applied Sciences Ecole d’Ingenieurs de Tourshttp://www.piramk.fi/english Tours CedexTampere DI Code: 9792DI Code: 0723 frAnCeRovaniemi University of Applied Sciences American Graduate School of International Relations & Diplomacy Ecole d’Ingenieurs du Val de Loirehttp://www.ramk.fi/ http://www.agsird.edu/ http://www.univ-tours.fr/Rovaniemi Paris Blois CedexDI Code: 5731 DI Code: 0230 DI Code: 0056Saimaan University of Applied Sciences American International School-France Ecole Europeenne D’affairs Eaphttp://www.scp.fi/en-FI/ http://www.faispdx.org/home/ Paris CedexLappeenranta Nice DI Code: 0681DI Code: 1967 DI Code: 9648Satakunta University of Applied Sciences American University-Paris Ecole Francaise Lysee Stendhal-Grenoblehttp://www.samk.fi/english/ http://www.aup.fr/ http://www.ac-grenoble.fr/Pori Paris Grenoble CedexDI Code: 0563 DI Code: 0866 DI Code: 8074Savonia University of Applied Sciences Audencia Nantes School of Management Ecole Nationale de la Meteorologiehttp://www.savonia.fi/eng/ http://www.audencia.com/ http://www.enm.meteo.fr/Kuopio Nantes Cedex Toulouse CedexDI Code: 5747 DI Code: 0161 DI Code: 9894Seinajoki University of Applied Sciences Bordeaux Ecole de Management Ecole Nationale des ponts et Chausseeshttp://www.seamk.fi/ http://www.bem.edu/ http://www.enpc.fr/Seinajoki Talence Cedex Paris CedexDI Code: 1305 DI Code: 7189 DI Code: 0484Sibelius Academy Centre d’etudes de Saclay Ecole Nationale D’ingenieurs D’ Technology D’ Industrieshttp://www.siba.fi/fi/ http://www.cea.fr/FR/Saclay/ Nantes CedexHelsinki Gif-Sur-Yvette DI Code: 0171DI Code: 0217 DI Code: 0131Tampere University of Technology Centre d’études et de recherches sur les qualifications Ecole Nationale Superieur d’Arts et Metiers-Angershttp://www.tut.fi/ http://www.cereq.fr/ http://www.angers.ensam.fr/Fin Tampere Clermont Ferrand Angers CedexDI Code: 0599 DI Code: 0074 DI Code: 9360Turku Centre for Computer Science Centre d’études France et Europe Ecole Nationale Superieur d’Arts et Metiers-Clunyhttp://www.tucs.fi/about/ Nantes http://www.cluny.ensam.fr/Turku DI Code: 0124 ClunyDI Code: 8410 DI Code: 9948Turku School of Economic & Business Administration, Centre International D’Admission Management Ecole Nationale Superieur d’Arts et Metiers-LilleUniversity of Turku http://www.hec.fr/ http://www.lille.ensam.fr/http://www.tse.fi/EN/ Jouy En Josas Lille CedexTurku DI Code: 0700 DI Code: 0213DI Code: 9881 CERAM-Nice-Center International Management Ecole Nationale Superieur d’Arts et Metiers-Talence UniversityTurku University of Applied Sciences http://www.isn-nice.com/ http://www.bordeaux.ensam.fr/http://www.turkuamk.fi/ Jouy En Josas Talence CedexTurku DI Code: 0738 DI Code: 0326DI Code: 0792 CERAM-Sophia Antipolis Ecole Nationale Superieur D’arts et MotleUniversity Admissions Finland http://www.ceram.edu/ Aix En Provencehttp://www.universityadmissions.fi/ Sophia Antipolis DI Code: 0191Helsinki DI Code: 0034DI Code: 3138 CERAM-Sophia Antipolis-Graduate Business School Ecole Nationale Superieur de ChimieUniversity of Applied Sciences-Tampere Polytechnic http://www.ceram.edu/ Aubiere Cedexhttp://www.tamk.fi/fi/ Valbonne Cedex DI Code: 0280Tampere DI Code: 9721DI Code: 0561www.ets.org/toefl TOEFL Destinations 13
    • TOEFL DESTINATIONS DIRECTORY Updated January 2012Ecole Nationale Superieure ESSEC-Business School Paris-PhD Groupe ESC-Poitiershttp://www.ensba.fr/ http://www.essec.edu/home Poitiers CedexToulouse Cergy DI Code: 9617DI Code: 9820 DI Code: 0045Ecole Nationale Superieure des Telecommunications ESSEC-Executive MBA Groupe ESC-Renneshttp://www.enst.fr/en/ http://www.essec-mannheim.com/program.html http://www.school-business.com/Paris Cedex Paris La Defense Rennes CedexDI Code: 0166 DI Code: 0512 DI Code: 0167Ecole Polytechnique Feminine ESSEC-International Agri-Food Management Institute Groupe ESC-Rouenhttp://www.epf.fr/ http://www.essec.fr/ http://www.esc-rouen.fr/Sceaux Cergy Pontoise Cedex Mont Saint AignanDI Code: 9336 DI Code: 0186 DI Code: 0390Ecole Superieure Chimie Physique Electronique de Lyon ESSEC-Master of Marketing Management Groupe ESC-Troyeshttp://www.cpe.fr/ http://www.essec.fr/ http://www.esc-troyes.fr/Villeurbanne Cedx Paris La Defense Troyes CedexDI Code: 9548 DI Code: 7069 DI Code: 0165Ecole Superieure de Commerce ESSEC-MBA in International Hospitality Management Groupe Sup de Co Montpellierhttp://www.escp.fr/ http://www.essec.fr/ http://www.supdeco-montpellier.com/Parisladefense Cedex Cergy Pontoise MontpellierDI Code: 8526 DI Code: 0270 DI Code: 0701Ecole Superieure de Commerce de Rouen ESSEC-MBA in Luxury Brand Management HEC School of Managementhttp://www.esc-rouen.fr/ http://www.essec.fr/ http://www.hec.fr/hec/eng/Toulouse Cedex Cergy-Pontoise Cedex Jouy-En-Josas CedexDI Code: 0775 DI Code: 0454 DI Code: 0649Ecole Superieure de Commerce-Extension ESSEC-MS HEC School of Managementhttp://www.escp.fr/ http://www.essec.fr/ http://www.hec.edu/hec/eng/La Rochelle Cergy-Pontoise Jouy-En-JosasDI Code: 9780 DI Code: 9071 DI Code: 0718Ecole Superieure de Physique et de Chimie ESTACA IECS Strasbourg l’Ecole de Management de StrasbourgIndustrielles de la Ville de Paris http://www.estaca.fr/estaca/fr/ Universite Robert Schumanhttp://www.espci.fr/ Levallois-Perret http://www.iecs.edu/Paris DI Code: 9854 Strasbourg CedexDI Code: 9274 DI Code: 8859 ETS-EuropeEcole Superieure d’Ingenieurs de Marseille http://www.etseurope.org/no_cache/choose-your-country/ IFP Schoolhttp://www.centrale-marseille.fr/ Paris http://www.ifp-school.com/Marseille Cedex DI Code: 0513 Rueil MalmaisonDI Code: 0076 DI Code: 7084 EurocomEcole Superieure d’lngenieurs de Nice http://www.eurecom.fr/ INC Ecole de Managementhttp://www.esinsa.unice.fr/ Sophia Antipolis NanceyBiot DI Code: 0137 DI Code: 8974DI Code: 0057 Euromed Marseille Ecole de ManagementEcole Superieure L’energie et Materiaux http://www.euromed-marseille.com INSEAD-Executive MBA ProgrammeOrleans Cedex Marseille http://www.insead.edu/emba/index.cfmDI Code: 9507 DI Code: 2914 Fontainebleau Cedex DI Code: 7198 European Institute of Purchasing ManagementEcole Superieure Libre des Sciences Commerciales Appliquees http://www.eipm.org/ INSEAD-MBA Programmehttp://www.eslsca.fr/ Archamps http://www.insead.edu/mba/home/index.htmParis DI Code: 9767 FontainebleauDI Code: 0199 DI Code: 0970 European University-ClamartEDHEC-Lille Clamart INSEAD-PhD Programmehttp://www.edhec.edu/ DI Code: 9410 http://www.insead.edu/phd/home/index.cfmLille Cedex Fontainebleau CedexDI Code: 0671 DI Code: 3244 European University-FranceEDHEC-Nice http://www.euruni.edu/ INSEEC-Bordeauxhttp://www.edhec.edu/ Versailles http://grandeecole.inseec-france.comNice Cedex DI Code: 0608 BordeauxDI Code: 0663 DI Code: 9533 European University-ToulouseENSEEIHT-Toulouse http://www.euruni.edu/ INSEEC-Paris-Deuxiemehttp://www.enseeiht.fr/fr/index.html Toulouse http://www.inseec-france.com/Toulouse Cedex DI Code: 9673 ParisDI Code: 0190 DI Code: 0066 Franco-American Commerce Education ExchangeEpiscopal School of International Management http://www.fulbright-france.org/ INSEEC-Paris-Grande Ecole de CommunicationCergy-Pontoise Paris http://www.supdepub.comDI Code: 9249 DI Code: 9496 Paris DI Code: 0672 Gabriel ConseilEsa Esiae ISGP Taverny Institut d’Économie Scientifique Et de Gestionhttp://www.esiae.fr/ DI Code: 9890 LilleParis DI Code: 8431DI Code: 5874 Grenoble Graduate School of BusinessESC Lyon-Center International Management http://www.grenoble-em.com/default.aspx?rub=237 Institut de Gestion SocialeJouy En Josas Grenoble Cedex http://www.igscampus.com/DI Code: 0766 DI Code: 8973 Paris DI Code: 0694 Groupe ESC Dijon Bourgogne-Burgundy School of BusinessESCP Paris-European School of Management- http://www.bsbu.eu/ Institut des Sciences et Techniques de l’Ingenieur d’AngersUndergraduate Admissions Dijon http://www.istia.univ-angers.fr/http://www.escp-eap.net/ DI Code: 4763 AngersParis DI Code: 9977DI Code: 1387 Groupe ESC-Chambery http://www.esc-chambery.fr/ Institut d’Etudes Politiques de ParisESCP Paris-European School of Management- Le-Bourget-Du-Lac http://www.sciences-po.fr/Undergraduate Business DI Code: 0147 Parishttp://www.escp-eap.net/ DI Code: 0695Jouy En Josas Groupe ESC-ClermontDI Code: 0703 http://www.esc-clermont.fr/ Institut d’Optique Graduate School Clermont-Ferrand http://www.institutoptique.frESIEE Engineering DI Code: 0748 Palaiseauhttp://www.esiee.fr/ DI Code: 2711Noisy Le Grand Groupe ESC-Lyon-Cesma MBADI Code: 4514 Ecully Institut Franco-American de Management DI Code: 0357 http://www.ifam.edu/ESSCA Parishttp://www.essca.asso.fr/ DI Code: 0652Angers Groupe ESC-NormandieDI Code: 1533 http://www.ecole-management-normandie.fr/ Institut Franco-Europeen de Chiropratique Le Havre Cedex http://www.ifec.net/ESSEC Business School Paris-MBA DI Code: 0566 Parishttp://www.essec.fr/accueil DI Code: 6526Cergy-Pontoise CedexDI Code: 0520www.ets.org/toefl TOEFL Destinations 14
    • TOEFL DESTINATIONS DIRECTORY Updated January 2012Institut National Des Sciences (INSA) Ministere des Affaires Entrang Universite Paul SabatierVilleurbanne http://www.diplomatie.gouv.fr/en/ http://www.ups-tlse.fr/DI Code: 9352 Paris Toulouse DI Code: 9282 DI Code: 0197Institut Polytechnique de Grenoble Paris Graduate School of Management Universite Paul-Valery Montpellier 3http://www.grenoble-inp.fr/ http://www.pgsm.fr/ http://www.univ-montp3.fr/Grenoble Cedex Paris MontpellierDI Code: 6050 DI Code: 7989 DI Code: 7269Institut Supérieur d’Informatique, de Modélisation Parsons-Paris School of Design University of La Reunionet de leurs Applications http://www.parsons-paris.pair.com/ http://www.univ-reunion.fr/universite_en.htmlhttp://www.isima.fr/isima/index.php Paris Saint-DenisAubiere Cedex DI Code: 8217 DI Code: 6294DI Code: 0385 Reims Management School University of Nice-Sophia AntipolisInstitut Superieur de Gestion http://www.reims-ms.fr/index-en.html http://www.unice.fr/mba/http://www.isg.fr/ Rheims Nice CedexParis DI Code: 0767 DI Code: 5999DI Code: 0739 Sciences Po Rennes University Rennes 1Institut Superieur du Geston http://www.sciencepo-rennes.fr http://www.univ-rennes1.fr/english/http://www.isg.fr/fr/ Rennes Rennes CedexParis DI Code: 7871 DI Code: 2702DI Code: 0675 Service Commun Des Langues Vivantes Vatel International Business SchoolInstitute d’admin des Enterprises http://sclvel.univ-bpclermont.fr/ http://www.vatel.fr/V3/index.phphttp://iae.univ-paris1.fr/fr/index.php Clermont Ferrand ParisMarseille DI Code: 0309 DI Code: 8516DI Code: 0651 SKEMA Business SchoolInstitute d’admin entre Toulouse www.skema.eduhttp://www.euruni.be/ Sophia AntipolisToulouse Cedex DI Code: 8808 georgiADI Code: 7266 Sup de CO Bordeaux Caucasus UniversityInstitute des Sciences de Ling Talence Cedex http://www.cu.edu.ge/Aubiere Cedex DI Code: 9883 TbilisiDI Code: 0185 DI Code: 4269 Supelec International Black Sea UniversityInstitute for American Universities http://www.supelec.fr/dai/Welcome.html http://www.ibsu.edu.ge/http://www.iaufrance.org/ Cesson-Sevigne TbilsiAix En Provence DI Code: 2249 DI Code: 0140DI Code: 7003 Supelec Open Society Fund-GeorgiaInstitute Francais de Gestion http://www.supelec.fr/ http://osgf.ge/Paris Gif Sur Yvette Cedex TbilisiDI Code: 7129 DI Code: 7309 DI Code: 9980 Telecom InternationalInstitute National Des Telecommunications http://www.telecom-sudparis.eu/fr_accueil.htmlhttp://www.nus.edu.sg/iro/partners/europe/france/int-evry.html EvryEvry DI Code: 5741 germAnyDI Code: 2266 Theseus EDHEC Business School Aachen University of Applied ScienceInstitute Universitaire de Tech http://www.theseus-mba.com/ http://www.aachen.de/EN/sb/stud/fh_en/Mulhouse Cedex Nice JuelichDI Code: 0189 DI Code: 0043 DI Code: 9023 Touro College Aalen University of Applied SciencesInstitute Universitaire Prof-Aubiere www.touro.edu/france/index.html http://www.international.fh-aalen.de/Aubiere Cedex Paris AalenDI Code: 0397 DI Code: 7388 DI Code: 8183 Universa-French Consortium of Business Schools Accadis Bildung-Bad HomburgInstitute Universitaire Prof-Marseille http://www.universa-france.com/ http://web.accadis.eu/Marseille Cedex Paris Bad HomburgDI Code: 0207 DI Code: 8556 DI Code: 9789 Universite Catholique de L’ouest Albert-Ludwig’s-Universitat FreiburgInstitution Sainte-Marie d’Antony http://www.uco.fr/ http://www.zuv.uni-freiburg.de/index_en.php?http://www.saintemarieantony.fr/ Angers FreiburgAntony DI Code: 8886 DI Code: 7197DI Code: 6794 Universite Claude Bernard-Lyon 1 Albert-Ludwig’s-Universitat Freiburg-Faculty of Applied SciencesInstitutional Administration Enterprises http://www.univ-lyon1.fr/ http://www.zuv.uni-freiburg.de/index_en.php?Aix En Provence Villeurbanne Cedex FreiburgDI Code: 9113 DI Code: 0463 DI Code: 7125 Universite de la Reunion Albert-Ludwig’s-Universitat Freiburg-Forest & Environmental ScienceInternational Business School http://www.univ-reunion.fr http://www.zuv.uni-freiburg.de/index_en.php?Sophia-Antipolis Saint-Denis FreiburgDI Code: 0192 DI Code: 0606 DI Code: 8692 Universite de Picardie Jules Verne Albstadt-Sigmaringen UniversityInternational Institute of Management http://www.u-picardie.fr/ Albstadthttp://www.cnam-iim.org/sommaire.php3 Amiens DI Code: 6860Paris DI Code: 5351DI Code: 1977 Université de Technologie de Compiègne- Bauhaus-Universitat WeimarInternational Space Universitaire Centre Benjamin Franklin http://www.uni-weimar.de/cms/http://www.isunet.edu/ http://www.utc.fr/ WeimarIllkirch Graffenstaden Compiegne Cedex DI Code: 8968DI Code: 3462 DI Code: 4758 Berlin Graduate School Muslim Cultures & SocietiesL’ecole Louis de Broglie Universite Jean Moulin-Lyon 3 http://www.bgsmcs.dehttp://www.ecole-debroglie.fr/ http://www.univ-lyon3.fr/ BerlinBruz Rennes Lyon Cedex DI Code: 3888DI Code: 0337 DI Code: 0632 Berlin International Graduate School of NaturalLincoln International Business School Université Lumière-Lyon 2 Science and Engineeringhttp://libsiens.free.fr/ http://www.univ-lyon2.fr/ http://www.big-nse.tu-berlin.de/Paris Lyon BerlinDI Code: 0134 DI Code: 6537 DI Code: 6424L’Institut Francais de Mecanique Avancee Universite of Nice Ctr de Biochimie Berlin Mathematical Schoolhttp://www.ifma.fr/ Nice Cedex http://www.math-berlin.de/Aubiere Cedex DI Code: 9706 BerlinDI Code: 0480 DI Code: 2593MBA Institute Universite Paris 1 Berlin University of Applied Science-Alice-http://www.mba-institute.com/fr/accueil.cfm?id= http://www.univ-paris1.fr/ Salomon FachhochschuleParis Paris http://www.asfh-berlin.de/DI Code: 0728 DI Code: 8972 Berlin DI Code: 8541www.ets.org/toefl TOEFL Destinations 15
    • TOEFL DESTINATIONS DIRECTORY Updated January 2012Bonn Graduate School of Economics Fachhochschule Coburg Frankfurt School of Finance & Managementhttp://www.bgse.uni-bonn.de/ http://www.fh-duesseldorf.de http://www.frankfurt-school.de/content/de.htmlBonn Coburg FrankfurtDI Code: 1359 DI Code: 7450 DI Code: 0239Bonn University-Department of English, Fachhochschule Duesseldorf University of Applied Science Friedrich-Alexander UniversityAmerican & Celtic Studies http://www.fh-duesseldorf.de/english/index.html http://www.uni-erlangen.org/http://www.iaak.uni-bonn.de/ Duesseldorf ErlangenBonn DI Code: 8888 DI Code: 8265DI Code: 4753 Fachhochschule Duesseldorf University of Applied Science- Friedrich-Schiller Universitat JenaBonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Science Department of Business Studies http://www.uni-jena.de/content_lang_en_page_1.htmlhttp://www.fh-bonn-rhein-sieg.de/home-lang-en.html http://www.fh-frankfurt.de/de/fh_ffm.html JenaSankt Augustin Kaarst DI Code: 0061DI Code: 7977 DI Code: 8896 Fulbright Commission-GermanyBrandenburg Technical University-Cottbus Fachhochschule Frankfurt am Main-University of Applied Sciences http://www.fulbright.de/togermany/index.shtmlhttp://www.tu-cottbus.de/cms/ http://www.fh-frankfurt.de/en/the_university.html BerlinCottbus Frankfurt Am Main DI Code: 9233DI Code: 3688 DI Code: 4376 GeoForschungsZentrum GFZBucerius Law School Fachhochschule Fur Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin http://www.gfz-potsdam.de/http://www.law-school.de/ http://www.htw-berlin.de/ PotsdamHamburg Berlin DI Code: 7244DI Code: 7181 DI Code: 8405 Georg-August-Universität GöttingenCharite-Molecular Medicine MS Fachhochschule Furtwangen http://www.uni-goettingen.de/www.molecular-medicine-berlin.com http://www.fh-furtwangen.de/english/ GoettingenBerlin Vs Schwenningen DI Code: 4468DI Code: 7246 DI Code: 8221 Georg-Simon-Ohm-HochschuleChristian-Albrechts-Universitat zu Kiel Fachhochschule Giessen-Friedburg http://www.fh-nuernberg.de/http://www.uni-kiel.de/ http://www.fh-giessen-friedberg.de/site/ NurnbergKiel Giessen DI Code: 4210DI Code: 8638 DI Code: 8711 German Graduate School of Management & LawChristian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel-Englisches Seminar Fachhochschule Hannover http://www.ggs.dehttp://www.anglistik.uni-kiel.de http://www.fh-hannover.de/de/ HeilbronnKiel Hannover DI Code: 6518DI Code: 8382 DI Code: 7980 German Research School for Simulation SciencesChristian-Albrechts-Universitat zu Kiel-International Center Fachhochschule Ingolstadt http://www.grs-sim.dehttp://www.uni-kiel.de/ http://www.fh-ingolstadt.de/ JuelichKiel Ingolstadt DI Code: 2746DI Code: 8721 DI Code: 8240 GISMA Business SchoolCollege of Education-Weingarten Fachhochschule Karlsruhe Technic und Wirtschaft http://www.gisma-hannover.de/www.ph-weingarten.de University of Applied Sciences HannoverWeingarten http://www.hs-karlsruhe.de DI Code: 8566DI Code: 8889 Karlsruhe DI Code: 7764 Globe Business College-MunichCologne Business School http://www.globe-college.com/http://www.cbs-edu.de Fachhochschule Kiel MunichKöln http://www.fh-kiel.de DI Code: 1040DI Code: 9829 Kiel DI Code: 0669 Goethe UniversityCologne Graduate School of Economics and Management http://www.uni-frankfurt.de/http://www.ewi.uni-koeln.de Fachhochschule Köln-Cologne University of Applied Sciences FrankfortCologne http://www.fh-koeln.de/ DI Code: 4194DI Code: 6450 Koln DI Code: 4185 Goethe University Frankfurt-Master of Science inDAAD, Nordamerikareferat Money and Financehttp://www.macduffie.org Fachhochschule Landshut http://www.wiwi.uni-frankfurt.de/mmf/Bonn http://www.fh-landshut.de Frankfurt Am MainDI Code: 8822 Landshut DI Code: 4258 DI Code: 0531DAAD-Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst Graduate School of Economic & Social Sciences-German Academic Exchange Service Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe-University of Applied Sciences University of Mannheimhttp://www.daad.de/en/index.html http://www.fh-luh.de/ http://gess.uni-mannheim.de/Bonn Detmold MannheimDI Code: 0315 DI Code: 9998 DI Code: 0933DHBW-Karlsruhe Fachhochschule Mainz-University of Applied Sciences Graduate School of Economics, Finance, andwww.dhbw-karlsruhe.de http://www.fh-mainz.de/ Management at Goethe UniversityKarlsruhe Mainz http://www.gsefm.eDI Code: 6797 DI Code: 4460 Frankfurt DI Code: 7276Die Theologische Hochschule Friedensau Fachhochschule Osnabrück-University of Applied Scienceshttp://www.thh-friedensau.de http://www.fh-osnabrueck.de/ HafenCity UniversityBurg Blz Osnabrueck http://www.hcu-hamburg.de/DI Code: 0221 DI Code: 0298 Hamburg DI Code: 4304EBS University Fachhochschule Pforzheimwww.ebs.edu http://www.hs-pforzheim.de/ Heidelberg University Medical MannheimOestrich Winkel Pforzheim http://www.uni-heidelberg.de/university/welcome/medics-ma.htmlDI Code: 2615 DI Code: 0475 Mannheim DI Code: 6446Eduard-Von-Hallberger Institut Fachhochschule Reutlingenhttp://espp.de/ http://www.reutlingen-university.de/ Heilbronn UniversityFreudenstadt Reutlingen http://www.hs-heilbronn.deDI Code: 7649 DI Code: 7944 Helibronn DI Code: 2751Erfurt School of Public Policy Fachhochschule Stuttgarthttp://www.muenchen.euro-business-college.de/ http://www.fh-stuttgart.de/ Heinrich-Heine-Universität DuesseldorfErfurt Stuttgart http://www.uni-duesseldorf.deDI Code: 1350 DI Code: 8514 Duesseldorf DI Code: 5272Euro Business College-Munich Fachhochschule Sudestfalenhttp://www.ebs.de/index.php http://www3.fh-swf.de/foreign/english.htm Helmholtz International Graduate School at theMunich Iserlohn German Cancer Research CenterDI Code: 9512 DI Code: 1608 http://www.dkfz.de/en/phd-program/ HeidelbergEuropean College of Liberal Arts Fachhochschule Trier DI Code: 4320http://www.esmt.org/en/home http://www.fh-trier.deBerlin Trier Hertie School of GovernanceDI Code: 8527 DI Code: 0360 http://www.hertie-school.org/ BerlinEuropean School of Management & Technology Fachhochschule Ulm DI Code: 8874http://www.euv-frankfurt-o.de/ http://www.fh-ulm.de/Berlin Ulm HHL Leipzig Graduate School of ManagementDI Code: 8707 DI Code: 0555 http://www.hhl.de/ LeipzigEuropean University Viadrina Frankfurt Fachhochschule Westkuste DI Code: 0372http://www.fh-coburg.de/ http://www.fh-westkueste.de/Frankfurt Heide HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management-Business SchoolDI Code: 4782 DI Code: 6343 http://www.hhl.de/ Leipzig DI Code: 0404www.ets.org/toefl TOEFL Destinations 16
    • TOEFL DESTINATIONS DIRECTORY Updated January 2012Hochschule Bremen Lauphana Universität Luneburg Pädagogische Hochschule Freiburghttp://www.hs-bremen.de/English/Start.asp http://www.leuphana.de/ http://www.ph-freiburg.de/europa/Bremen Luneburg FreiburgDI Code: 8650 DI Code: 8908 DI Code: 4168Hochschule Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences LearnBiz.com GmbH Pädagogische Hochschule Zurichhttp://www.h-da.de/ http://www.learnbiz.com/ http://www.phzh.ch/Darmstadt Stuttgart WeingartenDI Code: 4776 DI Code: 7646 DI Code: 8890Hochschule Emden/Leer Ludwig-Maximilians University Philipps Universitat Marburghttp://www.hs-emden-leer.de/ http://www.uni-muenchen.de/en/index.html http://www.uni-marburg.de/internationalEmden Munich MarburgDI Code: 7541 DI Code: 8552 DI Code: 4772Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften-Hamburg Ludwig-Maximilians University-International Quadriga Hochschule Berlinhttp://www.haw-hamburg.de/ Max Planck Research School on Astrophysics http://en.quadriga.eu/Hamburg http://www.imprs-astro.mpg.de/ BerlinDI Code: 8226 Garching DI Code: 6989 DI Code: 8223Hochschule fur Wirtschaft und Recht Berlin- Rheinisch Western Technical HochBerlin School of Economics & Law Ludwig-Maximillians University-Biology Aachenhttp://www.hwr-berlin.de/ Planegg Martinsried DI Code: 7113Berlin DI Code: 4260DI Code: 4730 Rheinische-Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn-Hochschule Furtwangen Macromedia Hochschule für Medien und Kommunikation (MHMK) Computer Science-Graduatehttp://www.fh-furtwangen.de/ http://www.macromedia-fachhochschule.de/ http://master.cs.uni-bonn.de/Furtwangen Berlin-Kreuzberg BonnDI Code: 7301 DI Code: 4719 DI Code: 4856Hochschule Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences Mannheim Business School-gGmbH Rhine-Waal U Applied Scienceshttp://www.hs-niederrhein.de/ http://www.mba.uni-mannheim.de/ http://www.hochschule-rhein-waal.de/en/Krefeld Mannheim KleveDI Code: 4560 DI Code: 8860 DI Code: 6962Hochschule Ravensburg-Weingarten Mannheim University of Applied Sciences Ruhr-Universitat-Bochumhttp://www.hs-weingarten.de http://www.fh-mannheim.de/FHweb_englisch/index.html http://www.ruhr-uni-bochum.de/index_en.htmWeingarten Mannheim BochumDI Code: 8442 DI Code: 0092 DI Code: 3038Humboldt University-Berlin Martin Luther University-Halle-Wittenberg Ruhr-University of Bochum-Chemistry and Biochemistry MShttp://zope.hu-berlin.de/ http://www.uni-halle.de/MLU/index_e.htm http://www.ruhr-uni-bochum.deBerlin Halle BochumDI Code: 8167 DI Code: 8232 DI Code: 7657IES GmbH Max Planck Institute for Chemistry RWTH Aachen Universityhttp://www.ies.de/ http://www.mpch-mainz.mpg.de/mpg/english/ http://www-zhv.rwth-aachen.de/Aachen Mainz AachenDI Code: 1930 DI Code: 7809 DI Code: 8504Institut fur Werkzeugmaschinen und Fertigungstechnik Max Planck Institute for Foreign & International Criminal Law Saarland Universityhttp://www.iwf.ing.tu-bs.de/En/ http://www.mpicc.de/ http://www.uni-saarland.de/enBerlin Freiburg SaarbruckenDI Code: 9018 DI Code: 3993 DI Code: 8399Institute for Law and Finance Max Planck Institute for Ornithology Saarland University Europa-Department of Lawhttp://www.ilf-frankfurt.de/ http://www.orn.mpg.de/index_en.html http://www.europainstitut.de/Frankfurt Radolfzell SaarbrueckenDI Code: 5984 DI Code: 6326 DI Code: 4580International Max Planck Research School for Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy Saarland University-Computational Linguistics & PhoneticsMolecular and Cellular Biology http://www.mpifr-bonn.mpg.de/english/ http://www.coli.uni-saarland.de/http://www.imprs-mcb.mpg.de Bonn SaarbrueckenPlanegg DI Code: 5356 DI Code: 8497DI Code: 7426 Max Planck Institute for Terrestrial Microbiology Schmalkalden University of Applied SciencesInternational Max Planck Research School in Chemical Biology http://www.mpi-marburg.mpg.de/ http://www.fh-schmalkalden.de/en/Home.htmlhttp://www.imprs-cb.mpg.de Marburg SchmalkaldenDortmund DI Code: 8604 DI Code: 5447DI Code: 7808 Max Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology Small Enterprise Promotion & Training (SEPT)International School-Hamburg http://www-en.mpimp-golm.mpg.de/ Inetrnational at Leipzeg Universityhttp://www.international-school-hamburg.de/ Potsdam http://www.sept.uni-leipzig.de/Hamburg DI Code: 4240 LeipzigDI Code: 8961 DI Code: 6976 Max Plank Institute for Infection BiologyInternational University of Applied Sciences http://www.mpiib-berlin.mpg.de/ SRH University Heidelberghttp://www.fh-bad-honnef.de/ Berlin http://www.uni-heidelberg.de/Bad Honnef DI Code: 0336 HeidelbergDI Code: 0090 DI Code: 7712 Munich Business SchoolInternational University-Bremen http://www.munich-business-school.de/home.de.php SRH University of Applied Sciences-Berlinhttp://www.iu-bremen.de/ Munich http://grad.srh-berlin.de/Bremen DI Code: 5772 BerlinDI Code: 9024 DI Code: 6516 Munich University of Applied SciencesIuventum http://www.hm.edu/home/fhm/home_e/ Stuttgart Institute of Management & Technologyhttp://www.iuventum.org/ Munich http://www.uni-simt.de/Berlin DI Code: 8536 StuttgartDI Code: 6407 DI Code: 8174 Münster School of Business & Economics-Master ofJohann Wolfgang Goethe University Science Information Systems Stuttgart State Academy of Art & Designhttp://www.uni-frankfurt.de/english/index.html http://www.wi.uni-muenster.de/master/ http://www.integraldesign.abk-stuttgart.de/Frankfurt Munster WaiblingenDI Code: 8941 DI Code: 4740 DI Code: 4415Johann Wolfgang Goethe University-Goethe Business School Nations Health Career Technical University Berlin, Urban Management Programhttp://www.gbs.uni-frankfurt.de/ http://www.nations-healthcareer.com/ www.urban-management.deFrankfurt Am Main Berlin BerlinDI Code: 3567 DI Code: 7152 DI Code: 8804Justus-Liebig-Universitat Giessen Nuertingen Geislingen University Technical University Ilmenauhttp://www.uni-giessen.de/cms/fbz/zentren/zeu/lehre/Master http://www.hfwu.de/index.php?id=218 http://www.tu-ilmenau.de/Giessen Nuertingen IlmenauDI Code: 3848 DI Code: 2245 DI Code: 2166Kassel International Management School Oto Friedrich University-Bamberg Technical University of Munich-Faculty for Maschinenwesenhttp://unikims.de/ http://www.uni-bamberg.de/ http://www.mw.tum.de/Kassel Bamberg GarchingDI Code: 8266 DI Code: 8746 DI Code: 1485Kuhne Logistics University Otto Von Guericke University-Magdeburg Technische Universitat Braunschweigwww.the-klu.org http://www.uni-magdeburg.de/unv_eng.html http://www.tu-braunschweig.de/international/wirueberunsHamburg Magdeburg BraunschweigDI Code: 7373 DI Code: 0183 DI Code: 9777www.ets.org/toefl TOEFL Destinations 17
    • TOEFL DESTINATIONS DIRECTORY Updated January 2012Technische Universitat Dortmund University of Applied Sciences Jena University of Münsterhttp://www.aaa.uni-dortmund.de/ http://www.fh-jena.de/index_en.php/aa43a//// http://ifgi.uni-muenster.deDortmund Jena MunsterDI Code: 4766 DI Code: 5344 DI Code: 3692Technische Universitat Hamburg University of Applied Sciences-Hochschule Offenburg University of Osnabruckhttp://www.tu-harburg.de http://www.mba-ibc.com/ http://www.uni-osnabrueck.de/Hamburg Offenburg OsnabruckDI Code: 8165 DI Code: 7087 DI Code: 0106Technische Universität München-Deptartment of Medicine University of Applied Sciences-Rosenheim University of Regensburghttp://www.phd.med.tu-muenchen.de/ http://www.fh-rosenheim.de/ http://www.uni-regensburg.de/Munich Rosenheim RegensburgDI Code: 4424 DI Code: 0472 DI Code: 0401Technische Universitat of Kaiserslautern University of Augsburg University of Siegenhttp://www.uni-kl.de/ http://www.uni-augsburg.de/en/ http://www.uni-siegen.de/uni/universitaet/Kaiserslautern Augsburg SiegenDI Code: 7967 DI Code: 8432 DI Code: 8429Technische University University of Bamberg University of Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe MBALessingstr http://www.uni-bamberg.de/ http://www.s-hochschule.de/home/mba_0_286.htmlDI Code: 8233 Bamberg Bonn DI Code: 0187 DI Code: 6708Technische University Munchen-Fur Statk University of Bonn-Graduate School of Economics University of Technology-Esslingen Graduate Schoolhttp://www.tum.de/ http://www.bgse.uni-bonn.de/ http://www.graduate-school.de/Munchen Bonn EsslingenDI Code: 7806 DI Code: 7156 DI Code: 1680Touro Graduate School of Business-Berlin University of Bonn-Graduate School of Physics and Astronomy University of Tuebingenhttp://www.touroberlin.de http://www.gradschool.physics.uni-bonn.de/ http://www.uni-tuebingen.deBerlin Bonn TubingenDI Code: 6718 DI Code: 6699 DI Code: 5760Uni-Assist University of Bonn Limes Live/Medical Sciences University of Wuerzburghttp://www.uni-assist.de/ http://www3.uni-bonn.de/studying/international-students/international- http://www.uni-wuerzburg.deBerlin degree-programs/life-sciences/bonn-international-graduate-school-life- WuerzburgDI Code: 2727 medical-sciences-limes DI Code: 5328 BonnUniversitaet Augsburg DI Code: 7625 University of Wuppertalhttp://www.uni-augsburg.de/ http://www.uni-wuppertal.deAugsburg University of Dortmund WuppertalDI Code: 7865 http://www.tu-dortmund.de/uni/Uni/index.html DI Code: 1799 DortmundUniversitaet Ulm DI Code: 8523 University of Wurzburghttp://www.uni-ulm.de/ http://www.uni-wuerzburg.deUlm University of Erfurt WurzburgDI Code: 8407 http://www.uni-erfurt.de/ DI Code: 6382 ErfurtUniversität Bonn-International Graduate School in Mathematics DI Code: 8275 Volkswagen Autounihttp://www.bigs-math.uni-bonn.de/ http://www.autouni.deBonn University of Hamburg WolfsburgDI Code: 5177 http://www.uni-hamburg.de DI Code: 7222 HamburgUniversitat Bremen DI Code: 8385 WHU Otto Beisheim School of Managementhttp://www.uni-bremen.de http://www.whu.eduBremen University of Hamburg-Institute of Law and Economics VallendarDI Code: 5740 http://www.emle.org DI Code: 0682 HamburgUniversitat Duisburg-Essen DI Code: 3388 Worms University of Applied Scienceshttp://www.uni-flensburg.de/ http://www.fh-worms.de/Duisburg University of Hamburg-International Center for Graduate Studies WormsDI Code: 1703 http://www.icgs.de/ DI Code: 4769 HamburgUniversitat Flensburg DI Code: 7957 Zeppelin Universityhttp://www.uni-duisburg-essen.de http://www.zeppelin-university.de/Flensburg University of Hamburg-Klima Campus FriedrichshafenDI Code: 8512 http://www.klimacampus.de DI Code: 8966 HamburgUniversitat Hannover DI Code: 6077http://www.uni-hannover.deHannover University of HohenheimDI Code: 7122 https://www.uni-hohenheim.de/ ghAnA StuttgartUniversitat Karlsruhe DI Code: 8436 Gate Management Consulthttp://www.uni-karlsruhe.de www.gmcgh.comKarlsruhe University of Kassel AccraDI Code: 0683 http://www.uni-kassel.de/uk/ DI Code: 8952 KasselUniversität Oldenburg DI Code: 9609 Timeline Trusthttp://www.uni-oldenburg.de/anglistik http://timelinetrust.com/fees.htmOldenburg University of Konstanz-Department of Economics AccraDI Code: 3556 http://www.wiwi.uni-konstanz.de/fb/neu/ DI Code: 0631 KonstanzUniversitat Paderborn-Zentrum fur Sprachlehre DI Code: 8971 Technische Universityhttp://www.upb.de/zfs/ Cape CoastPaderborn University of Leipzig-Global & European Studies Institute DI Code: 8515DI Code: 4037 http://www.uni-leipzig.de/zhs/emgs/ LeipzigUniversitat Stuttgart DI Code: 4688http://www.uni-stuttgart.de/Stuttgart University of Lubeck-International School New Media of New MediaDI Code: 0460 http://www.isnm.de/ greeCe LuebeckUniversitat Stuttgart-Centre for Infrastructure Plan DI Code: 8667 ALBAhttp://www.uni-stuttgart.de http://www.alba.edu.gr/Stuttgart University of Mannheim AthensDI Code: 7164 http://www.uni-mannheim.de/index-E.html DI Code: 0942 MannheimUniversitat Stuttgart-Institut für Mechanik (Bauwesen) DI Code: 0254 American College of Greece-Decreehttp://www.uni-stuttgart.de http://www.acg.edu/Stuttgart University of Mannheim-Office of International Relations AthensDI Code: 4573 http://www.uni-mannheim.de/index-E.html DI Code: 0925 MannheimUniversität Trier DI Code: 7261 American College of Thessalonikiwww.uni-trier.de http://www.act.edu/index.jspTrier University of Mannheim-Studium Generale ThessalonikiDI Code: 9208 http://www.studiumgenerale.uni-mannheim.de/ DI Code: 7171 MannheimUniversitat Witten/Herdecke DI Code: 0174 American College Thessalonikihttp://www.uni-wh.de/ http://www.anatolia.edu.grWitten University of Maryland University College-Europe ThessalonikiDI Code: 8414 http://www.ed.umuc.edu/ DI Code: 9393 Schwabisch Gmund DI Code: 9793www.ets.org/toefl TOEFL Destinations 18
    • TOEFL DESTINATIONS DIRECTORY Updated January 2012Athens College University of Macedonia City University of Hong Konghttp://www.haef.gr/ http://www.uom.gr/index.php?newlang=eng http://www.cityu.edu.hk/Psychico Thessaloniki KowloonDI Code: 9337 DI Code: 7006 DI Code: 3401Athens Information Technology University of Piraeus MBA-TQM Programme Diocesan Boys’ Schoolhttp://www.ait.gr/ http://www.unipi.gr/ode/en/index2.htm http://www.dbs.edu.hk/Peania Piraeus Mongkok KowloonDI Code: 7038 DI Code: 4142 DI Code: 9345Athens University of Economics and Business University of the Aegean Heep Yunn Schoolhttp://www.aueb.gr/index_gb.htm http://www3.aegean.gr/ http://www.hys.edu.hk/Athens Mytilene KowloonDI Code: 5737 DI Code: 7861 DI Code: 9346Campion School Hong Kong Baptist Theological Seminaryhttp://www.campion.netenterprise.org/ http://www.hkbts.edu.hk/Athens New TerritoriesDI Code: 9132 guAdelouPe DI Code: 9075City Liberal Studies Media Langues Caraibes Hong Kong Baptist Universityhttp://www.city.academic.gr/ http://www.medialanguescaraibes.net/ http://www.hkbu.edu.hk/eng-ver/index.phpThessaloniki Sainte-Anne Kowloon TongDI Code: 7234 DI Code: 0741 DI Code: 9467Ecclesiastical School Hong Kong Examinations & Assessment AuthorityKalymnos http://eant1.hkeaa.edu.hk/hkea/new_look_home.aspDI Code: 9737 San Po Kong Kowloon guAtemAlA DI Code: 9566European University Athens Consejo Superior University Centroamericano Hong Kong Polytechnic Universityhttp://www.euruni.edu/ http://www.csuca.org/ http://www1.polyu.edu.hk/main/main_e.phpAthens Guatemala KowloonDI Code: 9459 DI Code: 4271 DI Code: 0732European University-Athens Francisco Marroquin University Hong Kong University of Science & Technologyhttp://www.euruni.edu/ http://www.ufm.edu.gt/ http://www.ust.hk/en/index.htmlAthens Guatemala City KowloonDI Code: 9765 DI Code: 8522 DI Code: 0170European University-Thessaloniki Instituto Guatemalteco Americano Hong Kong University of Science & Technology-School ofhttp://www.euruni.edu/ http://www.iga.edu/main.php Engineering-Master of ScienceThessaloniki Guatemala City http://www.sengpp.ust.hk/DI Code: 9766 DI Code: 0114 Hong Kong DI Code: 4817Greek Bible Institute Kinalhttp://www.euro-team.org/ http://www.kinal.org.gt/ Institute of International Education-Hong KongPikermi Attikis Guatemala City http://www.iiehongkong.org/index.aspDI Code: 9979 DI Code: 1689 Wanchai Kowloon DI Code: 9300Mandoulides Schools United States Embassy Guatemalahttp://www.mandoulides.gr/en/index.jsp guatemala.usembassy.gov International Student Services Center Corporation LtdThessaloniki Guatemala City http://www.isscc.comDI Code: 8109 DI Code: 9435 Wanchai DI Code: 2015Manios Institute of Volos Universidad Del Valle de Guatemalahttp://www.manios.gr/ http://www.uvg.edu.gt/ Kowloon Tong SchoolVolos Guatemala http://www.ktsss.edu.hk/DI Code: 0141 DI Code: 9562 Kowloon DI Code: 9301Mediterranean Agronomic International Chania Universidad Mariano Galvez de Guatemalahttp://www.iamz.ciheam.org/ http://www.umg.edu.gt/es/ Lasalle CollegeChaina Guatemala http://stu.lasalle.edu.hk/DI Code: 8546 DI Code: 4556 Kowloon DI Code: 9302Moraitis School International Baccalaureatehttp://cgi.di.uoa.gr/ Lingnan UniversityPsychico http://www.ln.edu.hk/DI Code: 7036 hondurAs New Territories DI Code: 9303Neoi Orizontes Nissi Academyhttp://www.neoi-orizontes.com/ www.nissiacademy.net Marymount Secondary SchoolAthens Tegucigalpa http://www.mss.edu.hkDI Code: 0673 DI Code: 9534 Happy Valley DI Code: 9305New York College United States Embassy Hondurashttp://www.nyc.gr/ honduras.usembassy.gov Moral Training English CollegeAthens San Pedro Sula KowloonDI Code: 3389 DI Code: 9424 DI Code: 9347Parskevas Languages ZamoranoNea Ionia http://www.zamorano.edu/ Munsang CollegeDI Code: 0674 Tegucigalpa http://munsang.edu.hk/ DI Code: 0465 Kowloon DI Code: 9348Pierce College High SchoolAthens NTK English SchoolDI Code: 9351 http://www.ntk.edu.hk hong kong Causeway Bay DI Code: 1038Technological Educational Institute of Athens- American Consulate Hong KongMsC Data Communications hongkong.usconsulate.gov NTK Learning & Consulting Centerhttp://www.msc.ee.teiath.gr/ Hong Kong http://www.ntk.edu.hk/Athens DI Code: 9449 Causeway BayDI Code: 4523 DI Code: 8153 California International USA SchoolTechnological Educational Institute of Piraeus Kowloon Pui Ching Middle Schoolhttp://www.teipir.gr/ DI Code: 8031 http://www.puiching.edu.hk/Athens KowloonDI Code: 9486 DI Code: 9468 Chinese University of Hong KongTrinity International Hospitality Studies http://www.cuhk.edu.hk/v5/en/ South East Asia Overseas Secondary Schoolhttp://www.internationalstudy.in/college/trinity_hospitality.htm Shatin KowloonHeraklion DI Code: 0812 DI Code: 9567DI Code: 0288 Chu Hai College of Higher EducationUniversity of Crete http://www.chuhai.edu.hk/en/ St. Joseph’s College-Hong Konghttp://www.uoc.gr/ Tsuen Wan New Terr http://sjc.edu.hk/Rethymno DI Code: 9495 Hong KongDI Code: 7852 DI Code: 9311 Chung Chi College-Chinese University of Hong KongUniversity of La Verne-Greece http://www.cuhk.edu.hk/ccc/ St. Stephen’s Girls Collegehttp://www.ulv.edu/athens/ New Territories Hk http://www.ssgc.edu.hk/web/index.aspAthens DI Code: 9469 Hong KongDI Code: 9569 DI Code: 9312www.ets.org/toefl TOEFL Destinations 19
    • TOEFL DESTINATIONS DIRECTORY Updated January 2012Uni-Pac International Global Institute of Management Technologyhttp://www.unipac-online.com/ iCelAnd http://www.gimt.org.in/Hong Kong Commercial College of Iceland New DelhiDI Code: 8036 http://www.verslo.is/verslo/english/ DI Code: 0467University of Hong Kong Reykjavik Gupta Collegehttp://www.hku.hk/ DI Code: 9498 http://www.guptacollege.org/Hong Kong Reykjavik University BangaloreDI Code: 9671 http://en.ru.is/ DI Code: 0772Wah Yan College Reykjavik IBMhttp://www.wahyan.edu.hk/ DI Code: 8825 ChandigarhKowloon University of Iceland DI Code: 6844DI Code: 9315 http://www.english.hi.is/ Reykjavik IDEA Institute of Management & Technology DI Code: 7949 http://www.iimahd.ernet.in AhmedabadhungAry DI Code: 0001American Embassy Hungary IMPEL Overseas Consultinghttp://hungary.usembassy.gov/ indiA http://www.impeloverseas.com/Budapest Ace Solutions Mohali PbDI Code: 9651 Vijayawada DI Code: 7412American International School-Budapest DI Code: 1173 Indian Institute of Social Welfare & Business Managementhttp://www.aisb.hu/ http://www.iiswbm.edu/Budapest Aegis School of Business CalcuttaDI Code: 8069 http://www.aegis-sb.org/ DI Code: 0790Central European University Mumbai Indian Institute of Technology-Kharagpurhttp://www.ceu.hu/ DI Code: 5730 http://www.iitkgp.ac.in/Budapest APTECH English Learning Academy West BengalDI Code: 0069 www.englishexpress.in DI Code: 0035Central European University-Business School Bangalore Indian School of Businesshttp://www.ceubusiness.com/ DI Code: 8809 http://www.isb.edu/Budapest Asia Graduate School of Business HyderabadDI Code: 0203 http://www.asiagsb.ac.in/ DI Code: 9047Eotvos Lorand University Hyderabad Indo-American Studies Private Ltd.http://www.elte.hu/ DI Code: 3882 http://www.indoamericanstudies.com/Budapest Aurora’s Engineering College WarangalDI Code: 9803 http://www.aurora.edu.in/ DI Code: 0763Fovarosi Szabo Ervin Library Kapra Hyderabad Indo-American Studies Private Ltd.http://www.fszek.hu/?tPath=/english DI Code: 0491 http://www.indoamericanstudies.com/Budapest Azad Education Centre HyderabadDI Code: 9802 Kanpur DI Code: 0456Hungarian-American Fulbright Commission DI Code: 0721 Infobit Technologieshttp://www.fulbright.hu/ http://www.infobittechnologies.com/Budapest Bal Bhavan School AhmedabadDI Code: 9032 http://www.balbhavan.com/ DI Code: 3873Institute for Social and European Studies Foundation Bhopal Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India Universityhttp://www.ises.hu/en DI Code: 2981 http://www.icfai.org/Koszeg Bhaktivedanta Institute HyderabadDI Code: 7820 http://www.bvinst.edu/ DI Code: 0117International House-Budapest Mumbai Institute of Personality & Aptitude Testinghttp://www.ih.hu/index.php?page=43&l=1 DI Code: 0059 ChadigarhBudapest British Academy DI Code: 1092DI Code: 9281 http://www.britishacademy.co.in/website/index.htmJozsef Attila University Library Ahmedabad International School of Bangalorehttp://www.bibl.u-szeged.hu/ DI Code: 1658 http://www.tisb.org/Szeged C-CAPS BangaloreDI Code: 9805 Mumbai DI Code: 8252Library of Chemistry University DI Code: 7513 Jakarta International CollegeSchonherz http://www.jic.ac.id/DI Code: 9807 Central Institute of English & Foreign Languages Jakarta Hyderabad DI Code: 7284Miskolc Technical University Library DI Code: 0745 Jawaharlal Nehru Technological UniversityMiskolc http://www.jntu.ac.inDI Code: 9806 Central Tibetan Administration Hyderabad http://www.tibet.net/# DI Code: 1032Semmelweis University Dharamsala Jeeva’s Educational Academyhttp://www.sote.hu/english/ DI Code: 0952 www.jeevasacademy.comUlloi Ut CK’s Edvantage Education HyderabadDI Code: 7909 http://www.catprep.com/exams/gre/ck/purchase.html DI Code: 7409Technical University of Budapest Hyderabad Jyoti Nivas Degree Collegehttp://portal.bme.hu/default.aspx DI Code: 7404 http://www.jyotinivas.org/Budapest CleverNut BangaloreDI Code: 9801 www.clevernut.in and www.angel-matrix.com DI Code: 1268Tudomany Nyelviskola Chandigarh K.K Wagh Institute of Engineering Education & Researchhttp://www.tudomanynyelviskola.hu/ DI Code: 8761 http://www.kkwagh.org/engg/index.htmBudapest Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and NashikDI Code: 3937 Communication Technology DI Code: 0356University of Debrecen http://www.daiict.ac.in/new/index.html Lovely Professional Universityhttp://www.unideb.hu/ Gujarat http://www.lpu.in/Debrecen DI Code: 1767 PhagwaraDI Code: 9804 Doon Infotech Limited DI Code: 3861University of Pannonia http://www.dooninfotech.in Montgomery Guru Nanak Public Schoolhttp://www.vein.hu/ Dehradun http://www.mgnpsjal.com/Veszprem DI Code: 1176 JalandharDI Code: 0607 ETS-India DI Code: 6841University of Szeged Hyderabad Ap Maharishi Institute of Managementhttp://www.szote.u-szeged.hu DI Code: 0400 http://www.maharishiinstituteofmanagement.com/Szeged New DelhiDI Code: 5231 Everonn Education Limited DI Code: 1043 www.everonn.com Mahindra United World College of India Chennai http://www.muwci.net/join/lifeAfterMahindraUWC.php DI Code: 7405 Maharashtra Genesis Education Society DI Code: 2683 Hyderabad DI Code: 1082www.ets.org/toefl TOEFL Destinations 20
    • TOEFL DESTINATIONS DIRECTORY Updated January 2012Management Development Institute United States Consulat General Mikroskil Professional Development Centrehttp://www.mdi.ac.in/home/home.asp Madras http://www.mikroskilpdc.com/Gurgaon Haryana DI Code: 9101 MedanDI Code: 0637 DI Code: 0188Manjoorans Group of Institutes United States Education Foundation-Delhi Ministry Foreign Affairs-IDhttp://www.manjoorans.com/about.html http://www.fulbright-india.org/ JakartaErnakulam New Dehli DI Code: 6994DI Code: 0653 DI Code: 9364Manya Education University of Mumbai National Development Plan (Bappenas)http://www.manyagroup.com/ http://www.mu.ac.in/ Jakarta PusatNew Delhi Bombay DI Code: 9508DI Code: 7406 DI Code: 0833Matrix Technologies Vishwakarma Institute of Technology-Pune NCSAIndore http://www.vit.edu/ JakartaDI Code: 7411 Pune DI Code: 6810 DI Code: 0266Medspan International Pharmacist Training Visu International Ltd. Netherlands Education Centrehttp://www.miptindia.com/ http://www.training-classes.com/providers//21/2184_visu_international_ltd.php http://www.nesoindonesia.or.id/Chennai Hyderabad JakartaDI Code: 6788 DI Code: 7408 DI Code: 9076METAMORFS World Health Organization (WHO) Overseas Training Officehttp://www.metamorfs.com/ http://www.who.int/en/ JakartaBangalore New Delhi DI Code: 9886DI Code: 7274 DI Code: 9269Modern Dental College & Research Centre Xavier Research Foundation Politeknik Kota Malanghttp://www.mdcrc.com/ http://www.xrf.org.in/ http://www.poltek-malang.ac.id/Indore Ahmedabad MalangDI Code: 3865 DI Code: 0172 DI Code: 7660Naresee Monjee Institute of Management Xlri Jamshedpur School of Business & Human Resources PT International Test Centerhttp://www.nmims.edu/welcome/ http://www.xlri.ac.in/ Jakarta PusatMumbai Jamshedpur DI Code: 7656DI Code: 0393 DI Code: 0433Network Planet Yathapu Consulting TOPSII Endovation Internationalhttp://www.networkplanet.in/ http://hyderabad.justdial.com/yathapu-consulting-pvt-ltd_ameerpet_ SukabumiHyderabad Hyderabad_hQoU.hmzzhtktmspd.neXX.rrXXPhaq.htm DI Code: 7243DI Code: 4248 Hyderabad DI Code: 7407New Directions Group U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)-Indonesiahttp://www.newdirectiongroup.com/ http://indonesia.usaid.gov/Chennai JakartaDI Code: 0635 DI Code: 9356 indonesiANiksan Career Quest Pvt. Ltd. Universitas Pelita HarapanNew Delhi American Embassy Indonesia http://www.uph.edu/DI Code: 8306 http://www.jakarta.usembassy.gov Tangerang Jakarta DI Code: 0225 DI Code: 9475Osmania University College for Women University of Indonesiahttp://www.osmania.ac.in/ Bandung Institute of Technology http://www.ui.ac.id/Hyderabad http://www.itb.ac.id/ TangerangDI Code: 0160 Bandung DI Code: 5954 DI Code: 9397Panjab University Vista Internationalhttp://www.puchd.ac.in/ Bina Nusantara University SurabayaChandigarh http://www.binus.ac.id/ DI Code: 1627DI Code: 0735 Jakarta Selatn DI Code: 0370People Choice Consultinghttp://www.peoplechoiceconsulting.com/ Caltex Pacific IndonesiaHyderabad http://www.caltex.comDI Code: 3137 Pekanbaru irAq DI Code: 9366Pt Syamsir Karya Pertama Central Library University-Mosulhttp://www.ptskp.com/index.php Cornell University Language Resource Center http://www.uomosul.edu.iq/Balikpapan http://www.lrc.cornell.edu/ MosulDI Code: 1054 Jakarta Utara DI Code: 0122 DI Code: 7366Public Affairs Officer Interchange InstituteNew Delhi Fakultas Sastra Uki SulaimaniyahDI Code: 9425 Jakarta DI Code: 6790 DI Code: 0175Raghu Engineering College University of Technology Iraqhttp://www.raghuenggcollege.com/ Ignatius Layola http://www.uotiq.org/Visakhapatnm Dist http://www.layola.net/ BaghdadDI Code: 0246 Surabaya DI Code: 4891 DI Code: 0710Sapienthttp://www.sapient.com/ Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research & DevelopmentBangalore http://iaard.go.id/DI Code: 6614 Bogor irelAnd, rePubliC of DI Code: 9313Saraswati Online.com American College Dublinhttp://www.saraswationline.com Inlingua, International School of Languages http://www.acd.ie/Bangalore Jakarta Barat DublinDI Code: 0665 DI Code: 6967 DI Code: 2953Satlink Consultancy Services Certified Chios Master Teachershttp://www.satlinkconsultancy.com/ Institut Teknologi Bandung http://www.chioshealing.com/Chennai http://www.itb.ac.id/ DublinDI Code: 7264 Bangdung DI Code: 0285 DI Code: 8904Stella Maris College Cork International Collegehttp://www.stellamariscollege.org/ Institute of International Education-Indonesia http://www.corkic.com/Chennai http://www.iie.org/ CorkDI Code: 1048 Jakarta Sel DI Code: 6964 DI Code: 0691Tata Institute of Social Science Dublin Business Schoolhttp://www.tiss.edu/ Jubilee Education Services http://www.dbs.ie/Mumbai Surabaya DublinDI Code: 2102 DI Code: 7643 DI Code: 1288Tibetan Children’s Villages Dublin City Universityhttp://www.tcv.org.in/ Language Center of IKIP-Bandung http://www.dcu.ie/Distt Kangra Hp West Java DublinDI Code: 8056 DI Code: 0451 DI Code: 8639www.ets.org/toefl TOEFL Destinations 21
    • TOEFL DESTINATIONS DIRECTORY Updated January 2012Eurfox Pictures-English Language Centre Tel Aviv University-TAU International LUISS Business Schoolhttp://www.eurofoxpictures.com/english.html http://international.tau.ac.il/ http://www.lbs.luiss.it/Dublin Tel Aviv RomeDI Code: 0995 DI Code: 7704 DI Code: 7028European Business Institute University of Haifa MIB School of Managementhttp://www.europeanbusinessinstitute.com/ http://www.haifa.ac.il/ http://www.mib.edu/Galway Haifa TriesteDI Code: 2233 DI Code: 0955 DI Code: 0100Griffith College Dublin Monash University-Prato Centerhttp://www.gcd.ie/ http://www.ita.monash.edu/Dublin Prato PoDI Code: 8663 itAly DI Code: 0093Institute for Business and Technology Alma Graduate School Oxford Mantovahttp://www.ibat.ie/ http://www.almaweb.unibo.it/ http://www.oxfordmantova.it/Codublin Bologna MantovaDI Code: 1745 DI Code: 4177 DI Code: 1873Irish Management Institute American University-Rome Campus Politecnico di Milano-Lecco Campushttp://www.imi.ie/ http://www.aur.edu/# http://www.polimi.it/english/Dublin Rome MilanoDI Code: 0693 DI Code: 0579 DI Code: 0495London College Dublin Bocconi University Politecnico di Milano-Milano Campushttp://www.londoncollegedublin.com/ http://www.uni-bocconi.it/ http://www.polimi.it/english/Dublin Milan MilanoDI Code: 1062 DI Code: 0698 DI Code: 9795National University of Ireland Boston University-Rome Campus Politecnico di Milano-Milano Campus-MIPhttp://www.nui.ie/ http://www.bu.edu/abroad/find-programs/by-destination/rome-italy/ http://www.mip.polimi.it/Belfield Dublin Rome MilanoDI Code: 0871 DI Code: 0006 DI Code: 7455National University of Ireland-Galway Conservatory of Music of Vicenza Public Affairs Officerhttp://www.nuigalway.ie/ http://www.consvi.org/ RomeGalway Vicenza DI Code: 9383DI Code: 8861 DI Code: 4466National University of Ireland-Maynooth Dickinson College-Italy Sace Grouphttp://http://www.nuim.ie http://www.dickinson.edu/ http://www.sace.it/Maynooth Bologna RomeDI Code: 8850 DI Code: 0126 DI Code: 3940Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council European School of Economics Sapienza University of Romehttp://www.phecit.ie/ http://www.eselondon.ac.uk/ http://www.uniroma1.it/Cokildare Rome RomaDI Code: 1801 DI Code: 1610 DI Code: 2302Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland European School of Economics Florence Scuola Superiore Guglielmo Reiss Romolhttp://www.rcsi.ie/ Lucca Coppito L’AquilaDublin DI Code: 5976 DI Code: 9710DI Code: 4628Tipperary Institute European School of Economics-Milan St. John International Universityhttp://www.tippinst.ie/ http://www.eselondon.ac.uk/ese-centres/milan/ http://www.sjiu.itThurles Milan VinovoDI Code: 0220 DI Code: 5974 DI Code: 3673University College-Cork FISD-Consortium Integrated Higher Education St. John’s University-Romehttp://www.ucc.ie/en/ http://www.fisd.eu/ http://www.stjohns.edu/campus/romeCork City Catanzaro RomeDI Code: 0300 DI Code: 7400 DI Code: 0132University College-Dublin Fondazione Rui Telecom Italia Learning Serviceshttp://www.ucd.ie/ http://www.fondazionerui.it/ http://www.tils.com/Dublin Roma RomaDI Code: 9731 DI Code: 9190 DI Code: 8323University of Dublin-Trinity College Food Agriculture Organization United Nations The English Academyhttp://www.tcd.ie/ http://www.fao.org/ Mesagne-BrDublin Rome DI Code: 0627DI Code: 0858 DI Code: 9131 Fourth R Italia Universita Cattolica Altis Mba http://www.fourthr.it Milano Reggio Emilia DI Code: 7778isrAel DI Code: 8832AMIDEAST-Jerusalem High School for Language Mediators Universita Commerciale Luigi Bocconihttp://www.amideast.org/offices/westbank/default.htm Trento http://www.uni-bocconi.it/East Jerusalem DI Code: 0762 MilanDI Code: 9194 DI Code: 0699Arava Institute for Environmental Studies Inlingua-Brescia Università degli Studi di Firenzehttp://www.arava.org/new/ http://www.inlinguabrescia.it/ http://www.unifi.it/Hevel Eilot Brescia FlorenceDI Code: 8887 DI Code: 0776 DI Code: 8857Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Istituto Universitario per Interpreti e Traduttori Universita di Bolognahttp://www.bgu.ac.il/ http://www.isit.tn.it http://www.eng.unibo.it/PortaleEn/default.htmBeer Sheva Povotrento BolognaDI Code: 0048 DI Code: 2348 DI Code: 7850Fulbright United States-Israel Educational Foundation John Cabot University Universita Politecnica delle Marchehttp://www.fulbright.org.il/en http://www.johncabot.it/ http://www.univpm.it/Tel Aviv Rome AnconaDI Code: 5373 DI Code: 0784 DI Code: 1951Hebrew University of Jerusalem Johns Hopkins University-The Bologna Center University of Cassinohttp://www.huji.ac.il/huji/eng/ http://www.jhubc.it/ http://www.unicas.it/Jerusalem Bologna CassinoDI Code: 0206 DI Code: 9729 DI Code: 6747Raphael Recanati International School Libera Universita Internazionale degli Studi Sociali University of L’Aquilahttp://www.rris.idc.ac.il/ http://www.luiss.it/ http://www.univaq.it/Herzliya Viale Pola Roma L’AquilaDI Code: 0927 DI Code: 0228 DI Code: 3676Technion Lorenzo de’ Medici S.R.I University of Sienahttp://www.technion.ac.il/ http://www.ldminstitute.com/en/home http://www.unisi.it/Haifa Florence SienaDI Code: 5776 DI Code: 0402 DI Code: 0255www.ets.org/toefl TOEFL Destinations 22
    • TOEFL DESTINATIONS DIRECTORY Updated January 2012University of Trento-Italy Canadian Academy Graduate School of Advanced Studies (Sokendai)http://www.unitn.it/en http://www.canacad.ac.jp/ http://www.soken.ac.jp/en/Trento Kobe MishimaDI Code: 6286 DI Code: 8027 DI Code: 7564Wall Street Institute Chiba University Gunma Universityhttp://www.wallstreet.it/ http://www.chiba-u.ac.jp/EN/index-e.html http://www.gunma-u.ac.jp/Catania Chiba Kiryu City GunmaDI Code: 4364 DI Code: 9154 DI Code: 8424 Chukyo University Hamamatsu University http://www.chukyo-u.ac.jp/eng/ http://www.hamamatsu-u.ac.jp/ Aichi Shizuoka Kenivory CoAst DI Code: 9870 DI Code: 0383International University of Grand-Bassam Chuo University Hiroshima Prefect Womens Universityhttp://www.uigb.org/EN/home.html http://www2.chuo-u.ac.jp/global/ http://www.hirojo-u.ac.jp/Grand-Bassam Tokyo HiroshimaDI Code: 0278 DI Code: 0151 DI Code: 7173International University of Grand-Bassam- Chuo University-Science & Engineering Hiroshima UniversityInternational Postgraduate Admissions http://www2.chuo-u.ac.jp/global/location/location/korakuen.html http://www.hiroshima-u.ac.jp/http://www.uigb.org/EN/home.html Tokyo HiroshimaGrand-Bassam DI Code: 0152 DI Code: 7942DI Code: 0492 Columbia University-Teachers College-Japan Hiroshima University Graduate School for International http://www.tc-japan.edu/ Development and Cooperation Tokyo http://www.hiroshima-u.ac.jp/en/idec/ DI Code: 9758 Higashi HiroshimajAmAiCA DI Code: 7318 Council of International Education Exchange-JapanCaribbean Graduate School of Theology http://www.cieej.or.jp/ Hitotsubashi Universityhttp://www.cgstonline.org/ Shibuya-Ku http://www.hit-u.ac.jp/index-e.htmlKingston DI Code: 9331 TokyoDI Code: 9535 DI Code: 0436 Dokkyo UniversityJamaica Theological Seminary http://www.dokkyo.ac.jp/eg/index.htm Hitotsubashi University-Graduate School ofhttp://www.jts.edu.jm/ Saitama Ken International Corporate StrategyKingston DI Code: 0022 http://www.ics.hit-u.ac.jp/DI Code: 0233 Chiyoda-Ku Doshisha International Junior/Senior High School DI Code: 8682University of the West Indies-Kingston http://www.kori.doshisha.ac.jp/index-e.htmlhttp://www.mona.uwi.edu/ Kyotanabe-Shi Hokkaido University-HokkaidoKingston DI Code: 7077 http://www.hokudai.ac.jp/en/index.htmlDI Code: 0880 Hokkaido Doshisha Kori High School DI Code: 0362 Osaka DI Code: 8788 Hokkaido University-Kobe http://www.hokudai.ac.jp/en/index.htmljAPAn Sapporo Doshisha University DI Code: 8744Ace Native Pronunciation Institute http://www.doshisha.ac.jp/english/Tokyo Kyoto Hokkaido University-Kobe-Faculty of EngineeringDI Code: 7497 DI Code: 7078 http://www.eng.hokudai.ac.jp/ Sapporo Doshisha University Graduate School of Business DI Code: 8648Aichi Shukutoku University http://gmba.doshisha.ac.jp/http://www.aasa.ac.jp/english/index.html Kyoto Hokkaido University-School of Business & EconomicsAichi Ken DI Code: 8759 http://www.econ.hokudai.ac.jp/en08/misc.htmlDI Code: 0150 Sapporo Edmonds Community College-Japan Campus DI Code: 3132Aichi University http://www.edcc.edu/http://www.aichi-u.ac.jp/foreign/english/index.html Kobe Hokuriku UniversityNagoya DI Code: 9656 http://www.hokuriku-u.ac.jp/english/admission/dual.htmlDI Code: 0012 Kanazawa City Ehime University DI Code: 7413Akita International University http://www.ehime-u.ac.jp/http://www.aiu.ac.jp/cms/index.php?id=16 Matsuyama Ehime Holy Spirit Women’s Junior CollegeAkita DI Code: 7849 Akita Shi AkitaDI Code: 8524 DI Code: 0399 ENPC School of International Management-MBAAkita University-School of Medicine http://www.enpcmbaparis.com/http://www.med.akita-u.ac.jp/ Tokyo Hosei UniversityAkita DI Code: 7021 http://www.hosei.ac.jp/english/index.htmlDI Code: 8446 Tokyo Faculty of Engineering & Resource Science-Akita University DI Code: 0407Aoyama Gakuin University http://www.eng.akita-u.ac.jp/main/eng/index.htmlhttp://www.aoyama.ac.jp/en/ Akita Industrial Bank of Japan LtdTokyo DI Code: 7519 http://www.ibjbank.co.jp/DI Code: 0794 Tokyo Ferris University DI Code: 9220Asia University http://www.ferris.ac.jp/http://www.asia-u.ac.jp/english/ Kanagawa Institute of National Colleges of Technology-JapanTokyo DI Code: 0351 http://www.kosen-k.go.jp/english/index.htmlDI Code: 0004 Tokyo Foundation for Advanced Study on International Development DI Code: 6675Asian Students Cultural Association http://www.fasid.or.jp/english/http://www.abk.or.jp/e/index.html Chiyoda Ku Tokyo International Christian UniversityTokyo DI Code: 8453 http://www.icu.ac.jp/DI Code: 7963 Tokyo Fukuoka Women’s University DI Code: 0860Baiko Gakuin University http://www.fwu.ac.jp/english/index.phphttp://www.baiko.ac.jp/ Fukuoka City International Christian University-High SchoolShimonoseki DI Code: 7208 http://www.icu.ac.jp/abouticu_e/highschool.htmlDI Code: 5938 Tokyo Fukuyama City University DI Code: 8022Balance Therapy University http://www.fukuyama-u.ac.jp/english/index.htmlTokyo Fukuyama City International School of the Sacred HeartDI Code: 9239 DI Code: 7313 http://www.issh.ac.jp/ Tokyo Gakushuin University DI Code: 8033Bunka Gakuen University http://www.gakushuin.ac.jp/univ/english/index.htmlhttp://bwu.bunka.ac.jp/ Tokyo International University of JapanShibuya-ku DI Code: 0408 http://www.iuj.ac.jp/DI Code: 8918 Niigata Gifu University DI Code: 0712Bunkyo University-Admissions Center http://www.gifu-u.ac.jp/english/index.shtmlhttp://www.bunkyo.ac.jp/ Gifu City J.F. Oberlin UniversityKanagawa DI Code: 7011 http://www.obirin.ac.jp/en/index.htmlDI Code: 8551 Tokyo Graduate School Asia-Pacific Waseda University DI Code: 8710Bunkyo University-International Exchange Center http://www.waseda.jp/gsaps/index_en.htmlhttp://www.bunkyo.ac.jp/ Tokyo Japan Advanced Institute of Science & TechnologyKanagawa DI Code: 2713 http://www.jaist.ac.jp/DI Code: 0094 Ishikawa DI Code: 7185www.ets.org/toefl TOEFL Destinations 23
    • TOEFL DESTINATIONS DIRECTORY Updated January 2012Japan Advanced Institute of Science & Technology- Konan University Muroran Institute of TechnologyDivision of Student Affairs http://www.konan-u.ac.jp/ http://www.muroran-it.ac.jp/http://www.jaist.ac.jp/ Nishinomiya MuroranIshikawa DI Code: 8885 DI Code: 8422DI Code: 0670 Kubota Information Technology Musashi Institute of TechnologyJapan Foundation Osakafu http://www.musashi-tech.ac.jp/index-E.htmlhttp://www.jpf.go.jp/e/index.html DI Code: 3922 TokyoMinato Ku Tokyo DI Code: 8396DI Code: 9293 Kumamoto Gakuen University Musashi UniversityJapan Student Services Organization http://www.kumagaku.ac.jp/ http://www.musashi.ac.jp/http://www.jasso.go.jp/tokyo/index_e.html Kumamoto TokyoTokyo DI Code: 9746 DI Code: 0395DI Code: 1966 Kumamoto University Nagaoka University of TechnologyJapan United States Educational Commission http://www.kumamoto-u.ac.jp/univ-e.html http://www.nagaokaut.ac.jp/e/index.htmlhttp://www.fulbright.jp/eng/index.html Kumamoto NagaokaChiyoka Ku Tokyo DI Code: 0135 DI Code: 1904DI Code: 9478 Kwansei Gakuin University Nagasaki UniversityKagawa University-Faculty of Medicine http://www.kwansei.ac.jp/english/index.jsp http://www.nagasaki-u.ac.jp/http://www.kms.ac.jp/index-e.html Uegahara NagasakiKagawa DI Code: 3818 DI Code: 8883DI Code: 8244 Kyoto Bunkyo Junior College Nagoya City University-UndergraduateKagoshima University http://www.kbu.ac.jp/ http://www.nagoya-cu.ac.jphttp://www.kagoshima-u.ac.jp/contents/english/index.html Kyoto NagoyaKagoshima DI Code: 0156 DI Code: 3459DI Code: 0479 Kyoto International University Nagoya Institute of TechnologyKanagawa University http://www.kyotoiu.org/en/ http://www.nitech.ac.jp/http://www.yokohama-cu.ac.jp/eng/hakkei.html Kyotanabe Kyoto NagoyaYokohama DI Code: 9669 DI Code: 8549DI Code: 7363 Kyoto Notre Dame University Center for International Programs Nagoya UniversityKanazawa University http://www.notredame.ac.jp/int/index.htm http://www.nagoya-u.ac.jp/en/http://www.kanazawa-u.ac.jp/e/ Sakyoku Kyoto NagoyaKanazawa DI Code: 8464 DI Code: 0312DI Code: 8408 Kyoto Sangyo University Center for International Programs Nagoya University International ProgramKanda University of International Studies http://www.kyoto-su.ac.jp/ http://admissions.g30.nagoya-u.ac.jp/en/http://www.kuis.ac.jp/e/index.html Kyoto NagoyaChiba Shi DI Code: 7840 DI Code: 7256DI Code: 4882 Kyoto University Nagoya University-School of EconomicsKansai Gaidai University http://www.kyoto-u.ac.jp/index-e.html http://www.nagoya-u.ac.jp/en/index3.htmlhttp://www.kansaigaidai.ac.jp/ Kyoto City NagoyaHirakata DI Code: 9501 DI Code: 1614DI Code: 9556 Kyushu Institute of Technology Nanzan UniversityKansai Gogen Gakuin http://www.kyutech.ac.jp/english/ http://www.nanzan-u.ac.jp/http://www.kansaigogen.ac.jp/home.html Kitakyushu NagoyaKyoto DI Code: 8000 DI Code: 9477DI Code: 8308 Kyushu University National Collegiate NetworkKansai International High School http://www.kyushu-u.ac.jp/ Kita Ku TokyoOsaka Fukoka Shi DI Code: 0387DI Code: 8790 DI Code: 0411 Kyushu University Graduate School of Health and National Gradute Institute for Policy StudiesKansai University Medical Science http://www.grips.ac.jp/index.htmlhttp://www.kansai-u.ac.jp/English/index-e.htm Fukuoka Minato-Ku TokyoOsako DI Code: 6792 DI Code: 9040DI Code: 9042 Lakeland College-Japan NIC International College in JapanKatoh Lynn College http://www.japan.lakeland.edu/ http://www.nicuc.ac.jp/Shizuoka Shinjuku-Ku Shinjuku KuDI Code: 8213 DI Code: 8962 DI Code: 9630 Meiji Gakuin University Nihon University-College of EconomicsKeio University Tokyo-Professional Career Program http://www.meijigakuin.ac.jp/ http://www.nihon-u.ac.jp/indexs.shtmlhttp://www.keio.ac.jp/ Tokyo Chiyoda Ku TokyoTokyo DI Code: 0437 DI Code: 0586DI Code: 3855 Meiji University Nihon University-International OfficeKeio University-Tokyo http://www.meiji.ac.jp/cip/english/ http://www.nihon-u.ac.jp/indexs.shtmlhttp://www.keio.ac.jp/ Tokyo Chiyoda Ku TokyoTokyo DI Code: 0413 DI Code: 2995DI Code: 0773 Meiji University Graduate School Nomura Securities Company Ltd.Kinjo Gakuin University http://www.meiji.ac.jp/cip/english/graduate/global/index.html http://www.nomuraholdings.com/company/group/nsc/http://www.kinjo-u.ac.jp/eng/index.html Tokyo TokyoNagoya DI Code: 5132 DI Code: 9218DI Code: 9742 Meiji University International Student Center Oita UniversityKobe JoGakuin University http://www.meiji.ac.jp/cip/english/prospective/service.html http://www.oita-u.ac.jp/english/index.htmlhttp://www.kobe-c.ac.jp/ Chiyoda-Ku OitaHyogo DI Code: 7713 DI Code: 8878DI Code: 0038 Meisei University Okayama University of EngineeringKobe University http://www.meisei-u.ac.jp/ http://www.eng.okayama-u.ac.jp/english/index.htmlhttp://www.kobe-u.ac.jp/en/ Hino Okayama KenKobe Hyogo DI Code: 7817 DI Code: 7979DI Code: 0037 Mejiro University Okayama University-Faculty of EconomicsKobe-Gakuin University http://www.mejiro.ac.jp/eng/index.html http://www.okayama-u.ac.jp/http://www.kobegakuin.ac.jp/ Tokyo Japan Okayama KenKobe DI Code: 1651 DI Code: 8415DI Code: 0431 Ministry of Foreign Affairs Okayama University-International Student DivisionKochi University http://www.mofa.go.jp/ http://www.okayama-u.ac.jp/http://www.kochi-u.ac.jp/ Tokyo OkayamaKochi DI Code: 9502 DI Code: 8485DI Code: 8997 Miyazaki International College Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate UniversityKochi Womens University http://www.miyazaki-mic.ac.jp/ www.oist.jphttp://www.kochi-wu.ac.jp/ Miyazaki Kunigami-gunKochi Shi Kochi Ken DI Code: 0477 DI Code: 8794DI Code: 7943 Mobil Sekiyu Kabushiki Kaisha Omiya Law School-Prep OfficeKomazawa University Tokyo http://www.omiyalaw.ac.jp/http://www.komazawa-u.ac.jp/index.php DI Code: 9497 SaitamashisaitamaTokyo DI Code: 7990DI Code: 0409www.ets.org/toefl TOEFL Destinations 24
    • TOEFL DESTINATIONS DIRECTORY Updated January 2012Osaka City University-Faculty of Business Saga University Tokiwa Universityhttp://www.osaka-cu.ac.jp/english/ http://www.saga-u.ac.jp/Link-Folder/main-e.html http://www.tokiwa.ac.jp/Osaka Saga Ibaraki KenDI Code: 8914 DI Code: 8267 DI Code: 8602Osaka Gakuin University Saitama University International Graduate Program on Tokyo Christian Universityhttp://www.osaka-gu.ac.jp/ Civil and Environmental Engineering http://www.tci.ac.jp/english/index.htmlOsaka http://www.civil.saitama-u.ac.jp/fso/fso.html Inzai City ChibaDI Code: 0708 Saitama DI Code: 8472 DI Code: 7314Osaka Japanese Language Education Center Tokyo Institute of Technologyhttp://www.jasso.go.jp/ojlec/index_e.html Seijo University http://www.titech.ac.jp/Osaka http://www.seijo.ac.jp/en/index.html TokyoDI Code: 8592 Setagaya Tokyo DI Code: 0215 DI Code: 8689Osaka Jogakuin High School Tokyo Medical & Dental UniversityOsaka Seikei University http://www.tmd.ac.jp/TMDU-e/DI Code: 8789 http://www.seikei.ac.jp/index-e.html Tokyo Tokyo DI Code: 8195 DI Code: 0414Osaka Jogakuin Junior College Tokyo Metropolitan Universityhttp://www.wilmina.ac.jp/ojc Seisen University http://www.metro-u.ac.jp/index-e.htmlOsaka http://www.seisen-u.ac.jp/english/index.html TokyoDI Code: 8035 Shinagawa Tokyo DI Code: 7169 DI Code: 0313Osaka Prefecture University Tokyo Rika Universityhttp://www.osakafu-u.ac.jp/ Seishin Joshi University http://www.sut.ac.jp/Osaka http://www.sen-sacred-heart.ac.jp/ TokyoDI Code: 7163 Tokyo DI Code: 0438 DI Code: 0314Osaka School of International Public Policy Tokyo University of Sciencehttp://www.osipp.osaka-u.ac.jp/index-e.html Seitoku University http://www.sut.ac.jp/Osaka http://www.seitoku.jp/daigaku/w_eng/index.html TokyoDI Code: 7803 Chiba DI Code: 0412 DI Code: 8507Osaka Toin High School Tokyo Woman’s Christian Universityhttp://www.osakatoin.ed.jp/ Senshu University http://www.twcu.ac.jp/Osaka http://www.senshu-u.ac.jp/Welcome.html TokyoDI Code: 9952 Tokyo DI Code: 9611 DI Code: 0406Osaka University Toyo Eiwa Universityhttp://www.osaka-u.ac.jp/ Shiga University http://www.toyoeiwa.ac.jp/Osaka http://www.shiga-u.ac.jp/main.cgi?c=28: KanagawaDI Code: 8404 Shiga DI Code: 9657 DI Code: 8392Osaka University Graduate School of Engineering Toyo Universityhttp://www.eng.osaka-u.ac.jp/en/index.html Sophia University http://www.toyo.ac.jp/Suita Osaka http://www.sophia.ac.jp/e/e_toppage.nsf TokyoDI Code: 8690 Tokyo DI Code: 9867 DI Code: 0819Osaka University Graduate School of Science Toyohashi University of Technologyhttp://www.sci.osaka-u.ac.jp/index.html Sundai College of Foreign Language http://www.tut.ac.jp/english/Toyonaka http://www.sundaigaigo.ac.jp/ AichiDI Code: 6764 Tokyo DI Code: 9381 DI Code: 5734Osaka University of Economics & Law Toyota Technological Institutehttp://www.keiho-u.ac.jp/ Takushoku University http://www.toyota-ti.ac.jp/english/index-e.htmToyonaka Osaka http://www.takushoku-u.ac.jp/english/index.html AichiDI Code: 0521 Tokyo DI Code: 8276 DI Code: 9400Osaka University-Graduate School of Frontier Bioscience Tsuda Collegehttp://www.fbs.osaka-u.ac.jp/eng/index.html Tama University http://www.tsuda.ac.jp/ja/index.htmlSuita Osaka http://www.tama.ac.jp/english/index.html TokyoDI Code: 7956 Kanagawa DI Code: 0371 DI Code: 5050Osaka University International College Tsuru Universityhttp://www.rcnp.osaka-u.ac.jp/osaka-jp/ Tamagawa University http://www.tsuru.ac.jp/index_eng.htmlToyonaka http://www.tamagawa.dsu.edu/ Tsuru YamanashiDI Code: 7895 Machida Tokyo DI Code: 7860 DI Code: 8182Osaka University-International Student Center United Nations University Graduate School, Tokyohttp://www.isc.osaka-u.ac.jp/english/index.html Temple University-Japan http://www.unu.edu/Suita Osaka http://www.tuj.ac.jp/newsite/main/index.html TokyoDI Code: 7132 Tokyo DI Code: 6991 DI Code: 9698Osaka YMCA International High School University of Aizuhttp://www.osakaymca-jls.org/en/OsakaYMCA_Japanese_Language_School.html Tohoku University http://www.u-aizu.ac.jp/official/index_e.htmlOsaka http://www.tohoku.ac.jp/english/index.html FukushimaDI Code: 8361 Sendai DI Code: 0079 DI Code: 2149Osaka Yuhigaoka Gakuen High School University of Electro-Communicationshttp://www.oyg.ac.jp/index.html Tohoku University- Admission Division http://www.uec.ac.jp/eng/Osaka http://www.tnc.tohoku.ac.jp/index.php Chofu City TokyoDI Code: 9992 Sendai DI Code: 7982 DI Code: 8806Otaru University of Commerce University of Fukuihttp://www.otaru-uc.ac.jp/kokusai/ Tohoku University-Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering http://www.fukui-u.ac.jp/Hokkaido http://www.bme.tohoku.ac.jp/ FukuiDI Code: 9699 Sendai DI Code: 0184 DI Code: 3779Rikkyo University University of Maryland University College Asiahttp://www.rikkyo.ne.jp/%7Ekoho/englishpages.htm Tohoku University-Graduate School of Economics & Management http://www.asia.umuc.edu/japanToshima Ku Tokyo http://www.econ.tohoku.ac.jp/econ/english/index.html TokyoDI Code: 0751 Sendai DI Code: 7703 DI Code: 0232Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University University of Rio Grande-Shinjukuhttp://www.apu.ac.jp/home/ Tohoku University-Graduate School of Science http://www.rio.edu/Oita Ken http://www.tohoku.ac.jp/english/index.html Shinjuku Ku TokyoDI Code: 2791 Miyagi DI Code: 9764 DI Code: 0373Ritsumeikan University University of Rio Grande-Tokyohttp://www.ritsumei.ac.jp/eng/ Tohoku University-School of Engineering http://www.rio.edu/Kyoto http://www.eng.tohoku.ac.jp/ TokyoDI Code: 0659 Sendai DI Code: 9757 DI Code: 8958Ryukoku University-Faculty of Intercultural Communication University of Shiga Prefecturehttp://www.ryukoku.ac.jp/english/kokusai/index.html Tokai University-International Affairs Section http://www.usp.ac.jp/Otsu http://www.pr.tokai.ac.jp/koku/english/e_nai1.html ShigaDI Code: 8893 Kangawa DI Code: 9033 DI Code: 9565Ryukoku University-International Center Office University of Shizuoka Junior Collegehttp://www.ryukoku.ac.jp/english/kokusai/index.html Tokai University-School of Medicine http://www.u-shizuoka-ken.ac.jp/Fushima Ku Kyoto http://www.u-tokai.ac.jp/english/gs/igaku/index.html Shizuoka CityDI Code: 8488 Isehara Kanagawa DI Code: 7765 DI Code: 1786www.ets.org/toefl TOEFL Destinations 25
    • TOEFL DESTINATIONS DIRECTORY Updated January 2012University of the Ryukyus Waseda Universityhttp://www.ie.u-ryukyu.ac.jp/ http://www.waseda.jp/top/index-j.html KazaKhstanNishihara Tokyo Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics, & Strategic ResearchDI Code: 8884 DI Code: 9342 http://www.kimep.kz/University of the Ryukyus-Graduate School of Waseda University-Faculty of Science & Engineering AlmatyEngineering & Science http://www.sci.waseda.ac.jp/english/index.html DI Code: 0219http://www.ie.u-ryukyu.ac.jp/ Tokyo Nazarbayev UniversityNishihara DI Code: 2874 http://www.h-net.org/announce/show.cgi?ID=174384DI Code: 8872 Astana Waseda University-School of International Liberal StudiesUniversity of the Sacred Heart http://www.waseda.jp/sils/en/index.html DI Code: 6762http://www.u-sacred-heart.ac.jp/english/ Tokyo Soros Resource Center-KazakhstanTokyo DI Code: 8547 AlmatyDI Code: 2865 DI Code: 9968 Waseda University-Waseda Business SchoolUniversity of Tokushima http://www.waseda.jp/wbshttp://www.tokushima-u.ac.jp/ TokyoTokushima DI Code: 2463DI Code: 0340 Yamagata University Faculty of AgricultureUniversity of Tokyo http://www.yamagata-u.ac.jp/ Kenyahttp://www.u-tokyo.ac.jp/index_e.html Yamagata Cambridge to AfricaBunkyo-Ku Tokyo DI Code: 0596 http://www.cambridgetoafrica.org/DI Code: 9259 Nairobi Yamagata University Faculty of ScienceUniversity of Tokyo Graduate School of Frontier Science http://www.yamagata-u.ac.jp/index.html DI Code: 7578http://www.k.u-tokyo.ac.jp/index.html.en Yamagata City Catholic University of Eastern AfricaTokyo DI Code: 8786 http://www.cuea.edu/DI Code: 7945 Nairobi Yamagata University Faculty of EngineeringUniversity of Tokyo School of Arts http://www.yamagata-u.ac.jp/ DI Code: 0024Tokyo Yamagata Data to InformationDI Code: 6184 DI Code: 0593 Eldoret Yokohama City University DI Code: 1381University of Tokyo-Department of Engineering http://www.yokohama-cu.ac.jp/index-e.htmlhttp://www.ee.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp/ Yokohama Foreign Education Consultancy Ltd.Tokyo DI Code: 0416 NairobiDI Code: 8596 DI Code: 0112 Yokohama National UniversityUniversity of Tokyo-Department of Physics-Faculty of Science http://www.ynu.ac.jp/index_en.htmlhttp://www.u-tokyo.ac.jp/index/departments/c1_24_e.html Yokohama Graffins CollegeBunkyo-Ku Tokyo DI Code: 0410 http://www.graffinscollege.com/DI Code: 8863 NairobiUniversity of Tokyo-Faculty of Medicine DI Code: 0791http://www.m.u-tokyo.ac.jp/english/ International School of KenyaTokyo Jordan http://www.isk.ac.ke/DI Code: 8426 Nairobi Abdul Hamid Sharaf SchoolUniversity of Tokyo-Graduate School of http://www.ahss.edu.jo/ DI Code: 8030Agricultural & Life Sciences Amman United States International University-Africahttp://www.a.u-tokyo.ac.jp/english/index.html DI Code: 0039 http://www.usiu.ac.ke/Tokyo NairobiDI Code: 1113 AMIDEAST-Jordan http://www.amideast.org/offices/jordan/default.htm DI Code: 0264University of Tokyo-Graduate School of Economics Amman University of Nairobihttp://www.u-tokyo.ac.jp/index/departments/c1_7_e.html DI Code: 9180 http://www.uonbi.ac.ke/Bunkyo Tokyo NairobiDI Code: 7101 Arc Academy http://www.arc-ac.com/ DI Code: 0966University of Tokyo-Graduate School of Frontier Sciences Ammanhttp://www.k.u-tokyo.ac.jp/ DI Code: 4171Kashiwa City ChibaDI Code: 8001 Binational Fulbright Commission in Jordan http://www.fulbright-jordan.org Korea (roK)University of Tokyo-Graduate School of Interfaculty Amman Academy of Korean StudiesInitiative in Information Studies DI Code: 8293 http://www.aks.ac.krhttp://www.iii.u-tokyo.ac.jp/english/ Seongnam-SiBunkyo-Ku Tokyo Future Gate Academy Amman DI Code: 2067DI Code: 0440 DI Code: 6845 Ajou UniversityUniversity of Tokyo-Graduate School of Public Policy http://wwwold.ajou.ac.kr/~internat/http://www.pp.u-tokyo.ac.jp/en/index.htm SuwonBunkyo Ku Tokyo Integrated Horizons Training Irbid DI Code: 7123DI Code: 8554 DI Code: 7342 Andong National UniversityUniversity of Tokyo-Graduate School of Science- http://www.andong.ac.kr/Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences Andonghttp://www.u-tokyo.ac.jp/index_e.html Jordan Airmotive http://www.jordanairmotive.com/ DI Code: 0349TokyoDI Code: 2059 Amman Ansan City Development DI Code: 1023 http://www.asudi.co.krUniversity of Tokyo-Institute of Medical Science Ansanhttp://www.ims.u-tokyo.ac.jp/imswww/index-e.html Nevada Academy Amman DI Code: 8758Bunkyo-KuDI Code: 8960 DI Code: 1075 Busan Metropolitan City Office of Education http://pen.go.kr/M_Eng/index.phpUniversity of Tokyo-IS&T Busanhttp://www.u-tokyo.ac.jp/index/departments/c1_13_e.html The New Orthodox School Madaba DI Code: 4426TokyoDI Code: 8445 DI Code: 9010 Catholic University of Daegu http://www.cataegu.ac.kr/english/main/main.htmUniversity of Tokyo-Peak Undergraduate Global 30 GyeongbukAdmissions Programs The American ESL Center http://www.aeslc.com/ DI Code: 7280Meguro-kuDI Code: 7889 Aljubeiha-Amman Central Election Management Commission DI Code: 1869 SeoulUniversity of Tokyo-School of Science DI Code: 9918http://www.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp/index-en.html The Modern American SchoolTokyo http://www.modernamericanschool.com/DI Code: 8002 Amman Changwon National University DI Code: 8134 http://www.changwon.ac.kr/University of Tsukuba Kyungnamhttp://www.tsukuba.ac.jp/english/index.html United States Embassy Jordan jordan.usembassy.gov DI Code: 7119IbarakiDI Code: 0439 Amman Cheongju University DI Code: 9426 http://www.cju.ac.kr/cju_eng/index.htmlUniversity of Tsukuba-Graduate School of Political Economics Cheongjuhttp://shakai.tsukuba.ac.jp/en/index.html University of Jordan-Language Institute http://ujlc.ju.edu.jo/ DI Code: 5424Tsukuba IbarakiDI Code: 9995 Amman DI Code: 0249Utsunomiya Universityhttp://www.utsunomiya-u.ac.jp/en/index.htmlTochigiDI Code: 7976www.ets.org/toefl TOEFL Destinations 26
    • TOEFL DESTINATIONS DIRECTORY Updated January 2012Chonbuk National University Halla Business Group Korea Maritime & Port Administrationhttp://en.chonbuk.ac.kr/ Seoul SeoulJeonju Jeonbuk DI Code: 0072 DI Code: 9722DI Code: 8706Chonnan National University Handong Global University Korea Stock Exchangehttp://www.chonnam.ac.kr/en/ http://www.handong.edu/ http://sm.krx.co.kr/Gwangju Kyeongbuk SeoulDI Code: 1500 DI Code: 7141 DI Code: 9945Chosun University Hankuk University of Foreign Studies Korea Universityhttp://www.chosun.ac.kr/ http://www.hufs.ac.kr/eng/index.jsp http://www.korea.ac.kr/~eng/Gwangju Seoul SeoulDI Code: 7908 DI Code: 8187 DI Code: 8228Chung-Ang University Hanyang University Korea University School of Lawhttp://neweng.cau.ac.kr/ http://www.hanyang.ac.kr/english/ SeoulSeoul Seoul DI Code: 7287DI Code: 0577 DI Code: 7106Chung-Ang University Hanyang Universtiy ERICA Campus Korea University-Sejonghttp://neweng.cau.ac.kr/ http://www.hanyang.ac.kr http://sejong.korea.edu/Seoul Ansan Yeongi GunDI Code: 5801 DI Code: 7339 DI Code: 3879Chung-Ang University International Center Hong-Ik University Korean Intellectual Property Officehttp://neweng.cau.ac.kr/04_international/center01.php http://www.hongik.ac.kr/enghome.htm http://www.kipo.go.kr/kpo/user.tdf?a=user.eng.main.BoardAppSeoul Mapogu Seoul DaejeonDI Code: 3333 DI Code: 7186 DI Code: 8577Chungnam National University Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance Company Korean Minjok Leadership Academyhttp://www.cnu.ac.kr/ http://www.hi.co.kr/ http://www.minjok.hs.kr/Daejeon Jongro Gu Seoul HoengseongDI Code: 2982 DI Code: 9594 DI Code: 8868Citizen’s National Bank Inchon Municipal Office of Education Korean National University of the ArtsKoyang-Kun Kyunggi-Do Inchon http://www.knua.ac.kr/DI Code: 9679 DI Code: 0306 Seongbuk Gu Seoul DI Code: 8471Civil Service Commission Information Communications UN Korean Ocean Research & DelvinSeoul Daejon AnsanDI Code: 8473 DI Code: 4558 DI Code: 1538Civilian Personnel Operations Center-Korea Region Inha University Korean-American Education Commissionhttp://cpoc-usfk-job.com http://www.inha.ac.kr/english/ http://www.fulbright.or.kr/english/pages/hhu-profile.htmlDaegu Incheon SeoulDI Code: 1954 DI Code: 8241 DI Code: 9350Dae Woo IT College International Education Centre-Chungbuk National University Kumho Company IncSeoul http://www.chungbuk.ac.kr/eng/u7/f1/u7f1s5.jsp Chung Gu SeoulDI Code: 8994 Cheongju DI Code: 9675 DI Code: 6631Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science & Technology International Understanding Education Center Kwandong Universityhttp://faculty.dgist.ac.kr/eng/main/main.php Inchon http://eng.kwandong.ac.kr/Daegu DI Code: 8999 GangneungDI Code: 7470 DI Code: 0961Daeil Foreign Language High School Jeju National University Kwandong Universityhttp://www.daeil.or.kr/ http://www.jejunu.ac.kr/ http://eng.kwandong.ac.kr/Seoul Jeju GangneungDI Code: 8394 DI Code: 4241 DI Code: 1272Daewon Foreign Language High School Kangnam University Kyung Hee Universityhttp://daewon.seoul.kr/ http://www.kangnam.ac.kr/eng/ http://www.kyunghee.edu/Seoul Gyeonggi Do SeoulDI Code: 7223 DI Code: 7165 DI Code: 7009Dankook University Kangwon National University Kyungpook National Universityhttp://www.dankook.ac.kr/html/english/index.html http://www.kangwon.ac.kr/english/main/main.php http://www.kyungpook.ac.kr/22_eng/index.htmlYongin-Si Chuncheon DaeguDI Code: 7118 DI Code: 7414 DI Code: 8230Dong-A University Keimyung University Lee & Ko Law Firmhttp://english.donga.ac.kr/ http://www.kmu.ac.kr/e_kmu/ http://leeko.com/Busan Daegu SeoulDI Code: 3853 DI Code: 8880 DI Code: 3086Dongguk University Konkuk University Ministry of Information & Communicationhttp://www.dongguk.edu/ http://www.konkuk.ac.kr:81/eng/ http://www.mic.go.kr/Seoul Seoul SeoulDI Code: 9006 DI Code: 1683 DI Code: 9986EG School Konkuk University-Admissions/Office of Academic Affairs Myongji University International Educationhttp://www.egschool.com/ http://www.konkuk.ac.kr:81/eng/index.php http://www.mju.ac.krSeoul Seoul SeoulDI Code: 5031 DI Code: 7115 DI Code: 5307Ewha Girls Foreign Language High School Kookmin University Myongji Universityhttp://www.ewha-gfh.hs.kr/egc/introduce.asp http://english.kookmin.ac.kr/ http://www.mju.ac.krSeoul Seoul SeoulDI Code: 7192 DI Code: 2108 DI Code: 7992Ewha Woman’s University Korea Advanced Institute of Science-Academic Affairs Myongji Universityhttp://www.ewha.ac.kr/ http://www.kaist.ac.kr/ http://www.mju.ac.krSeoul Daejon SeoulDI Code: 8229 DI Code: 0195 DI Code: 8448Fellowship Award Program-Overseas Korea Airports Authority National Assembly SecretariatSeoul http://kac.airport.co.kr/eng/info/executive.jsp http://korea.na.go.kr/index.jspDI Code: 9327 Cheju City Seuol DI Code: 9584 DI Code: 9697Geumgang University Korea Industrial Safety Corporation Ochanomizu Universityhttp://www.geumgang.ac.kr/english/about/massage.html Seoul http://www.ocha.ac.jp/index-e.htmlChungnam DI Code: 0110 TokyoDI Code: 8681 DI Code: 7224Gwangju Institute of Science & Technology Korea Land Development Corporation Pohang University of Science & Technologyhttp://www.gist.ac.kr/eng/ Seoul http://www.postech.ac.kr/new/e/index.phpGwangju DI Code: 0420 PohangDI Code: 0144 DI Code: 0329www.ets.org/toefl TOEFL Destinations 27
    • TOEFL DESTINATIONS DIRECTORY Updated January 2012Presbyterian College & Theological Seminary Sungkyunkwan University-Graduate School of Business Box Hill College Kuwaithttp://www.pcts.ac.kr/English/ http://eng.skku.edu/ http://www.bhck.edu.kw/Seoul Seoul KuwaitDI Code: 0986 DI Code: 8713 DI Code: 3927Public Affairs Officer Sungshin Women’s University Gulf University for Science and TechnologyApo http://www.sungshin.ac.kr http://www.gust.edu.kw/DI Code: 9411 Seoul Huwally DI Code: 7952 DI Code: 3336Pusan National University Supreme Court of Korea Kuwait English Schoolhttp://www.pusan.ac.kr/ENG_PNU/1_main/main.asp http://www.scourt.go.kr/scourt_en/index.html http://www.kes.edu.kwPusan Seoul KuwaitDI Code: 8242 DI Code: 0489 DI Code: 3543Sahmyook University Taegu Education Office Kuwait Universityeng.syu.ac.kr/sub5.html Taegu http://www.kuniv.edu.kw/Seoul DI Code: 0429 SafatDI Code: 7352 DI Code: 0768Samsung Group Three Monkeys Thawabt Consultancy and Traininghttp://www.samsung.com/us/aboutsamsung/corporateprofile/index.html Seoul HawalliSeoul DI Code: 6748 DI Code: 7705DI Code: 0417Samsung Scholarship Transnational Law & Business University University American Schoolhttp://www.ssscholarship.com/ http://www.tlbu.ac.kr/ http://www.uas.edu.kw/Seoul Seoul KhaldiyaDI Code: 1632 DI Code: 8465 DI Code: 8155Securities Supervisory Board Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technologyhttp://english.fss.or.kr/fsseng/index.jsp http://www.unist.ac.krSeoul Ulsan Metropolitan CityDI Code: 9659 DI Code: 8807 KyrgyzstanSejong University University of Maryland-University College-Asia Division- American University-Central Asiahttp://www.sejong.ac.kr/ Yougsan Education Center http://www.auca.kg/Seoul http://www.asia.umuc.edu/ BishkekDI Code: 8262 Seoul DI Code: 0419 DI Code: 9790Seokyeong University International Ataturk Alatoo Universityhttp://www.skuniv.ac.kr/english/index.htm University of Seoul http://www.iaau.edu.kg/Seoul http://english.uos.ac.kr/ BishkekDI Code: 2057 Seoul DI Code: 0248 DI Code: 6561Seoul Board of Education Soros Foundation–KyrgyzstanSeoul University of Suwon http://www.soros.org/about/foundations/kyrgyzstanDI Code: 9957 http://en.suwon.ac.kr/ Bishkek Hwasung Kyonggi Do DI Code: 9969 DI Code: 8397Seoul Foreign Schoolhttp://www.sfs.or.kr/ Wonkwang UniversitySeoul http://www.wonkwang.ac.kr/english/DI Code: 8065 Iksan Jeonbuk Latvia DI Code: 7134Seoul Metropolitan Government Riga Business Schoolhttp://www.seoul.go.kr/ Yeungnam University http://www.rbs.lv/web.nsfChung Ku Seoul http://www.yu.ac.kr/_english/ RigaDI Code: 9676 Gyeongsan DI Code: 7227 DI Code: 0350Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education Riga Technical Universityhttp://www.sen.go.kr/HTML/eng/4_1.html Yonsei University http://www.rtu.lv/Chongo Gu Seoul http://www.yonsei.ac.kr/eng/ RigaDI Code: 9864 Seoul DI Code: 8498 DI Code: 9893Seoul National University Science/Techwww.4icu.org Yukong LimitedSeoul SeoulDI Code: 7349 DI Code: 9696 LaosSeoul National University United States Embassy Laoshttp://www.useoul.edu/ Yukong Line Limited laos.usembassy.govSeoul Seoul VientianeDI Code: 1581 DI Code: 9703 DI Code: 9436Seoul National Universityhttp://www.useoul.edu/Kwanak Gu SeoulDI Code: 7972 Lebanon KosovoSeoul Theological Seminary Al-Manar University of TripoliBucheon City American University-Kosovo http://www.almanar-university.com/DI Code: 9171 http://www.aukonline.org/ Tripoli Prishtina DI Code: 8413 DI Code: 8505Seoul Women’s University American Embassy Beiruthttp://www.swu.ac.kr/english/ Britannica-ELT School http://lebanon.usembassy.gov/Seoul http://britannica-elt.com/ BeirutDI Code: 8879 Prishtina DI Code: 9252 DI Code: 0630Sogang University American University of Technologyhttp://www.sogang.ac.kr/english/ http://www.aut.edu/Seoul JbeilDI Code: 1778 DI Code: 7985 KuwaitSolBridge, Woosong University American University-Beirut-College of Science & Technologyhttp://solbridge.wsu.ac.kr Al-Bayan Bilingual School http://www.aust.edu.lb/Daejeon http://www.bbs.edu.kw/ BeirutDI Code: 5980 Safat DI Code: 8593 DI Code: 8148Sookmyung Women’s University AMIDEAST-Lebanonhttp://e.sookmyung.ac.kr/ American Creativity Academy http://www.amideast.org/offices/lebanon/default.htmSeoul http://www.aca.edu.kw/aca/portal/pages/menu0.php BeirutDI Code: 7133 Kuwait City DI Code: 9200 DI Code: 7362Soon Chun Hyang University Hospital Arab Educational Institutehttp://www.schuh.ac.kr American University of the Middle East http://www.aeicenter.org/Chungcheongam-Do http://www.aum.edu.kw/ BeirutDI Code: 8881 Dasman DI Code: 6973 DI Code: 3906Sungkyunkwan University Haigazian Universityhttp://www.skku.edu/ American University-Kuwait http://www.haigazian.edu.lb/Suwon http://www.auk.edu.kw/ BeirutDI Code: 5972 Safat DI Code: 4278 DI Code: 8444www.ets.org/toefl TOEFL Destinations 28
    • TOEFL DESTINATIONS DIRECTORY Updated January 2012Hariri Canadian University (HCU) Kolej Poly-Tech MARA American School of Puerto Vallartahttp://www.hariricanadianuniversity.net/ http://www.kptm.edu.my/ http://aspv.edu.mx/Chouf Kuala Lumpur Puerto VallartaDI Code: 4438 DI Code: 0149 DI Code: 7270International College-Lebanon Mahkota College Central de Idiomas/Cultura, AChttp://www.ic.edu.lb/ Kuala Lumpur QueretaroBeirut DI Code: 9590 DI Code: 4443DI Code: 9453Notre Dame University-Lebanon Malaysian-American Commission on Educational Exchange Cetys Universidad-Campus Mexicalihttp://www.ndu.edu.lb/ http://www.macee.org.my/ http://www.cetys.mx/Zouk Mikayel Kuala Lumpur MexicaliDI Code: 7696 DI Code: 9376 DI Code: 0010University of Balamand MARA Headquarters Colegio Americano de Torreonhttp://www.balamand.edu.lb/english/index.asp http://www.mara.gov.my http://www.cat.mx/Tripoli Kuala Lumpur TorreonDI Code: 2960 DI Code: 9135 DI Code: 0621 Mont Kiara International School Colegio de Postgraduados http://www.mkis.edu.my/ http://www.colpos.mx/ Kuala Lumpur TexcocoLibya DI Code: 0446 DI Code: 0301Jinan University New Zealand High Commission Colegio de Postgraduadoshttp://www.jinan.edu.lb/ http://www.nzembassy.com/ http://www.colpos.mx/Tripoli Kuala Lumpur Monticello EdoDI Code: 4650 DI Code: 9371 DI Code: 7999 RIMA College Malaysia-American University Degree Program Colegio Mexicano http://www.rima.edu.my http://www.colegiomexicanoreynosa.edu.mx/ Selangor ReynosaLithuania DI Code: 0005 DI Code: 4127ISM University of Management & Economics Taylor’s College Colegio Once Méxicohttp://www.ism.lt/graduateschool http://www.taylors.edu.my/ http://www.colegiooncemexico.com/Vilnius Selangor Darul Ehsan ZapopanDI Code: 3862 DI Code: 8142 DI Code: 4141LLC International University Universiti Putra Malaysia Colegio Vista Hermosahttp://www.lcc.lt/ http://www.upm.edu.my/ http://www.cvh.edu.mx/Klaipeda Upm Serdang Mexico CityDI Code: 7462 DI Code: 0478 DI Code: 3817Vilnius University Universiti Sains Malaysia Compuschool Cntro Capacitacionhttp://www.vu.lt/en/ http://www.usm.my/bm/ MisantlaVilnius Penang DI Code: 7289DI Code: 8876 DI Code: 8900 Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Connectivity http://www.utm.my/ http://www.connectivitymexico.com/ Utm Skudai PueblaLuxembourg DI Code: 0539 DI Code: 0625American International School-Luxembourg Universiti Teknologi MARA Melaka Duxx Graduate School of Business Leadershiphttp://www.islux.lu/ http://www.uitm.edu.my http://www.duxx.mx/Luxembourg Selangor Java Garza GarciaDI Code: 9650 DI Code: 9242 DI Code: 9910International Master in Social Policy Analysis by Universiti Tenaga Nasional EDUCOMLuxembourg, Leuven & Associate Institutes-CEPS/INSTEAD http://www.uniten.edu.my San Luis Potosihttp://www.kuleuven.be/studiewegwijs/manamas/manamas/impalla.htm Kajang DI Code: 3904Differdange DI Code: 0533DI Code: 8965 Universiti Utara Malaysia El Colegio de MexicoMiami University-Luxembourg http://www.uum.edu.my/ http://www.colmex.mx/http://www.units.muohio.edu/luxembourg/index.php Sintok Pedregal de Santa TeresaDifferdange DI Code: 0536 DI Code: 9157DI Code: 9159 University of Nottingham-Malaysia Campus Escuela Bancaria y Comercial http://www.nottingham.edu.my http://www.ebc.mx/ Selangor Darul Ehsan Colonia Juarez DI Code: 0102 DI Code: 8555macedonia Westminster International College Escuela Moderna Americana SCEAC Skopje http://www.westminster.edu.my/ Mexico CitySkopje Subang Jaya DI Code: 8130DI Code: 3018 DI Code: 0375 Excelencia en Educacion Global S de R.L. de C.V. Guadalajara DI Code: 8331 maLimadagascar Institut des Hautes Etudes en Management Fast Fluency SCEnglish Teaching Program http://www.ihem.org/ Del. CoyacanAntananarivo Bamako DI Code: 8734DI Code: 2026 DI Code: 0789 Fastlearn English School AC Tijuana DI Code: 7565 maLtamaLaysia EC Malta Fiderh-Banco de MexicoAustralian High Commission Malaysia St Julians http://www.fiderh.org.mx/http://www.australia.org.my/ DI Code: 7552 CuauhtemocKuala Lumpur DI Code: 6948DI Code: 9167 University of Malta Grant LanguagesInstitute Keju Teknl Tenaga Nasionl http://www.um.edu.mt/ http://www.grant.com.mx/pagina.htmlDarul Ehsan Malta Mexico DfDI Code: 9330 DI Code: 7149 DI Code: 7471 Informatics InstituteInternational Islamic University-Malaysia http://www.informatics.com.mx/informaticsinstitute.htmlhttp://www.iiu.edu.my/ GuadalajaraKuala Lumpur mexico DI Code: 8991DI Code: 0396 American School Foundation of Chiapas Instituto Tecnologico y de Studios Superiores de OccidenteInternational School of Kuala Lumpur http://americanschool.edu.mx/ http://www.iteso.mxhttp://www1.iskl.edu.my/index_content.php Tuxtla Gutierrez TlaquepaqueKuala Lumpur DI Code: 7556 DI Code: 8383DI Code: 9743www.ets.org/toefl TOEFL Destinations 29
    • TOEFL DESTINATIONS DIRECTORY Updated January 2012Institute de Estudios Universidad Autonoma de Ciudad Juarez Universidad TamaulipecaAltamira www.uacj.mx http://www.universidadtamaulipeca.edu.mx/DI Code: 8946 Juarez Reynosa DI Code: 7415 DI Code: 7012Institute of International Education-Guadalajara Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara Xook The Language Center A.C.http://www.institutocultural.com.mx/ http://www.uag.mx/ CholulaGuadalajara Guadalajara Jalisco DI Code: 7776DI Code: 9718 DI Code: 0950Instituto Cultural Mexicano-Norteamericano Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leonhttp://www.usembassy-mexico.gov/bbf/imnrcjal.htm http://www.uanl.mx/Guadalajara Jalisco San Nicolas De LosDI Code: 9238 DI Code: 0334 moLdovaInstituto de Estudios Superiores Detamaulipas Universidad Autonoma de San Luis Potosi Academia de Studii Economice a Moldoveihttp://www.iest.edu.mx/ http://www.uaslp.mx/ http://www.ase.md/Lazaro Cardenas San Luis ChisinauDI Code: 5579 DI Code: 0026 DI Code: 3908Instituto Panamericano de Alta Dirección de Empresa-IPADE Universidad Autónoma de Sinaloa Centro de Idiomas-Guasave Foundation for Advancementhttp://www.ipade.mx http://www.uasnet.mx/web/ ChisinauMexico City Guasave DI Code: 0262DI Code: 0622 DI Code: 4452Instituto Tecnologico Superior de Ciudad Acuna Universidad Autonoma del Noteste Moldova Educational Programs CTDhttp://www.tecnologicodeacuna.edu.mx/ http://www.uane.edu.mx/ ChisinauCiudad Acuna Tampico DI Code: 1037DI Code: 7279 DI Code: 0021Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey Universidad Contemporaneahttp://www.mty.itesm.mx/rectoria/pi/internationalstudents/ http://www.contemporanea.edu.mx/Monterrey, Nuevo León QueretaroDI Code: 0843 DI Code: 0007 monacoITESM Campus Monterrey Universidad Continente Americano International University of Monacohttp://pi.mty.itesm.mx/ http://www.uca.edu.mx/ http://www.monaco.edu/Monterrey Celaya Monte CarloDI Code: 3410 DI Code: 3136 DI Code: 9074ITESM-Campus Leon Universidad de GuadalajaraLeon http://www.udg.mx/DI Code: 6808 Guadalajara DI Code: 0352 mongoLiaLinguatec Language Center Universidad de Guanajuato Jet School of EnglishCuernavaca http://www.ugto.mx/ UlaanbaatarDI Code: 7240 Guanajuato DI Code: 6921 DI Code: 8983LVGC-Health Professions Division Universidad de la Salle Bajio National University of Mongoliahttp://www.nurse-bridge.com/en/about.html http://bajio.delasalle.edu.mx/web3/contenidos/index.html http://www.num.edu.mn/Default.aspx?alias=www.num.edu.mn/engNaucalpan Guana Juato UlaanbaatarDI Code: 6539 DI Code: 0448 DI Code: 5468Nurses Now International Universidad de Las Americas-Puebla Study Surgaltyn Tovhttp://www.nni.com.mx/ http://www.udlap.mx/ UlaanbaatarMonterrey Puebla Puebla DI Code: 0639DI Code: 4482 DI Code: 0938Instituto Mexicano Norteamericano de Relaciones Culturales Universidad de Leon USIS-American Embassyhttp://www.relacionesculturales.com http://www.unileon.es/ http://mongolia.usembassy.gov/service.htmlMonterrey Leon Guanajuato Cp UlaanbaalarDI Code: 8829 DI Code: 8603 DI Code: 8121SE / Coordinacion de Idiomas Universidad de Monterreyhttp://sebidiomas.uienl.edu.mx:8055/PORTAL http://www.udem.edu.mx/Monterrey MonterreyDI Code: 8830 DI Code: 9852 moroccoTecno de Monterrey Cuernavaca Universidad del Valle de Mexico Al Akhawayn University-IfraneXochitepec http://www.hermosillo.uvmnet.edu/ http://www.aui.ma/DI Code: 4132 Hermosillo Ufrane DI Code: 4288 DI Code: 0125Tecnológico de Monterrey Universidad del Valle de México-Mérida American Language Centerhttp://www.itesm.mx/ http://www.merida.uvmnet.edu/ http://marrakesh.aca.org.ma/Colima Mérida RabatDI Code: 0002 DI Code: 4667 DI Code: 9670Tecnologico de Monterrey Guadalajara Universidad del Valle de Mexico-Mexicali AMIDEAST-Rabathttp://www.itesm.edu/ http://www.mexicali.uvmnet.edu/ http://www.amideast.org/moroccoZapopan Mexicali RabatDI Code: 6181 DI Code: 4890 DI Code: 9521Tecnológico de Monterrey-Campus Ciudad Juarez Universidad del Valle de México-San Luis Potosi Business and Professional English Centerhttp://www.itesm.mx/ http://www.sanluispotosi.uvmnet.edu/ http://www.bpec-english.com/Ciudad Juarez San Luis Potosi CasablancaDI Code: 0182 DI Code: 4668 DI Code: 1866Tecnológico de Monterrey-Campus Cuernavaca Universidad Iberoamerica, Pueblahttp://www.cva.itesm.mx http://www.universidadtamaulipeca.edu.mx/Cuernavaca PuebloDI Code: 0602 DI Code: 7433 mozambiqueTecnológico de Monterrey-Campus Sonora Norte Universidad Marista de San Luis Potosi US Embassy, Mozambiquehttp://cmpublish.itesm.mx/ www.umaslp.maristas.edu.mx http://maputo.usembassy.gov/Hermosillo San Luis Potosi MaputoDI Code: 0251 DI Code: 7354 DI Code: 1327Tecnologico Iberoamericano Universidad Mexico Internacionalhttp://tec.ibero.schools.officelive.com/default.aspx http://www.umi.edu.mx/Mexico City Mexico CityDI Code: 4449 DI Code: 0733 nepaLUniversidad Anahuac Universidad Panamericana Advance Educational Consultancyhttp://www.anahuac.mx/ http://www.up.edu.mx/ KathmanduMexico City Benito Juarez C.P. DI Code: 1136DI Code: 0746 DI Code: 8996Universidad Auto de Durango Culiancan Universidad Regional del Sureste Commission for Educational Exchange U.S.-Nepalhttp://miuniversidadculiacan.com/ http://www.urse.edu.mx/ http://www.fulbrightnepal.org.np/Culiancan Oazaca KathmanduDI Code: 0668 DI Code: 0146 DI Code: 9061www.ets.org/toefl TOEFL Destinations 30
    • TOEFL DESTINATIONS DIRECTORY Updated January 2012Himalayan White House International College Fontys University of Applied Sciences Netherlands Institute of Tourism & Transportationhttp://www.whitehouse.edu.np http://www.fontys.edu BredaKathmandu Eindhoven DI Code: 9035DI Code: 1260 DI Code: 0551Kritika Education & Health Foundation Fulbright Center Netherlands Maritime UniversityBiratnagar http://www.fulbright.nl/?menutree=151 http://www.stc-nmu.eu/DI Code: 0522 Amsterdam Rotteram DI Code: 7018 DI Code: 3617Public Affairs Officer Haagse Hogeschool University New College-NottinghamKathmandu http://www.hhs.nl/ http://www.ncn.ac.uk/DI Code: 9437 The Hague Nottingham DI Code: 7042 DI Code: 0028Tara International Education Pvt. Ltd HAN University of Applied Sciences NUFFIChttp://www.taraedu.com/companyprofile.php www.han.nl http://www.nuffic.nl/Kathmandu Arnhem The HagueDI Code: 0690 DI Code: 7832 DI Code: 6603University Language & Computer Institute Hanze University Groningen Nyenrode Business UniversityKathmandu http://www.hanze.nl/home/International http://www.nyenrode.nl/DI Code: 1499 Groningen Breukelen DI Code: 2165 DI Code: 9202 HAS Den Bosch QANTM College Amsterdam http://www.hasdenbosch.nl/en/ http://www.qantm.nl/ Den Bosch AmsterdamnetherLands DI Code: 4451 DI Code: 2140Amsterdam School of the Arts, Amsterdamse Hogeschool Hogeschool Rotterdam-Rotterdam Business School Radboud Universiteitvoor de Kunsten http://www.rotterdambusinessschool.nl/ http://www.ru.nl/home/nieuws/http://www.ahk.nl/ Rotterdam NijmegenAmsterdam DI Code: 7140 DI Code: 3387DI Code: 7710 Hogeschool School Roosevelt AcademyAmsterdam University College Vlissingen http://www.roac.nl/http://www.auc.nl DI Code: 6722 MiddleburgAmsterdam DI Code: 8535DI Code: 5209 Hogeschool Utrecht Rotterdam School of ManagementAvans University of Applied Sciences http://www.international.hu.nl http://www.rsm.nl/portal/page/portal/RSM2http://www.avans.eu Utrecht RotterdamBreda DI Code: 9942 DI Code: 0798DI Code: 8381 Hogeschool Van Amsterdam Saxion University of Applied SciencesAzusa Theological Seminary http://www.international.hva.nl/ http://www.saxion.eduhttp://azusaseminary.eu/ Amsterdam DeventerAmsterdam DI Code: 7623 DI Code: 7533DI Code: 5940 Hogeschool Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences Stichting Tyndale Theological SeminaryBerlage Institute-Postgraduate Laboratory of Architecture http://www.wittenborg.eu/ http://www.tyndale-europe.edu/http://www.berlage-institute.nl/ Apeldoorn BadhoevedorpRotterdam DI Code: 4889 DI Code: 1441DI Code: 7958 Hotelschool Hague Technische Universiteit EindhovenBusiness School Netherlands http://www.hotelschool.nl/ http://w3.tue.nl/en/http://www.bsn.eu/english The Hague EindhovenBuren DI Code: 0085 DI Code: 8615DI Code: 7876 Inholland Unversity TiasNimbas Business SchoolCentre Study African Diaspora http://www.inholland.nl/inhollandcom/ http://www.nimbas.com/index.jspAmsterdam Haarlem UtrechtDI Code: 9971 DI Code: 1681 DI Code: 8614 Institute for Housing & Urban Development Studies Tilburg UniversityChristelijke Hogeschool-Nederland http://www.ihs.nl/ http://www.tilburguniversity.nl/http://www.chn.nl/ Rotterdam Le TilburgLeeuwarden DI Code: 7633 DI Code: 9860DI Code: 9215 Institute of Social Studies Tinbergen Institute RotterdamDelft University of Technology http://www.iss.nl/ http://www.tinbergen.nl/http://www.tudelft.nl/live/pagina.jsp?id=b226846d-f19f-4c34-97 The Hague Rotterdamed-165fecc5ad8f&lang=nl DI Code: 9714 DI Code: 3811DelftDI Code: 0031 InterMBA TIO University of Applied Sciences Breukelen http://www.tio.nl/Duisenberg School of Finance DI Code: 7194 Ab Hengelohttp://www.duisenbergschooloffinance.com/ DI Code: 4764AmsterdamDI Code: 4235 International School of Amsterdam Tyndale Theological Seminary http://www.isa.nl/ http://www.tyndale-europe.edu/Erasmus Research Institute of Management Amstelveen Badhoevedorphttp://www.erim.eur.nl/ERIM DI Code: 0717 DI Code: 9677RotterdamDI Code: 8268 International Institute for Geo-Information Science &  UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education Earth Observation http://www.unesco-ihe.org/Erasmus School of Economics http://www.itc.nl/ Delfthttp://www.eur.nl/ese/english Enechede DI Code: 8949Dr Rotterdam DI Code: 0258DI Code: 5394 Universiteit Maastricht-Graduate School of International Management, Leiden University Faculty of Economics and Business AdministrationErasmus University-Rotterdam http://www.leiden.edu/ http://www.unimaas.nl/default.asp?taal=enhttp://www.eur.nl/english/ Ra Leiden MaastrichtRotterdam DI Code: 0504 DI Code: 7864DI Code: 7199 Leiden University College of the Hague Universiteit Maastricht-Graduate School ofEuro MBA Consortium http://www.campusdenhaag.leiden.edu/ Management-Undergraduatehttp://www.ceebd.co.uk/ceeed/netherla/euromba.htm The Hague http://www.unimaas.nl/Heerlen DI Code: 6342 MaastrichtDI Code: 8580 DI Code: 7102 Maastricht Hotel Management SchoolEuropean Institute for International Communication-Emerson http://www.hotelschoolmaastricht.nl/ Universiteit Utrecht-Graduate School of Natural SciencesMaastricht Maastricht http://www.uu.nl/DI Code: 0113 DI Code: 8531 Utrecht DI Code: 7946 Maastricht School of ManagementEuropean Postgraduate Course http://www.msm.nl/ Universiteit Utrecht-International Relations OfficeAmsterdam Maastricht http://www.uu.nl/DI Code: 8227 DI Code: 4448 Utrecht DI Code: 9062 Netherlands Institute for Health SciencesEuropean University-Netherlands http://www.nihes.nl/site/ Universiteit van Amsterdamhttp://www.euruni.edu/ Rotterdam http://www.studeren.uva.nl/studyinginenglish/english.cfmThe Hague DI Code: 8462 AmsterdamDI Code: 9462 DI Code: 9011www.ets.org/toefl TOEFL Destinations 31
    • TOEFL DESTINATIONS DIRECTORY Updated January 2012Universiteit van Amsterdam-Faculty of Economics Otago Polytechnichttp://www.studeren.uva.nl/economics-programmes/programmes.cfm netherLands antiLLes http://www.otagopolytechnic.ac.nz/Amsterdam Learning Unlimited Preparatory School OtagoDI Code: 0398 http://learningunlimited.oh.schoolwebpages.com/ DI Code: 2128Universiteit van Amsterdam-Faculty of Science Cay Hill Tasman International Academieshttp://www.studeren.uva.nl/science-programmes/programmes.cfm/ DI Code: 7509 www.tasmanedu.comschakelaarlinks=1 Radulphus College AucklandAmsterdam http://www.radulphuscollege.net/ DI Code: 6858DI Code: 8628 Curacao Unitec Institute of TechnologyUniversiteit van Amsterdam-International School for DI Code: 9643 http://www.unitec.ac.nz/Humanities & Social Sciences University of the Netherlands Antilles Aucklandhttp://www.english.uva.nl/ http://www.una.an/ DI Code: 6972Amsterdam CuracaoDI Code: 9678 Unitec Institute of Technology DI Code: 4289 http://www.unitec.ac.nz/Universiteit van Amsterdam-Medical Anthropology Aucklandhttp://www2.fmg.uva.nl/amma/ DI Code: 9888AmsterdamDI Code: 8680 Univeristy of Otago Language Centre & Foundation Year new zeaLand http://www.otago.ac.nz/foundationstudies/University Amsterdam Graduate Humanities AIS St Helens Dunedinhttp://www.gsh.uva.nl/gsh-nieuws/nieuws.cfm http://www.ais.ac.nz/ DI Code: 6598Amsterdam AucklandDI Code: 7247 University of Auckland DI Code: 5682 http://www.auckland.ac.nz/University College-Utrecht Auckland International College Aucklandhttp://www.ucu.uu.nl/ http://www.aic.ac.nz DI Code: 9481Utrecht Auckland CBDDI Code: 8420 University of Canterbury DI Code: 7877 http://www.canterbury.ac.nz/University Groningen Faculty of Economics AUT University Christchurchhttp://www.rug.nl/economics/index http://www.aut.ac.nz/ DI Code: 9482Groningen Auckland CityDI Code: 8494 University of Otago DI Code: 6811 http://www.otago.ac.nz/University of Amsterdam Business School Bay Plenty English Language School Dunedinhttp://www.abs.uva.nl/abshome/home.cfm http://www.bopels.school.nz/ DI Code: 9483Amsterdam TaurangaDI Code: 6739 University of Otago-MBA DI Code: 8601 http://www.otagomba.co.nz/University of Groningen Columba College Dunedinhttp://www.rug.nl/corporate/index?lang=en http://www.columbacollege.school.nz/ DI Code: 0919Groningen DunedinDI Code: 7191 University of Waikato DI Code: 0065 http://www.waikato.ac.nz/University of Groningen Behavioral/Social Sciences Dominion English Schools Hamiltonhttp://www.rug.nl/corporate/onderzoek/graduateschools/ http://www.dominion.school.nz/ DI Code: 9484gradSchoolSocialScience AucklandGroningen Victoria University of Wellington DI Code: 9782 http://www.vuw.ac.nz/home/index.aspDI Code: 4439 Dominion Teaching Association Ltd. WellingtonUniversity of Groningen-Faculty of Arts Christchurch DI Code: 9485http://www.rug.nl/let/index DI Code: 0033Groningen Victoria University of Wellington-School of Graduate ResearchDI Code: 4431 http://www.victoria.ac.nz/home/ Education New Zealand Trust WellingtonUniversity of Groningen-Faculty of Law http://www.educationnz.org.nz/ DI Code: 6765http://www.rug.nl/rechten/index WelllingtonGroningen Wellington Business School DI Code: 8727 http://www.wbs.ac.nzDI Code: 8450 Ellipse Institute Lower HuttUniversity of Groningen-Faculty of Management and Organization http://www.ellipse.co.nz/ DI Code: 3847http://www.rug.nl/corporate/index?lang=en AucklandGroningen DI Code: 7791DI Code: 9077 Kaiapoi High SchoolUniversity of Groningen-Faculty of Mathematics http://www.kaiapoi.school.nz/ nicaraguahttp://www.rug.nl/fwn/index CanterburyGroningen Centro Cultural Nicaragüense Norteamericano (CCNN) DI Code: 8140 http://www.ccnn.org.ni/DI Code: 8948 Kiwi English Academy ManaguaUniversity of Groningen-International Services http://kiwienglish.co.nz/Content DI Code: 0289http://www.rug.nl/fwn/informatievoor/internationalstudents/index AucklandGroningen United States Embassy Nicaragua DI Code: 5690 nicaragua.usembassy.gov/DI Code: 7862 Lincoln University-New Zealand ManaguaUniversity of Liverpool-Laureate Online Education http://www.lincoln.ac.nz/ DI Code: 9438http://www.uol.ohecampus.com/ CanterburyAmsterdam DI Code: 9479DI Code: 4360 Massey UniversityUniversity of Twente http://international.massey.ac.nz/ nigeriahttp://www.utwente.nl/en/ PalmerstonAe Enschede Atlas College DI Code: 9480 http://www.atlascollege.nl/DI Code: 7025 Medical Council of New Zealand Agege-LagosUniversity Twente-TSM Business School http://www.mcnz.org.nz/ DI Code: 0656http://www.tsm.nl/ WellingtonEnschede Babcock University DI Code: 8248 http://www.babcockuniversity.org/DI Code: 0538 New Zealand International College LagosUtrecht School of the Arts http://www.acgedu.com/international/ DI Code: 0604http://english.hku.nl/hku/show AucklandUtrecht Bayero University DI Code: 0447 http://www.buk.edu.ng/DI Code: 7214 New Zealand Language Center Auckland KanoVrije Universiteit-Amsterdam http://www.geosnz.com/ DI Code: 4161http://www.english.vu.nl/home/index.cfm AucklandAmsterdam Charisma International Education Centre DI Code: 9763 OsogboDI Code: 7947 Nursing Council of New Zealand DI Code: 7480Wageningen University http://www.nursingcouncil.org.nz/http://www.wageningenuniversiteit.nl/nl/ WellingtonAk Wageningen D-Ivy College DI Code: 9689 http://www.d-ivycollege.com/DI Code: 0542 New Zealand Equine Dentistry School LagosWebster University Leiden http://www.equinedentistryschool.co.nz/ DI Code: 0657http://www.webster.nl/ TuakauLeiden Dority International Secondary School DI Code: 7775 Aba Abia StateDI Code: 0548 DI Code: 7130Windesheim Honours Collegehttp://www.windesheimhonourscollege.nl/ZwolleDI Code: 5710www.ets.org/toefl TOEFL Destinations 32
    • TOEFL DESTINATIONS DIRECTORY Updated January 2012Elams Arugulu Norwegian Teachers AcademyPort Harcourt http://www.nla.no/english paKistanDI Code: 0821 Bergen American Embassy Islamabad DI Code: 1886 http://islamabad.usembassy.gov/Engu State University of Science & Technology Norwegian University of Life Sciences Islamabadhttp://www.esut.edu.ng/index.html http://www.umb.no/ DI Code: 9387Port Harcourt Aas Auspak InternationalDI Code: 7505 DI Code: 8457 http://www.auspak.edu.pk/Federal University of Technology-Ihiagwa Norwegian University of Science & Technology Karachihttp://www.ihiagwa.org/futo.htm http://www.ntnu.no/indexe.php DI Code: 0760Port Harcourt Dragvoll Brightspark Education ConsultantsDI Code: 4858 DI Code: 9652 http://www.brightspark.com.pk/Greenland Nigeria Limited Norwegian University-College Admissions PeshawarIbadan http://www.ntnu.edu/studies/admissions DI Code: 7542DI Code: 9723 Oslo Cadre Institute of Business & IT DI Code: 5166 http://www.cadreimt.comJim Business School Oslo School of Architecture and Design GujratWarriEffurun http://www.aho.no/en/ DI Code: 9858DI Code: 0662 Oslo Central Board of Revenue DI Code: 5000 http://www.cbr.gov.pk/Public Affairs Officer Oslo University College KarachiLagos http://www.hio.no/content/view/full/4563 DI Code: 0954DI Code: 9396 Oslo City School DI Code: 6531 http://www.thecityschools.edu.pk/SunRise Academy School of Mission & Theology Karachihttp://www.thesunriseacademy.com http://www.mhs.no/eng.shtml DI Code: 0121Lagos State Stavanger Computer Connection InstituteDI Code: 5228 DI Code: 6535 http://ccivu.com/University of Lagos Sogn og Fjordane University College Sialkothttp://www.unilag.edu.ng/ http://www.hisf.no/en/home DI Code: 1104Lagos Sogndal Gift UniversityDI Code: 0934 DI Code: 6530 http://www.gift.edu.pk/University of Nigeria-Nsukka Telemark University College Gujranwalahttp://www.unn-edu.net/ http://www.hit.no/english DI Code: 0013Nsukka Porsgrunn GIK Institute of Engineering Sciences & TechnologyDI Code: 0470 DI Code: 0243 http://www.giki.edu.pk/ University of Agder Topi http://www.uia.no/en DI Code: 0096 Kristiansand Global Institute of Management Sciencesnorway DI Code: 5433 http://www.imsciences.edu.pk/Bodo University College University of Bergen Lahorehttp://www.hibo.no/english http://www.uib.no/info/english/ DI Code: 8169Bodo Bergen International SchoolDI Code: 1451 DI Code: 9367 http://www.tis.edu.pk/Bodo University College University of Oslo Karachihttp://www.hibo.no/index.php?lang=eng http://www.uio.no/english/ DI Code: 8455Bodo Oslo International School of ChoueifatDI Code: 1648 DI Code: 0756 http://www.isclahore-sabis.net:88/lahore/main.jspBuskerud University College University of Oslo-International Summer School Lahorehttp://www.hibu.no/english/ http://www.uio.no/iss/ DI Code: 8122Kongsberg Oslo Lahore American SocietyDI Code: 6536 DI Code: 5695 LahoreDet Teologiske Menighetsfakult University of Stavanger DI Code: 9629http://www.mf.no/ http://www.uis.no/Oslo Stavanger Language of Original Professional StudiesDI Code: 7308 DI Code: 8467 LahoreFjellhaug International University College University of Tromso DI Code: 0696http://fih.fjellhaug.no http://uit.no/informasjon/englishOslo Tromso Ministry of Science & TechnologyDI Code: 8378 DI Code: 0742 http://www.pakistan.gov.pk/ministries/index.jsp?MinID=1&cPath=18Gjovik University College Vestfold University College Islamabadhttp://english.hig.no/ http://www.hive.no/engelsk/ DI Code: 9654Gjovik Tonsberg National Institute of Management andDI Code: 8463 DI Code: 5758 Computer Sciences-NIMCSHedmark University College Volda University College http://www.vu.edu.pkhttp://www.hihm.no/eway/default.aspx?pid=259 http://www.hivolda.no/english SahiwalElverum Volda DI Code: 2958DI Code: 5714 DI Code: 6634 Nazeer Hussain UniversityHogskolen I Alesund Karachihttp://www.hials.no/eng DI Code: 7644AlesundDI Code: 6524 oman Packngo ConsultantsLillehammer University College Arabian Institute for Financial & Administrative Studies http://packngoonline.com/http://www.hil.no/hil/lillehammer_university_college http://www.arabianins.com/english.htm RawalpindiLillehammer Suwaiq DI Code: 7429DI Code: 6532 DI Code: 6560 Pakistan Air Force AcademyNarvik University College Mazoon University College http://www.paf.gov.pk/http://www.hin.no/index.php?lang=eng http://www.mazooncollege.edu.om/ PeshawarNarvik Muscat DI Code: 9126DI Code: 6525 DI Code: 5163 PlanwelNorwegian School of Economics & Business Administration Modern College of Business & Science http://www.planwel.edu/http://www.nhh.no/index-e.html http://www.mcbs.edu.om KarachiBergen Muscat DI Code: 0359DI Code: 0686 DI Code: 0127 Polytechnic Institute for WomenBI Norwegian Business School Polyglot Institute Oman, LLC Islamabadhttp://www.bi.no/en/ http://web.accountsupport.com/ DI Code: 6842Oslo RuwiDI Code: 0529 DI Code: 0734 Public Affairs OfficerNorwegian School of Veterinary Science University of Nizwa Karachihttp://oslovet.veths.no http://www.unizwa.edu.om/e-index.php DI Code: 9463Oslo NiwaDI Code: 8916 DI Code: 0418www.ets.org/toefl TOEFL Destinations 33
    • TOEFL DESTINATIONS DIRECTORY Updated January 2012Punjab College of Business Administration East Asian Pastoral InsituteLahore peru http://eapi.admu.edu.ph/DI Code: 0330 Centromin-Peru Diliman Q.C. La Oroya DI Code: 9170South Atlantic University DI Code: 9237 Exams AdvantageKarachi http://www.edutest.eastwestworld.com/DI Code: 6451 Commission on Educational Exchange USA/Peru Cebu City http://fulbright.state.gov/participating-countries/fulbright-commissions DI Code: 3874St. Patrick’s High School Lima Fil-Malay Recruitment Agencyhttp://www.stpats.edu.pk/ DI Code: 9499 Ermita ManilaKarachi Davy College DI Code: 8251DI Code: 8051 http://www.davycollege.edu.pe/United Stated Education Foundation in Pakistan Cajamarca Fil-Overseas Employment Servicehttp://www.usefpakistan.org/ DI Code: 0626 Sucat ParanqueIslamabad Instituto Peruano De Fomento Educativo DI Code: 8587DI Code: 9388 http://www.ipfe.org.pe/United States Consulat General Lima Global Staffing Networkhttp://lahore.usconsulate.gov/ DI Code: 9488 Cebu CityLahore United States Embassy Peru DI Code: 8305DI Code: 9102 lima.usembassy.govUniversity of Greenwich-Pakistan Campus Lima Industrial Personnel & Management Servicehttp://www.gre.ac.uk/ DI Code: 9428 http://www.ipams.com/Karachi Universidad del Pacifico Metro ManilaDI Code: 9073 http://www.upacifico.cl/ DI Code: 9963Zahaq Institute of Management Sciences Lima International Quality Manpowerhttp://www.zahaq.com.pk DI Code: 9816 http://manpower-philippines.com.phPeshawar Universidad Esan Manila CityDI Code: 3876 http://www.esan.edu.pe/ DI Code: 8284 Lima International School of Manila DI Code: 7681 http://www.ismanila.org/ Universidad Privada San Juan Bautista Makati Citypanama http://www.upsjb.edu.pe/ DI Code: 8149American Embassy Panama Lima International School of Manila-Undergraduate Admissionspanama.usembassy.gov DI Code: 3852 http://www.ismanila.org/Panama City Universidad Ricardo Palma Makati CityDI Code: 9439 http://www.urp.edu.pe/ DI Code: 8037Inidem Business Law School Lima Kenedy’s Circle International, Inc.Ciudad De Panama DI Code: 4731 ManilaDI Code: 7682 DI Code: 9855Institute de Ingles Lyceum of the Philippines UniversityPanama phiLippines http://www.lyceumphil.edu.ph/DI Code: 9711 Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies Manila http://www.aiias.edu DI Code: 0209International School of Panama Cavite Manpower Health Services Internationalhttp://www.isp.edu.pa/ DI Code: 0863 La UnionEl Dorado American Embassy Philippines DI Code: 8186DI Code: 8105 http://manila.usembassy.gov/Oxford International School Pasay City Ministry of Education and CulturePanama DI Code: 9124 http://www.deped.gov.ph/DI Code: 2988 Asia Baptist Graduate Theology Seminary Metro Manila http://abts.cornerstone.edu/ DI Code: 9321Universidad Católica Santa María la Antigua Baguio City Multi Resources Development CorpPanama City DI Code: 0353 ManillaDI Code: 7448 Asian Institute of Management DI Code: 8211 http://www.aim.edu/Universidad de Panama Metro Manila NIR Placement Center-Manilahttp://www.up.ac.pa DI Code: 0724 ManilaPanama City Assumption College-Philippines DI Code: 9901DI Code: 0977 http://www.assumption.edu.ph/Universidad de Tecnologica de Panama Makati City NIR Placement Center-Quezon Cityhttp://www.utp.ac.pa/ DI Code: 0365 Quezon CityPanama Ateneo de Manila University-Language Learning Center DI Code: 9193DI Code: 8992 http://www.admu.edu.ph/Universidad Tecnologica Oteima Quezon City Philippine-American Education Foundationhttp://www.oteima.ac.pa DI Code: 6899 http://www.paef.org.ph/David Canadian Embassy Visa Section Metro ManilaDI Code: 5210 http://www.canadainternational.gc.ca/philippines DI Code: 9307 Manila Principia Management & Personal Cons DI Code: 9747 Makati City CEBU Languages DI Code: 8314papua new guinea http://www.cebulanguages.com/University of Papua New Guinea Mactan Island Public Affairs Officerhttp://www.upng.ac.pg/ DI Code: 6859 ManilaPort Moresby Comprehensive Medical Staffing DI Code: 9466DI Code: 8925 Manila DI Code: 8589 San Juan de Dios Hospital http://www.sanjuandedios.org/healthministry.htm De La Salle University Pasay Cityparaguay http://www.dlsu.edu.ph/ DI Code: 9118American School of Asuncion Manila San Pedro Collegehttp://www.asa.edu.py/ DI Code: 0997 http://www.spcdavao.edu.ph/Asunción Delta Tutorial & Review Centre Davao CityDI Code: 8171 http://www.delta-trc.com/ DI Code: 0222Stael Ruffinelli de Ortiz English Institute Cagayan De Oro Soli Deo Gloria Christian AcademyAsunción DI Code: 1029 Davao CityDI Code: 4229 E A International Placement & General Service DI Code: 6956 http://www.eainternational.net/portal/index.phpUnited States Embassy Paraguay Ermita Manila Systems Plus College Foundationparaguay.usembassy.gov DI Code: 8501 http://www.spcf.edu.ph/Asunción Angeles CityDI Code: 9458 DI Code: 1114www.ets.org/toefl TOEFL Destinations 34
    • TOEFL DESTINATIONS DIRECTORY Updated January 2012Universal Worker, Inc. PAM Center European University-Portohttp://www.universalworker.com/ http://www.pam.uni.lodz.pl http://www.euruni.edu/Quezon City Lodz PortoDI Code: 8285 DI Code: 7874 DI Code: 9121University of Cebu Politechnika Bialostocka Instituto Português de Administração e Marketinghttp://www.uc.edu.ph/ http://www.pb.edu.pl/ http://www.e-u.pt/index.aspCebu City Bialystok MatosinhosDI Code: 0461 DI Code: 7770 DI Code: 0774University of Perpetual Help System DALTA Poznan College of Management & Banking ISCTE Business School Institute Lisbon Universityhttp://www.perpetualdalta.edu.ph/ Poznan http://ibs.iscte.pt/Las Pinas City DI Code: 0466 LisbonDI Code: 0260 DI Code: 7431University of the East Philippines Poznan School of Social Sciences Isegiunlhttp://www.ue.edu.ph/ Poznan http://www.isegi.unl.pt/en/default.aspManila DI Code: 5870 LisboaDI Code: 9225 DI Code: 6601University of the Immaculate Conception Poznan University of Economics New University of Lisbonhttp://www.uic.edu.ph/webroot/default.cfm http://www.poznan.pl http://www.unl.pt/unl/Davao City Poznan LisbonDI Code: 0750 DI Code: 7894 DI Code: 0722University of the Philippines-Diliman Poznan University of Medical Sciences Portuguese Catholic Universityhttp://www.upd.edu.ph/ http://www.mdprogram.com/ http://www.porto.ucp.pt/Quezon City Poznan LisboaDI Code: 0978 DI Code: 5430 DI Code: 0116Velez College University of Economics Universidade de Nova LisboaCebu http://students.interrel.pl/ http://www.unl.pt/index.html?set_language=en&cl=enDI Code: 8249 Katowice Lisboa DI Code: 1701 DI Code: 2633Wales International Academy University of Warsaw Faculty of Psychology University of AveiroPasig www.psychology.pl http://www.ua.pt/DI Code: 0660 Warsaw Aveiro DI Code: 8875 DI Code: 3414West Visayas State University University of Wroclaw-International University of Coimbrahttp://www.wvsu.edu.ph/ http://international.uni.wroc.pl/en http://www.uc.pt/english/Lloilo City Wroclaw CoimbraDI Code: 7086 DI Code: 6448 DI Code: 1132 Uniwersytet Gda´nski University of Lisbon-Faculty of Science www.univ.gda.pl http://www.fc.ul.pt/ Sopot LisbonpoLand DI Code: 8805 DI Code: 0514Academy of Computer Science & Management Warsaw School of Computer Sciencehttp://www.wsi.edu.pl/ http://www.wwsi.edu.pl/Bielsko-Biala WarsawDI Code: 0142 DI Code: 7772 qatarAcademy of Finance Warsaw School of Economics Academic Bridge Programhttp://www.af.edu.pl http://www.sgh.edu.pl/ http://www.abp.edu.qa/output/page3.aspWarsaw Warsaw DohaDI Code: 7839 DI Code: 7659 DI Code: 8320Academy of Management Wroclaw University of Economics Al-Attiya Training CentreLodz http://www.ae.wroc.pl/english/ http://www.actqatar.com/DI Code: 7789 Wroclaw Doha DI Code: 0600 DI Code: 0646Center for Social Studies Wroclaw University of Environmental & Life Sciences Carnegie Mellon University-Qatar Campushttp://www.iss.uw.edu.pl/eng/ http://www.ar.wroc.pl/english/index.html http://www.qatar.cmu.edu/Warsaw Wroclaw DohaDI Code: 7962 DI Code: 0265 DI Code: 4246Centrum Edukacyjne Future Wroclaw University of Technology Georgetown University-School of Foreign Service-Qatar Campushttp://www.future.edu.pl/ http://www.pwr.wroc.pl/ http://www3.georgetown.edu/sfs/qatar/about/Tarnowskie Gory Wroclaw DohaDI Code: 6118 DI Code: 4474 DI Code: 8750Collegium Civitas of Social Political Studies Warsaw University of Technology Northwestern University in Qatarwww.civitas.edu.pl http://www.pw.edu.pl/english/ http://www.qatar.northwestern.edu/Warsaw Warszawa DohaDI Code: 7828 DI Code: 1647 DI Code: 5945Higher School of International Commerce & Finance- Warsaw University Technology Business School Texas A&M University-Qatar CampusGraduate School of Business Economics http://www.business.edu.pl/ http://www.qatar.tamu.edu/http://www.wshifm.edu.pl/sokratesuk.php Warsaw DohaWarsaw DI Code: 7771 DI Code: 4290DI Code: 0603 Wyzsza Szkola Ekonomiczno-Humanstyczna University of Calgary-Qatar-Faculty of NursingJagiellonian University http://www.wsehsk.home.pl/ http://www.ucalgary-qatar.ca/http://www.uj.edu.pl/index.en.html Skierniewice DohaKarakow DI Code: 8831 DI Code: 1508DI Code: 0926 Wyzsza Szkola Gospodarki Krajowej University of QatarKozminski University of Business Management http://www.wsgk.com.pl http://www.qu.edu.qa/html/index.htmlwww.kozminski.edu.pl Kutno DohaWarsaw DI Code: 8836 DI Code: 8943DI Code: 7827 Wyzsza Szkola Informatyki MSJO Virginia Commonwealth UniversityLazarski School of Commerce & Law http://www.wit.edu.pl/ http://www.qatar.vcu.edu/http://www.lazarski.pl/a_news.php Warsaw DohaWarsaw DI Code: 7688 DI Code: 8753DI Code: 2000 Weill Cornell Medical College-Qatar CampusLower Silesian College of Entrepreneurship & http://www.qatar-med.cornell.edu/Technology College Dohahttp://www.dwspit.pl/ portugaL DI Code: 3999PolkowiceDI Code: 2912 Catolica-Lisbon, School of Business and Economics http://www.clsbe.lisboa.ucp.ptLubin University of Technology Lisbonhttp://www.pollub.pl/?kat=171 DI Code: 8339 romaniaLublinDI Code: 0363 European University-Lisbon American School of Business http://www.euruni.edu/ BucharestMilitary University of Technology Lisbon DI Code: 8096http://www.wat.edu.pl/ DI Code: 9414WarsawDI Code: 1973www.ets.org/toefl TOEFL Destinations 35
    • TOEFL DESTINATIONS DIRECTORY Updated January 2012BSV Network Idea Dar Al-Hekma Private College Teachers Collegehttp://www.cursuribsv.ro http://www.daralhekma.edu.sa/ http://tcr.edu.saPitesti Jeddah RiyadhDI Code: 0666 DI Code: 9094 DI Code: 8792 Direct English University of Dammam http://www.directenglishsa.com/ http://www.ud.edu.sa Buraydah Dammamrussia DI Code: 0680 DI Code: 8329American Embassy Moscow Direct English Center University of HA’ILhttp://moscow.usembassy.gov/ http://www.directenglishsa.com/ http://www.uoh.edu.sa/Moscow Tabuk HailDI Code: 9638 DI Code: 1045 DI Code: 7438Expo-Volga Exhibition Company Effat College University Preparatory Programhttp://avtoindustry.ru/en/ http://www.effatcollege.edu.sa/1_about.asp http://www.upp.edu.sa/Samara Jeddah RiyadhDI Code: 6523 DI Code: 8695 DI Code: 1396Moscow State University of Economics Statistics & Informatics King Abdulaziz Universityhttp://www.eng.mesi.ru/ http://www.kau.edu.sa/centers/elcMoscow JeddahDI Code: 0523 DI Code: 4594 serbiaMoscow University for the Humanities King Abdullah University of Science & Technology E-Univerzitethttp://www.mosgu.ru/en/ http://www.kaust.edu.sa/ http://euroschool-bg.com/Moscow Thuwal SuboticaDI Code: 0430 DI Code: 4107 DI Code: 7479Moscow University Touro Campus King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals EUROSCHOOLhttp://www.touro.edu/general/programs/mut.asp http://www.kfupm.edu.sa/ BelgradeMoscow Dhahran DI Code: 6863DI Code: 6735 DI Code: 0868New Economic School King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals- South European Center for Contemporary Financehttp://www.nes.ru/english/ Graduate School http://www.seccf.org/Moscow http://www.kfupm.edu.sa/ BelgradeDI Code: 0427 Dahran DI Code: 5873 DI Code: 3224Omsk State Pedagogical University University of Belgrade-Faculty of Economicshttp://www.omsk.edu/ King Khalid University http://www.bg.ac.rs/eng/memb/facult/soc-hum/en_ekonomski.phpOmsk http://www.kku.edu.sa/ BelgradeDI Code: 0231 Abha DI Code: 6376 DI Code: 8474Orenburg State Insitute of Management World Learninghttp://www.omgpu.ru/en/ King Saud University http://www.worldlearning.org/Orenburg http://www.ksu.edu.sa/Pages/default.aspx BelgradeDI Code: 7481 Riyadh DI Code: 4209 DI Code: 7498Pastukhov State Academy of Industrial Managementhttp://www.gapm.ru/en/ Mawahib Al-Khaleej InstituteYaroslavl NajranDI Code: 7000 DI Code: 1603 singaporeSt. Petersburg State University-MIB Program American Education Opportunitieshttp://www.spbu.ru/e/Education/program/mib.html Millenuime Institute for Technology & Management SingaporeSt. Petersburg http://www.mitm.edu.sa/ DI Code: 0432DI Code: 0583 Jeddah DI Code: 4453 Bethany School of Missions Moqla Academy http://www.bcom.org/ http://www.moqla.com/ Singaporerwanda Riyadh DI Code: 9724 DI Code: 3022Carnegie Mellon University in Rwanda Biblical Graduate School of Theologyhttp://www.cmu.edu/rwanda Najran University http://www.bgst.edu.sg/mainsite/Kigali http://www.nu.edu.sa/gui/default.aspx?langid=2 SingaporeDI Code: 8847 Najran DI Code: 2110 DI Code: 5675 Center for American Education Prince Mohammad bin Fahd University http://www.cae.edu.sg/ http://www.pmu.edu.sa Singaporesaudi arabia Al-Khobar DI Code: 7037 DI Code: 6993Al Joud Women’s Institute Cornell-Nanyang Institute of Hospital Managementhttp://www.aljoud.net/ Prince Sultan University http://www.cni.ntu.edu.sg/Riyadh http://www.psu.edu.sa/ SingaporeDI Code: 8745 Riyadh DI Code: 8732 DI Code: 0003Alfaisal International Academy Design Technology Institutehttp://www.alfac.edu.sa/ Riyadh College of Dentistry & Pharmacy SingaporeRiyadh http://www.pcdp.edu.sa/ DI Code: 8277DI Code: 4164 Riyadh DI Code: 8990Alfaisal University DigiPen Institute of Technology-Singaporehttp://www.alfaisal.edu/ Saudi Academy for Languages & Training http://www.digipen.edu/main/SingaporeRiyadh http://salt-ac.net/english/edefault.aspx SingaporeDI Code: 2787 Al Khobar DI Code: 1493 DI Code: 3034Al-Hussan Institute & Training Centre EASB Institute of Managementhttp://www.alhussan.edu.sa/eng/body_eng.html Saudi Arabian Airlines http://www.easb.edu.sgDammam http://www.saudiairlines.com/index2.jsp SingaporeDI Code: 0711 Jeddah DI Code: 0582 DI Code: 9119Batterjee Medical College Freely Business Schoolhttp://www.bmc.edu.sa/ Saudi Aramco http://www.freely.edu.sg/Jeddah http://www.saudiaramco.com/bvsm/JSP/home.jsp SingaporeDI Code: 7155 Dhahran DI Code: 0643 DI Code: 9406College of Business Administration German Institute of Science and Technology-TUM ASIAhttp://www.cba.edu.sa/ Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) http://www.gist.edu.sg/Jeddah http://www.sabic.com/ SingaporeDI Code: 0344 Riyadh DI Code: 7368 DI Code: 9921Dar Al Fikr Boys School H R Milleniumhttp://www.fikr.sch.sa/eng/index.htm Saudi Institute of Languages http://www.hrmc.com.sg/Jeddah Buraydah SingaporeDI Code: 8086 DI Code: 6791 DI Code: 8286Dar Al Fikr Girls School Management Development Institute of Singaporehttp://www.fikr.sch.sa/eng/index.htm Taibih University http://www.mdis.edu.sg/index.phpJeddah http://www.taibahu.edu.sa/cms/ SingaporeDI Code: 8085 Medinah Munawara DI Code: 9966 DI Code: 5338www.ets.org/toefl TOEFL Destinations 36
    • TOEFL DESTINATIONS DIRECTORY Updated January 2012Nanyang Technological University-MFE Singapore Institute of Technology Open Learning Grouphttp://www.mfe.ntu.edu.sg http://www.singaporetech.edu.sg/ http://www.olg.co.za/Singapore Singapore RoodepoortDI Code: 6538 DI Code: 6594 DI Code: 3000Nanyang Technological University-MBA Singapore Management University Stellenbosch Universityhttp://www.nanyangmba.ntu.edu.sg/ http://www.smu.edu.sg/ http://www.sun.ac.za/Singapore Singapore MatielandDI Code: 9705 DI Code: 9014 DI Code: 0473Nanyang Technological University-MSc Program Singapore Polytechnic United States International University-http://www.ntu.edu.sg/ http://www.sp.edu.sg/SPweb/appmanager/home/default Africa-Graduate AdmissionsSingapore Singapore http://www.usiu.ac.ke/DI Code: 0138 DI Code: 8510 Nairobi DI Code: 0731National Institute of Education Singapore Public Service Commissionhttp://www.nie.edu.sg/nieweb/index.do http://www.psc.gov.sg/ University of Cape TownSingapore Singapore http://www.uct.ac.za/DI Code: 7107 DI Code: 0009 Cape Town DI Code: 0837National University of Singapore-Business Administration Singapore University of Technology & Designhttp://www.bschool.nus.edu.sg/ http://www.sutd.edu.sg/ University of PretoriaSingapore Singapore http://www.up.ac.za/index.htmlDI Code: 9082 DI Code: 7216 Pretoria DI Code: 0218National University of Singapore-Department of Architecture Temasek Polytechnichttp://www.arch.nus.edu.sg/ http://www.tp.edu.sg/ University of Witwatersrand-JohannesburgSingapore Singapore http://www.wits.ac.za/DI Code: 9080 DI Code: 8176 Johannesburg DI Code: 0991National University of Singapore-Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences Tourism Academy at Sentosahttp://www.fas.nus.edu.sg/ http://www.tourismacademy.edu.sg/ University of ZululandSingapore Singapore http://www.uzulu.ac.zaDI Code: 9081 DI Code: 8545 Richards Bay DI Code: 0483National University of Singapore-Faculty of Dentistry Trinity Theological Collegehttp://www.dentistry.nus.edu.sg/ http://www.ttc.edu.sg/ttce.htmSingapore SingaporeDI Code: 9083 DI Code: 2555 spainNational University of Singapore-Faculty of Engineering Universitas 21 Global Pte Ltdhttp://www.eng.nus.edu.sg/eir/index.php http://www.u21global.edu.sg/web/guest/home Academia CLSingapore Singapore http://www.academiacl.comDI Code: 9084 DI Code: 7172 Vigo DI Code: 3842National University of Singapore-Faculty of Law University of Nevada-Singapore Campus-The William F. Harrahhttp://law.nus.edu.sg/ College of Hotel Administration American School of Las PalmasSingapore http://www.unlv.edu.sg/ http://www.aslp.org/DI Code: 9085 Singapore Canary Islands DI Code: 0080 DI Code: 8075National University of Singapore-Faculty of Sciencehttp://www.science.nus.edu.sg/ University of New South Wales-Asia School Antonio de Nebrija Trilingual SchoolSingapore http://www.ufy.unsw.edu.au/singapore.htm MurciaDI Code: 9087 Singapore DI Code: 7689 DI Code: 0282National University of Singapore-Grad and any other schoolshttp://www.nus.edu.sg/ Barcelona Business SchoolSingapore http://www.barcelona.uibs.org/DI Code: 3720 Barcelona sLovaKia DI Code: 8652National University of Singapore-School of Computinghttp://www.comp.nus.edu.sg/ Fulbright Commission-Slovakia Barcelona Graduate School of EconomicsSingapore http://www.fulbright.sk/ http://www.barcelonagse.eu/DI Code: 9088 Prague Barcelona DI Code: 9851 DI Code: 2531National University of Singapore-Risk Managementhttp://www.nus.edu.sg/ IVMK-Sro Institute Barcelona Management InstituteSingapore Snina http://www.barcelonami.org/DI Code: 2182 DI Code: 6731 Barcelona DI Code: 0369National University of Singapore-Undergraduate Admissionshttp://www.nus.edu.sg/ Becas TalentiaSingapore http://www.becastalentia.com/DI Code: 0786 Seville sLovenia DI Code: 6175National University of Singapore-Yong Loo LingSchool of Medicine IEDC-Bled School of Management Center for International Studieshttp://www.med.nus.edu.sg/corporate/ http://www.iedc.si/home.aspx MadridSingapore Bled DI Code: 9815DI Code: 9086 DI Code: 9666National University Singapore Jozef Stefan Institute Centro de Estudios Monetarioshttp://www.nus.edu.sg/ http://www.ijs.si/ http://www.cemla.org/Singapore Ljubljana MadridDI Code: 0677 DI Code: 4245 DI Code: 7964Overseas Family College University of Ljubljana Columbus Euroamericana Universityhttp://www.ofscollege.edu.sg/ http://www.uni-lj.si/ ZaragozaSingapore Ljubljana DI Code: 0071DI Code: 8101 DI Code: 0162Raffles Campus Pte Ltd Confederación Española de Organizaciones Empresarialeshttp://www.rafflescampus.com/ http://www.sispain.org/english/economy/ceoe.htmlSingapore MadridDI Code: 0386 soLomon isLands DI Code: 9674Raja’s Commercial College Pte Ltd Newton College of Business & Technology DigiPen Institute of Technology Europe-Bilbaohttp://www.rajascollege.com.sg/ http://www.ncbt.ac.nz https://www.digipen.es/Singapore Auckland BilbaoDI Code: 9057 DI Code: 1657 DI Code: 6750Republic Polytechnic Easy English Schoolhttp://www.rp.sg/ PortugaleteSingapore DI Code: 7242DI Code: 2723 south africaSeameo Regional Language Center Monash South Africa ESADE-Masters Programmeshttp://www.relc.org.sg/ http://www.monash.ac.za/ http://www2.esade.es/Singapore Roodepoort BarcelonaDI Code: 2042 DI Code: 7549 DI Code: 0507Singapore Institute of Management Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University ESADE-MBA Programmehttp://www.sim.edu.sg/ http://www.petech.ac.za/Default.asp?bhcp=1 http://www.esade.edu/web/about/aboutus/Singapore Port Elizbeth BarcelonaDI Code: 0181 DI Code: 7188 DI Code: 0884www.ets.org/toefl TOEFL Destinations 37
    • TOEFL DESTINATIONS DIRECTORY Updated January 2012ESADE-PhD in Management Sciences Merit MS Research Information & Communication Technologies Valencia International Business Schoolhttp://www.esade.edu/web/home/buscador?buscar=phd Barcelona http://www.vibs.edu.es/Barcelona DI Code: 7317 ValenciaDI Code: 0508 DI Code: 1506Escuela de Administracion de Empresas MIT-Master of Engineering in Logistics in Zaragoza, Spainhttp://www.eae.es/index2.asp http://web.mit.edu/mlog/news/clm%2conference.htmBarcelona ZaragozaDI Code: 8451 DI Code: 3803 sri LanKaEscuela de Alta Dirección y Administración New Mangold American College of Higher Educationhttp://www.eada.edu/ http://www.newmangold.com/ http://www.americancollege.lk/Barcelona Valencia DehiwelaDI Code: 7024 DI Code: 7628 DI Code: 0204ESEI Barcelona Saint Louis University-Madrid Informatics Institute of TechnologyBarcelona http://spain.slu.edu/ http://www.business.mmu.ac.uk/international/iit/DI Code: 7272 Madrid Colombo DI Code: 7763 DI Code: 0276ESEI International Business School Sky School of English People’s Academy for Tertiary & Higher Educationhttp://www.esei.es not available yet http://www.pathenet.com/Barcelona St. Sadurni d´Anoia ColomboDI Code: 2707 DI Code: 8956 DI Code: 8986ESIC Business and Marketing School Suffolk University-Madrid Public Affairs Officerhttp://www.esic.edu http://www.suffolk.edu/madrid/ ColumboMadrid Madrid DI Code: 9456DI Code: 8342 DI Code: 4195European Master in Theoretical Chemistry and Universidad Carlos III de Madrid The British School in ColomboCompuational Modelling http://www.uc3m.es/portal/page/portal/home http://www.britishschool.lk/http://www.emtccm.org/ Getafe Madrid ColomboMadrid DI Code: 4197 DI Code: 8091DI Code: 6387 Universidad de Alcala United States Education Foundation-Sri LankaEuropean School of Economics, Madrid http://www.uah.es/ http://www.fulbrightsrilanka.comhttp://www.uniese.it Madrid ColomboMadrid DI Code: 1289 DI Code: 7761DI Code: 8833 Universidad de CantabriaEuropean University-Center for Management Studies http://www.unican.es/webuc/internet/http://www.euruni.edu/ SantanderBarcelona DI Code: 0405 st Kitt/nevisDI Code: 0476 Universidad de Navarra International University of Nursing-St. KittsEuropean University-Center for Management Studies- http://www.unav.es/ http://www.iuon.org/Undergraduate Admissions Pamplona Basseterrehttp://www.euruni.edu/ DI Code: 7135 DI Code: 0129BarcelonaDI Code: 9123 Universidad de Navarra-IESE Full-Time http://www.iese.edu/en/Programs/MBA/MBA.aspEuropean University-Madrid Barcelonahttp://www.uem.es/ DI Code: 0755 swedenMadridDI Code: 9465 Universidad Nebija Blekinge Institute of Technology http://www.nebrija.com/ http://www.bth.se/eng/Fundacio Familiar Catalana Hoyademanzanares KarlskronaBarcelona DI Code: 2279 DI Code: 8865DI Code: 9727 Universitat Politecnica de Valencia-Centro de Lenguas Chalmers University of Technology http://www.upv.es/entidades/ACDL/ http://www.chalmers.se/en/Fundación Rafael del Pino Valencia Goteborghttp://www.frdelpino.es/ DI Code: 0462 DI Code: 0050MadridDI Code: 4267 Universidad Pontificia-Comillas Goteborg Universitet http://www.upcomillas.es/ http://www.gu.se/english/IE Business School Madrid Goteborghttp://www.ie.edu/ DI Code: 1433 DI Code: 1361MadridDI Code: 3032 Universitat de Valencia Goteborg Universitet-Undergraduate Admissions http://www.uv.es/ http://www.gu.se/englishIESE-University of Navarra-Business School Valencia Goteborghttp://www.iese.edu/en/home.asp DI Code: 4768 DI Code: 0083MadridDI Code: 7237 Universitat Jaume I Gotland University http://www.uji.es/UK/basic/ http://www.hgo.se/IESE-University of Navarra-Global Executive MBA Castellondelaplana Visbyhttp://www.iese.edu/en/Programs/GEMBA/ DI Code: 2375 DI Code: 8456BarcelonaDI Code: 7099 Universitat Oberta de Catalunya Halmstad University http://in3.uoc.edu/ http://www.hh.se/net/homeInstitucio Cultural Del Cic Barcelona Halmstadhttp://www.iccic.edu/ DI Code: 4418 DI Code: 7970BarcelonaDI Code: 0558 Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya Hogskolan Dalarna http://www.upc.edu/ http://www3.du.se/english/Institut de Barcelona d’ Estudis Internacionals Barcelona Falunhttp://www.ibei.org/web_new/eng/home.asp DI Code: 9204 DI Code: 7232BarcelonaDI Code: 6567 Universitat Pompeu Fabra Jonkoping International Business School http://www.upf.es/english/web/ http://www.ihh.hj.se/eng/Instituto de Empresa Business School Barcelona Jonkopinghttp://www.ie.edu/ DI Code: 0208 DI Code: 8487MadridDI Code: 0707 Universitat Pompeu Fabra-MBA Unit Konstfack University-College of Art, Design & Craft http://www.upf.edu/english/web/ http://www.konstfack.se/International University of Southern Europe- Barcelona StockolmMadrid Business School DI Code: 1207 DI Code: 0900http://www.madrid.uibs.org/Barcelona University of Barcelona-LL.M. International Linkopings UniversitetDI Code: 3952 Economic Law & Policy http://www.liu.se/en/ http://www.ielpo.org/ LinkopingLa Caixa de Cataluna/Baleares Barcelona DI Code: 0101Barcelona DI Code: 4492DI Code: 9571 Linnaeus University University of Valladolid http://lnu.se/?l=en http://www.universityofvalladolid.uva.es/ VaxjoLa Salle University-Business Engineering School-Spain Valladolid DI Code: 7677http://www.lasalleuniversities.net/ DI Code: 5878Barcelona Lulea University of TechnologyDI Code: 8934 US-Spain Educational Commission http://www.ltu.se/english Madrid LuleaLanguage Campus DI Code: 9214 DI Code: 8871http://www.language-campus.com/La LagunaDI Code: 2822www.ets.org/toefl TOEFL Destinations 38
    • TOEFL DESTINATIONS DIRECTORY Updated January 2012Lund University Hotel Institute Montreuxhttp://www.lu.se/o.o.i.s/45 switzerLand http://www.him.ch/Lund American Graduate School of Business MontreuxDI Code: 0089 http://www.agsb.ch/ DI Code: 2670Malardalen University La Tour De Peliz Hotel Management Schoolhttp://www.mdh.se/ DI Code: 9756 http://www.ihtti.com/Eskilstuna American International School-Zurich ClarensDI Code: 8506 http://www.zis.ch/ DI Code: 9827Malmo University Kilchberg Inlingua-Baselhttp://www.mah.se/ DI Code: 9927 http://www.inlingua.ch/basel/startseite/Malmo Art Center College of Design-Europe BerneDI Code: 2147 http://www.artcenter.edu/ DI Code: 0308National Admissions Office of Higher Education La Tour De Peilz Institut Auf Dem RosenbergStockholm DI Code: 9523 http://www.instrosenberg.ch/home-eDI Code: 9520 Business & Management University St.Gallen http://www.bmuniversity.com/bmu/ DI Code: 2012National Board of University/Colleges UHA Geneva Institute Le RoseyStockholm DI Code: 8478 http://www.rosey.ch/DI Code: 0242 Business School Lausanne Gstaad http://www.bsl-lausanne.ch/ DI Code: 9649Orebro University Chavannes-Pres-Renens Institute of Internationl Education-Hungaryhttp://www.oru.se/ DI Code: 0018 http://www.iie.org/Orebro College du Leman ZurichDI Code: 8933 http://www.cdl.ch/ DI Code: 9470Stockholm School of Economics Geneva International School of Genevahttp://www.hhs.se/Pages/default.aspx DI Code: 8100 http://www.ecolint.ch/ecolint/ch/en-ch/index.cfmStockholm DCT University Center-Switzerland GenevaDI Code: 6799 http://www.dct.edu DI Code: 8170Stockholm University Vitznau International University of Genevahttp://www.su.se/english/ DI Code: 7818 http://www.iun.ch/index.cfmStockholm Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne GenevaDI Code: 0008 http://www.ehl.ch/ DI Code: 0130Swedish Biodiversity Centre Lausanne KS Kaderschulenhttp://www.cbm.slu.se/ DI Code: 9090 http://www.kaderschulen.ch/Uppsala Educatis U-AG St GallenDI Code: 3326 www.educatis.org DI Code: 0392Swedish University of Agricultural Science Altdorf Ur Kumon Leysin Academy of Switzerlandhttp://www.slu.se/?id=58 DI Code: 7378 http://www.kumon.ac.jp/klas/english/life/leysin/Uppsala Eigenossische Technische Hochschule LeysinDI Code: 1185 http://www.ethz.ch/ DI Code: 8077The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm (KTH) Zurich Landegg Academyhttp://www.kth.se/eng/ DI Code: 9038 WienachtStockholm EPFL Ecole Polytechnique Lausanne DI Code: 0052DI Code: 7966 http://www.epfl.chUmea Universitet-Undergraduate Lausanne Lemania Collegehttp://www.umu.se/umu/index_eng.html DI Code: 3253 http://www.lemania.com/plan/lausanne_map.htmUmea European Graduate School LausanneDI Code: 7843 http://www.egs.edu/ DI Code: 8166University College-Boras Leuk-Stadt Les Roches Gruyere-University of Applied Sciences Switzerlandhttp://www.hb.se/english/ DI Code: 7394 http://www.lrguas.ch/les_roches_gruyere/en/en-en/index.cfmBoras European Nazarene College ClarensDI Code: 0568 http://www.eunc.edu/ DI Code: 3864University of Dance and Circus Busingen Leysin American Schoolhttp://www.doch.se/web/In_English.aspx DI Code: 7859 http://www.las.ch/Stockholm European University-Aeroport LeysinDI Code: 7792 http://www.euruni.edu/ DI Code: 8013University of Gavle Geneva Swiss Business Schoolhttp://www.hig.se/ DI Code: 9491 http://www.sbs.edu/Gavle European University-Cham Zurich FlughafenDI Code: 8959 http://www.euruni.edu DI Code: 3722University of Kalmar Cham Zug Swiss Finance Institutehttp://www.hik.se/english/ DI Code: 9184 http://www.swissfinanceinstitute.ch/Kalmar European University-Crans-Montana GenevaDI Code: 0109 http://www.euruni.edu/ DI Code: 3085University of Skovde Crans Montana Swiss Hotel Management Schoolhttp://www.his.se/ DI Code: 9490 http://shms.ch/Skovde European University-Font Montreux LeysinDI Code: 8502 http://www.euruni.edu/ DI Code: 2195University of Trollhattan Montreau Swiss School of Tourism & HospitalityTrollhattan DI Code: 9270 http://www.ssth.ch/DI Code: 8622 Franklin College-Switzerland Chur http://www.fc.edu/ DI Code: 0358Uppsala University-Admissions Office Sorengo The American School in Switzerlandhttp://info.uu.se/fakta.nsf/sidor/uppsala.university.id5D.html DI Code: 0922 http://www.tasis.com/Switzerland/Uppsala Glion Institute of Higher Education-Switzerland MontagnolaDI Code: 0247 http://www.glion.edu/ DI Code: 9143Uppsala University-Department of Economics Clarens Universite IFM Genevehttp://www.nek.uu.se/ DI Code: 7337 http://www.universiteifm.com/Upsala Graduate Institute of International Studies Geneve-SuisseDI Code: 7996 http://hei.unige.ch/ DI Code: 8637Vaxjo University Geneva University of Applied Sciences HTW-Churhttp://vxu.se/english/ DI Code: 8909 http://www.fh-htwchur.ch/Home-HTW-Chur.1..html?&L=1Vaxjo Graduate Institute of International Studies-HEI ChurDI Code: 0482 http://hei.unige.ch/ DI Code: 0450World Maritime University Geneva University of Business & Finance-Switzerlandhttp://www.wmu.se/ DI Code: 1205 http://www.ubfs.ch/Malmo Graduate School of Business Administration Zurich- WettingenDI Code: 9198 Oekreal Foundation DI Code: 8447 Zurich University of Geneva International Organizations MBA DI Code: 0705 http://www2.iomba.ch/www/index.php HEC-Lausanne Geneva http://www.hec.unil.ch/ DI Code: 5374 Dorigny DI Code: 0378www.ets.org/toefl TOEFL Destinations 39
    • TOEFL DESTINATIONS DIRECTORY Updated January 2012University of Geneva-Switzerland National Central University-School of Management Burapha Universityhttp://www.unige.ch/en/ http://www.mgt.ncu.edu.tw/en/introduction.php http://www.buu.ac.th/webeng/english.htmlGeneva Jhongli City ChonburiDI Code: 0771 DI Code: 4427 DI Code: 0587University of St. Gallen National Chengchi University Chulalongkorn Universityhttp://www.unisg.ch/ http://www.nccu.edu.tw/english/main.php http://www.chula.ac.th/cuweb_enSt Gallen Taipei BangkokDI Code: 7202 DI Code: 9993 DI Code: 0227University of St. Gallen-Institution of Management National Chiao Tung University Chulalongkorn University-BBAhttp://www.unisg.ch/ http://www.nctu.edu.tw/english/ http://bba.acc.chula.ac.th/exchange/exchange.htmlSt. Gallen Hsinchu BangkokDI Code: 8480 DI Code: 8715 DI Code: 4559University of St. Gallen-MBA Programme National Chung Hsing University Chulalongkorn University-Faculty Commerce & Accountancyhttp://www.unisg.ch/ http://www.nchu.edu.tw/ http://bba.acc.chula.ac.th/exchange/exchange.htmlSt Gallen Taichung BangkokDI Code: 0198 DI Code: 0019 DI Code: 0403University of Zurich National Sun Yat-Sen University Chulalongkorn University-Sasin Graduate Institute ofhttp://www.uzh.ch/ http://www.oia.nsysu.edu.tw/english/index.php Business AdministrationZurich Kaohsiung http://www.sasin.edu/DI Code: 0348 DI Code: 7766 Bangkok DI Code: 9318Valeur Plus National Taiwan Universityhttp://www.valeurplus.ch http://www.ntu.edu.tw/english/main.html Department of Technology & Economic CoopLausanne Taipei BangkokDI Code: 0678 DI Code: 0802 DI Code: 9275Wall Street Institute-School of English-Neuchatel National Taiwan University-College of Managementhttp://www.wsi.ch/index1.php http://web.management.ntu.edu.tw/English/NtuMBA/index.asp Dhurakij Pundit University International CollegeNeuchatel Taipei http://www.dpu.ac.th/dpuic/DI Code: 0747 DI Code: 8537 Bangkok DI Code: 6599Webster University-Geneva South China Overseas Study Centerhttp://www.webster.ch/ Taipei East-West Center University-ThailandBellevue DI Code: 2229 http://www.eastwestcenter.org/DI Code: 0546 Bangkok DI Code: 9349World Meteorological Organization Southern Taiwan Universityhttp://www.wmo.ch/ http://www.stut.edu.tw/english_version/ Institute of International Education-ThailandGeneva Yungkang City http://www.iiethai.org/DI Code: 9136 DI Code: 4527 Bangkok DI Code: 9343Zurich School for Translation & Interpretation Taipei American SchoolZurich http://www.tas.edu.tw/ International School of Engineering-ChulalongkornDI Code: 0445 Taipei http://www.ise.eng.chula.ac.th/web/ DI Code: 8026 Bangkok DI Code: 5960 Trinity http://www.trinity.edu/ International School-Bangkok Hsinchu http://www.isb.ac.th/syria DI Code: 0638 Nonthaburi DI Code: 8084Al Waseet Language Center Tzu Chi College of Technologyhttp://alwaseetcenter.com/website/index.php http://www.tccn.edu.tw/ Kasem Bundit UniversityLattakia Hualien http://www.kbu.ac.thDI Code: 1774 DI Code: 8987 Minburi DI Code: 3860AMIDEAST-Damascushttp://www.amideast.org/ Kasem Bundit UniversityDamascus http://www.kbu.ac.thDI Code: 9522 tanzania Suan Luang DI Code: 8998Damascus University East Coast Collegehttp://www.damasuniv.shern.net/ http://www.eastcoastcollege.org Kasetsart UniversityDamascus Dar es Salaam http://www.ku.ac.th/DI Code: 4454 DI Code: 7893 Bangkok DI Code: 9341Icarda International School of Aleppo International School-Moshihttp://www.icarda.org/ http://www.ismoshi.org/index.htm King Mongkut’s Institute of TechnologyAleppo Kilimanjaro http://www.kmitnb.ac.th/english/DI Code: 8159 DI Code: 9432 Thonburi DI Code: 9255Syrian Virtual University U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) TanzaniaDamascus http://tanzania.usaid.gov/ Mahidol University-Faculty of Graduate StudiesDI Code: 7684 Dar Es Salaam http://www.grad.mahidol.ac.th/grad/home/index_en.php DI Code: 9660 Nakhonpathom DI Code: 0391 National Institute of Development Administration http://www.nida.ac.th/en/taiwan thaiLand Bangkok DI Code: 0302Academia Sinica American Language Institute-Thailandhttp://www.sinica.edu.tw/main_e.shtml Bangkok Office of the Civil Service Commission-ThailandNankang Taipei DI Code: 9344 http://www.ocsc.go.th/DI Code: 7142 Bangkok DI Code: 9713College of Technology Management-National Tsing Hua University American Way English Schoolhttp://imba.nthu.edu.tw/ Bangkok Payap UniversityHsinchu DI Code: 3363 http://ic.payap.ac.th/DI Code: 1086 Chiang Mai DI Code: 5948Foundation of Scholarly Exchange Asian Institute of Technologyhttp://www.fulbright.org.tw/ http://www.ait.ac.th/ Prince of Songkla UniversityTaipei Bangkok http://www.psu.ac.th/DI Code: 9253 DI Code: 0918 Phuket DI Code: 9058Fu Jen Catholic University Assumption Universityhttp://www.fju.edu.tw/eng_fju/index.htm http://www.au.edu Rajamangala University Technical Tawan-OKTaipei Hsien Bangkok ChonburiDI Code: 0829 DI Code: 0706 DI Code: 8902Ming Chuan University Bangkok International Academichttp://www.mcu.edu.tw/englishpage/study_in_taiwan.asp Bangkok Ramkhamhaeng UniversityGwei-Shan-Taoyuan DI Code: 1599 http://www.ru.ac.th/english/DI Code: 8926 Bangkok DI Code: 9254Ministry of Education Taiwan Bangkok Krung Thep Universityhttp://english.moe.gov.tw/mp.asp?mp=1 http://www.bu.ac.th/english/ Ruamrudee International SchoolTaipei Bangkok http://www1.rism.ac.th/25/index.aspDI Code: 9145 DI Code: 0697 Minburi Bangkok DI Code: 9741www.ets.org/toefl TOEFL Destinations 40
    • TOEFL DESTINATIONS DIRECTORY Updated January 2012Shinawatra University Istanbul Kultur Universityhttp://www.shinawatra.ac.th/ turKey http://eng.iku.edu.tr/Samkok Aci High School StanbulDI Code: 0379 http://www.acischool.k12.tr/ DI Code: 0263Siam University Istanbul Istanbul Language Centerhttp://www.siam.edu/ DI Code: 3323 http://www.ilm.com.tr/english/index.aspBangkok Anadolu Electrical Engineering IstanbulDI Code: 0377 Eskisehir DI Code: 0685St. Theresa International College DI Code: 7193 Istanbul Sehir Universityhttp://www.stic.ac.th/ www.sehir.edu.trBangkok Anadolu Hayat Emeklilik IstanbulDI Code: 0585 http://www.anadoluhayat.com.tr/ DI Code: 8493Stamford International University Levent Istanbul Istanbul Technical Universityhttp://www.stamford.edu/ DI Code: 1333 http://www.itu.edu.tr/Bangkok Atilim University IstanbulDI Code: 0459 http://www.atilim.edu.tr/yw/ DI Code: 7117Thai Christian School Ankara Izmir Institute of Advanced Educationhttp://www.tc.ac.th/ DI Code: 0299 http://www.iztech.edu.tr/Bangkok Aydil Language School Uckuyular IzmirDI Code: 0688 http://www.ay-dil.com/eng/aydildilokulu.asp DI Code: 9021Thailand United States Education Foundation Kocasinan Izmir Institute of Technologyhttp://www.fulbrightthai.org/ DI Code: 0642 http://www.iyte.edu.trBangkok Bahcesehir High School for Science and Technology IzmirDI Code: 9370 http://www.bahcesehir.k12.tr/ DI Code: 8384Thammasat University Istanbul Izmir University of Economicshttp://www.tu.ac.th/ DI Code: 7526 http://www.iue.edu.tr/Bangkok Bahcesehir University IzmirDI Code: 9384 http://www.bahcesehir.edu.tr/ DI Code: 4437Thammasat University-Business School Istanbul Kadir Has University English Preparatory Programhttp://www.tu.ac.th/ DI Code: 7773 http://www.khas.edu.tr/en/academic/units-attached-to-the-rectorate/Bangkok Baskent University english-preparatory-school/exams-and-grade-system.htmlDI Code: 8903 http://www.baskent.edu.tr/english/ Cibali Ankara DI Code: 7524Thammasat University-Pridi Banomyong International Collegehttp://www.pbic.tu.ac.th/ DI Code: 6974 Koc Ozel LisesiBangkok Bilkent University http://www.kocschool.k12.tr/DI Code: 4219 http://www.bilkent.edu.tr/ Pendik Istanbul Ankara DI Code: 8006Thammasat University-Sirindhorn InternationalInstitute of Technology DI Code: 0620 Koc Universityhttp://www.siit.tu.ac.th/ Bogazici Universitesi http://www.ku.edu.tr/Pathumthani http://www.boun.edu.tr/index_eng.html Saryyer-IstanbulDI Code: 0091 Istanbul DI Code: 0163The Dean Inter DI Code: 0796 Kokdil School of Languageshttp://www.thedeaninter.com/ Council of Higher Education AdanaBangkok http://www.yok.gov.tr/english/index_en.htm DI Code: 7286DI Code: 0629 AnkaraU S A I D / THAILAND DI Code: 7994 Kuveyt Turk Participation Bankwww.usaid.gov/pubs/cbj23/ane/th/ Delta Dil Kursu http://www.kuveytturk.com.tr/pages/default.aspxBangkok http://www.deltadilkursu.com.tr/ IstanbulDI Code: 9474 Seyhan DI Code: 7484Webster University Information Center DI Code: 6778 Mermaid Language Centerhttp://www.webster.edu/thailand/Admissions.html Dilko English Taksim IstanbulBangkok http://www.dilkoenglish.com/ DI Code: 7492DI Code: 7954 IstanbulWinrock International-Bangkok DI Code: 7678 Mevlana UniversityBangkok Dogru Education http://www.mevlana.edu.tr/DI Code: 9608 Istanbul Adana Selcuklu DI Code: 6743 DI Code: 3376 Middle East Technical University Dogus University http://www.metu.edu.tr/ www.dogus.edu.tr Ankaratonga Istanbul DI Code: 0692Liahona High School DI Code: 7353 Okan Universityhttp://liahonahigh.tripod.com/students.html Eastern Mediterranean University http://www.okan.edu.trNuku Alofa http://www.emu.edu.tr/English/welcome.htm IstanbulDI Code: 9390 Famagusta DI Code: 7872Saineha High School DI Code: 8568 Ozyegin UniversityNeiafu Evren Foreign Language School http://www.ozyegin.edu.tr/main/default.aspDI Code: 9226 Eskisehr Uskudar DI Code: 0713 DI Code: 5991 Robert College Firat University http://portal.robcol.k12.tr/ http://www.firat.edu.tr/engweb/ Istanbultrinidad/tobago Elazig DI Code: 9591University of West Indies Trinidad DI Code: 0605 Sabanci Universitesihttp://sta.uwi.edu/index.asp Galatasaray University http://www.sabanciuniv.edu/tr/St Augustine http://www.gsu.edu.tr/en/ Tuzla-IstanbulDI Code: 0778 Ortakoy DI Code: 7100 DI Code: 0067 Selcuk Universitesi-Faculty of Dentistry ISIK University http://www.selcuk.edu.tr http://en.isikun.edu.tr/en/ Konyatunisia Istanbul DI Code: 3239American Coop School of Tunis DI Code: 6512 Tobb University of Economics & Technologyhttp://www.acst.net/ Istanbul Aydin University http://www.etu.edu.tr/?page=8&lang=enUSTunis http://aydin.edu.tr/erasmus/ AnkaraDI Code: 8093 Istanbul DI Code: 0453AMIDEAST-Tunisia DI Code: 6854 Turkish International Prep Schoolhttp://www.amideast.org/offices/tunisia/default.htm Istanbul Bilgi University http://www.tippsonline.com/Belvedere http://www.ibun.edu.tr/ IstanbulDI Code: 9182 Dolapdere Istanbul DI Code: 8205The European College DI Code: 8256 Turkish Police Headquartershttp://www.theeuropeancollege.com AnkaraHammamsousse DI Code: 0899DI Code: 5865www.ets.org/toefl TOEFL Destinations 41
    • TOEFL DESTINATIONS DIRECTORY Updated January 2012Turkiye IS Bankasi Brunel University West London-Admissions Dulwich Collegehttp://www.isbank.com.tr/ http://www.brunel.ac.uk/ http://www.dulwich.org.uk/Levent Istanbul Middlesex LondonDI Code: 1239 DI Code: 0238 DI Code: 7239Uskudar American Academy Brunel University West London-International Office Durham Universityhttp://www.uaa.k12.tr/ http://www.brunel.ac.uk/international http://www.dur.ac.uk/Istanbul Uxbridge Middlesex DurhamDI Code: 8063 DI Code: 9960 DI Code: 5488Yasar University Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College Durham University-Postgraduate Admissionshttp://www.yasar.edu.tr/ http://www.bcuc.ac.uk/ http://www.dur.ac.uk/Izmir High Wycombe DurhamDI Code: 4881 DI Code: 1244 DI Code: 0831Yeditepe University Burlington School of English Durham University-Undergraduate Admissionshttp://www.yeditepe.edu.tr http://www.burlingtonschool.co.uk/ http://www.dur.ac.uk/Kayisdagi London DurhamDI Code: 7050 DI Code: 8374 DI Code: 0502Yildiz Technical University Calvary Chapel York Bible College EC Brightonhttp://www.yildiz.edu.tr http://www.ccbcy.com/ http://www.ecenglish.com/school-locations/learn-english-in-brightonIstanbul York BrightonDI Code: 9856 DI Code: 7490 DI Code: 7551 Canterbury Christ Church University EC London http://www.canterbury.ac.uk/ http://www.ecenglish.com/school-locations/learn-english-in-london Canterbury Londonuganda DI Code: 1675 DI Code: 7554International School of Uganada Cardiff College International Edge Hill Universityhttp://www.isu.ac.ug/ Cardiff http://www.edgehill.ac.uk/internationalKampala DI Code: 8344 OrmskirkDI Code: 1868 DI Code: 3578Skills Resource Center Ltd Cass Business School, City University London Edinburgh College of ArtKampala http://www.cass.city.ac.uk/ http://www.eca.ac.uk/DI Code: 1241 London Edinburgh DI Code: 7650 DI Code: 0382 CATS Cambridge Edinburgh Napier University http://www.ceg-uk.com/catscambs/static/home/ http://www.napier.ac.uk/ Cambridge EdinburghuK-engLand DI Code: 6509 DI Code: 4475American InterContinental University-London CATS Canterbury EThames Graduate Schoolhttp://www.aiuniv.edu/London http://www.ceg-uk.com/en/catscant/ http://www.etgs.org.uk/site/livecampus.asp?st=3London Kent LondonDI Code: 0645 DI Code: 6475 DI Code: 7195Andy Davidson College Chichester College European College of Business & Managementhttp://www.andydavidsoncollege.com/ http://www.chichester.ac.uk/ http://eurocollege.ahk.de/index.php?id=82&L=15Battersea Chichester LondonDI Code: 7489 DI Code: 7340 DI Code: 0355Anglia Ruskin University City University-London European School of Economics-Londonhttp://www.anglia.ac.uk/ruskin/en/home.html http://www.city.ac.uk/ http://www.eselondon.ac.uk/Cambridge London LondonDI Code: 0487 DI Code: 0870 DI Code: 5977Anglian College London City University-London-Evening MBA Excel Collegehttp://www.angliancollege.co.uk/ http://www.city.ac.uk/ell/postgrad/index.html http://www.excel-college.com/London London ManchesterDI Code: 6954 DI Code: 0839 DI Code: 2714Anglo European College of Chiropractic City University-London-International EMBA Future Training Internationalhttp://www.aecc.ac.uk/ http://www.city.ac.uk/pgrad/entry.htm http://www.futurecollege.co.uk/Bournemouth London WembleyDI Code: 1582 DI Code: 7108 DI Code: 7109Arts University College at Bournemouth College Engineering Mgmt Ltd Gemological Institute of America-Londonhttp://www.aib.ac.uk http://www.lcoem.com/ http://www.gialondon.co.uk/Dorset Barking LondonDI Code: 3872 DI Code: 7482 DI Code: 8932Ashridge Business School College of Central London Gemological Institute of America-London-Business Schoolhttp://www.ashridge.org.uk/ www.central-college.com http://www.gialondon.co.uk/Hertfordshire Hackney LondonDI Code: 0619 DI Code: 7382 DI Code: 8867Aston University College of North West London Greenwich London Collgehttp://www.aston.ac.uk/ http://www2.cnwl.ac.uk/ http://www.greenwichlondoncollege.co.uk/Birmingham London LondonDI Code: 0869 DI Code: 7683 DI Code: 6693Azad University in Oxford Coventry University Greenwich School of Managementhttp://www.auox.org.uk/ http://www.coventry.ac.uk/cu/international http://www.greenwich-college.ac.uk/Oxford Coventry LondonDI Code: 7187 DI Code: 0589 DI Code: 7200Bell Centres Coventry University Foundation Campus Health Professions Councilhttp://www.bell-centres.com/ http://www.ceg-uk.com/en/coventry/home/ http://www.hpc-uk.org/Essex Coventry LondonDI Code: 0095 DI Code: 6504 DI Code: 1544Bellerbys College Cranfield University Holborn Collegehttp://www.bellerbys.com http://www.cranfield.ac.uk/ http://www.holborncollege.ac.uk/Brighton Redfordshire LondonDI Code: 3664 DI Code: 0822 DI Code: 6924Bournemouth University CSVPA Hopwood Hall Collegehttp://www.bournemouth.ac.uk/ http://www.ceg-uk.com/csvpa/static/home/ http://www.hopwood.ac.uk/Bournemouth Cambridge MiddletonDI Code: 0580 DI Code: 6463 DI Code: 1875Bournemouth University-Business School David Game College Hult International Business Schoolhttp://business.bournemouth.ac.uk/ http://www.icms.edu.au/ http://www.hult.edu/Bournemouth London LondonDI Code: 0592 DI Code: 0524 DI Code: 9712Bradford College De Montfort University Hult International Business School-Londonwww.bradfordcollege.ac.uk http://www.dmu.ac.uk/ http://www.hult.edu/masters-program/indexBradford Leicester LondonDI Code: 8855 DI Code: 0148 DI Code: 6622www.ets.org/toefl TOEFL Destinations 42
    • TOEFL DESTINATIONS DIRECTORY Updated January 2012IIM Bedford Keele University London Churchill Collegehttp://www.iimbedford.co.uk http://www.keele.ac.uk/ http://www.londonchurchillcollege.co.ukLuton Staffordshire Keele LondonDI Code: 7825 DI Code: 0618 DI Code: 8349Impact International College Kensington College of Business London College of Fashionhttp://www.impactcollege.org/ http://www.kensingtoncoll.ac.uk/ http://www.fashion.arts.ac.uk/Reading London LondonDI Code: 7575 DI Code: 0376 DI Code: 6503Imperial College London-Wye Campus Kensington College of Business London College of Researchhttp://www.imperial.ac.uk/wyecampus/ http://www.kensingtoncoll.ac.uk http://www.lcrl.org.uk/Kent London ReadingDI Code: 0552 DI Code: 8343 DI Code: 5563Imperial College of Science & Technology Kent College of Business and Computing London College of Commercehttp://www.ic.ac.uk/ http://kcbc-online.co.uk/ http://www.lcc.eu.com/London Gillingham LondonDI Code: 0891 DI Code: 7567 DI Code: 7780Institute of Ismaili Studies King’s College of Management London College of Science & Technologyhttp://www.iis.ac.uk http://www.kcmmanchester.co.uk/ www.lcstweb.euLondon Manchester LondonDI Code: 7310 DI Code: 6910 DI Code: 8785International Foundation Campus King’s College-London London Consultancy Centrehttp://www.coventry.ac.uk/cu/international http://www.kcl.ac.uk/ http://www.learninlondon.com/Coventry London LondonDI Code: 1343 DI Code: 0394 DI Code: 7423International Study Centre-Heriot Watt King’s College-London-Biomedical Health Sciences London Film Schoolhttp://www.studygroup.com/isc/heriotwatt http://www.kcl.ac.uk/ http://www.lfs.org.uk/Brighton London LondonDI Code: 3696 DI Code: 4144 DI Code: 6453International Study Centre-Huddersfield Kingston College London Metropolitan Universityhttp://www.studygroup.com/isc/huddersfield/ http://www.kingston-college.ac.uk/ http://www.londonmet.ac.uk/Brighton Kingston On Thames LondonDI Code: 3697 DI Code: 6783 DI Code: 0519International Study Centre-Leicester Kingston University London School of Accountancy & Managementhttp://www.studygroup.com/isc/leicester http://www.kingston.ac.uk/ http://www.londonsam.org.uk/Brighton Surrey LondonDI Code: 3705 DI Code: 0785 DI Code: 7201International Study Centre-Liverpool John Moores Lancaster University London School of Business & Financehttp://www.studygroup.com/isc/ljmu http://www.lancs.ac.uk/ http://www.lsbf.org.uk/Brighton Lancaster LondonDI Code: 3727 DI Code: 0801 DI Code: 8635International Study Centre-Surrey Lancaster University-International Study Centre London School of Business & Finance Indiahttp://www.studygroup.com/isc/surrey http://www.studygroup.com/isc/lancaster/ http://www.lsbf.org.uk/india/home.htmlBrighton Brighton LondonDI Code: 3736 DI Code: 3630 DI Code: 7451International University of Europe Leeds College of Music London School of Business & ManagementWaterford http://www.lcm.ac.uk/ http://www.lsbm.org.uk/DI Code: 0729 Leeds London DI Code: 0287 DI Code: 4631INTO City University London Leeds Metropolitan University London School of Commercewww.intohigher.com/city http://www.lmu.ac.uk/ http://www.lsclondon.co.uk/Brighton Leeds LondonDI Code: 8362 DI Code: 0099 DI Code: 0415INTO Manchester Leeds Professional College London School of Economics & Political Sciencewww.intohigher.com/manchester http://www.lpcollege.org.uk/ http://www.lse.ac.uk/Brighton Leeds LondonDI Code: 8369 DI Code: 7781 DI Code: 0972INTO Newcastle University Leyton College London School of Management and Development Studieswww.intohigher.com/newcastle http://www.leytoncollege.co.uk/ www.lsmds.co.ukBrighton London LondonDI Code: 8368 DI Code: 8348 DI Code: 8993INTO Queens University Belfast Lincoln University London South Bank Foundation Campuswww.intohigher.com/queens http://www.lincoln.ac.uk/home/ http://www.ceg-uk.com/en/lsbu/home/Brighton Lincoln LondonDI Code: 8366 DI Code: 2701 DI Code: 6496INTO Scotland Liverpool Hope University London South Bank Universitywww.intohigher.com/scotland http://www.hope.ac.uk http://www.lsbu.ac.uk/Brighton Liverpool LondonDI Code: 8363 DI Code: 3557 DI Code: 3930INTO St. George’s University of London Liverpool John Moores University London Theological Seminarywww.intohigher.com/sgul http://www.livjm.ac.uk/ http://www.ltslondon.org/Brighton Liverpool LondonDI Code: 8371 DI Code: 9089 DI Code: 7568INTO UEA London Llandrillo College Loughborough Universitywww.intohigher.com/scotland http://www.llandrillo-international.com http://www.lboro.ac.uk/Brighton Colwyn Bay LoughboroughDI Code: 8367 DI Code: 8356 DI Code: 0815INTO University of East Anglia London Academy of Dressmaking/Design Manchester City College of Technologywww.intohigher.com/uea http://londonacademy.com/ http://www.mcct.co.uk/Brighton London ManchesterDI Code: 8364 DI Code: 7220 DI Code: 7576INTO University of Exeter London BMS Manchester Metropolitan Universitywww.intohigher.com/exeter www.londonbms.co.uk http://www.mmu.ac.uk/Brighton Surrey ManchesterDI Code: 8370 DI Code: 8350 DI Code: 0240INTO University Partnerships London Business College Maritime Greenwich Collegehttp://www.into.uk.com/ http://www.lbcollege.ac/ http://www.greenwichcollege.co.uk/Brighton London WoolwichDI Code: 3035 DI Code: 6595 DI Code: 7891Istituto Marangoni London Business School Mayfair School of Englishhttp://www.istitutomarangoni.com/index_london.html http://www.london.edu/ http://www.mayfairschool.co.ukLondon London LondonDI Code: 6142 DI Code: 0898 DI Code: 8827www.ets.org/toefl TOEFL Destinations 43
    • TOEFL DESTINATIONS DIRECTORY Updated January 2012Met Film School Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama Trinity College-Londonhttp://www.metfilmschool.co.uk http://www.rwcmd.ac.uk/ http://www.trinitycollege.co.uk/London Cardiff CarmarthenDI Code: 8359 DI Code: 7447 DI Code: 8895Middlesex University SAE Institute Liverpool UCL Language Centrehttp://www.mdx.ac.uk/ http://liverpool.sae.edu/en-gb/home/ http://www.ucl.ac.uk/language-centre/London Liverpool LondonDI Code: 9719 DI Code: 8905 DI Code: 3745Myesrcough College SAE Institute London Union Collegehttp://www.myerscough.ac.uk/ http://london.sae.edu/en-gb/home/ http://www.unionky.edu/Acad/UCLondon/BachelorsDegrees.aspPreston London LondonDI Code: 7341 DI Code: 7521 DI Code: 7332Napier University SAE Institute Oxford United States International University-Europehttp://www.napier.ac.uk/ http://oxford.sae.edu/en-gb/home/ HertfordshireEdinburgh Oxford DI Code: 9733DI Code: 8894 DI Code: 7434Newcastle College Sassoon Academy University College Birminghamhttp://www.ncl-coll.ac.uk/ http://www.sassoon.com/ http://www.ucb.ac.uk/home.aspxNewcastle Upon Tyne London BirminghamDI Code: 5449 DI Code: 7019 DI Code: 1748Newcastle University Saudi Embassy-UK University College Falmouthhttp://www.ncl.ac.uk/ http://saudiarabia.embassyhomepage.com/sitemap.htm http://www.falmouth.ac.uk/Newcastl Tyne London FalmouthDI Code: 0752 DI Code: 6772 DI Code: 4143Norwich University College of the Arts Scarborough College University College-Londonhttp://www.nuca.ac.uk http://www.scarboroughcollege.co.uk/ http://www.ucl.ac.uk/Norwich North Yorkshire LondonDI Code: 7927 DI Code: 8666 DI Code: 9163Nottingham Trent International College Schiller International University-London Campus University of Bathhttp://www.ntic.org.uk/ http://www.schillerlondon.ac.uk/ http://www.bath.ac.uk/Nottingham London BathDI Code: 8291 DI Code: 0422 DI Code: 0971Nottingham Trent University School of Advanced Study, University of London University of Bedfordshirehttp://www.ntu.ac.uk/ http://www.sas.ac.uk/ http://www.beds.ac.uk/Nottingham London LutonDI Code: 9098 DI Code: 6707 DI Code: 0500Oxford Brookes University Sheffield Hallam University University of Birminghamhttp://www.brookes.ac.uk/ http://www.shu.ac.uk/ http://www.bham.ac.uk/default.aspOxford Sheffield BirminghamDI Code: 0178 DI Code: 9091 DI Code: 0968Oxford School of English Sheffield Hallam University-School of Business & Finance University of Bradfordwww.oxfordschoolofenglish.com http://www.shu.ac.uk/ http://www.bradford.ac.uk/external/Oxford Sheffield West YorkshireDI Code: 7824 DI Code: 0640 DI Code: 0828Padworth College SNT International College University of Bradford-Institute of Cancer Therapeuticshttp://www.padworth.com http://www.sntcollege.co.uk/ http://www.cancer.brad.ac.uk/Berkshire Bournemouth BradfordDI Code: 8352 DI Code: 7563 DI Code: 4266Priory Training/Enterprise Ltd South Chelsea College University of Brightonhttp://www.priorytraining.org.uk/ http://www.southchelseacollege.co.uk/ http://www.brighton.ac.uk/Guisborough London BrightonDI Code: 6867 DI Code: 7196 DI Code: 8412Queen Mary University of London Southampton Solent University University of Bristolhttp://www.qmw.ac.uk/ http://www.solent.ac.uk http://www.bris.ac.uk/London Southampton BristolDI Code: 9161 DI Code: 2963 DI Code: 0816Regent’s College Southeastern University-London University of Cambridge Institute Continuing Educationhttp://www.regents.ac.uk/ http://www.seu.edu/ http://www.ice.cam.ac.uk/London Holloway CambridgeDI Code: 2487 DI Code: 0574 DI Code: 7207Richmond-The American International University in London South London College University of Cambridge-Postgraduatehttp://www.richmond.ac.uk/ http://www.southlondoncollege.co.uk http://www.cam.ac.uk/London London CambridgeDI Code: 0823 DI Code: 8353 DI Code: 0908Richmond’s College of Higher Education St. Clare’s-Oxford University of Central England-Birminghamhttp://www.rche.org.uk http://www.stclares.ac.uk/ http://www.uce.ac.uk/Richmond Oxford BirminghamDI Code: 8837 DI Code: 9524 DI Code: 1420Robert Gordon University Staffordshire University University of Central England-Birmingham-Undergraduatehttp://www.rgu.ac.uk/ http://www.staffs.ac.uk/ http://www.uce.ac.uk/Aberdeen Stoke On Trent BirminghamDI Code: 7146 DI Code: 0497 DI Code: 2626Roehampton University Tante Marie Limited University of Central Lancashirehttp://www.roehampton.ac.uk/ www.tantemarie.co.uk http://www.uclan.ac.uk/London Woking PrestonDI Code: 8598 DI Code: 7389 DI Code: 0556Royal College of Art TASIS-The American School in England University of Central Lancashire Foundation Campushttp://www.rca.ac.uk/ http://www.tasis.com/England http://www.ceg-uk.com/en/uclan/home/London Surrey PrestonDI Code: 9079 DI Code: 0444 DI Code: 6502Royal College of Surgeons-England Thames Valley University University of Chesterhttp://www.rwcmd.ac.uk/ http://www.tvu.ac.uk http://www.chester.ac.uk/London London ChesterDI Code: 7254 DI Code: 0047 DI Code: 3886Royal Holloway-University of London The American School in England University of Chichesterhttp://www.rhul.ac.uk/ http://www.tasis.com/England http://www.chi.ac.uk/Egham Surrey Surrey West SussexDI Code: 0441 DI Code: 9647 DI Code: 5961Royal Veterinary College The College of Law University of Derbyhttp://www.rvc.ac.uk/ http://www.college-of-law.co.uk http://www.derby.ac.ukLondon Guildford DerbyDI Code: 3207 DI Code: 8340 DI Code: 3217www.ets.org/toefl TOEFL Destinations 44
    • TOEFL DESTINATIONS DIRECTORY Updated January 2012University of East Anglia University of Manchester-Manchester Business School- University of Westminsterhttp://www1.uea.ac.uk/cm/Home Postgraduate Admissions http://www.wmin.ac.uk/Norwich http://www.mbs.ac.uk/specialist/index.aspx LondonDI Code: 9178 Manchester DI Code: 0338 DI Code: 0804University of East London University of Winchesterhttp://www.uel.ac.uk University of Manchester-School of Medicine http://www.winchester.ac.ukLondon http://www.medicine.manchester.ac.uk WinchesterDI Code: 3562 Manchester DI Code: 7648 DI Code: 2945University of Essex University of Wolverhamptonhttp://www.essex.ac.uk/ University of Manchester-School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceuticals http://www.wlv.ac.uk/Colchester http://www.pharmacy.manchester.ac.uk/ WolverhamptonDI Code: 9836 Manchester DI Code: 6738 DI Code: 4147University of Exeter University of Worcesterhttp://www.exeter.ac.uk/ University of Northampton http://www.worcester.ac.uk/Exeter http://www.northampton.ac.uk/ WorcesterDI Code: 3461 Northampton DI Code: 4186 DI Code: 5982University of Greenwich University of Yorkhttp://www.gre.ac.uk/ University of Northumbria http://www.york.ac.uk/London http://northumbria.ac.uk/ YorkDI Code: 7855 Newcastle Upon Tyne DI Code: 3065 DI Code: 8708University of Hertfordshire Wales International Study Centrehttp://www.herts.ac.uk/ University of Nottingham http://www.studygroup.com/isc/wales/Hatfield http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/ BrightonDI Code: 0493 Nottingham DI Code: 3752 DI Code: 3464University of Huddersfield Walthamstow Business Collegehttp://www.hud.ac.uk/ University of Oxford http://www.wbcollege.co.uk/West Yorkshire http://www.ox.ac.uk/ LondonDI Code: 8418 Oxford DI Code: 7777 DI Code: 0807University of Hull Webster University Londonhttp://www.hull.ac.uk/ University of Oxford-Graduate Admissions http://www.webster.edu/intl/sa/england.htmlHull http://www.admin.ox.ac.uk/gso/ LondonDI Code: 0783 Oxford DI Code: 0549 DI Code: 0490University of Kent West London Collegehttp://www.kent.ac.uk/ University of Plymouth http://www.westlondoncollege.com/Canterbury http://www.plymouth.ac.uk/ LondonDI Code: 6295 Plymouth DI Code: 7241 DI Code: 2242University of Kent at Canterbury West London School of Management & Technologyhttp://www.kent.ac.uk/ University of Portsmouth http://www.wlsmt.org.uk/Caterbry Kent http://www.port.ac.uk/ LondonDI Code: 0826 Portsmouth DI Code: 7651 DI Code: 3234University of Leeds Westbridge Collegehttp://www.leeds.ac.uk/ University of Reading http://www.wbc.acLeeds http://www.reading.ac.uk/ LondonDI Code: 3068 Reading DI Code: 8351 DI Code: 0769University of Leicester Weston Collegehttp://www.le.ac.uk/external/ University of Salford http://www.weston.ac.ukLeicester http://www.salford.ac.uk/ AvonDI Code: 3407 Salford DI Code: 9151 DI Code: 8659University of Lincoln William Shakespeare Collegehttp://www.lincoln.ac.uk/home/ University of Salford-Undergraduate Admissions http://wscollege.co.uk/Hull http://www.salford.ac.uk/ LondonDI Code: 7854 Salford DI Code: 7154 DI Code: 0515University of Liverpool Writtle Collegehttp://www.liverpool.ac.uk/ University of Sheffield http://www.writtle.ac.uk/Liverpool http://www.sheffield.ac.uk/ ChelmsfordDI Code: 0845 Sheffield DI Code: 1436 DI Code: 0846University of London-Birkbeck York Collegehttp://www.bbk.ac.uk/main University of Southampton http://www.yorkcollege.ac.ukLondon http://www.soton.ac.uk/ YorkDI Code: 9961 Southampton DI Code: 7383 DI Code: 9162University of London-External System York St. John Universityhttp://www.londonexternal.ac.uk/ University of Southampton-Winchester School of Art http://www.yorksj.ac.ukLondon http://www.wsa.soton.ac.uk/ YorkDI Code: 4335 Winchester DI Code: 0486 DI Code: 4206University of London-Goldsmith’s College Zen School of Shiatsu Limitedhttp://www.goldsmiths.ac.uk/ University of Stirling-International Study Centre LondonLondon http://www.studygroup.com/isc/stirling/ DI Code: 5685DI Code: 0244 Brighton DI Code: 3637University of London-Institute of Educationhttp://www.ioe.ac.uk/ University of SunderlandLondon http://www.sunderland.ac.uk/DI Code: 4173 Sunderland uK-nothern ireLand DI Code: 3887University of London-London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine Belfast Metropolitan Collegehttp://www.lshtm.ac.uk/ University of Surrey http://www.belfastmet.ac.uk/London http://www.surrey.ac.uk/ BelfastDI Code: 0499 Surrey DI Code: 4518 DI Code: 0554University of London-School of Oriental & African Studies Queen’s University-Belfasthttp://www.soas.ac.uk/ University of Sussex http://www.qub.ac.uk/London http://www.sussex.ac.uk/ BelfastDI Code: 0107 Brighton DI Code: 0805 DI Code: 9166University of London-School of Pharmacy South Eastern Regional Collegehttp://www.pharmacy.ac.uk/ University of Teesside http://www.serc.ac.uk/Pages/default.aspxLondon http://www.tees.ac.uk/ County AntrimDI Code: 4145 Middlesbrough DI Code: 6723 DI Code: 4033University of Manchesterhttp://www.manchester.ac.uk/ University of the Arts-LondonManchester http://www.arts.ac.uk/DI Code: 0757 London uK-scotLand DI Code: 8617University of Manchester-Manchester Business School East- Fettes CollegeUndergraduate Admissions University of Warwick http://www.fettes.com/http://www.mbs.ac.uk/undergraduate/index.aspx http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/ EdinburghManchester Coventry DI Code: 0553DI Code: 0827 DI Code: 0806www.ets.org/toefl TOEFL Destinations 45
    • TOEFL DESTINATIONS DIRECTORY Updated January 2012Glasgow Caledonian University Al Nahda National Schoolhttp://www.gcal.ac.uk/ uK-waLes Abu DhabiGlasgow Aberystwyth University DI Code: 8076DI Code: 4813 http://www.wales.ac.uk/Glasgow College of Nautical Studies Aberystwyth Al Worood Schoolhttp://www.cityofglasgowcollege.ac.uk/courses/nautical-studies DI Code: 0226 http://www.alworood.sch.ae/Glasgow Glyndwr University ˆ Abu DhabiDI Code: 7283 http://www.newi.ac.uk/ DI Code: 8197Glasgow School of Art Wrexham Alhosn Universityhttp://www.gsa.ac.uk/ DI Code: 8719 http://www.alhosnu.ae/alhosnu/home.aspxGlasgow Swansea Institute of Higher Education Abu DhabiDI Code: 8882 http://www.sihe.ac.uk/ DI Code: 0295Heriot-Watt University Swansea American College of Dubaihttp://www.hw.ac.uk/ DI Code: 0575 http://www.centamed.com/site/html/home.htmEdinburgh Swansea University DubaiDI Code: 0951 http://www.swan.ac.uk/ DI Code: 3672Myreside International School of Furniture Swansea American EmbassyEast Lothian DI Code: 0544 Abu DhabiDI Code: 9949 University of Cardiff DI Code: 9221Queen Margaret University http://www.cardiff.ac.uk/http://www.qmu.ac.uk/ Cardiff American International School-Abu DhabiEdinburgh DI Code: 3909 http://www.aisa.sch.ae/DI Code: 3223 University of Glamorgan Abu Dhabi http://www.glam.ac.uk/ DI Code: 8106Royal Scottish Academy of Music & Dramahttp://www.rsamd.ac.uk/ Wales American Language CenterGlasgow DI Code: 8411 Abu DhabiDI Code: 6205 University of Wales DI Code: 9505SAE Institute Glasgow http://www.wales.ac.uk/http://glasgow.sae.edu/en-gb/home/ Swansea American School of DubaiGlasgow DI Code: 0759 http://www.asdubai.org/DI Code: 8901 University of Wales-Bangor Dubai http://www.bangor.ac.uk DI Code: 8080University of Aberdeenhttp://www.abdn.ac.uk/ Bangor American University of Ras Al KhaimahAberdeen DI Code: 0565 http://aur.ae/DI Code: 0818 University of Wales-Institute Cardiff Ras Al Khaimah http://www.wales.ac.uk/newpages/external/E87.asp DI Code: 4574University of Abertay Dundeehttp://www.abertay.ac.uk/ Cardiff American University of SharjahDundee DI Code: 0064 http://www.aus.edu/DI Code: 8970 University of Wales-Swansea Sharjah http://www.swan.ac.uk/ DI Code: 0526University of Dundeehttp://www.dundee.ac.uk/ Swansea American University-DubaiDundee DI Code: 9878 http://www.aud.edu/DI Code: 0857 Wales International Study Centre Dubai http://www.studygroup.com/isc/wales DI Code: 0063University of Edinburghhttp://www.ed.ac.uk/ Brighton Arab Educational ServicesEdinburgh DI Code: 3739 Abu DhabiDI Code: 0917 DI Code: 8576University of Edinburgh-College of Science and Engineeringhttp://www.ed.ac.uk/studying/postgraduate/colleges/science Arabian Culture InstituteEdinburgh uKraine Abu DhabiDI Code: 3768 Chernivtsi National University DI Code: 6789University of Edinburgh-Graduate-College of Humanities and http://www.chnu.cv.ua/index.php?page=enSocial Sciences Chernivtsi British Embassyhttp://www.ed.ac.uk/studying/postgraduate/colleges/humanities DI Code: 0196 http://www.fco.gov.uk/en/travel-and-living-abroad/find-an-embassy/Edinburgh Kyiv University of Law and National Academy of Science middle-east-and-north-africa/embassy-abu-dhabiDI Code: 3760 Kyiv Abu Dhabi DI Code: 7483 DI Code: 6755University of Edinburgh-Graduate-Veterinary Medicinehttp://www.ed.ac.uk/studying/postgraduate/colleges/medicine British University in DubaiEdinburgh Osvita Educational Advising Center http://www.buid.ac.ae/DI Code: 3769 http://www.osvita.org/eng/ Dubai Lviv DI Code: 0168University of Edinburgh-Undergraduate-Medical Scienceshttp://www.ed.ac.uk/studying/undergraduate/finder/index.php?meta=4 DI Code: 3091 Business and Technology Educational CenterEdinburgh http://www.btec.ae/DI Code: 3774 Dubai DI Code: 3894University of Edinburgh-Undergraduate-Veterinary Medicinehttp://www.ed.ac.uk/studying/international united arab emirates Canadian University of DubaiMidlothian Abu Dhabi International Private School www.cud.edu.saDI Code: 3775 http://www.ais.sch.ae/ Dubai Abu Dhabi DI Code: 8793University of Glasgowhttp://www.gla.ac.uk/ DI Code: 8067 Dae UniversityGlasgow Abu Dhabi University http://www.daeuniversity.com/portal/DI Code: 0923 http://www.adu.ac.ae/ Dubai Abu Dhabi DI Code: 4928University of Glasgow-Faculty of Law,Business & Social Sciences DI Code: 0136 Direct Englishhttp://www.gla.ac.uk/lbss/ Al Ain University of Science & Technology http://www.directenglish.info/Glasgow http://www.alainuniversity.ac.ae DubaiDI Code: 4477 Al Ain DI Code: 1217University of St. Andrews DI Code: 3885 Dubai American Academyhttp://www.st-andrews.ac.uk/ Al Khakeej National School http://www.gemsaa-dubai.com/St Andrews http://www.akns.net/ DubaiDI Code: 0861 Dubai DI Code: 8430University of Stirling DI Code: 0633 Dubai University Collegehttp://www.external.stir.ac.uk/ Al Khawarizmi International College http://www.duc.ac.aeStirling http://www.khawarizmi.com/ DubaiDI Code: 0881 Al Ain DI Code: 8239University of Strathclyde DI Code: 0471 East Coast Computer and Language Institutehttp://www.strath.ac.uk/ Al Mawakeb School KalbaaGlasgow http://www.almawakeb.sch.ae/ DI Code: 1775DI Code: 0841 Dubai DI Code: 8113 Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management http://www.emiratesacademy.edu/ Dubai DI Code: 7116www.ets.org/toefl TOEFL Destinations 46
    • TOEFL DESTINATIONS DIRECTORY Updated January 2012Emirates College for Management & Information Technology University of Sharjah Saramen Chuuk Academyhttp://www.ecmit.ac.ae http://www.sharjah.ac.ae/ http://www.scadolphins.org/Dubai Sharjah Weno Chuuk FmDI Code: 0736 DI Code: 7148 DI Code: 8054Emirates Institute of Technology University of Wollongong-Dubai Campus Xavier High Schoolhttp://www.eituae.com/ http://www.uowdubai.ac.ae/ http://www.xaviermicronesia.org/Abu Dhabi Dubai Truk IslandsDI Code: 7858 DI Code: 7907 DI Code: 9448George Mason University-Ras Al Khaimah Zayed Universityhttp://rak.gmu.edu/ http://www.zu.ac.ae/Rak Abu DhabiDI Code: 3812 DI Code: 6051 Northern Mariana IslandsHigher Colleges of Technology Zayed University Commonwealth Marianas Nurses Schoolhttp://www.hct.ac.ae/ http://www.zu.ac.ae/ SaipanAbu Dhabi Dubai DI Code: 9283DI Code: 1992 DI Code: 8269Institute for Cultural & Scientific Studies Eucon International CollegeDubai http://www.eucon.edu/DI Code: 0212 Saipan uruguay DI Code: 1636Institute of Management Technology Alianza Cultural Uruguay-Estados Unidos Eucon International Schoolhttp://www.imtdubai.ac.ae http://www.alianza.edu.uy/ http://www.eucon.edu/default.aspDubai Montevideo Usis SaipanDI Code: 5689 DI Code: 9935 DI Code: 1606International Technology Education Center Instituto Metodista Universitario-Crandon Mariana Islands Education Administrationhttp://www.itec.ae/eng/index.asp http://www.universitariocrandon.edu.uy/ SaipanDubai Montevideo DI Code: 9402DI Code: 1033 DI Code: 0297International Training Institute-Dubai United States Embassy Uruguay Marianas High Schoolhttp://www.ilidubai.com/ www.uruwashi.org http://www.saipan.com/edu/mhs/Dubai Montevideo SaipanDI Code: 7515 DI Code: 9441 DI Code: 9106Islamic Azad University-Dubai Northern Marianas Collegehttp://www.iau.ae/ http://www.nmcnet.edu/Dubai SaipanDI Code: 0324 us territories DI Code: 0781Islamic Azad University-Dubai Campushttp://www.iau.ae/?p=homeDubaiDI Code: 8581 American Samoa Puerto RicoIttihad University American Samoa Community College Bayamon Central Universityhttp://www.ittihad.ac.ae/english_pages/index_e.htm http://www.amsamoa.edu/ http://www.ucb.edu.pr/Rak Pago Pago BayamonDI Code: 0235 DI Code: 0020 DI Code: 0840Masdar Institute of Science & Technology Department of Education Caribbean Christian Schoolhttp://www.masdaruae.com/ http://www.doe.as/ http://diehlturner.tripod.com/Abu Dhabi Pago Pago AguadillaDI Code: 5786 DI Code: 9401 DI Code: 8145Master Universities Services Nuuuli Technical High School Caribbean UniversitySharja http://schools.publicschoolsreport.com/AmericanSamoa/PagoPago/ http://www.caribbean.edu/DI Code: 0641 NuuuliTechnicalHighSchool.html Bayamon Pago Pago DI Code: 0779 DI Code: 8061Petroleum Institute Colegio Radians, Inc.http://www.pi.ac.ae/ http://www.radiansschool.org/Abu Dhabi CayeyDI Code: 4091 DI Code: 8015 GuamPhiladelphia Private School Colegio Universitario del Estehttp://www.ppsdubai.org Harvest Baptist Bible College http://www.suagm.edu/suagm/une/Dubai http://www.hbcguam.net/ CarolinaDI Code: 2041 Barrigada DI Code: 0883 DI Code: 4178Rak Electronic Government Authority ETS-Puerto RicoRas Al Khaimah University of Guam http://ets.com/DI Code: 7787 http://www.uog.edu/ San Juan Mangilao DI Code: 0842 DI Code: 0959RAK International Center for Training & Development Pontifica Universidad de Puerto Ricohttp://www.rakcenter.com http://www.pucpr.edu/Ras Al Khaimah PonceDI Code: 1186 DI Code: 0910 Marshall IslandsRashid School for Boys Universidad de Puerto Rico-Aguadillahttp://www.rsbdubai.sch.ae/ District Scholars Commission-Majuro http://www.uprag.edu/Dubai Majuro AguadillaDI Code: 1934 DI Code: 9447 DI Code: 0983Sharjah Institute of Technology Universidad de Puerto Rico-Arecibohttp://www.sit.ac.ae/ http://www.upra.edu/Sharjah AreciboDI Code: 4165 DI Code: 0911 MicronesiaShuaa Cultural Institute Universidad de Puerto Rico-BayamonAbu Dhabi College of Micronesia-FSM http://www.uprb.edu/DI Code: 7555 http://www.comfsm.fm/ Bayamón Pohnpei Islands DI Code: 0852 DI Code: 0115Troy University-Sharjah College Campus Universidad de Puerto Rico-Cayeyhttp://www.shjcollege.ac.ae/ Distance Education Administration-Ponape http://www.cayey.upr.edu/Sharjan Ponape Eci CayeyDI Code: 0442 DI Code: 9442 DI Code: 0981United Arab Emerates (UAE) University Universidad de Puerto Rico-Humacaohttp://www.uaeu.ac.ae/ Distance Education Administration-Truk http://www.uprh.edu/Al Ain Truk Islands HumacaoDI Code: 3442 DI Code: 9445 DI Code: 0874United Arab Emirates University Universidad de Puerto Rico-Mayaguezhttp://www.uaeu.ac.ae/ Distance Education Administration-Yap State http://www.uprm.edu/Abu Dhabi Yap Islands MayaguezDI Code: 3854 DI Code: 9443 DI Code: 0912www.ets.org/toefl TOEFL Destinations 47
    • TOEFL DESTINATIONS DIRECTORY Updated January 2012Universidad de Puerto Rico-Ponce Alabama A&M University Faulkner State Community Collegehttp://upr-ponce.upr.edu/ http://www.aamu.edu/ http://www.faulknerstate.edu/Ponce Normal Bay MinetteDI Code: 0836 DI Code: 1003 DI Code: 1177Universidad de Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras Alabama Southern Community College Faulkner Universityhttp://www.rrp.upr.edu/ http://www.ascc.edu/ http://www.faulkner.edu/San Juan Monroeville MontgomeryDI Code: 0979 DI Code: 1644 DI Code: 1034Universidad del Sagrado Corazon Alabama State Board of Medical Examiners Faulkner Universityhttp://www.sagrado.edu/ http://www.albme.org/ http://www.faulkner.edu/San Juan Montgomery MontgomeryDI Code: 0913 DI Code: 9266 DI Code: 8730Universidad del Turabo Alabama State University Gadsden State Community Collegehttp://www.suagm.edu/suagm/turabo/ http://www.alasu.edu/HOME/ http://www.gadsdenstate.eduGurabo Montgomery GadsdenDI Code: 0780 DI Code: 1006 DI Code: 1262Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico Recinto-San German America Institute Computer Science George C Wallace State Community College-Dothanhttp://www.sg.inter.edu/ http://www.sourcedata.com/5/177.html http://wallace.edu/San German Birmingham DothanDI Code: 0946 DI Code: 8203 DI Code: 1264Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico-School of Optometry Amridge University Heritage Christian Universityhttp://www.optonet.inter.edu/index.asp http://www.amridgeuniversity.edu/ http://www.hcu.edu/Catano Montgomery FlorenceDI Code: 0873 DI Code: 7001 DI Code: 8931Universidad Phoenix-San Juan Amridge University Herzing College-Birminghamhttp://www.universityofphoenix.com/ http://www.southernchristian.edu/ http://www.herzing.edu/campusGuaynabo Montgomery BirminghamDI Code: 3422 DI Code: 7748 DI Code: 2851University of Puerto Rico-School of Dentistry Andrew Jackson University Huntingdon Collegehttp://dental.rcm.upr.edu/ http://www.aju.edu/ http://www.huntingdon.edu/San Juan Birmingham MontgomeryDI Code: 1758 DI Code: 7089 DI Code: 1303World University Athens State University Indian Springs SchoolCatano http://www.athens.edu/ http://www.indiansprings.org/DI Code: 0856 Athens Indian Springs DI Code: 1024 DI Code: 8133 Auburn University ITT Technical Institute-Birmingham http://www.auburn.edu/ http://www.itt-tech.edu/campus/school.cfm Auburn BirminghamRepublic of Palau DI Code: 1005 DI Code: 2696District Education Administrative Representative of Palau Auburn University-Montgomery Jacksonville State UniversityPalau http://www.aum.edu/ http://www.jsu.edu/DI Code: 9444 Montgomery Jacksonville DI Code: 1036 DI Code: 1736Emmaus High School Bevill State Community College James H. Faulkner State Community Collegehttp://www.eastpenn.k12.pa.us/ehs/ http://www.bscc.edu/ http://www.faulkner.cc.al.us/Palau Sumiton Bay MinetteDI Code: 8017 DI Code: 8645 DI Code: 1939Palau Community College Birmingham School of Law Jefferson Davis Community Collegehttp://www.palau.edu/ http://www.bsol.com/ http://www.jdcc.edu/Palau Birmingham BrewtonDI Code: 9455 DI Code: 1053 DI Code: 1355Palau High School Birmingham-Southern College Jefferson State Community Collegehttp://www.palaumoe.net/phs/html/home.htm http://www.bsc.edu/ http://www.jeffstateonline.com/Palau Birmingham BirminghamDI Code: 9104 DI Code: 1064 DI Code: 1352Palau Mission Academy Bishop State Community College Judson College AlabamaPalau http://www.bscc.cc.al.us http://www.judson.edu/DI Code: 9105 Mobile Marion DI Code: 1517 DI Code: 1349 Calhoun Community College Lawson State Community College http://www.calhoun.edu/ http://www.ls.cc.al.us/ Decatur BirminghamVirgin Islands DI Code: 1356 DI Code: 1933Bluewater Bible College & Institute Cardiac and Vascular Institute of Ultrasound Lurleen B Wallace Community Collegehttp://www.bluewater.edu/bluewater/ http://ultrasound.edu/ http://www.lbwcc.edu/St. Thomas Mobile AndalusiaDI Code: 1360 DI Code: 7428 DI Code: 1429University of the Virgin Islands Central Alabama Community College Marion Military Institutehttp://www.uvi.edu/ http://www.cacc.cc.al.us/ https://www.marionmilitary.edu/Charlotte Amalie Alexander City MarionDI Code: 0879 DI Code: 1157 DI Code: 1447 Chattahoochee Valley Community College Miles College http://www.cvcc.cc.al.us/ http://www.miles.edu/ Phenix City BirminghamWestern Samoa DI Code: 1678 DI Code: 1468Church College of Western Samoa Columbia Southern University Northeast Alabama State Community CollegeApia http://www.columbiasouthern.edu/ http://www.nacc.cc.al.us/DI Code: 9391 Orange Beach Rainsville DI Code: 9043 DI Code: 1576 Concordia College-Alabama Oakwood College http://www.concordiaselma.edu/ http://www.oakwood.edu/ Selma Huntsvilleusa DI Code: 1989 DI Code: 1586 Enterprise-Ozark Community College Saint James School http://www.eocc.edu/ http://www.stjweb.org Ozark MontgomeryAlabama DI Code: 1022 DI Code: 9821Air University Enterprise-Ozark Community College Samford Universityhttp://www.maxwell.af.mil/ http://www.eocc.edu/ http://www.samford.edu/Montgomery Enterprise BirminghamDI Code: 9069 DI Code: 1213 DI Code: 1302www.ets.org/toefl TOEFL Destinations 48
    • TOEFL DESTINATIONS DIRECTORY Updated January 2012Selma University University of North Alabama Arizonahttp://www.selmauniversity.org/ http://www.una.edu/Selma Florence A.T. Still UniversityDI Code: 1792 DI Code: 1735 http://www.atsu.edu/ MesaShelton State Community College University of South Alabama DI Code: 0339http://www.sheltonstate.edu/ http://www.usouthal.edu/Tuscaloosa Mobile Argosy University PhoenixDI Code: 3338 DI Code: 1880 http://www.argosy.edu/ PhoenixSnead State Community College University of West Alabama DI Code: 4162http://www.snead.edu/ http://www.uwa.edu/Boaz Livingston Arizona College of the BibleDI Code: 1721 DI Code: 1737 http://www.arizonabiblecollege.com/ PhoenixSoutheastern Bible College Wallace State Community College-Hanceville DI Code: 9772http://www.sebc.edu/ http://www.wallacestate.edu/Birmingham Hanceville Arizona Department of EducationDI Code: 1723 DI Code: 2994 http://www.ade.state.az.us/ PhoenixSouthern Union State Community College Wallace State Community College-Selma DI Code: 3025http://www.suscc.edu/ http://www.wccs.edu/Wadley Selma Arizona School of Acupuncture & Oriental MedicineDI Code: 1728 DI Code: 3146 http://www.asaom.edu/ TucsonSpring Hill College DI Code: 7236http://www.shc.edu/Mobile Arizona State Board of NursingDI Code: 1733 Alaska http://www.azbn.gov/ PhoenixState of Alabama Board of Physical Therapy Alaska Bible College DI Code: 9680http://www.pt.alabama.gov/ http://www.akbible.edu/Montgomery Glennallen Arizona State Board of Physical TherapyDI Code: 9911 DI Code: 1237 http://www.ptboard.state.az.us/public/ptays/home.asp PhoenixState of Alabama Department of Education Alaska Board of Nursing DI Code: 1383http://www.alsde.edu/ http://www.dced.state.ak.us/occ/pnur.htmMontgomery Anchorage Arizona State UniversityDI Code: 7047 DI Code: 7082 http://campus.asu.edu/tempe TempeStillman College Alaska Pacific University DI Code: 4007http://www.stillman.edu/ http://www.alaskapacific.edu/Tuscaloosa Anchorage Arizona Western CollegeDI Code: 1739 DI Code: 4201 http://www.azwestern.edu/ YumaTalladega College Department of Communications, Community & DI Code: 4013http://www.talladega.edu/ Economic DevelopmentTalladega http://www.dced.state.ak.us/ Art Institute of PhoenixDI Code: 1800 Juneau http://www.artinstitutes.edu/phoenix/ DI Code: 8250 PhoenixThomas Goode Jones School of Law DI Code: 7066http://www.faulkner.edu/admissions/jonesLaw.asp Far North Bible CollegeMontgomery Anchorage Central Arizona CollegeDI Code: 1331 DI Code: 4153 http://www.centralaz.edu/ CoolidgeTrenholm State Technical College DI Code: 4122http://johnmpatterson.college-lnfo.com/ Islands Community CollegeMontgomery Sitka Chamberlain College of Nursing-Phoenix CampusDI Code: 1615 DI Code: 4754 http://www.chamberlain.edu/ PhoenixTrinity Evangelical Christian University DI Code: 8360http://www.trinity-edu.com/ Kenai Peninsula CollegeHarvest http://www.kpc.alaska.edu/ Chandler Gilbert Community CollegeDI Code: 6553 Soldotna http://www.cgc.maricopa.edu/ DI Code: 4373 ChandlerTroy State University-Dothan DI Code: 8562http://dothan.troy.edu/ Kodiak College University of Alaska-AnchorageDothan http://www.koc.alaska.edu/ Cochise CollegeDI Code: 1824 Kodiak http://www.cochise.edu/ DI Code: 4372 DouglasTroy State University-Montgomery DI Code: 4097http://montgomery.troy.edu/ Matanuska-Susitna Community CollegeMontgomery http://www.matsu.alaska.edu/ Collins CollegeDI Code: 1798 Palmer http://www.collinscollege.edu/ DI Code: 4509 TempeTroy University-Alabama DI Code: 7044http://www.troy.edu/ Prince William Sound Community CollegeTroy http://www.pwscc.edu/ DeVry University-ArizonaDI Code: 1738 Valdez http://www.devry.edu/locations/arizona_locations.jsp DI Code: 4636 PhoenixTuskegee University DI Code: 4277http://www.tuskegee.edu/ Sheldon Jackson CollegeTuskegee Inst Sitka Dine CollegeDI Code: 1813 DI Code: 4742 http://www.dinecollege.edu/ TsaileUnited States Sports Academy DI Code: 4550http://www.ussa.edu/ University of Alaska-AnchorageDaphne http://www.uaa.alaska.edu/ Eastern Arizona CollegeDI Code: 1885 Anchorage http://www.eac.edu/ DI Code: 4896 ThatcherUniversity of Alabama-Birmingham DI Code: 4297http://main.uab.edu/ University of Alaska-Anchorage-College of Business &Birmingham Public Policy Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-ArizonaDI Code: 1856 http://www.scob.alaska.edu/legalinfo.asp http://www.erau.edu/ Anchorage PrescottUniversity of Alabama-Huntsville DI Code: 4987 DI Code: 4305http://www.uah.edu/Huntsville University of Alaska-Fairbanks Estrella Mountain Community CollegeDI Code: 1854 http://www.uaf.edu/ http://www.emc.maricopa.edu/ Fairbanks AvondaleUniversity of Alabama-Tuscaloosa DI Code: 4866 DI Code: 8238http://www.ua.edu/Tuscaloosa University of Alaska-Southeast Juneau Gateway Community College-ArizonaDI Code: 1830 http://www.jun.alaska.edu/ http://www.gatewaycc.edu/ Juneau PhoenixUniversity of Mobile DI Code: 4897 DI Code: 0455http://www.umobile.edu/Mobile University of Alaska-Southeast Ketchikan Gilbert Christian SchoolsDI Code: 1515 http://www.ketch.alaska.edu/ http://www.surreygarden.org/ Ketchikan GilbertUniversity of Montevallo DI Code: 4379 DI Code: 1980http://www.montevallo.edu/Montevallo Glendale Community College-ArizonaDI Code: 1004 http://www.gc.maricopa.edu/ Glendale DI Code: 4338www.ets.org/toefl TOEFL Destinations 49
    • TOEFL DESTINATIONS DIRECTORY Updated January 2012Grand Canyon University Seton Catholic Arkansas State University-Mountain Homehttp://www.grand-canyon.edu/ http://www.setoncatholic.org/ http://www.asumh.edu/Phoenix Chandler Mountain HomeDI Code: 4331 DI Code: 5038 DI Code: 6057Guidance Academy, LLC South Mountain Community College Arkansas Technical UniversityPrescott http://www.southmountaincc.edu/ http://www.atu.edu/DI Code: 9139 Phoenix Russellville DI Code: 4734 DI Code: 6010ITT Technical Institute-Phoenix Southwest College Naturopathic Medicine Arkansas Valley Vocational Technical Schoolhttp://www.itt-tech.edu/ http://www.scnm.edu/ OzarkPhoenix Tempe DI Code: 6028DI Code: 7096 DI Code: 4760ITT Technical Institute-Tucson Southwestern College of Arizona Baptist Health Schools-Little Rockhttp://www.itt-tech.edu/ http://www.southwesterncollege.edu/ http://www.bhslr.edu/Tucson Phoenix Little RockDI Code: 3598 DI Code: 4736 DI Code: 6170Le Tutor Language School St. Gregory College Preparatory School Black River Technical Collegehttp://www.letutor.com www.stgregoryschool.org http://www.blackrivertech.org/Tempe Tucson PocahontasDI Code: 7436 DI Code: 8762 DI Code: 0046Mesa Community College Stellar International Institute Central Baptist Collegehttp://www.mc.maricopa.edu/library/ http://www.sii.edu http://www.cbc.edu/Mesa Glendale ConwayDI Code: 4513 DI Code: 0120 DI Code: 0788Midwestern University-Glendale Sweetwater College Cossatot Technical Collegehttp://www.midwestern.edu/ Glendale http://ctc.tec.ar.us/Glendale DI Code: 4774 De QueenDI Code: 7518 DI Code: 6078North Central University-Arizona Thunderbird School of Global Management Crowley’s Ridge Collegehttp://www.ncu.edu/ http://www.thunderbird.edu/ http://www.crowleysridgecollege.info/index.phpPrescott Valley Glendale ParagouldDI Code: 4572 DI Code: 4003 DI Code: 6131Northern Arizona University University of Advancing Technology Genoa Central School Districthttp://home.nau.edu/ http://www.uat.edu/ http://dragons1.k12.ar.us/dragons/Flagstaff Tempe TexarkanaDI Code: 4006 DI Code: 5708 DI Code: 0628Northland Pioneer College University of Arizona Harding Universityhttp://www.npc.edu/ http://www.arizona.edu/ http://www.harding.edu/Holbrook Tucson SearcyDI Code: 0325 DI Code: 4832 DI Code: 6267Oak Creek Ranch School University of Phoenix Henderson State Universityhttp://www.ocrs.com/ http://www.phoenix.edu/ http://www.hsu.edu/Cornville Tempe ArkadelphiaDI Code: 9267 DI Code: 4911 DI Code: 6272Orme School-Arizona University of Phoenix Online Hendrix Collegehttp://www.ormeschool.org/ http://www.uopxonline.com/ http://www.hendrix.edu/Mayer Phoenix ConwayDI Code: 8034 DI Code: 8173 DI Code: 6273Paradise Valley Community College University of Phoenix-Pleasanton ITT Technical Institute-Little Rockhttp://www.pvc.maricopa.edu/ http://www.phoenix.edu/ http://www.itt-tech.edu/Phoenix Tempe Little RockDI Code: 2179 DI Code: 4790 DI Code: 7092Phoenix College University of Phoenix-Tucson John Brown Universityhttp://www.pc.maricopa.edu/ http://www.uphoenix.org/ http://www.jbu.edu/Phoenix Tucson Siloam SpringsDI Code: 4606 DI Code: 4913 DI Code: 6321Phoenix School of Law Western International University Lyon Collegehttp://www.phoenixlaw.org/ http://www.wintu.edu/ http://www.lyon.edu/Phoenix Phoenix BatesvilleDI Code: 6697 DI Code: 4998 DI Code: 6009Phoenix Seminary Yavapai College National Park Community Collegehttp://www.phoenixseminary.edu/ http://www2.yc.edu/ http://www.npcc.edu/Phoenix Prescott Hot SpringsDI Code: 8513 DI Code: 4996 DI Code: 6243Pima Community College Northwest Arkansas Community Collegehttp://www.pima.edu/ http://www.nwacc.edu/Tucson BentonvilleDI Code: 4623 Arkansas DI Code: 9754Prescott College Arkansas Baptist College Ouachita Baptist Universityhttp://www.prescott.edu/ http://www.arkansasbaptist.edu/ http://www.obu.edu/Prescott Little Rock ArkadelphiaDI Code: 4639 DI Code: 6753 DI Code: 6549Rio Salado College Arkansas State Board of Nursing Philander Smith Collegehttp://www.rio.maricopa.edu/ http://www.arsbn.org/ http://www.philander.edu/Tempe Little Rock Little RockDI Code: 7959 DI Code: 6029 DI Code: 6578Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics Arkansas State Board of Physical Therapy Pulaski Technical CollegeGraduate Studies-Project 1000 http://www.arptb.org/ http://www.pulaskitech.eduhttp://mati.eas.asu.edu:8421/p1/ Little Rock North Little RockTempe DI Code: 9862 DI Code: 0259DI Code: 4633 Arkansas State University Shorter College-ArkansasScottsdale Community College http://www.asun.edu/ http://www.shortercollege.4t.com/http://www.scottsdalecc.edu/ Newport N Little RockScottsdale DI Code: 5174 DI Code: 6649DI Code: 4755 Arkansas State University Southern Arkansas UniversityScottsdale Culinary Institute http://www.astate.edu/ http://www.saumag.edu/http://scottsdale.culinary-school.org Jonesboro MagnoliaScottsdale DI Code: 6011 DI Code: 6661DI Code: 8201 Arkansas State University-Beebe Southern Arkansas University TechSessions College for Pro Design http://www.asub.edu/ http://www.sautech.edu/Tempe Beebe CamdenDI Code: 6346 DI Code: 6026 DI Code: 6704www.ets.org/toefl TOEFL Destinations 50
    • TOEFL DESTINATIONS DIRECTORY Updated January 2012Subiaco Academy American Film Institute Art Institute of California-San Diegohttp://www.subi.org/ http://www.afi.com/ http://www.aicasd.artinstitutes.eduSubiaco Los Angeles San DiegoDI Code: 8049 DI Code: 9760 DI Code: 0119University of Arkansas Community College at Batesville American Graduate University Art Institute of Los Angeleshttp://www.uaccb.edu/ http://www.agu.edu/ http://www.artinstitutes.edu/losangeles/Batesville Covina Santa MonicaDI Code: 6726 DI Code: 8704 DI Code: 8189University of Arkansas-Fayetteville American Intercontinental University Art Institute of Southern Californiahttp://www.uark.edu/home/ http://la.aiuniv.edu/ http://www.artinstitutes.edu/Fayetteville Los Angeles Laguna BeachDI Code: 6866 DI Code: 4026 DI Code: 7248University of Arkansas-Fort Smith American Musical Dramatic Academy Asia Pacific Placement Bureauhttp://www.uafortsmith.edu/ http://www.amda.edu/ Woodland HillsFort Smith Los Angeles DI Code: 8279DI Code: 6220 DI Code: 8571University of Arkansas-Helena-Phillips Community College American River College Aspect-San Franciscohttp://www.pccua.edu/ http://www.arc.losrios.edu/ http://www.kaplanaspect.com/Helena Sacramento San FranciscoDI Code: 6583 DI Code: 4004 DI Code: 9601University of Arkansas-Little Rock American Sports University Athenian Schoolhttp://www.ualr.edu/www/ http://www.americansportsuniversity.com/ http://www.athenian.org/Little Rock San Bernardino DanvilleDI Code: 6368 DI Code: 4647 DI Code: 9155University of Arkansas-Medical Science Graduate School American University for Science and Technology AYUSA Internationalhttp://www.uams.edu/ http://austc.us/ http://www.ayusa.org/Little Rock Tarzana San FranciscoDI Code: 6901 DI Code: 7370 DI Code: 9825University of Arkansas-Monticello American University-Armenia Azusa Pacific Universityhttp://www.uamont.edu/ http://www.aua.am/ http://www.apu.edu/Monticello Oakland AzusaDI Code: 6007 DI Code: 4151 DI Code: 4596University of Arkansas-Pine Bluff Anaheim University Bakersfield Collegehttp://www.uapb.edu/ http://www.anaheim.edu/ http://www.bakersfieldcollege.edu/Pine Bluff Anaheim BakersfieldDI Code: 6004 DI Code: 4192 DI Code: 4015University of Central Arkansas Anglo-Continental USA Barstow Collegehttp://www.uca.edu/index.php Claremont http://www.barstow.edu/Conway DI Code: 4030 BarstowDI Code: 6012 DI Code: 4020University of Ozarks Antelope Valley College Bergin University of Canine Studieshttp://www.ozarks.edu/ http://www.avc.edu/ http://www.berginu.org/Clarksville Lancaster Santa RosaDI Code: 6111 DI Code: 4005 DI Code: 6517Williams Baptist College Antioch University-Los Angeles Bethany Collegehttp://www.wbcoll.edu/ http://www.antiochla.edu/ http://www.bethany.edu/College City Marina Del Rey Santa CruzDI Code: 6658 DI Code: 7032 DI Code: 4021Winrock International-Arkansas Antioch University-Santa Barbara Biola Universityhttp://www.winrock.org http://www.antiochsb.edu/ http://www.biola.edu/Little Rock Santa Barbara La MiradaDI Code: 9538 DI Code: 3071 DI Code: 4017 Arab American University Brethren Christian Junior/Senior High School http://www.aauj.edu/AAUJ_site/index.php http://www.bchs.net/ Los Angeles Huntington BeachCalifornia DI Code: 0128 DI Code: 1188Academy of Art University Archbishop Riordan High School Brooks Collegehttp://www.academyart.edu/ http://www.riordanhs.org/ http://www.brookscollege.edu/San Francisco San Francisco Long BeachDI Code: 4207 DI Code: 0975 DI Code: 4236Academy of Chinese Culture & Health Sciences Argosy University Brooks Institute of Photographyhttp://www.acchs.edu/ http://www.argosy.edu/ http://www.brooks.edu/Oakland Orange Santa BarbaraDI Code: 9097 DI Code: 8714 DI Code: 4228Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine College-Berkeley Argosy University-San Francisco Bay Area Brown Western Universityhttp://www.aimc.edu/ http://www.argosy.edu/ http://www.brownwestern.orgBerkeley Richmond San MarcosDI Code: 8482 DI Code: 8469 DI Code: 3206Allan Hancock College Armstrong University Butte Collegehttp://www.hancockcollege.edu/ http://www.armstrong-u.edu/ http://www.butte.edu/Santa Maria Alameda OrovilleDI Code: 4002 DI Code: 4008 DI Code: 4226Alliance for African Assistance Army & Navy Academy Cabrillo Collegehttp://www.alliance-for-africa.org/ http://www.armyandnavyacademy.org/ http://www.cabrillo.edu/San Diego Carlsbad AptosDI Code: 6978 DI Code: 8209 DI Code: 4084Alliant International University Art Center College of Design California Baptist Universityhttp://www.alliant.edu/wps/wcm/connect/website http://www.artcenter.edu/ http://www.calbaptist.edu/San Diego Pasadena RiversideDI Code: 4039 DI Code: 4009 DI Code: 4094American Baptist Seminary of the West Art Institute International-San Francisco California Board of Park & Recreation Personnelhttp://www.absw.edu/ http://www.artinstitutes.edu/CampusLocations/Campus.aspx?ID=14 http://www.parks.ca.govBerkeley San Francisco SacramentoDI Code: 4016 DI Code: 9048 DI Code: 7138American College of Law Art Institute of California-Hollywood California Board of Pharmacyhttp://www.aclaw.com/ http://www.artinstitutes.edu/cdc/ http://www.pharmacy.ca.gov/Orange Los Angeles SacramentoDI Code: 4215 DI Code: 3463 DI Code: 9769American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Art Institute of California-Orange County California Board of Registered Nursinghttp://www.actcm.org/ http://www.artinstitutes.edu/orangecounty/ http://www.rn.ca.gov/San Francisco Santa Ana SacramentoDI Code: 7847 DI Code: 6720 DI Code: 9319www.ets.org/toefl TOEFL Destinations 51
    • TOEFL DESTINATIONS DIRECTORY Updated January 2012California Christian University California State University-Bakersfield Cambridge Junior Collegehttp://www.calchristiancollege.org/ http://www.csub.edu/ http://cambridge.eduFresno Bakersfield Yuba CityDI Code: 4123 DI Code: 4110 DI Code: 8327California College of Music California State University-Channel Islands Canada College-Californiahttp://www.ccmcollege.com/ http://www.csuci.edu http://canadacollege.net/Pasadena Camarillo Redwood CityDI Code: 5178 DI Code: 0236 DI Code: 4109California College of the Arts California State University-Chico Capstone Universityhttp://www.cca.edu/ http://www.csuchico.edu/ http://www.university.eduSan Francisco Chico PasadenaDI Code: 4031 DI Code: 4048 DI Code: 7816California College Technology California State University-Dominguez Hills Careplus International Services, Inc.http://www.homeschoolfriendlycolleges.com/preview/calcoltech/cct.htm http://www.csudh.edu/ http://www.careplus.com.ph/Sacramento Carson LawndaleDI Code: 7987 DI Code: 4098 DI Code: 8321California Culinary Academy California State University-East Bay Carnegie Mellon Westhttp://www.baychef.com/ http://www.csuhayward.edu/ http://west.cmu.edu/San Francisco Hayward Moffet FieldDI Code: 8206 DI Code: 4011 DI Code: 5759California Institute of Integral Studies California State University-Fresno Cate Schoolhttp://www.ciis.edu/ http://www.csufresno.edu/ http://www.cate.org/San Francisco Fresno CarpinteriaDI Code: 4807 DI Code: 4312 DI Code: 8529California Institute of Language California State University-Fullerton Cathedral Catholic High Schoolhttp://www.cli-kids.co.jp/e/index.html http://www.fullerton.edu/ http://www.cathedralcatholic.orgFresno Fullerton San DiegoDI Code: 9203 DI Code: 4589 DI Code: 2939California Institute of Technology California State University-Long Beach Cedars Sinai Medical Centerhttp://www.caltech.edu/ http://www.csulb.edu/ http://www.csmc.edu/Pasadena Long Beach Los AngelesDI Code: 4034 DI Code: 4389 DI Code: 5739California Institute of the Arts California State University-Los Angeles Central State University-Californiahttp://www.calarts.edu/ http://www.calstatela.edu/ http://www.university.edu/Valencia Los Angeles Los AngelesDI Code: 4049 DI Code: 4399 DI Code: 4158California International Business University California State University-Monterey Cerritos Collegehttp://cibu.edu/ http://csumb.edu/ http://www.cerritos.edu/San Diego Seaside NorwalkDI Code: 5694 DI Code: 1945 DI Code: 4083California International University California State University-Northridge Cerro Coso Community Collegehttp://www.ciula.edu/ http://www.csun.edu/ http://www.cerrocoso.edu/Los Angeles Northridge RidgecrestDI Code: 6179 DI Code: 4707 DI Code: 4027California Lakewood University California State University-Sacramento Chabot CollegeSan Diego http://www.csus.edu/ http://www.chabot.cc.ca.us/DI Code: 4261 Sacramento Hayward DI Code: 4671 DI Code: 4725California Lutheran University California State University-San Bernardino Chaffey Collegehttp://www.callutheran.edu/ http://www.csusb.edu/ http://www.chaffey.edu/Thousand Oaks San Bernardino Rancho CucamongaDI Code: 4088 DI Code: 4099 DI Code: 4046California Maritime Academy California State University-San Marcos Chapman Universityhttp://www.csum.edu/ http://www.csusm.edu/ http://www.chapman.edu/Vallejo San Marcos OrangeDI Code: 4035 DI Code: 5677 DI Code: 4047California Miramar University California State University-Stanislaus China Evangelical Seminary North Americahttp://www.calmu.edu/ http://www.csustan.edu/ http://www.cesnac.org/v7/cgi-bin/tc_index.cgiSan Diego Turlock West CovinaDI Code: 7457 DI Code: 4713 DI Code: 6742California National University California Takshila University Christian High School-El Cajonhttp://www.cnuas.edu/ www.ctuniv.org http://christianunified.com/North Hills Santa Clara El CajonDI Code: 4159 DI Code: 7345 DI Code: 8270California School Culinary Arts California University of Management & Sciences Church Divinity School Pacifichttp://www.csca.edu/ http://www.calums.edu/ http://www.cdsp.edu/South Pasadena Anaheim BerkeleyDI Code: 9068 DI Code: 7998 DI Code: 4050California School of Professional Psychology California University-Silicon Valley Citrus Collegehttp://www.cspp.edu http://www.ucsc-extension.edu/ http://www.citruscollege.edu/San Francisco Sunnyvale GlendoraDI Code: 4128 DI Code: 4503 DI Code: 4051California South Bay University California University-Silicon Valley City College-San Franciscohttp://www.csbu.us http://www.cusv.in/ http://www.ccsf.edu/lowres.shtmlSunnyvale Sunnyvale San FranciscoDI Code: 6691 DI Code: 7790 DI Code: 4052California Southern Law School California Western School of Law City of Hope Graduate School of Biological Sciencehttp://www.cslawschool.com/ http://www.cwsl.edu/main/home.asp http://www.cityofhope.org/gradschool/Riverside San Diego DuarteDI Code: 4131 DI Code: 4802 DI Code: 2268California Southern University Calvary Chapel Bible College City University-Los Angeleshttp://www.calsouthern.edu/ http://www.calvarychapelbiblecollege.com/ http://www.cula.edu/Irvine Murrieta InglewoodDI Code: 8869 DI Code: 4749 DI Code: 9640California State Polytechnic University-Pomona Calvary Chapel Christian Downey Claremont Graduate Universityhttp://www.csupomona.edu/ http://www.ccdowney.com/home/ http://www.cgu.edu/pages/1.aspPomona Downey ClaremontDI Code: 4082 DI Code: 6724 DI Code: 4053California State Polytechnic University-San Luis Obispo Calvary Christian Academy Claremont High Schoolhttp://www.calpoly.edu/ http://www.ccaknights.com/ http://www.cusd.claremont.edu/www/San Luis Obispo Chula Vista Huntington BeachDI Code: 4038 DI Code: 3020 DI Code: 8048www.ets.org/toefl TOEFL Destinations 52
    • TOEFL DESTINATIONS DIRECTORY Updated January 2012Claremont McKenna College Community Christian College Don Bosco Technical Institutehttp://www.claremontmckenna.edu/ http://www.cccollege.edu/ http://www.boscotech.edu/Claremont Redlands RosemeadDI Code: 4054 DI Code: 8700 DI Code: 4279Claremont School of Theology Compton Community College Drew College Prep Schoolhttp://www.cst.edu/about_claremont/index.php http://www.compton.edu/ http://www.drewschool.org/Claremont Compton San FranciscoDI Code: 4710 DI Code: 4078 DI Code: 8047Claretian Junior Seminary Concordia University-California Dunn SchoolCompton http://cui.edu/ http://www.dunnschool.org/DI Code: 4095 Irvine Los Olivos DI Code: 4069 DI Code: 8147Cleveland Chiropractic College-California Contra Costa College E Manfred Evans Community Adult Schoolhttp://www.cleveland.edu/ http://www.contracosta.cc.ca.us/ http://www.evansla.org/Los Angeles San Pablo Los AngelesDI Code: 7182 DI Code: 4943 DI Code: 9369Coastline Community College Converse International School of Languages East Los Angeles Collegehttp://coastline.cccd.edu/ http://www.cisl.edu/ http://www.elac.edu/Fountain Valley San Diego Monterey ParkDI Code: 4086 DI Code: 9916 DI Code: 4296Cogswell Polytechnic College Cornelia Connelly High School EC San Franciscohttp://www.cogswell.edu/home.html http://www.connellyhs.org/ www.ecenglish.com/school-locations/learn-english-in-san-franciscoSunnyvale Anaheim San FranciscoDI Code: 4057 DI Code: 8597 DI Code: 7417Colburn School of Performing Arts Cosumnes River College El Camino Collegehttp://www.colburnschool.edu/ http://www.crc.losrios.edu/ http://www.elcamino.edu/Los Angeles Sacramento TorranceDI Code: 8477 DI Code: 4121 DI Code: 4302Coleman College Crafton Hills College Embassy CES-San Diegohttp://www.coleman.edu/ http://www.craftonhills.edu/ http://www.embassyces.com/english/centres/sandiego.aspxSan Diego Yucaipa San DiegoDI Code: 9183 DI Code: 4126 DI Code: 1248College of Alameda Crenshaw High School Embassy CES-San Franciscohttp://alameda.peralta.edu/ http://www.lausd.k12.ca.us/Crenshaw_HS/home/home.html http://www.embassyces.com/english/centres/sanfrancisco.aspxAlameda Los Angeles San FranciscoDI Code: 4118 DI Code: 8055 DI Code: 1257College of Canyons Crimson Technical College Emperors College of Traditional Oriental Medicinehttp://www.coc.cc.ca.us/ http://www.crimsontechnicalcollege.com/ http://www.emperors.edu/Valencia Inglewood Santa MonicaDI Code: 4117 DI Code: 7501 DI Code: 8409College of English Language Cuesta College Empire Collegehttp://www.englishcollege.com/ http://www.cuesta.edu/ http://www.empcol.edu/San Diego San Luis Obispo Santa RosaDI Code: 4255 DI Code: 4101 DI Code: 4275College of Marin-Kentfield Cuyamaca College Evergreen Valley Collegehttp://www.marin.cc.ca.us/ http://www.cuyamaca.edu/ http://www.evc.edu/Kentfield El Cajon San JoseDI Code: 4061 DI Code: 4252 DI Code: 4273College Of Marin-Novato Cypress College Excelsior Schoolhttp://www.marin.cc.ca.us/ http://www.cypresscollege.edu/ http://www.excelsiorschool.com/Novato Cypress PasadenaDI Code: 4361 DI Code: 4104 DI Code: 0075College of Notre Dame-California De Anza College Expression College Digital Artshttp://www.collegeprofiles.com/notredameca.html http://www.deanza.edu/ http://www.expression.edu/Belmont Cupertino EmeryvilleDI Code: 4063 DI Code: 4286 DI Code: 8739College of San Mateo Design Institute of San Diego Fairmont Preparatory Academyhttp://gocsm.net/index.asp http://www.disd.edu/ http://www.fairmontschools.com/San Mateo San Diego AnaheimDI Code: 4070 DI Code: 9954 DI Code: 2103College of the Desert DeVry University-California Fashion Careers Collegehttp://www.collegeofthedesert.edu/ http://www.devry.edu/locations/california_locations.jsp http://www.fashioncareerscollege.com/Palm Desert Oakbrook Terrace San DiegoDI Code: 4085 DI Code: 4799 DI Code: 6348College of the Redwood DeVry University-Fresno Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandisinghttp://www.redwoods.edu/ http://www.devry.edu/locations/campuses/loc_fresno.jsp http://www.fidm.com/Eureka Fresno Los AngelesDI Code: 4100 DI Code: 4810 DI Code: 5678College of the Sequoias DeVry University-Hampton Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandisinghttp://www.cos.edu/ www.devry.edu http://www.fidm.com/Visalia Fremont Los AngelesDI Code: 4071 DI Code: 7425 DI Code: 4457College of the Siskiyous DeVry University-Sherman Oaks Feather River Community College Districthttp://www.siskiyous.edu/ http://www.devry.edu/ http://www.frc.edu/Weed Sherman Oaks QuincyDI Code: 4087 DI Code: 4354 DI Code: 4318Columbia College-California Dharma Realm Buddhist University Fielding Graduate Universityhttp://columbia.yosemite.cc.ca.us/default.htm http://www.drbu.org/ http://www.fielding.edu/Sonora Talmage Santa BarbaraDI Code: 4108 DI Code: 4282 DI Code: 4319Columbia College-Hollywood Diablo Valley College First Lutheran Jr/Sr High Schoolhttp://www.columbiacollege.edu/ http://www.dvc.edu/ http://firstlutheranschools.org/Tarzana Pleasant Hill SylmarDI Code: 7213 DI Code: 4295 DI Code: 6856Commonwealth International University Dominican School of Philosophy & Theology Five Branches Institute College & Clinic ofSan Diego http://www.dspt.edu/ Traditional Chinese MedicineDI Code: 4359 Berkeley http://www.fivebranches.edu/ DI Code: 4724 Santa Cruz DI Code: 4459Community Christian College Dominican University-Californiahttp://www.cccollege.edu/ http://www.dominican.edu/ Five Branches Institute-San JoseSun Valley San Rafael http://www.fivebranches.edu/DI Code: 1823 DI Code: 4284 San Jose DI Code: 5881www.ets.org/toefl TOEFL Destinations 53
    • TOEFL DESTINATIONS DIRECTORY Updated January 2012Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy Happy Valley School International School of Theologyhttp://www.fsha.org/ http://www.hvalley.org/ San BernardinoLa Canada Flintridge Ojai DI Code: 4363DI Code: 8582 DI Code: 8104Folsom Lake College Hartnell College International Sports Sciences Associationhttp://www.flc.losrios.edu/ http://www.hartnell.cc.ca.us/ www.issaonline.eduFolsom Salinas CarpinteriaDI Code: 8685 DI Code: 4340 DI Code: 9518Foothill College Harvey Mudd College International Technical Universityhttp://www.foothill.edu/index.php http://www.hmc.edu/ http://www.itu.edu/Los Altos Hills Claremont SunnyvaleDI Code: 4315 DI Code: 4341 DI Code: 4446Franciscan School of Theology Heald Institute of Technology Irvine Valley Collegehttp://www.fst.edu/index.htm http://www.heald.edu/ http://www.ivc.edu/Berkeley San Francisco IrvineDI Code: 5736 DI Code: 4343 DI Code: 4773Freemont College Hebrew Union College-California Irvine Valley College-LCP International Institutehttp://www.fremont.edu http://www.huc.edu/ http://www.ivc.edu/Cerritos Los Angeles IrvineDI Code: 1650 DI Code: 4349 DI Code: 4430Fresno City College Henry M Gunn Senior High School ITT Technical Institute-Anaheimhttp://www.fresnocitycollege.edu/ http://gunn.pausd.org/home/web/ http://www.itt-tech.edu/Fresno Palo Alto AnaheimDI Code: 4311 DI Code: 8044 DI Code: 3570Fresno Pacific University Hewlett Packard ITT Technical Institute-Haywardhttp://www.fresno.edu/ Citrus Heights http://www.itt-tech.edu/Fresno DI Code: 1687 HaywardDI Code: 4616 DI Code: 7064Fuller Theological Seminary Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center ITT Technical Institute-Lathrophttp://www.fuller.edu/ http://www.hollywoodpresbyterian.com/ http://www2.itt-tech.edu/campus/school.cfm?lloc_num=93Pasadena Los Angeles LathropDI Code: 4313 DI Code: 1633 DI Code: 2720Fullerton College Holy Mary Institute of Technology & Science ITT Technical Institute-Oxnardhttp://www.fullcoll.edu/ http://www.academyofcoutureart.edu http://www.itt-tech.edu/Fullerton West Hollywood OxnardDI Code: 4314 DI Code: 2916 DI Code: 2744Full-Time Training in Anaheim Holy Names University ITT Technical Institute-Rancho Cordovahttp://www.ftta.org http://www.hnu.edu/ http://www2.itt-tech.edu/campus/school.cfm?lloc_num=37Anaheim Oakland Rancho CordovaDI Code: 6301 DI Code: 4059 DI Code: 7056Gavilan College Hope International University ITT Technical Institute-San Bernardinohttp://www.gavilan.edu/ http://www.hiu.edu/ http://www.itt-tech.edu/Gilroy Fullerton San BernardinoDI Code: 4678 DI Code: 4614 DI Code: 7103Gemological Institute of America-California Hult Intl Business School ITT Technical Institute-San Diegohttp://www.gia.edu/ www.hult.edu http://www.itt-tech.edu/Carlsbad San Francisco San DiegoDI Code: 9144 DI Code: 7347 DI Code: 7098Glendale Community College-California Humboldt State University ITT Technical Institute-Santa Clarahttp://www.glendale.edu/ http://www.humboldt.edu/ http://www.itt-tech.edu/Glendale Arcata Santa ClaraDI Code: 4327 DI Code: 4345 DI Code: 7074Glendale University College of Law Humphreys College ITT Technical Institute-Sylmarhttp://www.glendalelaw.edu/ http://www.humphreys.edu/ http://www2.itt-tech.edu/campus/school.cfm?lloc_num=42Glendale Stockton SylmarDI Code: 4321 DI Code: 4346 DI Code: 3571Global Nurses Online Community Imperial Valley College ITT Technical Institute-Torrancehttp://www.globalnursesonline.com/ http://www.imperial.edu/ http://www2.itt-tech.edu/campus/school.cfm?lloc_num=38Van Nuys Imperial TorranceDI Code: 8278 DI Code: 4358 DI Code: 7104Gnomon School of Visual Effects Institute of Transpersonal Psychology ITT Technical Institute-West Covinahttp://www.gnomonschool.com/ http://www.itp.edu/ http://www.itt-tech.edu/Hollywood Palo Alto West CovinaDI Code: 9168 DI Code: 9770 DI Code: 0216Golden Gate Baptist Theology Seminary InterAmerican College Jesuit School of Theology-Berkeleyhttp://www.ggbts.edu/ http://www.iacnc.edu/ http://www.jstb.edu/Mill Valley National City BerkeleyDI Code: 4328 DI Code: 6076 DI Code: 4390Golden Gate University Interior Decorators Institute John F. Kennedy Universityhttp://www.ggu.edu/ http://idi.edu/ http://www.jfku.edu/San Francisco Newport Beach Pleasant HillDI Code: 4329 DI Code: 4445 DI Code: 4365Golden State Baptist College International American University Keck Graduate Institutehttp://www.gsbc.edu/ http://www.iau.la/ http://www.kgi.edu/Santa Clara Tustin ClaremontDI Code: 5882 DI Code: 1731 DI Code: 4166Golden West College International Career Development Center Inc. Kennedy-Western Universityhttp://www.gwc.info/ www.icdccollege.edu http://www.kw.edu/Huntington Beach Culver City Agoura HillsDI Code: 4339 DI Code: 7829 DI Code: 7953Golf Academy of America-San Diego International High School La Jolla Universityhttp://www.golfacademy.edu/index.cfm http://www.internationalsf.org La JollaVista San Francisco DI Code: 4397DI Code: 9593 DI Code: 8841Graduate Theological Union International Professional School of Bodywork LA Music Academyhttp://www.gtu.edu/ http://www.ipsb.edu/ http://www.lamusicacademy.eduBerkeley San Diego PasadenaDI Code: 4336 DI Code: 7136 DI Code: 1987Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College International Recruiting Group La Sierra Universityhttp://www.gcccd.net/ Los Angeles http://www.lasierra.edu/index.phpEl Cajon DI Code: 8287 RiversideDI Code: 4334 DI Code: 4380www.ets.org/toefl TOEFL Destinations 54
    • TOEFL DESTINATIONS DIRECTORY Updated January 2012Lake Tahoe Community College Los Angeles Harbor College Mills Collegehttp://www.ltcc.edu/ http://www.lahc.edu/ http://www.mills.edu/South Lake Tahoe Wilmington OaklandDI Code: 4420 DI Code: 4395 DI Code: 4485Laney College Los Angeles Mission College Mira Costa Collegehttp://laney.peralta.edu/ http://www.lamission.edu/ http://www.miracosta.cc.ca.us/Oakland Sylmar OceansideDI Code: 4406 DI Code: 4404 DI Code: 4582Las Positas College Los Angeles Pierce College Mission Collegehttp://www.laspositascollege.edu/ http://www.piercecollege.edu/ http://www.missioncollege.org/Livermore Woodland Hills Santa ClaraDI Code: 6507 DI Code: 4398 DI Code: 7587Lassen College Los Angeles Southwest College Mission College Preparatory Catholic High Schoolhttp://www.lassencollege.edu/ http://www.lasc.edu/ http://www.missionprep.org/Susanville Los Angeles San Luis ObispoDI Code: 4383 DI Code: 4409 DI Code: 7577LCP International Institute Los Angeles Trade Technical College Modesto Junior CollegeSacramento http://www.lattc.edu/ http://mjc.yosemite.cc.ca.us/DI Code: 9273 Los Angeles Modesto DI Code: 4400 DI Code: 4486Learnet Academy Los Angeles Valley College Monte Vista Christian Schoolhttp://www.learnet.net/ http://www.lavc.edu/ http://www.mvcs.org/Los Angeles Van Nuys WatsonvilleDI Code: 8553 DI Code: 4401 DI Code: 1867Life Chiropractic College-West Los Medanos College Monterey College of Lawhttp://www.lifewest.edu/ http://www.losmedanos.edu/ http://www.montereylaw.edu/Hayward Pittsburg MontereyDI Code: 4458 DI Code: 4396 DI Code: 4522Life Pacific College Louise Salinger Academy of Fashion Monterey Institute of International Studieshttp://www.lifepacific.edu/ San Francisco http://www.miis.edu/contacts.htmlLos Angeles DI Code: 4421 MontereyDI Code: 4264 DI Code: 4507Life University Loyola Marymount University Monterey Peninsula Collegehttp://www.lifeuniv.com http://www.lmu.edu/site4.aspx http://www.mpc.edu/Gardena Los Angeles MontereyDI Code: 0237 DI Code: 4403 DI Code: 4490Lighthouse Christian Academy Lutheran Bible Institute Moorpark Collegehttp://www.thelighthousechristianacademy.com/ http://www.lbic.org/ http://www.moorparkcollege.edu/Santa Monica Irvine MoorparkDI Code: 9112 DI Code: 4416 DI Code: 4512Lincoln Law School-Sacramento Lynwood Adult School Mount Saint Mary’s College-Chalonhttp://www.lincolnlaw.edu/ Lynwood http://www.msmc.la.edu/pages/1.aspSacramento DI Code: 9372 Los AngelesDI Code: 4419 DI Code: 4493Lincoln Law School-San Jose Maric College-Kaplan International Medical Mount San Antonio Collegehttp://www.lincolnlawsj.edu/ http://www.mariccollege.edu/mariccollegePortal/ http://www.mtsac.edu/Mountain View Los Angeles WalnutDI Code: 4632 DI Code: 9940 DI Code: 4494Lincoln University-California Marymount College Mount San Jacinto Collegehttp://www.lincolnuca.edu/ http://www.marymountpv.edu/ http://www.msjc.edu/Oakland Rch Palos Vrd San JacintoDI Code: 4386 DI Code: 4515 DI Code: 4501Linfield Christian School Master’s College Mount Sierra Collegehttp://linfield.com/ http://www.masters.edu/ http://www.mtsierra.com/Temecula Newhall MonroviaDI Code: 7645 DI Code: 4411 DI Code: 3090Lisa’s Clinical Remedy Mater Dei High School Mount St Marys College-Dohenyhttp://www.lisasclinicalremedy.org/ http://www.materdei.org/ http://www.msmc.la.edu/Fairfield Santa Ana Los AngelesDI Code: 7687 DI Code: 8099 DI Code: 4520Living Light International, LLC Mendocino College Morningside High SchoolFort Bragg http://www.mendocino.edu/ http://iusd.net/schools-list/high-schools/morningside-high-school/DI Code: 7002 Ukiah Inglewood DI Code: 4517 DI Code: 9526Logos Evangelical Seminary Menlo College Musicians Institutehttp://www.logos-seminary.edu/ http://www.menlo.edu/ http://www.mi.edu/El Monte Atherton HollywoodDI Code: 8548 DI Code: 4483 DI Code: 4794Loma Linda University Mennonite Biblical Seminary My American Schoolhttp://www.llu.edu/ http://www.mbseminary.edu/? NorocoLoma Linda Fresno DI Code: 7566DI Code: 4062 DI Code: 4230Loma Linda University-School of Dentistry Merced College Napa Valley Collegehttp://www.llu.edu/llu/dentistry/ http://www.mccd.edu/ http://www.napavalley.edu/Loma Linda Merced NapaDI Code: 4068 DI Code: 4500 DI Code: 4530Long Beach City College Mercy High School National Hispanic Universityhttp://www.lbcc.cc.ca.us/ http://www.mercyhs.org/ http://www.nhu.edu/Long Beach San Francisco San JoseDI Code: 4388 DI Code: 8154 DI Code: 4593Los Angeles City College Merritt College National Test Pilot Schoolhttp://www.lacitycollege.edu/ http://www.merritt.edu/ http://www.ntps.com/Los Angeles Oakland MojaveDI Code: 4391 DI Code: 4502 DI Code: 8927Los Angeles County Medical Center Miami Ad School-San Francisco National University-Californiahttp://www.lacusc.org/ http://www.miamiadschool.com/ http://www.nu.edu/Los Angeles San Francisco San DiegoDI Code: 4405 DI Code: 5500 DI Code: 4557Los Angeles Film School Midland School Naval Postgraduate School (SIGS)http://www.lafilm.com/ www.midland-school.org http://www.nps.edu/North Hollywood Los Olivos MontereyDI Code: 8120 DI Code: 8802 DI Code: 4831www.ets.org/toefl TOEFL Destinations 55
    • TOEFL DESTINATIONS DIRECTORY Updated January 2012New College of California Pacific Graduate School of Psychology Prep Master EducationSan Francisco http://www.pgsp.edu/ http://www.prepmasteredu.com/DI Code: 4555 Palo Alto Fullerton DI Code: 4638 DI Code: 3029New School of Architecture & Design Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary Prime Agencyhttp://www.newschoolarch.edu/ http://www.plts.edu/ http://www.primeagency.net.cn/San Diego Berkeley City Of IndustryDI Code: 8214 DI Code: 4598 DI Code: 5164New Sense Graphic Design Pacific Oaks College & Children’s School Professional Culinary InstituteLos Angeles http://www.pacificoaks.edu/ http://www.pcichef.comDI Code: 8294 Pasadena Campbell DI Code: 4612 DI Code: 1472Nine Star Univeristy of Health Sciences Pacific Rim Language Institute Providence Hallhttp://www.nsuhs.org/ http://www.prli.com/ http://www.providencehallsb.com/Sunnyvale Rowland Heights Santa BarbaraDI Code: 4506 DI Code: 9625 DI Code: 1685Nine Star University of Health Sciences Pacific School of Religion Quarry Lane Schoolhttp://www.nsuhs.org/ http://www.psr.edu/ http://www.quarrylane.org/Sunnyvale Berkeley DublinDI Code: 7786 DI Code: 4599 DI Code: 3746Northern California Univerity Pacific States University Rancho Santiago Community Collegehttp://www.ncalu.us/ http://www.psuca.edu/ http://www.rsccd.org/homex.aspSan Francisco Los Angeles Santa AnaDI Code: 4863 DI Code: 4625 DI Code: 4689Northwestern Polytechnic University Pacific Union College Rand Graduate Schoolhttp://www.npu.edu/ http://www.puc.edu/ http://www.prgs.edu/Fremont Angwin Santa MonicaDI Code: 9626 DI Code: 4600 DI Code: 4648Notre Dame de Namur University Pacifica Graduate Institute Rand/UCLA Center for Soviet Studieshttp://www.ndnu.edu/ http://www.pacifica.edu/ Santa MonicaBelmont Carpinteria DI Code: 4645DI Code: 6606 DI Code: 7015Notre Dame High School Palmer College of Chiropractic-West Reedley Collegehttp://www.ndhsb.org http://www.palmer.edu/ http://www.reedleycollege.edu/Belmont San Jose ReedleyDI Code: 8357 DI Code: 4613 DI Code: 4655Oakgrove School Palo Verde College Rehablinks Serviceshttp://www.oakgroveschool.com/ http://www.paloverde.edu/ http://www.homeschoolfriendlycolleges.com/preview/calcoltech/cct.htmOjai Blythe Long BeachDI Code: 1915 DI Code: 4603 DI Code: 7070Oaks Christian School Palomar College Research Institute Scripps Clinichttp://www.oakschristian.org/ http://www.palomar.edu/ http://www.scripps.edu/e_index.htmlWestlake Village San Marcos La JollaDI Code: 6717 DI Code: 4602 DI Code: 4651Occidental College Pasadena City College Rio Hondo Collegehttp://www.oxy.edu/ http://www.pasadena.edu/ http://www.riohondo.edu/Los Angeles Pasadena WhittierDI Code: 4581 DI Code: 4604 DI Code: 4663Ohlone College Patten University Riverside Community Collegehttp://www.ohlone.cc.ca.us/ http://www.patten.edu/ http://www.rcc.edu/district/index.cfmFremont Oakland RiversideDI Code: 4579 DI Code: 4620 DI Code: 4658Ojai Valley School Peoples College of Law Rosemead School of Psychologyhttp://www.ovs.org/ http://www.peoplescollegeoflaw.edu/ http://www.rosemead.edu/Ojai Los Angeles La MiradaDI Code: 9550 DI Code: 4627 DI Code: 4652One Voice Pepperdine University Rudolf Steiner Collegehttp://www.onevoice-la.org/ http://www.pepperdine.edu/ http://www.steinercollege.org/Santa Monica Malibu Fair OaksDI Code: 0424 DI Code: 4630 DI Code: 4646Orange Cnty Dental Careers Pepperdine Universtiy-Graziadio School of Business Sacramento City Collegehttp://www.ocdentalcareers.com/ http://bschool.pepperdine.edu/ http://www.scc.losrios.edu/Westminster Malibu SacramentoDI Code: 6780 DI Code: 7485 DI Code: 4670Orange Coast College Phillips Graduate Institute Sacramento County Day Schoolhttp://www.orangecoastcollege.edu/ http://pgi.edu/default.aspx http://www.saccds.com/Costa Mesa Encino SacramentoDI Code: 4584 DI Code: 3214 DI Code: 8136Orangewood Academy Philllips Junior College Saddleback Collegehttp://orangewoodacademy.com/ Van Nuys http://www.saddleback.edu/Garden Grove DI Code: 4548 Mission ViejoDI Code: 7834 DI Code: 4747Otis College of Art & Design Pitzer College SAE Institute of Technology Los Angeleshttp://www.otis.edu/ http://www.pitzer.edu/ www.sae.eduLos Angeles Claremont Los AngelesDI Code: 4394 DI Code: 4619 DI Code: 7421Overseas Theological Seminary Platt College Saint Mary’s College-Californiahttp://www.otseminary.org/ http://www.platt.edu/ http://www.stmarys-ca.edu/?flash=1San Jose Los Angeles MoragaDI Code: 2774 DI Code: 4641 DI Code: 4675Oxford Private School Point Loma Nazarene University Salvation Army College for Officer Training at Crestmonthttp://www.oxfordschool.org/ http://www.pointloma.edu/ http://www.crestmont.edu/Whittier San Diego Rancho Palos VerdesDI Code: 9457 DI Code: 4605 DI Code: 9955Oxnard College Pomona College Samra University of Oriental Medicinehttp://www.oxnardcollege.edu/ http://www.pomona.edu/ http://www.samra.edu/Oxnard Claremont Los AngelesDI Code: 4591 DI Code: 4607 DI Code: 4761Pacific College of Oriental Medicine-San Diego Porterville College Samuel Merritt Universityhttp://www.pacificcollege.edu/ http://www.portervillecollege.edu/ http://www.samuelmerritt.edu/San Diego Porterville OaklandDI Code: 4637 DI Code: 4608 DI Code: 4750www.ets.org/toefl TOEFL Destinations 56
    • TOEFL DESTINATIONS DIRECTORY Updated January 2012San Bernardino Valley College San Jose State University South Baylo Universityhttp://www.valleycollege.edu/ http://www.sjsu.edu/ http://www.southbaylo.edu/San Bernardino San Jose AnaheimDI Code: 4679 DI Code: 4687 DI Code: 7162San Diego Christian College San Mateo Law School Southern California College of Chiropractichttp://www.sdcc.edu/ San Mateo http://www.scuhs.edu/El Cajon DI Code: 4762 Pico RiveraDI Code: 4150 DI Code: 4708San Diego City College Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute Southern California College of Optometryhttp://www.city.sdccd.cc.ca.us/ http://www.sanfordburnham.org http://www.scco.edu/San Diego La Jolla FullertonDI Code: 4681 DI Code: 2718 DI Code: 4392San Diego Mesa College Santa Barbara City College Southern California Institute of Architecturehttp://www.sdmesa.sdccd.cc.ca.us/ http://www.sbcc.edu/ http://www.sciarc.edu/San Diego Santa Barbara Los AngelesDI Code: 4735 DI Code: 4690 DI Code: 7802San Diego Miramar College Santa Barbara College of Law Southern California Universityhttp://www.sdmiramar.edu/ http://www.santabarbaralaw.edu/ http://www.usc.edu/San Diego Santa Barbara IrvineDI Code: 4728 DI Code: 4149 DI Code: 8951San Diego State University Santa Catalina School Southern California University of Health Sciences-http://www.sdsu.edu/ http://www.santacatalina.org/ Los Angeles College of ChiropracticSan Diego Monterey http://www.scuhs.edu/DI Code: 4682 DI Code: 8102 Whittier DI Code: 9046San Diego State University-American Language Institute Santa Clara Universityhttp://www.americanlanguage.org/ http://www.scu.edu/ Southern California University-School of OrientalSan Diego Santa Clara Medicine and Acupuncture (SOMA)DI Code: 9546 DI Code: 4851 http://www.scusoma.edu Los AngelesSan Diego University for Integrative Studies Santa Monica College DI Code: 1865http://sduis.edu/ http://www.smc.edu/San Diego Santa Monica Southwestern AcademyDI Code: 7655 DI Code: 4691 http://www.southwesternacademy.edu/ San MarinoSan Domenico School Santa Rosa City Schools DI Code: 8098http://www.sandomenico.org/ http://www.srcs.k12.ca.us/San Anselmo Santa Rosa Southwestern College-CaliforniaDI Code: 0897 DI Code: 9622 http://www.swc.cc.ca.us/ Chula VistaSan Fernando Valley College of Law Santa Rosa Junior College DI Code: 4726http://www.uwla.edu/ http://www.santarosa.edu/Encino Santa Rosa Southwestern University-California-Law SchoolDI Code: 4873 DI Code: 4692 http://www.swlaw.edu/ Los AngelesSan Francisco Art Institute Saybrook Graduate School DI Code: 4703http://www.sfai.edu/ http://www.saybrook.edu/San Francisco San Francisco St. John’s Seminary-CamarilloDI Code: 4036 DI Code: 9007 http://www.stjohnsem.edu/ CamarilloSan Francisco Christian School Scripps College DI Code: 4661http://www.sfchristianschool.org/ http://www.scrippscollege.edu/San Francisco Claremont St. Patrick’s SeminaryDI Code: 7699 DI Code: 4693 http://www.stpatricksseminary.org/ Menlo ParkSan Francisco Conservatory of Music Sequoia Institute DI Code: 4786http://www.sfcm.edu/ http://www.sequoiainstitute.com/San Francisco Fremont St. Teresa’s School of MedicineDI Code: 4744 DI Code: 8179 Norwalk DI Code: 9983San Francisco School of Digital Filmmaking Shasta Bible Collegehttp://www.sfdigifilm.com/ http://www.shasta.edu/main/index.aspSan Francisco Redding Stanford UniversityDI Code: 3258 DI Code: 4717 http://www.stanford.edu/ StanfordSan Francisco School of Law Shasta College DI Code: 4704http://www.usfca.edu/law/ http://www.shastacollege.edu/San Francisco Redding Stanford University-Graduate School of Business-DI Code: 4712 DI Code: 4696 Summer Institute for General Management http://www.gsb.stanford.edu/sigm/index.htmlSan Francisco State University-Extended Learning Sierra College Stanfordhttp://www.cel.sfsu.edu/ http://www.sierracollege.edu/ DI Code: 3493San Francisco RocklinDI Code: 4721 DI Code: 4697 Stanford University-Sloan Master’s Program http://www.gsb.stanford.edu/sloan/San Francisco State University-Graduate Studies Silicon Valley University Stanfordhttp://www.sfsu.edu/~gradstdy/ http://www.svuca.edu/ DI Code: 4718San Francisco San JoseDI Code: 4683 DI Code: 3600 Starr-King School For Ministry http://www.sksm.edu/San Francisco State University-Undergraduate Studies Simpson University Berkeleyhttp://www.sfsu.edu/ http://www.simpsonuniversity.edu/ DI Code: 4709San Francisco ReddingDI Code: 4684 DI Code: 4698 Stevenson School http://www.rlstevenson.org/San Francisco Theological Seminary Skyline College Pebble Beachhttp://www.sfts.edu/ http://skylinecollege.edu/ DI Code: 8081San Anselmo San BrunoDI Code: 4685 DI Code: 4746 Stockton Christian Life College http://www.clministry.com/college/San Joaquin College of Law Soka University-America Aliso Viejo Stocktonhttp://www.sjcl.edu/ http://calabasas.soka.edu/ DI Code: 6776Clovis Aliso ViejoDI Code: 4748 DI Code: 4066 Taft College http://www.taft.cc.ca.us/San Joaquin Delta College Soka University-American Calabasas Tafthttp://www.deltacollege.edu/ http://calabasas.soka.edu/ DI Code: 4820Stockton Aliso ViejoDI Code: 4706 DI Code: 4720 The King’s University http://www.kingsuniversity.edu/San Joaquin Valley College Solano Community College Van Nuyshttp://www.sjvc.edu/ http://www.solano.edu/ DI Code: 1641Visalia Suisun CityDI Code: 4476 DI Code: 4930 The Masters Seminary http://www.tms.edu/San Jose City College Sonoma State University Sun Valleyhttp://www.sjcc.edu/ http://www.sonoma.edu/ DI Code: 5997San Jose Rohnert ParkDI Code: 4686 DI Code: 4723 The Webb Schools http://www.webb.org/cmswebb/webb/march/ Claremont DI Code: 1793www.ets.org/toefl TOEFL Destinations 57
    • TOEFL DESTINATIONS DIRECTORY Updated January 2012Thomas Aquinas College University of California-San Diego-Extension University of Phoenix-Rancho Bernardohttp://www.thomasaquinas.edu/ http://www.ip.extension.ucsd.edu http://www.phoenix.edu/Santa Paula La Jolla San DiegoDI Code: 4828 DI Code: 1963 DI Code: 4784Thomas Jefferson School of Law University of California-San Francisco University of Phoenix-Sacramentohttp://www.tjsl.edu/ http://www.ucsf.edu/ http://www.phoenix.edu/San Diego San Francisco SacramentoDI Code: 4973 DI Code: 4840 DI Code: 7653Touro University International University of California-San Francisco-Hastings College of Law University of Phoenix-Saddlebackhttp://www.tourou.edu/ http://www.uchastings.edu/ http://www.phoenix.edu/Los Alamitos San Francisco Foothill RanchDI Code: 4775 DI Code: 4342 DI Code: 7941Townsend Harris University University of California-Santa Barbara University of Phoenix-San BernardinoMarina Del Rey http://www.ucsb.edu/ http://www.phoenix.edu/DI Code: 4811 Santa Barbara San Bernardino DI Code: 4835 DI Code: 7936Transworld University University of California-Santa Barbara- University of Phoenix-San DiegoSan Jose English Language Institute http://www.phoenix.edu/DI Code: 4789 http://www.extension.ucsb.edu/ip/ San Diego Goleta DI Code: 4798 DI Code: 9605Trinity College of Graduate Studies-California University of Phoenix-San Franciscohttp://www.tcgs.edu/ University of California-Santa Cruz http://www.phoenix.edu/Anaheim http://www.ucsc.edu/about/address.asp San FranciscoDI Code: 7975 Santa Cruz DI Code: 9830 DI Code: 4860Trinity Law School University of Phoenix-San Josehttp://www.tiu.edu/law/ University of Diamond Bar http://www.phoenix.edu/Anaheim http://www.phoenix.edu/ San JoseDI Code: 4268 Diamond Bar DI Code: 4914 DI Code: 7939Unitek College University of Phoenix-Venturahttp://www.unitekcollege.com University of East/West Medicine http://www.phoenix.edu/Fremont http://www.uewm.edu OxnardDI Code: 2014 Sunnyvale DI Code: 7938 DI Code: 0256Univeristy of San Francisco-Graduate School of University of Phoenix-VistaArts and Sciences University of Judaism http://www.phoenix.edu/San Francisco http://www.uj.edu/ VistaDI Code: 6966 Los Angeles DI Code: 4783 DI Code: 4876University for Professional Studies University of Phoenix-Woodland Hillshttp://www.scups.net/ University of La Verne http://www.phoenix.edu/Arcadia http://www.ulv.edu/ Woodland HillsDI Code: 8754 La Verne DI Code: 7881 DI Code: 4381University of California Education Abroad University of Redlands-Johnstonhttp://www.universityofcalifornia.edu/ University of Los Angeles-California Biomed DIP http://www.redlands.edu/Goleta http://www.bioeng.ucla.edu/ RedlandsDI Code: 4795 Los Angeles DI Code: 4368 DI Code: 7845University of California School of Dentistry University of San Diegohttp://www.dentistry.ucla.edu University of Northern California http://www.sandiego.edu/Los Angeles http://www.uncm.edu/ San DiegoDI Code: 8354 Santa Rosa DI Code: 4849 DI Code: 4935University of California-Berkeley University of San Franciscohttp://www.berkeley.edu/ University of Phoenix Online-California http://www.usfca.edu/Berkeley http://www.phoenix.edu/ San FranciscoDI Code: 4833 San Francisco DI Code: 4850 DI Code: 7986University of California-Berkeley-Extension University of San Francisco-School of Lawhttp://www.haas.berkeley.edu/ University of Phoenix-Bakersfield http://www.usfca.edu/law/Berkeley http://www.phoenix.edu/ San FranciscoDI Code: 9216 Bakersfield DI Code: 4792 DI Code: 7540University of California-Davis University of Southern California-Department of Germanhttp://www.ucdavis.edu/index.html University of Phoenix-Chula Vista http://www.usc.edu/schools/college/german/Davis http://www.phoenix.edu/ Los AngelesDI Code: 4834 Chula Vista DI Code: 0940 DI Code: 4785University of California-Davis-Commercial Law University of Southern California-Los Angeleshttp://www.law.ucdavis.edu/ University of Phoenix-Costa Mesa http://www.usc.edu/Davis http://www.phoenix.edu/ Los AngelesDI Code: 8520 Fountain Valley DI Code: 4852 DI Code: 4822University of California-Davis-School of Law University of Southern California-Los Angeles-School of Dentistryhttp://www.law.ucdavis.edu/ University of Phoenix-Del Mar Learning http://www.usc.edu/hsc/dental/Davis http://www.phoenix.edu/ Los AngelesDI Code: 4778 San Diego DI Code: 4793 DI Code: 4781University of California-Irvine University of the Pacifichttp://www.uci.edu/ University of Phoenix-Edwards AFB http://www.uop.edu/Irvine http://www.phoenix.edu/ StocktonDI Code: 4859 Edwards Air Force Base DI Code: 4065 DI Code: 7934University of California-Los Angeles University of the Pacific-Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistryhttp://www.ucla.edu/ University of Phoenix-Gardena http://dental.pacific.edu/Los Angeles http://www.phoenix.edu/ San FranciscoDI Code: 4837 Gardena DI Code: 4892 DI Code: 7848University of California-Los Angeles-Extension University of the Peoplehttp://www.uclaextension.edu/ University of Phoenix-La Mirada http://www.uopeople.org/Los Angeles http://www.phoenix.edu/ PasadenaDI Code: 4910 La Mirada DI Code: 4577 DI Code: 7933University of California-Merced University of the Redlandshttp://www.ucmerced.edu/ University of Phoenix-Northern California http://www.redlands.edu/Merced http://www.phoenix.edu/ RedlandsDI Code: 4129 Novato DI Code: 4848 DI Code: 8518University of California-Riverside University of the Westhttp://www.ucr.edu/ University of Phoenix-Ontario http://www.uwest.org/Riverside http://www.phoenix.edu/ RosemeadDI Code: 4839 Ontario DI Code: 4347 DI Code: 7918University of California-San Diego University of West Los Angeles-Law Schoolhttp://www.ucsd.edu/ University of Phoenix-Pasadena http://www.uwla.edu/La Jolla http://www.phoenix.edu/ InglewoodDI Code: 4836 Pasadena DI Code: 4872 DI Code: 7935www.ets.org/toefl TOEFL Destinations 58
    • TOEFL DESTINATIONS DIRECTORY Updated January 2012Valley Christian High School Westminster Theological Seminary-California College for Financial Planninghttp://www.vcschools.org http://www.wscal.edu/ http://www.cffp.edu/index.aspxCerritos Escondido Greenwood VillageDI Code: 2099 DI Code: 4980 DI Code: 7126Valley Christian Junior/Senior High School Westmont College Colorado Christian Universityhttp://www.vchstrojans.org/ http://www.westmont.edu/ http://www.ccu.edu/Dublin Santa Barbara LakewoodDI Code: 8558 DI Code: 4950 DI Code: 4659Valley Christian Schools Whittier Christian High School Colorado Collegehttp://www.vcschools.org/ http://www.wchs.com/ http://www.coloradocollege.edu/index.aspSan Jose La Habra Colorado SpringsDI Code: 6690 DI Code: 8162 DI Code: 4072Vanguard University of Southern California Whittier College Colorado Mesa Universityhttp://www.vanguard.edu/ http://www.whittier.edu/ http://www.mesastate.edu/Costa Mesa Whittier Grand JunctionDI Code: 4701 DI Code: 4952 DI Code: 4484Ventura College Whittier Law School Colorado Mountain College-Timberlinehttp://www.venturacollege.edu/ http://www.law.whittier.edu/ http://coloradomtn.edu/Ventura Costa Mesa LeadvilleDI Code: 4931 DI Code: 4028 DI Code: 4113Ventura College of Law William Carey International University Colorado Mountain College-Westhttp://www.santabarbaralaw.edu/ http://www.wciu.edu/ http://coloradomtn.edu/Ventura Pasadena Glenwood SpringsDI Code: 4933 DI Code: 4983 DI Code: 4112Victor Valley College William Jessup University Colorado Northwestern Community Collegehttp://www.vvc.edu/ http://www.jessup.edu/ http://www.cncc.edu/Victorville San Jose RangelyDI Code: 4932 DI Code: 4756 DI Code: 4665Victorville International University Woodbury University Colorado Rocky Mountain Schoolhttp://www.vi-edu.us/ http://www.woodbury.edu/ http://www.crms.org/Victorville Burbank CarbondaleDI Code: 6779 DI Code: 4955 DI Code: 6782Village Christian Schools K-12 Woodland Community College Colorado School of Mineshttp://www.villagechristian.org/ http://www.yccd.edu/woodland/ http://www.mines.edu/index_js.shtmlSun Valley Woodland GoldenDI Code: 4211 DI Code: 5762 DI Code: 4073Villanova Preparatory School Woodside Priory School Colorado School of Professional Psychologyhttp://www.villanovaprep.org/ http://www.prioryca.org http://www.cospp.edu/Ojai Portola Valley Colorado SpringsDI Code: 8967 DI Code: 2055 DI Code: 4175Vineyard Christian School Wright Institute Colorado Springs SchoolAnaheim http://www.wrightinst.edu/ http://www.css.org/DI Code: 7562 Berkeley Colorado Springs DI Code: 9787 DI Code: 8095Virtual Organization Management Institute Yeshiva University-CA Colorado State Board of Nursinghttp://www.virtualorganizationmanagementinstitute.com/index.html Los Angeles http://www.dora.state.co.us/nursing/Encino DI Code: 4997 DenverDI Code: 5494 DI Code: 9748Weimar College Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Colorado State University-Fort Collinshttp://www.weimar.edu/ http://yosan.edu/ http://welcome.colostate.edu/Weimar Los Angeles Fort CollinsDI Code: 4440 DI Code: 7988 DI Code: 4075West Coast Baptist College Yuba College Colorado State University-Global Campushttp://www.westcoastbaptist.edu/ http://www.yccd.edu/yuba/ http://www.csuglobal.eduLancaster Marysville Greenwood VillageDI Code: 5709 DI Code: 4994 DI Code: 8824West Coast Christian College Colorado State University-PuebloFresno http://www.colostate-pueblo.edu/DI Code: 4970 Pueblo Colorado DI Code: 4611West Coast University Adams State College Colorado Technical University-Colorado Springshttp://www.westcoastuniversity.com/ http://www2.adams.edu/ http://cs.coloradotech.edu/Los Angeles Alamosa Colorado SpringsDI Code: 4966 DI Code: 4001 DI Code: 4133West Hills Community College Aims Community College Colorado Technical University-Denverhttp://www.westhillscollege.com/ http://www.aims.edu/ http://denver.coloradotech.edu/Coalinga Greeley Greenwood VillageDI Code: 4056 DI Code: 4204 DI Code: 9027West Los Angeles College Alexander Dawson School Community College of Aurorahttp://www.wlac.edu/ http://www.dawsons