Fifa World Cup 2010 Sponsorship Hkjc Final
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  • 1. 2010 FIFA World Cup Sponsorship
  • 2. 2010 FIFA World Cup
    FIFA World Cup 2010, the biggest event of the world’s most popular sport
    With less than 100 days away to the opening of FIFA World Cup 2010, the football fever is spreading all over the world as well as in Hong Kong
    MSN HK offers you one of the best opportunities to celebrate this global tournament together with all the Hong Kong passionate football fans and admirers
  • 3. MSN HK gives audience a full experience of World Cup
  • 4. Become the prestigious sponsor of MSN World Cup Channel
    MSN HK provides you the opportunity to connect with the audience all day during World Cup event
    High engagement and strong brand association with Hong Kong Jockey Club and World Cup
    Enhance brand awareness
    Strong relationship building with Hong Kong football fans and more than 2.7 million users in MSN HK and Windows Live
    Connect to the mass and target audience in the best way
  • 5. A rich, engaging environment for branding
    • Skinner 728x90
    • 6. Logo
    -Fully branded - 100% SOV
  • 7. A rich, engaging environment for branding
    MSN World Cup Channel –Home Layout
    MSN World Cup Channel – Article Layout
  • 8. An Unique Blend of MSN World Cup x Hong Kong Jockey Club
    • Co-branded ad in-house promotion
    • 9. MSN HK Homepage editorial placements
    • 10. Windows Live Messenger Today Page editorial placements
  • Brand Exposure in MSN HK and Windows Live platforms
    Banner ad and Textlink
  • 11. Use the most intimate way of reaching out to Messenger users!!
    MSN World Cup Windows Live Messenger Alerts
    • By subscribing the alerts, Windows Live Messenger users can receive instant hottest World Cup news with no hassle
    • 12. Tentative update frequency: 3-4 times per day
  • Branding Elements for WL Messenger Alerts Sponsor
    Logo in Messenger Alert History
    Logo in Alert Messenger
    Header in sign up page
    Icon in “Manage alert page”
  • 13. Alerts – How it works
    (1) User can subscribe the Alert on :
    1. MSN portal (Mock up only)
    (2) Pressing the "Add MSN Alerts" button brings the customer to a Welcome screen.
    2. Windows Live Alerts Tab on Windows Live
    Messenger, click on ‘Go to site’
  • 14. Alerts – How it works
    (4)Customer chooses which alert they want to subscribe
    (3)Sign in to Passport
    (6) That's it... finished! Next time RSS feed is updated, customer will automatically get an MSN Alert.
    (5) User to decide where to receive the Alert (Messenger / Hotmail
  • 15. Alerts – How it works
    • Alerts will prompt the users (like sign-in/hotmail alert) when there is update, users can always click on the alert to check the history
    • 16. The recruitment of subscribers will start much earlier before The World Cup. Once the sponsorship is confirmed, your brand will be appeared in all recruiting material too!
  • Further engagement via World Cup Messenger Game
    Customized World Cup Messenger Game
    • Allow million of Windows Live Messenger users to participate with your brand in a fun way embracing with World Cup theme
    • 17. Option for integration with Facebook to share the fun and score with friends in
    Facebook. Double the attention and exposure by capturing both Windows Live Messenger and Facebook users
  • 18. Customized Messenger Game Concept
    Penalty Shoot Out Game
    • Based on a real life Penalty shoot out mechanic.
    • 19. Player takes the shoot and score.
  • Extend the excitement of World Cup via in-game
    Massive – Winning 11
    • Reaching the enthusiastic gamers via one of the most popular football in-game title – Winning 11
    • 20. A fun, interactive gaming and social experience to the fans and gamers with high performing in-game brand elements
  • MSN HK World Cup Channel + Messenger Alerts + Messenger Game + Massive Sponsorship Package Entitlement
    Period: May – Mid Jul, 2010
    • Sponsorship of World Cup Channel & Messenger Alerts
    • 21. Customized Messenger World Cup Game
    • 22. Massive – Winning 11 with 5,000,000 impressions
    • 23. Co-Branded in-house promotion
    - Ad inventories Entitlement
    - MSN HK Homepage Large Rectangle : 1,200,000 impressions
    - MSN HK Homepage Textlink : 10 days
    - MSN HK Run of Channels : 1,000,000 impressions
    - Windows Live Sharing Large Rectangle : 1,500,000 impressions
    - Windows Live Messenger Half Banner : 7,000,000 impressions
    - Windows Live Messenger Textlink : 5,000,000 impressions
    - MSN HK Homepage Editorial : 4 days
    - Windows Live Messenger Today Editorial : 3 days