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Credentials Comunicacion Iberoamericana

  1. 1. Public relations, representationand marketing
  2. 2. Comunicacion Iberoamericana is a global public relations, representation and marketing consulting firm with more than 10 years of experience. We focus on the design and execution of communication and marketing strategies in Europe and America.To achieve our clients objectives we offer the following services:* Strategic communication consulting* Research, studies and analyses* Communications strategy design* Communications plan implementation* Public relations and public affairs campaigns* Marketing communications* Media relations* Crisis communications* Support for public biddings or tenders* Representation of corporations and institutions* Design and production* Foreign trade and international promotion
  3. 3. Our MissionOur mission is to create and change perceptions in order to achieve business objectives,Our Visionthrough a high-performance, quality-oriented, personalized service.We work to provide greater certainty to our clients regarding their strategic communicationalmanagement, through a wide experience in the following fields: business, finance, tourismOur business philosophy:and government, both in Europe and America.* To advise our clients based in our experience and expertise* To develop a unique work methodology* To focus on customer service and develop a personal relationship with our clients* To promote a multicultural, multilingual team including consultants from a variety of disciplines and nationalities* To provide integral communications solutions, tailored specifically for each client* To develop long term relationships with our clients “Our mission is to create and change perceptions in order to achieve business objectives, through a high-performance, quality-oriented, personalized service.”
  4. 4. Comunicación Iberoamericana is a global consultant group with operating capacity through our own offices and a solid international network of partners that allows us to provide strategic attention to our clients in Europe, North America and Latin America.Comunicación Iberoamericana currently manages public relation andstrategic communication accounts in: Spain France Argentina Italy Mexico Germany United States United Kingdom Chile
  5. 5. “We have broad experience in thefields of business, finances, tourismand government in both Europe andAmerica.”
  6. 6. ClientsComunicacion Iberoamericana has provided services to clients fromvery diverse fields and sectors. We cater to the communication needsof institutions from areas such as tourism, finance, education, realestate, technology, strategy and public management.
  7. 7. ClientsThe Mexico Tourism Board is the organiza-tion entrusted to coordinate, design and de-velop the national and international strate-gies for tourism promotion of Mexico, withactive participation of stakeholders in theindustry. Strategic consultancy, crisis commu- nications, media relations, training, public relations and media material production in Mexico, Canada, United Kingdom, France and
  8. 8. The Argentine Tourism Board promotes anddevelops the implementation of activities fornational and international tourism promo-tion, economic development with social inclu-sion and conservation of the national touristicpatrimony. Strategic consultancy, media relations, public relations and event
  9. 9. ClientsOliver Wyman Consulting, consisting of more KROLL is the world’s leading risk managementthan 2500 professionals in more than 40 cit- consulting company. It specializes in reducingies around the world, is the global leader in risk, solving problems and taking advantagemanagement and consulting. It combines a of opportunities through a range of servicesdeep knowledge of the industry with specific such as research and intelligence, preventionexpertise in strategy, operations, risk man- of money laundering, businesses restructur-agement, organizational transformation and ing, security and crisis management, elec-leadership development. tronic intelligence, professional background checks and forensic financial services. Strategic consultancy, crisis commu- nication, media relations and public Strategic consultancy, media rela- relations. tions, training and public
  10. 10. The National Board of Elections of Peru con- Grupo SM is an independent Spanish pub-trols the legality of the electoral process, ref- lishing house with a leading presence in theerendum and other public affairs questions, Latin American text book industry, as well asthus guaranteeing respect for the will of the in children and youth literature.people, at the same time certifying electoralresults and granting the corresponding cre- Strategic consultancy, media relationsdentials to the President, Congress, regional and professional relations.and local authorities. Strategic consultancy, crisis communi- cations, media relations,
  11. 11. ClientsSafe Democracy Foundation provides in- Spain’s Ministry of Education and Science isnovative ideas and solutions to the world’s the Government’s office in charge of generat-most pressing events, based on its firm com- ing and implementing procedures regardingmitment to a just, transparent and secure education, science and technology, universi-democracy for all. ties and sports. Design and production of Event planning, press office and communication materials. media relations. www.mec.es
  12. 12. Litvinenko Justice Foundation follows the The Barcelona Design Group comprises a pro-murder of Alexander Litvinenko in London. fessional team with more than 10 years expe-It aims to ensure that these crimes are thor- rience in the real estate market (mediation,oughly investigated and that those who promotions - construction and temporaryplanned and committed them are identified home rentals).and brought to justice. It will also campaignsto ensure that this murder is not forgotten Strategic consultancy and publicby the governments. relations. Media relations, public relations.
  13. 13. ClientsDYPSA is a company with more than 35 years The IPCVA (Argentinean Institute for Bovineof experience in the construction and the in- Meat Promotion) is focused on increasingtegral development of real estate in Argen- and consolidating Argentine bovine products,tina and Latin America. DYPSA has developed supported by the historical tradition of thistop class residences in Puerto Madero, Bue- product and the prestige gained in the inter-nos Aires, which symbolize a new concept national market.of lifestyle. They have offices in Madrid andBarcelona. Strategic consultancy, media relations, marketing communication Strategic consultancy, media and public relations. relations, marketing communications and public relations.
  14. 14. Founded in 2001 by the most important The Acqua project in Uruguay is an outstand-promoters of the local real state sector, the ing building of 34 apartments designed byCEDU (Chamber of Argentinean Urban En- the well-known architect Rafael Viñoly. It istrepreneurs), contributes to the sustainable an architectural jewel for its innovative de-development and permanent professional- sign and will become an icon of real state inization of real state sector in Argentina. Punta del Este. Strategic consultancy, media Strategic consultancy, media relations, marketing communication relations, marketing communication and public relations. and public relations.
  15. 15. ClientsThe World Tourism Organization (UNWTO/ CYBEX is a pioneer consultant company inOMT) is a specialized agency of the United digital forensic services. It leads the man-Nations and the leading international organi- agement of electronic evidence and corpo-zation in the field of tourism. It serves as a rative forensic risks in virtual scenarios. Cy-global forum for tourism policy issues and a bex offers services in Forensics & Litigation,practical source of tourism know-how. Forensics & Risk y Forensics & Technology and delivers professional training services.Comunicación Iberoamericana is an affiliatemember of the WTO. Strategic consultancy, media relations, marketing communication, Presentation of worldwide tourism production of communication statistics 2008. materials, public
  16. 16. Santa Bárbara Airlines is a Venezuelan airline Tequilas de la Doña is a Mexican companywith more than 10 years of experience that dedicated to the design, manufacture, distri-launched operations in Spain during the year bution and commercialization of wines and2002. liquors in Mexico and worldwide.It currently operates in the Madrid and Te- Strategic consultancy, medianerife airports. relations, marketing communication Media relations, marketing commu- and public relations. nication and public relations.
  17. 17. is a virtual tool that allows us- The Spanish Institute of Foreign Trade (ICEX)ers to share information, photos, videos and provides services to Spanish companies inmessages as well as to interact with friends order to encourage and ease their interna-and known people in a safe, organized and tional way. Media Relations, event management, Media relations, marketing market communication and Public communication and public Relations. relations.
  18. 18. The National Housing Commission is the fed- “Vinos de España” – Wines of Spain - is aeral body responsible of coordinating advo- brand created by ICEX to group up the pro-cacy for housing. It aims towards the fulfill- motion activities related to the export ofment of the objectives and goals set by the Spanish wine.Federal Government in housing, as stated inthe National Shelter Program 2007-2012: To- Media Relations, event management,wards a sustainable housing development. market communication and Public Relations. Media Relations, event management, market communication and Public Relations.
  19. 19. ClientsSituated in Pastrana, a little town in the Span- Founded in 2000, Argentinean Airlines is theish countryside, the Rural Spa invites its visi- leading air transport company of the country.tors to recline and relax. Its goal is to provide top passenger and cargo services to important destinations within the Media Relations, event manage- borders of Argentina and worldwide. ment, market communication and Public Relations. Media Relations, event manage- ment, market communication Public Relations in Mexico.
  20. 20. Founded in 1992, Imaginarium is today the Founded in 1986, FAMO gathers Spanishbest valued toy store in the world. It has manufacturers of office furniture. It is a nonmade a name for itself through its own brand profit organization created by the manufac-of products combining games, education, turers themselves and it strives for the pro-fun, imagination and creativity. tection of their rights and interests. Media Relations, event manage- Media Relations and event ment, market communication and management. Public Relations.
  21. 21. ClientsThree five star hotels in Argentina, that have ProMexico is the federal Government organ-become a standard of luxury and exclusivity ism that coordinates the strategies to pro-in the hotel industry. Their complete offer mote Mexico in the international economy.greatly satisfies all the needs of business and It provides support for exporters and imple-pleasure guests. ments actions to attract foreign investors. Media Relations and event Market research. management
  22. 22. The Argentinean Chamber of Entrepreneurs Madrid’s Board of Tourism is an autonomousin Spain aims to improve the presence of Ar- organism that welcomes tourists during theirgentinean corporations in Spain by provid- visit to the city. It’s main function is to manageing commercial and investment incentives. the visitors experience, fulfilling expectationsIt also promotes Argentinean culture so that through excellent services and new touristicthe national products are known all around products that are attractive and effective.the world. Media and public relations Marketing event management
  23. 23. The Tourism Authority of Panamá is the Go-vernment agency that abroad promotes allthe tourism activities the country has to offer.They are currently working on a master planon sustainable tourism development, 2007-2020, and its offer is structured around seve-ral settled promotions: History and culture,ecotourism, sports and adventure, The Cityof Panamá, sun and beach, business and in-digenous groups. Media relations, Public Relations and organisation of
  24. 24. | 26 Services At Comunicacion Iberoamericana we identify our clients’ present and potential global business vision. Our experience and international network allows us to design and execute integral communication actions to position their brand or product. We create and change perceptions in order to achieve business objectives, through a high- performance, quality-oriented, personalized service.
  25. 25. Services Consultoría Planificación estratégica Gestión y ejecuciónStrategic Consulting* Strategic communications design* Research, reports and studiesPlanning* Communication plans draftingManagement and Production* Public relations campaigns* Media relations* Marketing communications* Public affairs* Crisis Communication* Tenders and contests* Training* Design and Production of Communication Material* Foreign Trade and International Promotion
  26. 26. Strategic Consulting Media Relations* Creative and effective corporate commu- * Proactive generation of corporate, pro-nications strategies duct and services news* Research, studies and reports, communi- * High performance results, in quality andcations audits and market research quantity* Strategic communications consulting: po- * Drafting and writing of press notes andsitioning of the company, brand, executives, dossiersproducts and services * Press release supportResearch * Press office management * Creative development of press coverage* Image and positioning audits opportunities Public Affairs* Qualitative and quantitative studies* Competition studies* Analysis of comparative product positio- * Lobbying with central, autonomous andning municipal Administrations* Press coverage follow-up reports * Public relations with chambers of com- merce and corporate associations* Creative and effective corporate commu-nication strategies design * Creation of allies and supporters networks* Study and report development: communi- * Analysis and study of project viabilitycations and market research audits* Communications strategies consulting: po-sitioning of the company, brand, executives,products and servicesPublic Relations* PR program design* Press conference organization and mana-gement* Event organization (Fairs, conferences,congresses, meetings) “We designed and implemented* Design of creative and effective strategies the strategy and campaign offor corporate communication. public relations for tourism of several countries in Spain”
  27. 27. ServicesMarketing Communications * Public presentation design* Product launching, presentations and road * Strategic partners search in Europe andshows Latin America* Public relations consulting within the media * Project promotion through communica- tions campaigns* Conference/event speaker training* Marketing events * Lobbying campaigns* Product positioning analysis and consulting * Communications strategy design to en- hance product positioning before and after* Social Networks: Facebook, etc.Crisis Management awarding Training* Crisis strategy defining * Spokespeople training* Risk and scenario analysis * Training for public appearances* Crisis handbook preparation * Crisis situation drills* Evaluation and interpretation of outcomes * Collaboration agreements with universities* Crisis preventionTenders and contests * Presentations to sales force, clients, media, etc. Design And Production of communication materials * Creative design and production of commu- nication materials * Editorial design * Multimedia production * Website design “We train communications, Foreign trade and international promotion spokespeople and crisis * Promotion campaigns simulation teams” * Commercial missions * Market surveys * Participation in trade fairs
  28. 28. Press conference organization Event managementInterview support Press management during fairsMedia and public relations Sponsorship management
  29. 29. Success CasesAt Comunicacion Iberoamericana we have extensive years ofexperience and many cases to back up our clients communicationsuccess. We have developed a unique methodology that togetherwith our global network of strategic partners, allows us to contributea complete vision of the communication and public relations scene,so we can position our clients at the top of their sectors.
  30. 30. Success CasesComunicacion Iberoamericana is the official Communication and Public Rela-tions agency of the Mexico Tourism Board in:* Europe. 19 countries. (2006-07)* Mexico, Canada, France, Italy, United Kingdom and its corresponding second-ary markets (07-09)The value of the work lies essentially in the knowledge of the product we sell and the clearview we have of each market.The actions taken place have been developed in five languages simultaneously and are dividedin information, media relations, large promotional events, promotional opportunities, man-agement of critical issues and research.In 2008, we managed the communications and press activities in over 70 international fairsand exhibitions, managed to take more than 1100 journalists on press travel and placed over12000 newspapers articles from more than 19 countries with an advertising value of over 50million Euros.Comunicacion Iberoamericana has provided Mexico with a privileged presence in the mediafor the relevant markets, generating an annual audience of more than 520 million people inour operation markets, and thus a return on investment higher than ten points.
  31. 31. Public appearances management Design and production or virtual press materialDesign and production of informative and Promotional opportunitiespromotional materialPress trips Fairs and events
  32. 32. Success CasesWe succeeded in placing Mexico as a magical destination for diverse media suchas Travel Weekly (United Kingdom), El Viajero de El Pais (Spain), Le Figaro andVoyages d’Affairs (France), Toronto Star and Le Journal de Montreal (Canada) aswell as the major print and electronic media in our country. Rutas del Mundo Magazine, Spain Golf Magazine, France
  33. 33. Virtual press room: Design and translation to five languagesPress kits: Design and productionPress kits: Design and production
  34. 34. Success CasesThe Ministry of Tourism of Argentina strives for the promotion and development of domesticand international tourism to Argentina, implementing national policy and commercial air navi-gation, exclusively related to the area of Tourism.Comunicacion Iberoamericana has been the public relations agency of Argentina in the IberianMarket (Spain and Portugal) since 2005, managing the media image of the destination in thepress and coordinating the participation in tourist fairs and exhibitions in Spain.Only in 2009, Comunicacion Iberoamericana has placed more than 500 articles about Argen-tina in the Spanish press, with an advertising value worth over 15 million Euros.Thanks to the efforts of Comunicacion Iberoamericana, the presence of Argentina as a destina-tion in FITUR 2008 has been the most successful of the past years, even receiving the awardfor Best Stand. Moreover, the presence of Diego Armando Maradona and the media impactcaught the attention of hundreds of visitors
  35. 35. Awarding of the Best Stand in thecategory countries for the designand innovation of the activities thattook place during those days.
  36. 36. Success CasesMedia coverage of the destination’s promotion during FITUR 2008
  37. 37. Team Team Comunicacion Iberoamericana has an interdisciplinary and international team, with highly trained professionals with global experience who are flexible, creative and committed to each and every one of our clients.Diego BarcelóPresidentHe has advised more than 30 major companies in Spain, the United States and Argentina,in corporate communications, marketing, public relations and lobbying. He has extensiveexperience in strategy development and implementation of corporate communicationscampaigns.Diego Barceló’s most recent projects are:* Design of a communications strategy for an international consulting firm in Spain.* Touristic promotion for and American country in more than 20 international markets* Business communications for a State Communications Secretariat* Product and services launch from the U.S. to Latin America* Product positioning strategy in Spain and Portugal* Redesign of a corporate communications strategy for an European publishing firm* Crisis communications management for a South American airline in Europe* Media relations for a Latin American Tourism Secretariat in Europe.He is a PhD in Social Communications by the Universidad Austral. He studied Business Ad-ministration at the Universidad de Buenos Aires, post-graduate studies in Public Opinionand Media (FLACSO), Masters in Corporate Communications from the Universidad Austral,post-graduate studies in International Relations at the SEI (Madrid) and Masters in Informa-tion Society at the Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca. He also is a professor at the Jour-nalism School of the Universidad de Vitoria, at the Instituto Universtario Ortega y Gassetand at the Political Action Master of the Carolina Foundation. He is a member of the Inter-national Association of Business Communicators (IABC), PRSA and ADC DIRCOM.
  38. 38. Francisca Castro AlmeyraVicepresidentShe is Vicepresident and Administrative Director of Comunicacion Iberoamericana. She wasfounder and president of the Asociación Civil (NGO) “Toda la Mano”, collaborated with theEndeavor Foundation as Deputy Director and worked at Shackleton Agency. Her experienceis focused on strategic planning; she has consulted for NGOs associated to CIPPEC in stra-tegic planning and coordinated the Real Madrid campaign in 2006. She graduated from theUniversidad Católica Argentina as a Public Accountant and got a Masters degree in PoliticalAction and Citizen Participation, Institutional Strengthening and Citizen Participation underthe Rule of Law.Verónica de los RiosAccount ExecutiveVeronica graduated from Law School at the Universidad Javeriana in Colombia, and has aMasters Degree in Political Action and Citizen Participation. She is currently working on herthesis to complete a Masters in Political and Institutional Communication and is a candidatefor PhD in Government and Public Administration. She has worked as Media Consultant andPublic Relations Manager for several private and public organizations in Colombia, Spain andthe United States.María Jesús MartínAccount ExecutiveShe has a degree in Humanities by the University Carlos III of Madrid and a Masters in Adverti-sement and Corporate Communication from ESIC (Marketing and Business School) in Madrid.She began her career in Internal Communication and Public and International Relations wor-king for companies such as CEOE (the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations), theSpanish Association of Consulting Firms, and multinationals such as Ikea. She currently lives inMexico and works as Account Executive for Comunicacion Iberoamericana.
  39. 39. TeamMaría José García RodríguezAccount ExecutiveShe has a degree in Information Sciences (branch of Journalism) in the Universidad Pontificiaof Salamanca and a Masters in Communication in Public and Politic Institutions at the Univer-sidad Complutense de Madrid. She began her career as an editor for local and national printand broadcast media.Later she worked in the area of corporate communication where she dealt with customersfrom the tourism sector: hotel chains, touristic destinations, online travel agencies, fitnesscenters and wine tours. She has also produced several tourism related articles.Miriam EckertAssociate ConsultantShe has a degree in Linguistics, Economics and Cultural Studies with specialization in Latin Ameri-ca and Spain, from the Passau University in Germany, and also a degree in Intercultral Economicsfrom the Universidad San Salvador in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has journalistic experienceand does freelance work for several media in Germany. During her years as a student she parti-cipated in projects in Argentina, Mexico and Mozambique, working as event coodinator, multi-media teacher and implementing an information netowrk for students and teachers in culturalprojects. Her eagerness and motivation got her the Kemper Award and the ASA scholrship byInWent, Lufthansa Cargo, DAAD, ITB Berlin and UN-Millenium Villages. At Comunicación Ibero-americana she collaborated with the Mexico Tianguis and Promexico.Diana Cecilia Torres ÁlvarezAssociate ConsultantShe graduated in Organizational Communications from the Universidad Autonoma del Norestein Mexico with specialized studies in Political Communications, and is a candidate to be Mastersin Political and Institutional Communications at the Instituto Universitario Ortega y Gasset inMadrid, where she is also studying an Information Society PhD. She has collaborated with theEuropean Research Centre about Mexican issues and has been a full time professor at the Uni-versidad Interamericana in Mexico, teaching journalism and organizational development.Her experience as a journalist won her the Regional University Journalism Award in Coahuila,Mexico. She worked in media and public relations management for Mexican political parties.She was founder and director of institutional relations for Estrategia Comunicación e Imagen, apublishing and public image consultant. At Comunicacion Iberoamericana she has worked as PRcoordinator for the Mexico Tourism Board in Europe and Canada, and she currently directs theresearch and analysis area at CCIBA.
  40. 40. Isabella De Zan HatchAccount AssistantShe is currently studying Journalism at the European Design Institute-IED in Madrid. She hasworked as organizer for several events in Panama City and has also collaborated in the promotionof Argentina as a destination working as hostess for the Board of Tourism office in Madrid. Sheis a usual collaborator of Comunicación Iberoamericana assisting in touristic projects and doingcommunication, marketng and public relations.Lorena Velázquez AlejoAccount ExecutiveShe graduated in Communication Sciences from the Universidad del Valle in Mexico, and hasa diploma in Audiovisual Media From the Universidad Europea de Madrid (Villaviciosa, Spain).Lorena worked as Assistant Account Executive for AB Comunicacion Agencia RRPP, and hasdone collaborations as a radio newscaster for the show Vanguardia, as a reporter for the En-tretenimiento y Travesías portal, and as an editor for the e-magazine Carta de Mexico. Shecurrently works as Account Executive for Comunicacion Iberoamericana.Estíbaliz Maldonado MaldonadoAdministrative, Madrid OfficeShe holds a technical degree in Administration and Accounting. During her professional career shehas worked in various sectors, such as renewable energies, health, trade, tourism, financial consul-tancy and multinationals.Her experience is focused on corporate finance and fiscal management, complying with Interna-tional Accounting Standards (IAS). Her last experience before joining the team of ComunicacionIberoamericana was at the accounting area of the Spanish hotel group Silken.
  41. 41. For more information contact: Spain C/Velazquez 55, 5º C [28001]Follow us: Madrid Phone +34 915757121. Fax: +34915768032 Argentina Viamonte 752 Piso 4[C1053ABP] Buenos Aires Phone +54 11 5238 5510 México Ejercito Nacional Nº 418, 7º, Of. 729, [11570] Col. Chapultepec Morales, Del. Miguel Hidalgo México, DF Phone/Fax +52 55 1101 1776 United States 415, Madison Avenue, 15th, [10017] New York, NY, USA, Phone +1 646 673 8669
  42. 42.