The Sims 3 Hamilton & Boyd (part 4)


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A late night phone call and elevator problems cause Destiny and Drake to be late for their first day of work. They race against time to avoid making bad first impressions with their bosses.

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The Sims 3 Hamilton & Boyd (part 4)

  1. 1. The Sims 3: Hamilton & Boyd (part 4)
  2. 2. Destiny begins her first day of work tomorrow. She doesn’t want to be late, so she begins her nighttime routine – starting with a bath.
  3. 3. She grabs a quick bite to eat. Tonight it’s ice cream.
  4. 4. Then she gets in bed. Destiny’s had a long disappointing day. The best thing to do is sleep it off.
  5. 5. Destiny dreams of being rich and famous.
  6. 6. Drake is nervous about his first day at the bookstore.
  7. 7. He also wants to get a good night’s sleep before work tomorrow.
  8. 8. Destiny’s cell phone rings in the middle of the night.
  9. 9. “Hello…hello,” Destiny answers half asleep.
  10. 10. There is no answer on the other end. “Look…” Destiny shouts into the cell, “I don’t like people playing on my phone!”
  11. 11. Destiny is upset that someone would crank call her in the middle of the night.
  12. 12. “That better not be that Moxie chick!” Destiny thinks out loud.
  13. 13. Drake and Destiny go back to sleep.
  14. 14. It turns out that the late phone call caused Destiny to oversleep. She tries to eat as fast as she can.
  15. 15. Destiny has already missed her carpool, so she has to catch a taxi.
  16. 16. Destiny is afraid of making a bad first impression on her boss. It would break her heart to be fired before she even gets a chance to begin.
  17. 17. The cabby is the same cabby from yesterday. “Late for work?” The cabby asks in a condescending tone.
  18. 18. “Just shut up and drive!” Destiny demands. “What does this chick have against potential stars?” Destiny wonders to herself.
  19. 19. Destiny arrives at the movie lot almost two hours late.
  20. 20. She pauses at the door hoping to avoid the anger that probably awaits her on the other side.
  21. 21. Drake is dressed and ready to make it to work on time, but has problems with the elevator. It takes too long for it to reach his floor.
  22. 22. He also misses the carpool and has to take the subway to work.
  23. 23. Drake enters the subway, once again praying that he doesn’t get mugged.
  24. 24. He arrives at the next station unharmed, but is forced to run the rest of the way to the bookstore.
  25. 25. He can’t help but enjoy some of sights on the way.
  26. 26. Drake finally makes it to the bookstore, but has missed almost half of his shift. He lies to his boss telling her that he got lost. “Don’t let it happen again!” She says.
  27. 27. Destiny is finished with her first day of work. When she arrived on the set this afternoon, she expected to receive a lot of strife for being late, but the reality was… she’s just not that important. No one even noticed her. She spent the day chatting with her co-workers.
  28. 28. Drake and Destiny enter the elevator back at their apartment; happy to still have their jobs.