The sims 3 Hamilton & Boyd (part 2)


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Destiny meets Moxie, a low level sports celebrity, while at the Civic Plaza. Moxie offers to give Destiny a glimpse of the Bridgeport club scene, while Drake attends a drink mixology class..

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The sims 3 Hamilton & Boyd (part 2)

  1. 1. The Sims 3: Hamilton & Boyd (part 2)
  2. 2. Destiny looks around Civic Plaza searching for a celebrity that she recognizes. Right away she spots Moxie Logan an athlete that she’s seen in a few youth sport commercials. “Hey Moxie! How are you?”
  3. 3. “Do I know you?” Roxie asks rudely. Destiny is used to being rude to others, but she doesn’t quite know how to respond to someone being rude to her.
  4. 4. Drake also recognizes Moxie, but he’s not as star struck as Destiny. He’s more impressed by the buildings surrounding him.
  5. 5. Standing in the middle Bridgeport intimidates Drake. “How am I going to make it in this big place?” He asks himself.
  6. 6. Destiny is still conversing with Moxie; slowly impressing her by talking about her new job.
  7. 7. “Drake! What are you doing? Come and meet Moxie!”
  8. 8. Drake waves and says hello, but he is not interested in meeting Moxie. He has a few other things that he would rather be doing. He’s happy to see that Destiny and Moxie seem to be hitting it off. Destiny has always thrived with a lot of associates around.
  9. 9. Drake is also happy because he knows that if Destiny has a new friend to occupy her time, he’ll be free to take care of some business of his own.
  10. 10. “Destiny, I’m heading across town to attend a mixology class.” Drake tells her. “See you later – just don’t get lost!” Destiny calls back. Drake runs towards the subway before Destiny can change her mind.
  11. 11. Destiny turns her attention back to Moxie. “So where are the hot spots in this town?” “Well, I’ve always wanted to get into Banzai Lounge, but it’s tough to get in. Maybe with your new acting job, you can get us in.” Moxie suggests.
  12. 12. Drake arrives at the Somerset Subway Station. He wants to attend a mixology class at the high class restaurant located in Steve’s Business complex.
  13. 13. Drake has seen plenty of subways on movies, but this will be his first trip on an actual subway. He prays that he doesn’t get mugged.
  14. 14. A short ride later, he arrives at the Powell House Station. Now he’s a brief cab ride away from the business complex.
  15. 15. Drake arrives right on time for his class.
  16. 16. “So do you think you can get us into the Banzai?” Moxie asks, “It’s very exclusive.” Destiny’s arrogance tells her that she can.
  17. 17. “I’ll get us in…so do you want to hang out?” Destiny asks.
  18. 18. Suddenly, Moxie is a lot more open to making Destiny an acquaintance. Moxie catches Destiny up on a bit of the town celebrity gossip.
  19. 19. Destiny has a feeling that she and Moxie will get along just fine.
  20. 20. “Ok, so here’s the plan, go home and put on your best clubbing outfit. We’ll meet back here and head over to the Banzai.” Destiny directs.
  21. 21. Destiny and Moxie go home, get dressed and meet back at the Civic Plaza.
  22. 22. They hop into Moxie’s SUV and head over to the Banzai, next to the athletic stadium.
  23. 23. After they arrive, Moxie tells her that there are two clubs at the Banzai; one for the general public and a VIP section for the celebs. Destiny, hoping to impress Moxie heads straight toward the bouncer who guards the VIP entrance.
  24. 24. Destiny approaches the intimidating bouncer. “Hi, I’m Destiny Hamilton. I was hoping that you would let me and my friend in.” This does not come out with as much confidence as Destiny intended.
  25. 25. “The VIP section is for the hottest celebs only!” “What! But I am a celebrity. Everybody knows me!” Destiny hopes this sounds convincing.
  26. 26. “Go away or I’ll have you tossed out of here!” The bouncer shouts. Destiny is insulted and embarrassed because she knows that Moxie is watching.
  27. 27. Moxie walks over, “Let’s just go!”
  28. 28. “Not yet,” Destiny says. She hands the bouncer 100 simoleons. “Now will you let us in?” She pleads.
  29. 29. Destiny watches the bouncer with a hopeful gaze. She prays that he doesn’t turn her away after taking her money.
  30. 30. “Go in!” He demands. “Thank you!” Destiny smiles relied, but Moxie is not impressed that Destiny had to pay a bribe. “I thought you had pull. I’m outta here!” Moxie says walking away.
  31. 31. Destiny let Moxie’s snide comment slide. “She was a crappy dresser anyway,” Destiny says to herself.
  32. 32. Destiny walks past the stern bouncer and heads up the stairs of the Banzai VIP section. This could be the first few steps to true stardom.