The sims 3 Hamilton & Boyd (part 13)


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Drake hopes to avoid a showdown with Destiny that's sure to come over him staying at a bar until early morning. He decides to have a chat with his neighbor Emilio, who's a bit on the strange side.

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The sims 3 Hamilton & Boyd (part 13)

  1. 1. The Sims 3: Hamilton & Boyd (part 13)
  2. 2. Drake is up early the next morning; relieved to see that Destiny is home safe, but regretting the showdown that is sure to come later.
  3. 3. Drake decides to go and visit Emilio the neighbor. Although a bit on the strange side, Emilio just may be a good person to hang out with.
  4. 4. Emilio comes out to the hallway. “Hey Emilio! How’ve you been?”
  5. 5. “Alright. I’m glad to see you, I just got the best tickets for the upcoming concert. Wanna check it out with me?”
  6. 6. “Sure, why not.” Drake realizes that he’s never asked Emilio what he does for a living. “So Emilio, what do you do?”
  7. 7. “I’m a social worker,” Emilio reveals. “Really?’ “Yep, you abuse your kids, I’m the one that comes and takes them away.”
  8. 8. Drake asks Emilio a little about himself, and for some reason the conversation turns to Drake and Emilio discussing their favorite colors.
  9. 9. “I love the color red. I once had this red mustang. I loved it, but for some reason the police kept pulling me over when I drove it. I think that red cars just attract the cops.”
  10. 10. “I don’t know about that man. I got pulled over a lot when I was in high school and my car was blue.”
  11. 11. “I used to think it was because I’m black, but it had nothing to do with race. I was just speeding.”
  12. 12. “That may be the case for you, but I’m telling you, red cars get more tickets!” Drake finds that there is no use in arguing with Emilio.
  13. 13. “Did you check to see if the bookstore had that book I asked you about?” Emilio asks. “Oh yeah, I did and we have it in stock, but you better hurry down to buy it. It’s one of those titles that’s going fast.”
  14. 14. Drake and Emilio continue discussing books and the bookstore.
  15. 15. Drake shares some of his funny “working at the bookstore” stories. Emilio seems to have a great sense of humor. He was amused by all of Drake’s jokes.
  16. 16. In fact, Emilio laughs until he almost chokes. Drake didn’t think his jokes were that funny, but he appreciates Emilio’s reaction.
  17. 17. “Oh man, that was funny. Well I got some things to do. I’ll catch you later.” Emilio says.
  18. 18. Emilio heads back in the house. Drake still has not decided if Emilio may be a potential friend or not. His conversations tend to be a bit strange, but Drake will keep an open mind. So far, Emilio is the closest thing that Drake has to a friend here in Bridgeport.