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Sims 3 The Price Family (part 17)

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Today is a day of firsts; Notzo begins his first day as a Patrol Officer and Mercedes has to leave Taye with a babysitter for the first time while she works. Later, Mercedes is invited to a party …

Today is a day of firsts; Notzo begins his first day as a Patrol Officer and Mercedes has to leave Taye with a babysitter for the first time while she works. Later, Mercedes is invited to a party where she ends up giving an unexpected 'mini' makeover to her sister-in-law Bunny.

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  • 1. The Price Family (part 17): Twin Brook
  • 2. The next morning, notzo begins his first day as a patrol officer. There is a new element of criminals cropping up in twinbrook and notzo’s job is to patrol the areas of town where the thugs tend to hangout.
  • 3. This day is bitter sweet for Mercedes. She always looks forward to work, but is not happy about leaving taye with a babysitter for the first time.
  • 4. Taye’s new babysitter, Constance arrives and Mercedes has no choice but trust her to take good care of taye.
  • 5. Pansy is Mercedes’ first client today.
  • 6. Pansy is looking for a new formal outfit. Mercedes decides on a new look for her, but for the first time, pansy is not too happy with Mercedes’ choices.
  • 7. Between clients, Mercedes returns to her nectar book to study up on the skill.
  • 8. Mercedes is overdue for lunch. She heads over to the red rendezvous for a quick meal.
  • 9. Thinking about how good the hot wings were the other night, Mercedes decides on another serving of the wings.
  • 10. Lexus is the first home for the evening. She dismisses Constance and takes over the care of her brother.
  • 11. Taye is starving. Before she left, Constance told Lexus that taye refused to eat anything she offered him. By the time Lexus puts him in his highchair he is more than ready to eat.
  • 12. Taye is very grateful to his sister for feeding him and rewards her with his unintelligible toddler gibberish.
  • 13. It’s time for taye to use the potty. Lexus is able to successfully complete his potty training.
  • 14. An exhausted notzoarrives home from work. The job of a patrol officer is a lot more stressful than he could have imagined. he would love to have a nap.
  • 15. His nap will have to be postponed. After changing into his casual clothes, he heads outside for a nap on the porch, but his sister bunny decides to stop by for an impromptu visit.
  • 16. Bunny tells notzothat she just wanted to stop by for a moment to visit with her nephew. She’s on her way to a party.
  • 17. Notzo invites bunny inside. He lets her know that he has almost finished his first novel. She congratulates him before leaving for the party.
  • 18. Mercedes has been invited to the same party; at phoenix prudence’s house. She would rather be at home getting ready for bed, but phoenix is good client so she decides to drop by for a moment.
  • 19. Mercedes enters the house and surveys the scene. She sees a few familiar faces, including her sister-in-law bunny. She decides to chat with bunny for a while.
  • 20. Among the friendly faces, she sees a face that she has grown to hate over time. this face belongs to kamal Campbell, Lexus’ absentee father.
  • 21. Mercedes refuses to acknowledge kamal’s existence. She chats with bunny instead.
  • 22. “you know, I really could use some of your advice on a new look. I’m tired of seeing the same person in the mirror day after day.”
  • 23. “sure bunny, I think I could come up with something for you. I just so happen to have a few items in my car that are just your size.”
  • 24. “what are you looking for…sophistication, playfulness…a new work wardrobe perhaps?”
  • 25. “just something simple for now. I feel a bit underdressed for this party. Could you help with that now?”
  • 26. Mercedes goes to her car and pulls out a combination that would look great on bunny. She decides to pair a dressy blouse with cropped casual pants. Bunny loves it.
  • 27. “thanks sis. You are a true genius!” bunny says.“that’s what I do,” Mercedes replies, “make the world look great, one person at a time!”