Sims 3 The Pratts (part 30)


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After a lifetime of taking things for granted, Candy finally learns that it's the little things that make life worth living. She questions her mortality while at the same time enjoying her new grandchild. Meanwhile, Gwen's klepto urges evolve into hacking.

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Sims 3 The Pratts (part 30)

  1. 1. The Pratts (part 30): Sunset Valley
  2. 2. Candy arrives home, still trying to pull herself together…
  3. 3. …just as Spencer and Rena leave the hospital with their new daughter, Chelsea Pratt; born with the genius and eccentric traits.
  4. 4. Spencer is a proud husband and father as he leaves the hospital. Rena did a terrific job during the delivery.
  5. 5. Chelsea is healthy and alert. She cannot get enough of looking around while Rena walks toward the cab.
  6. 6. Candy cannot begin to describe what she feels holding her granddaughter in her arms for the first time. She loses a cousin, but gains a granddaughter. Funny how life works sometimes.
  7. 7. Candy pulls Chelsea close, “I love you more than words can describe.” Candy wants to make sure that Chelsea hears these words because tomorrow is never promised.
  8. 8. Candy reluctantly places Chelsea in her crib. She could hold her all night, but she’s so tired that she’d be afraid to drop her.
  9. 9. Chelsea looks around with alert, unusually curious eyes.
  10. 10. Gwen wakes up hungry, but it’s not for food. She has a secret that she’s been hiding; she sees something that doesn’t belong to her and she can’t help but take it.
  11. 11. Her need to steal has evolved to hacking.
  12. 12. This was something that started at school; but there she just hacked into other people’s email accounts. Particularly her teachers’ to find out about upcoming tests and events.
  13. 13. This is why Lydell wanted to get to know her. He never wanted to date her, he saw her hack into the principle’s accounts and knew her skill could come in handy. She was able to successful erase Lydell’s horrible school discipline records.
  14. 14. Gwen knows that Lydell used her. The problem is, the hacking left a nice taste in her mouth. Now she hacks into bank accounts to steal small amounts of money. Of course, being a Pratt, she has no need for money; it’s the thrill that excites her.
  15. 15. Spencer wakes early to spend time with Chelsea, before work.
  16. 16. It takes her gentle touch for him to realize that this is no dream. He is now a father; responsible for a new life.
  17. 17. Her wet attempts at kisses warm his heart. He hates to leave for work. He almost cannot bare the thought of not seeing her sweet face all day.
  18. 18. Candy, Sarah and Gwen sit down for breakfast together; each lost in their own thoughts. Candy is questioning her own mortality now that Kianah’s gone. Sarah is worried about Candy because she has never seen her walk around in her robe before and Gwen wonders what Candy would say if she found out that she is a thief.
  19. 19. Now that Chelsea has been born, Rena goes online to find a job in interior design and architecture.
  20. 20. She registers as a free lance architect and buys a drafting table to practice a few designs.
  21. 21. Candy mopes around in her bathrobe for a few hours, allowing herself time to grieve the death of her cousin.
  22. 22. When she hears Chelsea’s cries upstairs; she suddenly wakes up and realize that she’s wasting time. Kianah wouldn’t want to see her moping around. She would want Candy to live her life to the fullest.
  23. 23. She goes upstairs and cleans herself up. She cannot wait to hold her granddaughter again.
  24. 24. Chelsea is ready for a diaper change and Candy is more than happy to change it; something that she rarely did when Spencer was a baby.
  25. 25. Suddenly Candy is more patient with things that she didn’t have the patience for when she was younger.
  26. 26. Baby care doesn’t seem so much like a chore this time around. Candy regrets hiring a nanny to care for her son when he was baby. She respects Rena for insisting on caring for her own child with no nanny involved.
  27. 27. Candy sits and quietly reads, waiting for Chelsea to need her once again; something that was left for Ms. Evangeline to do when Spencer was Chelsea’s age.
  28. 28. Candy insists on caring for Chelsea, so Spencer and Rena having nothing else to do, retreat to the hot tub.
  29. 29. They sit and enjoy each other’s company, grateful to have Candy around to help them out in their role as new parents.
  30. 30. “I love this song, it reminds me of you,” Spencer says when a soft soul classic plays on the radio.
  31. 31. Suddenly feeling romantic he slides over and cuddles Rena. “Be careful, this is how we got Chelsea.” Rena warns playfully. “I wouldn’t mind a second Chelsea.” Spencer responds seductively.
  32. 32. The newlyweds engage in a steamy make out session in the hot tub…
  33. 33. …until they hear Chelsea cry. They hop out of the hot tub simultaneously; both eager to hold and care for their new daughter.
  34. 34. Gwen is standing near the mailbox with an internal struggle. She has an object that she has stolen from Spencer’s half brother Seneca and her conscience won’t let her keep it.
  35. 35. Actually, it’s not her conscience, because she would be perfectly ok with keeping it. It’s Candy that’s on her mind.
  36. 36. Gwen knows that Candy would be furious if she knew that Gwen takes pleasure from stealing. Gwen wraps Seneca’s object in an anonymous package and mails it back to him.
  37. 37. While Spencer and Rena are getting much needed sleep, Candy once again takes over the care of Chelsea. She takes Chelsea out of her crib before she has a chance to cry over her soiled diaper.
  38. 38. Candy takes Chelsea outside to care for her needs.
  39. 39. The sounds of the ocean waves capture her attention, so she sits down to enjoy it.
  40. 40. It’s the small things in life that Candy has always taken for granted. She has never sat and stared at the stars over the ocean at night. “This is what it’s all about Chelsea. This is when life becomes worth living.”
  41. 41. As Chelsea’s eyes begin to droop, Candy places her back in her crib.
  42. 42. In the middle of the night, Spencer and Rena wake up once again feeling romantic…
  43. 43. …but the romance is short lived when Chelsea wakes up whining.
  44. 44. The duties of parenthood trumps romance every time.
  45. 45. After Chelsea falls back to sleep, Rena and Spencer return to bed; content with just cuddling.