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Sims 3 The Pratts (part 18)


The Pratt family all attend Candy's retirement party at the Art Institute, along with numerous family and friends. Candy looks forward to having an opportunity to get to the bottom of the mystery …

The Pratt family all attend Candy's retirement party at the Art Institute, along with numerous family and friends. Candy looks forward to having an opportunity to get to the bottom of the mystery regarding her uncle Braydon, but is disappointed when the plan falls through.

Published in Entertainment & Humor
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  • 1. The Pratts (part 18): Sunset Valley
  • 2. Today is a big day. Candy’s retirement party is scheduled to begin in a few hours. It is also Spencer’s birthday. Candy has a big surprised planned for him.
  • 3. She has a few additional things that she wants to accomplish today. One is to finally get to the bottom of the mystery involving her uncle Braydon…
  • 4. …and the other presents itself when she walks into the kitchen. Gwen is there putting away a dish. “I see you Gwen. I truly see you…and I love what I see.” Candy says.
  • 5. Those few words mean a lot to Gwen. All Gwen has ever wanted is to be truly noticed and loved unconditionally. Candy has just taken the first steps in giving Gwen that very thing.
  • 6. Feeling good, Gwen walks over to the piano and begins to play. Candy is delighted to hear how much Gwen’s playing has improved.
  • 7. Candy finishes her breakfast, walks over to her bass guitar and begins to play along with Gwen; creating a unspoken bond.
  • 8. Spencer is in his own world this morning. Today is the day that he becomes an adult. He plans on celebrating with his mom at her retirement party, then inviting Rena out to the Le Petit Poolside club to celebrate his birthday.
  • 9. Before any of that, he has something else that he wants to take care of…
  • 10. Spencer hops into his truck and begins driving. He heads towards the Sunset Valley Hills.
  • 11. There is an isolated spot here in the hills that he wants to check out as a possible spot to propose to Rena.
  • 12. He finally arrives and is greeted by a stunningly beautifulwaterfall. This would be a perfect romantic spot for a proposal…
  • 13. …but something just doesn’t feel right about it. Spencer appreciates the gorgeous view, but is disappointed that he has not found the perfect spot to propose.
  • 14. At home, Sarah searches her wardrobe for a new outfit. Hanging out with Candy last night taught her that she doesn’t have to wear a formal maid outfit around the house. She can be herself and wear regular clothes.
  • 15. It’s time for Candy’s retirement party. The family all gather out front to ride over to the Art Institute together. Sarah, who is very uncomfortable in crowds would rather stay home, but Candy has been so good to her that she would feel bad not being there at her party.
  • 16. They all arrive at the Art Institute a bit early. Candy and Gwen decide that they will play a duet as the party guests arrive. Sarah tries to find an isolated corner to retreat to.
  • 17. The room is slowly filling with new and old friends and family.
  • 18. Candy is happy to see so many of her good friends and family arrive to support her decision to retire.
  • 19. Gwen is beginning to understand what it feels like to be a part of something important.
  • 20. Candy looks over at Gwen with pride. Gwen is turning out to be a great musician. Gwen smiles in return.
  • 21. Gwen continues to play, but Candy steps off the stage to change into her formal clothes and greet her good friends. She’s happy to see Mimi looking great and doing well. “Thanks for being here.”
  • 22. “Are you kidding? I wouldn’t have missed this for the world.”
  • 23. Gwen, feeling more confident after her piano playing session, changes into her formal wear and goes to greet a few familiar faces as well.
  • 24. Sarah, feeling very shy and awkward, sits and reads a book to avoid any forced social interaction.
  • 25. Candy hugs her cousin Nakida. “It’s good to see you cousin,” she says.“You too. Congrats on your retirement.”
  • 26. She also greets her cousin Kianah. “How’s the music career going?” She asks.“It’s going well, but I may have to follow in your footsteps and consider retiring as well.”
  • 27. “The music scene in Sunset Valley just wouldn’t be the same without you,” Candy says. Just then, she remembers her uncle Braydon. She considers telling Kianah about their long lost uncle, but decides against it for now.
  • 28. Candy turns her attention to the bar, but her plans are thwarted when she sees a different mixologist on duty. She hopes that her inquiry of Braydon did not scare him away again.
  • 29. Candy decides not to let that ruin her night. If it’s meant to be, she’ll run into her uncle Braydon again.
  • 30. Mimi sees Sarah sitting alone. She knows that this is Candy’s new housekeeper. She wants to introduce herself, but senses that Sarah may be a bit shy.
  • 31. Candy orders a round of drinks from the bar.
  • 32. Candy orders a variety of drinks. Thismixologist is not as flamboyant in his drink mixing as Braydon was. She wishes that he was here tonight.
  • 33. All the drinks are poured. Candy grabs a romantic drink, although romance is the furthest thing from her mind.
  • 34. Gwen takes an opportunity to greet her old friend Mimi.
  • 35. Sarah joins Candy at the bar, hoping that a drink will ease her anxiety level.
  • 36. “Love your hair,” Mimi says to Gwen, “that look really becomes you.”
  • 37. Gwen is touched. Mimi always knows what to say to make her feel good.
  • 38. “Thanks Mimi,” Gwen says with a smile.
  • 39. Candy is finishing up her drink when Evelyn, Candy’s ex-husband’s sister walks up to her. Candy is glad that she and Evelyn have retained a friendship after her divorce from Sam.
  • 40. Evelyn lets Candy know that she had a terrific time. “I’m glad you came,” Candy responds.
  • 41. The party is winding down. Candy greets and says goodbye to a few more guests, before heading downstairs to help clean up some of the drink glasses. Her party was a huge success.
  • 42. Candy heads home feeling officially retired. She is also officially OK with the whole idea of it all.
  • 43. As Spencer and Candy arrive home, Candy wishes him a happy birthday and thanks him for spending part of his special day celebrating with her.
  • 44. Everyone is starving, since there was no food served at Candy’s party. Sarah grills up some fish and chips; a new recipe that she has just learned.
  • 45. Spencer does not stick around to eat with the rest of the family. He heads out to celebrate his birthday with Rena.