Sims 3 The Pratts (part 14)


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Spencer is not happy that Gwendolyn and Lydell seem to really like each other. Everyone in the Pratt home is so consumed with their own pursuits, that they don't immediately notice the changes in Gwendolyn's appearance and attitude.

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Sims 3 The Pratts (part 14)

  1. 1. The Pratts (part 14): Sunset Valley
  2. 2. Gwendolyn and Lydell continue their conversation on the porch. “I’m so glad you sit next to me in computer lab. You’re the only one who has any idea what ole’ Mr. Henley is talking about half the time.”
  3. 3. “I have all the notes from class copied onto a CDROM. I could make a copy of it for you, if you want.”
  4. 4. “See, you’re somebody that I need to get to know better.” Lydell says. “I’d like that.” Gwendolyn answers.
  5. 5. Candy pulls up wondering if Sarah has cleaned the house to her liking. She sees Gwendolyn on the porch with Lydell and waves, but neither of them notice her.
  6. 6. They appear to be deep in conversation.
  7. 7. Candy passes them. “Who is this boy that has captured Gwendolyn’s attention? “ She wonders to herself. She and Gwendolyn may be long overdo for “the talk.”
  8. 8. Spencer continues working on his homework while sitting at the edge of the driveway. He has one ear tuned toward the front porch, trying to figure out what Lydell has up his sleeve.
  9. 9. Candy surveys the living room as she enters the house. It appears that Sarah has done a more than adequate job of keeping house today. Nothing is out of place. Candy is pleased.
  10. 10. Gwendolyn is blessed with a great sense of humor. She entertains Lydell with a joke.
  11. 11. Following their sounds of laughter is an awkward silence. “You’re not like the other girls at school.” Lydell says. Gwendolyn is not sure how to respond. “Is this a compliment?” She wonders to herself.
  12. 12. The sudden silence puts Spencer on alert. He passes Gwendolyn and Lydell on the front porch in an attempt to eavesdrop.
  13. 13. Gwendolyn really likes Lydell and can relate to him, because like her, he’s an outsider. Has she finally found someone who can understand what it’s like to be different?
  14. 14. Gwendolyn and Lydell say their goodbyes.
  15. 15. Gwendolyn is all smiles as she heads to the dining room to do her homework.
  16. 16. Spencer watches her closely. He’s never seen her so happy. Spencer, who has always had plenty of friends, just cannot understand what Gwendolyn could see in a loser like Lydell. He ponders it for a moment, then puts it out of his mind. He’s a day away from finishing high school and is consumed with aging up and marrying his high school sweetheart Rena.
  17. 17. On the way home from the Art Institute, Candy purchased herself a bass guitar. The vibration of the strings beneath her fingers give her much joy.
  18. 18. Once again, retiring crosses her mind. “If I do retire, I’ll have a lot of time to learn to play my bass.” She considers silently.
  19. 19. If she manages to stay busy…maybe play a few concerts at the Art Institute, retiring probably won’t be so bad.
  20. 20. Sarah also finds a new interest. Candy’s snake taming basket has piqued her curiosity more than once. She gives it a try after finishing her cleaning duties.
  21. 21. It is the pursuit of these new interests that causes everyone’s focus to shift from Gwendolyn, who finally finds acceptance and slowly starts to change. First it’s the clothes…
  22. 22. …then the makeup…
  23. 23. …then the hair…
  24. 24. …and finally her attitude. Before long, she’s not recognizable at all.