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Sims 3   The Murphys
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Sims 3 The Murphys


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Meet the Murphys: the first family that I created/played with in the Sims 3.

Meet the Murphys: the first family that I created/played with in the Sims 3.

Published in: Entertainment & Humor

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  • 1. The Murphys:Sunset Valley
  • 2. Savannah & Malcolm’s 1st son, Trenton. Savannah is pregnant with son #2.
  • 3. Malcolm listens to Savannah’s tummy.
  • 4. Savannah takes a quick nap while Trenton plays and son #2, Braydon, naps.
  • 5. A few children later, dad Malcolm teaches 4th child, Yasmin, to walk. Oldest child, Trenton paints at the easel. Sons # 2 & 3, Braydon & Jaden play chess. While mom, Savannah gardens.
  • 6. Savannah carrying 4th child, Yasmin.
  • 7. The Murphy’s oldest son, Trenton, ages into adulthood and soon moves out.
  • 8. The Murphy’s Kitchen
  • 9. Carmen, the Murphy’s 5th and final child (2nd daughter).
  • 10. Malcolm, devastated after the death of his beloved Savannah. Savannah was a stay-at-home mom while Malcolm worked, first in the business career track, then as a politician.
  • 11. Malcolm cries at Savannah’s gravesite.
  • 12. Malcolm comforts his youngest daughter Carmen after the death of Savannah.
  • 13. Malcolm soon joins his wife in death. Their youngest daughter Carmen, still in high school, visits their gravesite.
  • 14. After the death of her parents, Yasmin breaks up with her high school sweetheart after falling-in-love with her soon-to-be husband Jess.
  • 15. Yasmin Murphy on her wedding day.
  • 16. Yasmin & Jess make it official.
  • 17. Yasmin and Carmen say their goodbyes after the ceremony. Yasmin moves in with Jess’ family, while the Murphy’s youngest child Carmen decides to remain in the family home.
  • 18. It’s not long before Carmen develops her own romance with her brother Jaden’s best friend, Aren Weems.
  • 19. Aren & Carmen quickly hit it off.
  • 20. Not too much time passes before the two decided to make it official with a private wedding by the sea.
  • 21. Loner Carmen leaves her comfort zone and attends her new husband’s birthday party. Here she sits with her longtime friend Qiana Wellington.
  • 22. Aren leaves young adulthood behind.
  • 23. Aren at his birthday party with his father, Tobias, and older brother, Adolfo.
  • 24. Aren & Carmen, soon expecting their first child.
  • 25. Aren & Carmen waiting on the arrival of their first child.
  • 26. Aren’s career as a journalist takes him to some unexpected places.
  • 27. Baby girl Kianah arrives healthy, yet grumpy.
  • 28. First daughter Kianah (named after both of her grandmothers) grows up healthy & happy.
  • 29. Carmen takes a short break from her writing career to read Kianah a book.
  • 30. Carmen & Kianah take a trip to town.
  • 31. Aren & Kianah bond.
  • 32. Kianah’s first day of school.
  • 33. Aren & Carmen take some time to rekindle their love.
  • 34. Kianah’s birthday pool party
  • 35. Carmen gets a visit from her brother-in-law Jess and niece Candy.
  • 36. Teenage Kianah holds new baby sister Nakida.
  • 37. Nakida goes home with a friend from school.
  • 38. Kianah ages up at the cemetary.
  • 39. Kianah returns home after moving out on her own to visit her father, Aren, on the day that he passes.
  • 40. Aren’s body is buried near his brother & father.
  • 41. A brief relationship with Damien Main leads to Kianah expecting her first child. Here she visits her mother Carmen to give her the news.
  • 42. Damien’s lack of involvement during Kianah’s pregnancy causes her to break off the brief relationship shortly after their son Tenor is born.
  • 43. Kianah’s now adult sister, Nakida, carries baby Tenor on his birthday.
  • 44. Tenor takes his first steps.
  • 45. Kianah ages to adulthood surrounded by mom Carmen, sister Nakida, and cousins Candy & Billy.
  • 46. Tenor spending time with his grandmother, Carmen, and his aunt, Nakida.
  • 47. Grandma Carmen helping Tenor with his homework.
  • 48. It doesn’t take much to figure out that Tenor inherited the “insane” trait from his dad’s side of the family. Here he is swimming with his aunt, who is in the pool in a business suit, and his father. Tenor is swimming in his athletic wear which includes hiking boots.
  • 49. Kianah rocking out for tips before work.
  • 50. She slowly draws a crowd and begins to make some money.
  • 51. Kianah’s audience grows and so does her tip money.
  • 52. Tenor ages to a teenager, then he and his mom, Kianah, take a trip to France for his birthday. He decides to head out on an adventure…
  • 53. …While Kianah rocks it out for tips in France.
  • 54. Before exploring the cavern below, Tenor decides to do a bit of excavating.
  • 55. Meanwhile, Kianah begins to draw a bit of a crowd.
  • 56. Tenor inspects a hole while exploring a underground tomb...
  • 57. …And ends up with an arm full of bugs.
  • 58. Kianah gets a turn to speed through France on a scooter.
  • 59. France at night.
  • 60. Another performance in the park by Kianah.
  • 61. Beautiful France
  • 62. More shots of France
  • 63. Tenor behaving showing his insane side to French locals.
  • 64. Kianah takes time out of her busy schedule to spend time with her mother Carmen, right before she passes away.
  • 65. Carmen was definitely loved and will be missed.