Grant and didzis media presentation


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Grant and didzis media presentation

  1. 1. Marketing<br />Media project<br />
  2. 2. Case Study<br />We have to explore three elements in the marketing campaign for three acts from specific genres. Hip hop/Rap, Indie/Rock and Dance/club<br />Hip hop/Rap – Eminem<br />Indie/Rock – 30 Seconds to Mars<br />Dance/Club - Cascada<br />
  3. 3. 30 Seconds To Mars<br />The band targets their audience by using new forms of communicating with fans and particularly advertising on Music channels Kerrang and appearing in the Kerrang magazine, when they are promoting their tour, album or an interview.<br />The band reaches their audience by using Youtube and Twitter, tweeting about their gigs and events. Also when they were creating their album, they invited people to ‘The Hive’ to contribute to their album.<br />
  4. 4. 30 Seconds to Mars – CD Cover<br />This CD cover for 30 Seconds To Mars’ third studio album, bought out in 2010. The image is of a Tiger about to Roar, with the album title being ‘This Is War’ it is almost showing that the tigers roar will be the signal to being the fight. The symbolism of the album work is the long term struggle or ‘war’ with music giant EMI. This album shows the struggle the band went through and how they have come through this with an epic album which will leave their stamp on the world of music.<br />The album cover is dedicated to their loyal fans as on original release, the album cover actually had the faces of fans on the front of the album. 2000 people were photographed to go on the albums, with more people being photographed at 30 seconds to mars gigs later in the year.<br />
  5. 5. Website:<br />The website is designed to inform the fans of 30 Seconds To Mars, ‘The Echelon’ that follow the band. The website contains the bands Past, Tour information, The library of the band, a forum for fans and videos (music and the bands own)<br />The website is linked to many social networking sites such as, ‘Facebook, Ping, Twitter, MySpace, Buzznet, Youtube and flickr’<br />Traditionally, photos are uploaded to show the band in action around the world and videos are shown around the site to promote the band and how the band is acting around the world.<br />The Mise En Scene on the site shows the changing as the band evolve as new pictures show how they try and keep up to date with the band and they want to share it with the followers of the band.<br />The campaign is strong as it shows a complete, strong relationship with their fans and it highlights how the fans keep the band going and the marketing is developed just for the fans.<br />
  6. 6. Poster<br />The poster highlights the first video off of the ‘This Is War’ album, ‘Kings and Queens’ featuring ‘The Ride’ This image has been used as it promotes the tour and promotes the new video. The poster has lots of information on it: The band name, the tour name ‘Into The Wild’ tour dates and sponsors, such as Mtv.<br />
  7. 7. Cascada<br />Cascada – Is a Euro dance artist who is a world selling artist who has broken records world wide for their music. The band has been running since 2004 and has had many outings into the UK Top 40. The band are mainly advertised as a club anthem group and have played many tours that have played in Ibiza and other big clubbing Islands. The marketing behind the band is for club nights, and for many people who enjoy the techno sound that is very different in the charts these days. Cascada offers something different to the usual Pop that is in the charts. <br />
  8. 8. CD Cover<br />The CD cover is used as a way of promoting the third studio album of the group Cascada and shows the lead singer as the cover as to attract people to buy the album. Because of the cover, the target audience would be men as it shows Cascada, fully made up and ‘inviting’ people to buy the CD. <br />But also the Pink tries to get women to buy the CD, so it actually is offered to anyone who likes the music and especially people that do go clubbing as her techno-trance music is very appealing to them but they it is also more and more appealing to people who listen to all genres of music.<br />
  9. 9.<br />The website is designed to a maximum mercerisation of the star. As soon as you enter the site there are adverts, YouTube videos and background music from the artist advertising her newest material and everything g that is on sale. It includes up-close interviews, fan forums, her videos and her biography.<br />The website is linked to most of the popular new media sites like twitter, facebook, netlog, twitpic, myspoace and many more in order to generate more advertisng.<br />Traditionally, photos are uploaded to show cascada in action around the world and videos are shown around the site to promote the artist.<br />The campaign is strong as it shows a complete and detailed relationship with her fans and it highlights how the fans keep the her writing music and keep her going every day and the marketing is developed just for the fans.<br />
  10. 10. Poster<br />This poster is promoting cascadas single “evacuate the dance floor”. This poster is insinuating sexuality through its imagery, which would make the audience think that this is an upbeat club song for youth and expressing sexuality. Cascadas make up and clothes suggest a summer theme combined with clubbing. The poster perfectly fits with her genre of music and represents all the values of the singer especially that she is beautiful, which might be a fantasy of some of the audience who buy this single.<br />
  11. 11. Eminem<br />Eminem uses a lot of traditional channels of advertising as he believes in the old advertising. His label doesn't release single through “on air, on sale” but instead it advertises the songs on music channels and radio and only release them for sale in the following weeks<br />Eminem does try to marketise through new channels like youtube and twitter, he is in the top ten most followed people on twitter and is known to make random but frequent youtube rants/broadcasts.<br />
  12. 12.<br />The website is designed to inform the fans about everything they need to know in regards to Eminem and his products. It features countless sections just for fans with online exclusive content and prize draws so fans would get involved, the website is designed so that fans would get the best possible portrait of Eminem's music.<br />The website is linked to many social networking sites such as, ‘Facebook, Ping, Twitter, MySpace, Buzznet, Youtube and flickr’<br />Photos videos and different animations are uploaded almost daily to keep the artist accessible to fans in accordance with the new age where fans are only a buttons press away from the artist, some critics argue this over-exposure is destroying the music industry thou :/.<br />The campaign is strong as it shows a complete and detailed relationship with Eminem's fans and it highlights how the fans keep the rapper going and the marketing is developed just for the fans.<br />
  13. 13. CD-Cover<br />The CD cover is plain but effective it shows Eminem topless which goes with the theme of sexuality eminent in most new age music artists. Him being shirtless and having a bleak expression on his face in this specific case toughness so it would appeal to an audience of less academically based background. The titles are short concise and plain which again is done so to appeal to major audiences mainly men and it also details that the single features Rihanna to get her fans on board as well and maximise sales.<br />
  14. 14. Poster<br />The poster depicts Eminem reaching a hand towards the audience with the title saying not afraid. Eminem's body movement is just extending the title, he is sure and confident and reaching towards the unknown, he is “Not Afraid”. The poster doesn't have much information on it but this seems to be the general style when it comes to Eminem, and this ‘modern-empty’ advertising seems to work. The poster advertises his debut single form the ‘recovery’ album and shows that Eminem is back.<br />