Module 1 a good moments


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Module 1 a good moments

  1. 1. MODULE 1: Meaning breakfast A GOOD 38. Help ayuda MOMENTS 39. Hold on esperar1. Ads avisos, propagandas 40. Interview entrevista2. Agenda orden del día 41. Jeopardy en peligro3. Almost never Casinunca 42. Junk food comida chatarra4. Alone solo 43. Lazy perezoso5. Also también 44. Leave dejar, abandoner6. Attend Asistir 45. Look for buscar7. Begin comenzar 46. Lots of muchos8. Break romper, quebrar 47. Lovely precioso, encantador9. Brush cepillarse 48. Maze laberinto10. Cage jaula 49. Nickname apodo, sobrenombre11. Care about importarle a uno, 50. Once unavez preocupar 51. Path sender, camino12. Carry llevar, transportar 52. Pet mascot13. Catchy pegadizo 53. Pick up recoger a algn14. Chubby Rechoncho 54. Polka polka (un tipo de baile)15. Come on salir/entrar. ¡vamos! 55. Profile perfil16. Cook cocinar, hacer la comida 56. Rain or shine Whether it rains or not; whatever the weather.17. Debt deuda 57. Right now ahoramismo18. Disease enfermedad, afección 58. Salesclerk empleado de ventas.19. Do hacer 59. Schedule programa, calendario,20. Do the dishes Lavar los platos horario21. Energetic energético 60. Screenwriter guinista22. Every now and from time to time; 61. Several times Varias veces al día/ a lathen occasionally a day/week semana23. Fashion moda 62. Shelter resguardo, refugio, centro24. Fight lucha, pelea, combate de acogida.25. Free time Tiempolibre 63. Shine brillar, relucir26. Friendly simpatico, amable 64. Shy tímido27. Furry peludo 65. Spoiled Mimado, consentido28. Get along with havesmoothrelations; 66. Supporter secundario, queapoya29. Get dressed vestirse 67. Surf navegar30. Get into meterse en, entrar en, 68. Surf the Navegar en la internet subir a internet31. Go ir 69. Take tomar, coger32. Go back regresar (a…) volver (a…), 70. Talk conversar atrasarse, volver (con 71. The exception The fact that some cases do algn) not follow a rule proves that that proves the33. Grocery tienda de comestibles, the rule applies in all other rule cases. comestibles34. Hang up andar con, pasar el rato 72. Thin Delgado con 73. Tidy up ordenar, recoger35. Have tener, haber 74. To be in the a place that is very36. Have a crush Be infatuated with; a brief middle of remote.on but intense infatuation for nowhere someone. 75. To be on the Traveling from place to37. Have Desayunar road place, not necessarily on the highways; working
  2. 2. away from ones home or office.76. To feel blue tofeelsad.77. Trend tendencia,78. Twice dos veces79. Unmistakable inconfundible, inequívoco80. Until hasta (que)81. Valuable valioso82. Variety is the New and excitingspice of life experiences make life more interesting.83. Wake up despertarse84. What are they Cómoson ellos?like?85. When pigs fly is an informal way to joke that you will never do something.