PSY 4600 Self-Management Project
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  • 1. Tackling Exercise: ABehavior Analytic Story Psychology 460 Ryan Morey TA: Lauren Cavalli 12/07/11
  • 2. Problem Low frequency of exercising Low motivation to commitment/adherence Outcomes are too small, though cumulative
  • 3. Competing Contingencies Every other activity competes Homework Sitting Around TV Even chores around the house
  • 4. Natural Competing Contingency BEFORE BEHAVIOR AFTERGiven level of Exercise 15 mins less free time 15 mins of free time
  • 5. The SM Intervention Target behavior: Exercising for 15 mins Intervention: Avoidance of loss of $3 – Contingencies: Analog to avoidance & Direct-acting escape Deadline (SD): 11pm every weekday PM manager: Roommate (Tyler Nienhuis) Start Date: 10/10/11 End Date: ?
  • 6. Ineffective Natural Contingency BEFORE BEHAVIOR AFTER Inf. Greater Exercise forGiven level level of 15 minsof health health
  • 7. Performance-Management Contingency BEFORE BEHAVIOR AFTER Won’t loseWill lose $3 Exercise for $3 byby Sunday 15 mins Sunday
  • 8. Inferred Theoretical Contingency BEFORE BEHAVIOR AFTERFear of loss Exercise for No fear of of $3 15 mins loss of $3
  • 9. Target Behavior Graph Exercise 6 Baseline Intervention Recycle 5Days of Exercise 4 3 New goal 2 line 1 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Weeks
  • 10. Problems During Intervention Performance manager Needed more consistency Criteria Lowered days of exercise for initial weeks
  • 11. Recycle Criteria was recycled Started 3 days a week 15 mins each vs 5 days Raised criteria after 10th week
  • 12. My Results Worked great! I exercise fairly consistently now SM is still in place
  • 13. My Comments Added outcomes worked well Needed more frequent follow-ups with manager initially
  • 14. THANK YOU!!Any Questions or Comments?