Reporting for operation   1 (restructured course)
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Reporting for operation 1 (restructured course)






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Reporting for operation 1 (restructured course) Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Copyright © Wondershare Software Theories Before The Data A Teleological Approach
  • 2. Copyright © Wondershare Software In God, we trust; all others bring data Profit = Sales - Cost Detail + Logic » Flexibility Everything happens in a company will finally go to PNL
  • 3. Copyright © Wondershare Software Grandmother Theory Detail + Logic » Flexibility Sales • Increase the sales • Get more customers • Develop new market • Invent new products • Provide Best Price • Outperform your competitor in Quality & Service 1 Cost • Decrease the Cost • Use VA/VE to reduce materials spending • Make ourselves Lean • Reduce scrap • Business Process Re- engineering 2 Sales - Materials Labor Overhead = Gross Margin - Selling & Distribution Expenses Administration Expenses = EBITDA
  • 4. Copyright © Wondershare Software Objectives • Maximization Subject to Constraint • Identify Risk & Opportunity • Provide guidelines to measure performance • Provide concepts & tools to track performance • To trigger corrective actions if any • To engage everybody by providing relevant information • To accumulate acknowledge of the business operation Detail + Logic » Flexibility
  • 5. Copyright © Wondershare Software 5 Minds for the future – Howard Gardner Detail + Logic » Flexibility • Disciplinary Mind Mastery of major schools of thought and of at least 1 professional craft • Synthesizing Mind Ability to integrate ideas from different disciplines or spheres into a coherent whole and to communicate that integration to others
  • 6. Copyright © Wondershare SoftwareDetail + Logic » Flexibility • Creative Mind Capacity to uncover and clarify new problems, questions, and phenomena • Respectful Mind Awareness of and appreciation for differences among human beings • Ethical Mind Fulfillment of one’s responsibilities as a worker and a citizen
  • 7. Copyright © Wondershare Software Passion • Is contagious and turns one person crusades into mass movement • Wouldn’t it be cool if …… • 1 person with passion is better than 40 people merely interested • Build community by encouraging voluntary exchange Detail + Logic » FlexibilityPQ + CQ > IQ
  • 8. Copyright © Wondershare Software Heuristic Question Detail + Logic » Flexibility OR
  • 9. Copyright © Wondershare Software Structuralism • Structuralism is a theoretical paradigm in sociology, anthropology, linguistics and semiotics positing that elements of human culture must be understood in terms of their relationship to a larger, overarching system or structure • It works to uncover the structures that underlie all the things that humans do, think, perceive, and feel. • It is "the belief that phenomena of human life are not intelligible except through their interrelations. • These relations constitute a structure, and behind local variations in the surface phenomena there are constant laws of abstract culture Detail + Logic » Flexibilityf(x) = a + bY + cZ
  • 10. Copyright © Wondershare Software Inertia - The Fatal Illness • Threshold – a fine line which below that you do not feel the importance while above which you do feel it. • Materiality – Limited resources, focus on the variance which would influence Profit Making significantly • Therefore, prioritize the job and only do the few things • As time goes by, prioritization becomes the excuse of ignorance Detail + Logic » FlexibilityFirst thing first
  • 11. Copyright © Wondershare Software Reciprocal Induction • Concentration vs. Differentiation. The interrelations between these two processes governed by reciprocal induction, i.e. if a cortical center is in a state of excitation, adjacent and even remote centres are inhibited by negative induction, and vice versa. Induction can also occur in one and the same nervous centre; that is, after strong excitation, inhibition will set in, and conversely. …. As a result of which the whole cortex becomes reduced to a huge mosaic of points of excitation and inhibition closely intermingled. This mosaic is formed and reinforced partly by the reciprocal crowding in of the opposed processes of excitation and of inhibition, directly evoked by the corresponding external agents; partly, however, by internal relations, in particular by reciprocal induction, which one process leads to the strengthening of the other. • In short, when we feel tired of thinking an issue without being resolved, excessive excitation in a certain cortical center, inhibition sets in. We need to be distracted by taking rest or doing other subject, it will help release the inhibition of the other cortical center. Detail + Logic » Flexibility
  • 12. Copyright © Wondershare Software Inferiority Complex • An inferiority complex is a lack of self-worth, a doubt and uncertainty, and feelings of not measuring up to society's standards. • It is often subconscious, and is thought to drive afflicted individuals to overcompensate, resulting either in spectacular achievement or extreme asocial behavior. • The term was coined to indicate a lack of covert self- esteem. Detail + Logic » Flexibility
  • 13. Copyright © Wondershare Software Human Nature Detail + Logic » FlexibilityWe name Reminder as Customer Service
  • 14. Copyright © Wondershare Software Side Tracking • Too indulged = No room for thinking in different way • The magic of dissent • By subjection, you deny yourself and follow the power. It becomes an attachment Detail + Logic » Flexibility
  • 15. Copyright © Wondershare Software Learning • A process of searching for and integrating new information to make sense out of disorientation • Peter Senge writes: – Through learning we recreate ourselves – Through learning we become able to do something we never were able to do – Through learning we re-perceive the world and our relationship to it – Through learning we extend our capacity to create, to be part of the generative process of life Detail + Logic » FlexibilityCollaboration: learning from each other…..
  • 16. Copyright © Wondershare Software Stimulus → Response Imitation 1 2 4 3 5 Practice Retrospect/ Introspect Iteration Memory to Reflection • One of the Human trait is learning • Learning is: Detail + Logic » FlexibilityStimulus → Object → Response
  • 17. Copyright © Wondershare Software Only the right detail matters Detail + Logic » Flexibility • Root Cause Analysis often tells that only the trivial matters and usually the symptom is ignored • RCA is almost equivalent to 5-Why technique – Why the productivity drops? • Repeat the question of Why to any answer until the root cause is found • Only the daily down-to-earth operation matters
  • 18. Copyright © Wondershare Software RCA vs. 5 Why • RCA is a representation of reality, traceability to the ultimate reason • 5-Why is the techniques to walk through the RCA Detail + Logic » Flexibility
  • 19. Copyright © Wondershare Software How detail do we need? Detail + Logic Flexibility Detail + Logic » FlexibilityPeople need to prove they are trustable
  • 20. Copyright © Wondershare Software 7 Waste + 1 1. Defects Any element of a product or service that does not meet or exceed a key customer requirement 2. Transportation The unnecessary movement of people, information or materials between processes 3. Waiting People, parts, systems or facilities idly waiting for a work cycle upstream to be completed Detail + Logic » Flexibility
  • 21. Copyright © Wondershare Software 4. Over-Production Producing products or services faster than your customers are using them requires 5. Inventory Storing more materials than you need in the near- term, or creating and storing more products than are being demanded by the customer in the near-term Detail + Logic » Flexibility
  • 22. Copyright © Wondershare Software 6. Motion Any movement of peoples’ bodies that does not add value to product or service 7. Extra processing 8. Underutilized creativity Detail + Logic » FlexibilityNo creativity No gain I create value therefore I exist
  • 23. Copyright © Wondershare Software Think Different SIX THINKING HATS Negatives Caution Logic Faults Danger JUDGEMENT Observe Objectives Goal Rules Big picture MANAGE Feeling Intuition Emotions Don't rationalize Don't justify EMOTIONS Possibility New Ideas Alternatives Concepts Growth CREATIVITY Optimism Positives Benefits Make it work Values BRIGHTNESS INFORMATION Facts Information Documentation Known/Unknown No options Detail + Logic » FlexibilityThink Ahead
  • 24. Copyright © Wondershare Software The purpose of the hats Used to unscramble thinking so that a thinker is able to use one thinking mode at a time – instead of trying to do everything at once Detail + Logic » Flexibility
  • 25. Copyright © Wondershare Software Intuition & a method • “If you don’t have intuition, no method will help you. • But if you do have intuition, you can still flounder. • Intuition is a necessary condition for finding solutions • You must have a method to unleash, focus and critique your intuition if you want to arrive at practical, simple solutions.” ----It’s not luck Detail + Logic » Flexibility
  • 26. Copyright © Wondershare Software Common Sense • Something only if it is in line with our own intuition • But, there is so often the need for an external trigger to help us realize something that we already knew intuitively Detail + Logic » Flexibility » What is your common sense? » What is the common sense of your organization? » Any common language then?
  • 27. Copyright © Wondershare Software Any strategy to create the common sense for your organization? Detail + Logic » FlexibilityCan you foresee your boss reaction?
  • 28. Copyright © Wondershare Software Too simple, sometimes naive • Is there any common interest? – Probably yes but who gets more? Why? • Why should I co-operate with you? • Why should I listen to you? • What is the basis? • Am I helping you for your own sake? Detail + Logic » FlexibilityWhy should I believe you?
  • 29. Copyright © Wondershare Software Reciprocity • Do you believe it? • Do you see the value of trust? • Are your peers department trustworthy? • Are you trustworthy? • Are you willing to give first and take later? Or the reversal? • Do you hesitate to reveal your under-performance if it happens Detail + Logic » FlexibilityIs there any trust among your peers?
  • 30. Copyright © Wondershare Software Community • Are you solely relying on others without any service provision? • Are you solely services provider without any need to take service from others? • Is there any fair & voluntary (social) exchange within your organization? • Are all peers department equal and fairly treated? Detail + Logic » Flexibility百川異趨,必㑹于海; 萬國殊途,必通諸夏
  • 31. Copyright © Wondershare Software The Nature of Hate • Consists of emotions and cognitions • Cognitions may include devaluation and the perception of a threat • Being evoked just for reason of lust and ambition • Appears as a response to a threat against oneself or another person • Disappear when the threat is removed Detail + Logic » Flexibility佛教五毒:贪、嗔、痴、慢、疑
  • 32. Copyright © Wondershare Software • People behave in a harmful way toward others, there needs to be some moral disengagement that helps to make their actions respectable and helps to reduce their personal responsibility for it • Re-define the morality of their acts Detail + Logic » FlexibilityAllport: Whatever is sensed as a threat is hated
  • 33. Copyright © Wondershare Software Lying • It is easy to tell a lie but hard to tell only one. • The first lie must be thatched with another or it will rain through • More and more lies may come to be needed • The liar always has more mending to do Detail + Logic » FlexibilityAs lies spread, trust is damaged……
  • 34. Copyright © Wondershare Software The weaknesses of Readers • Will be sick with repeated reports • Will not proactively react to issues reflected by the reports • Find excuse to be innocent/ignorant • There should be somebody responsible but not me • I am too busy to read these dummy figures! Detail + Logic » FlexibilityNo one ever tells me what it is!!
  • 35. Copyright © Wondershare Software The weaknesses of Writers • Too many data • No Highlight • No indication of what to do • No legible format • Who should read it and react? • Too many reports!!! Detail + Logic » FlexibilityNo one ever tells me what it is!!
  • 36. Copyright © Wondershare Software Collaboration 1 2 34 5 1. The man who wants to stand out (the influencer) 2. His sphere of influence (subordinates) 3. The radiated (testing the behavior and taking the benefit) 4. People influenced by other with vicarious experience 5. Acculturated and norms formed, which in turn restrict (1) Detail + Logic » FlexibilityBut how the lose should be treated?
  • 37. Copyright © Wondershare Software Your assumption on people • The way you look/treat the people, the people you would hire • Every dog has its own day • Stimulus -> Object -> Response • Brain vs. Hand Detail + Logic » Flexibility
  • 38. Copyright © Wondershare Software Influencing Working Attitude Detail + Logic » Flexibility Focus on the Person, not focus on the problem 事在人為
  • 39. Copyright © Wondershare Software Collective unconscious – Carl Jung • Collective unconscious is a term of analytical psychology, coined by Carl Jung. • It is proposed to be a part of the unconscious mind, expressed in humanity and all life forms with nervous systems, and describes how the structure of the psyche autonomously organizes experience. • Jung distinguished the collective unconscious from the personal unconscious, in that the personal unconscious is a personal reservoir of experience unique to each individual, while the collective unconscious collects and organizes those personal experiences in a similar way with each member of a particular species. Detail + Logic » Flexibility
  • 40. Copyright © Wondershare Software Institutionalization • What to sediment to the members of organization? • What to eliminate from the mindset of the members? • Is check-and-balance (CAB) good? Any value if we generalize it to the organization culture? Detail + Logic » FlexibilityNobody is as smart as everybody