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Magna Kultura's Palarong Pilipino Advocacy
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Magna Kultura's Palarong Pilipino Advocacy


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Amidst the age of computer games, Magna Kutura launched the Play Camps to promote active outdoor play, and to open an avenue for children to play with neighborhood friends. …

Amidst the age of computer games, Magna Kutura launched the Play Camps to promote active outdoor play, and to open an avenue for children to play with neighborhood friends.

The Larong Pinoy Play Camps are conducted by Magna Kutura Foundation to sustain the games, and as a way to foster appreciation of Filipino culture among the new generation of Filipino youths. The clinic teaches students the popular traditional Filipino street games games like Patintero, Tumbang Preso, Piko, Luksong Tinik and other Pinoy games. The sports clinic features scientific drill instruction methods and a mini-tournament session for hands-on application.

The Play Camps are conducted in a sports clinic fashion teaching detailed mechanics on how to play each game --- and we call it "Eskwe-Laro©". It's fascinating to see the kids to each drill exercise, giggling their way through each task. The 'scientific' methods for teaching Larong Pinoy is something never before done in the history of the games.

Magna Kultura Foundation is using Larong Pinoy as a cultural solution. Instead of lecturing kids on about Patriotism and family bonding --- through "play" we let them experience the Filipino Spirit. In a creative and fun way, we instill Patriotism, and make them realize that the games are Heritage Games played by their parents, their grandparents, and that these are truly Filipino games. We also make them proud to be playing a game that has been passed on from generation to generation. Larong Pinoy makes them proud to be part of the rich Filipino heritage.

For more details about the program, contact
Dickie Aguado, Executive Director
Direct Line: Tel No. (632) 5145868
CP Nos.: +63 917 8990025 (Globe) or +63 922 8990026 (Sun)
Email Address:

Published in: Sports, Travel
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  • 1. Engaging Communities Through Traditional Filipino Sports
  • 2. While Filipino street games have been organized seasonally in the past by government organization’s and private commercial enterprises, the Games has never been sustained and revived to its once popular stature. Currently, no government or private entity has established a legitimate organization for Larong Pinoy. Furthermore, our country does not have School for Larong Pinoy, unlike sports training clinics that have propagated for western sports. Yet, it is a fact that Larong Pinoy has a strong equity that encompasses generations of Filipinos: from today’s living elderly citizens, to parent & adults, as well as youth & toddlers.This document presents an advocacy to revive the games of our heritage, with the establishment ofa sports infrastructure to re-institutionalize these with a sports curriculum in schools and barangays.Magna Kultura Foundation lends the same expertise pioneered in well-known grassroots programs in the 90’s, such as the MILO Sports Clinics, Bear Brand Kite Festival & other government projects. At the turn of Y2000, Magna Kultura focused on advocating Filipino Games as a tool for instilling patriotism among the new generation of Filipino youth. On September 2008, the Department of Education issued an Official Circular Memorandum that endorsed Magna Kultura Foundation to demonstrate Larong Pinoy in schools. From there onwards, Magna Kultura became the chief advocate for the propagation of the Filipino Games, with bonafide sports training curriculum. BUHAYIN NATIN LARO NG LAHI. ITO ANG LARO NG MGA PINOY.
  • 3. We are advocating Larong Pinoy as our Fun Wellness Activity,engaging the youths in traditional Filipino street games.Our effort is a combination of an advocacy for the revival of the heritagegames with the vital promotion fitness and wellness for a healthy citizenry.With an added dimension of promoting the Filipino spirit in our wellnessactivity, Larong Pinoy is a great community engagement vehicle.The advent of information technology has ushered high-tech gadgetsand computer games that has fascinated children and even adults.Computers and game gadgets are mostly played indoor, with lessoutdoor physical activity and bonding among neighborhood friends.In many urban and rural areas, however, a great majority of Filipinochildren still find time to play outdoor indigenous games with theirneighborhood friends, as most of them are still unable to own expensivehigh-tech gadgets.Unlike children who grew up playing in the streets, some grew up withmodern technology don’t have neighborhood “kababata” , and onlyhave “ka-Chat” as they are mostly contacted within the virtual scenario,thru “YM” or “Facebook”. Children need to have physical outdooractivity with real friends.
  • 4. Larong Pinoy is a cultural treasure that is well-accepted by all Filipinos across all ages. The FilipinoGames are timeless. It is still cherished by many, as it is part of our heritage. Larong Pinoy’spopularity encompasses not only the youth, but adult and elderly generation as well. It’s atimeless cultural treasure. It promotes fun. It promotes culture. It instills patriotism. the brand.Contrary to the notion that the Filipino Street Games are no longer played, assome perceives that it has vanished in Philippine society; in urban and ruralareas, a great majority of children still play the games with their neighbourhoodfriends. This so because most of them are still unable to own expensive high-techgadgets. Games like Patintero, Tumbang Preso, Piko, Sipa, Trumpo, and manyothers, are very much alive and played daily in the neighbourhood.[REF: Paragraph 6 under “Revival” at http://en.w]It will be a good image for the brand for advocate the games,as a adults and elders would like to pass on the fun traditionof the game among their children, to make them experiencethe same fun they had; at the same time making them havea feel of being truly Filipinos.
  • 5. Magna Kultura Foundation is an NGO thatconducts community development programs& CSR programs using arts & culturalactivities as engagement vehicle.Magna Kultura is currently the chiefproponent of Traditional Filipino Gamesin the Philippines, instrumental in revivingthe games back in the mainstream ofPhilippine society.In Y2005, Magna Kultura organizedthe first ever school training for LarongPinoy, with a systematic curriculum thatteaches the playing mechanics & officialtournament system for the games.The organization is recognized by the Departmentof Education, schools & academic circles, socio-civicorganizations, as well as the Philippine media for beingan authority in the games.Magna Kultura Foundation recognizes its roleas a guardian for the preservation and restitutionof the Games of our Heritage in Philippine society.
  • 6. In Y2008, the Department of Education(DepEd) issued a Circular Memorandumauthorizing Magna Kultura Foundation to teach the Traditional Filipino Games in public schools, implementing sports training in Physical Education Classes. Since then, Magna Kulltura became the chief proponent of Larong Pinoy in the Philippines, as advocate in the revival of the Games of Heritage in the mainstream of society. Larong Pinoy Advocacy Site: WikiPilipinas Article: Traditional_Games
  • 7. The main advocacy goal is to instill fundamental valuesamong the new generation of youth.LARONG PINOY OUTREACH PROGRAMS GOALS:1 To INSTILL PATRIOTISM and love of things that are Filipino.2 To make it a vehicle for BONDING AMONG YOUTH AND PARENTS/ELDERS.3 To ENLIVEN COMMUNITIES by bringing back the fun in neighborhoods. The Traditional Filipino Street Games provides children activities that are easy to play, using materials that are easy to produce.
  • 8. In addition to the significant values of culture & tradition, the Larong Pinoyprogram promotes healthy lifestyle and active outdoor play among childrenin schools and barangays.Larong Pinoy promotes PHYSICAL (exercise), SOCIAL (camaraderie) & EMOTIONAL (fun &shapes character) activities through outdoor activities. The physical & health benefits ofoutdoor play are obvious, yet the social and personal benefits are equally as important.LARONG PINOY PROMOTES Social Development thru interaction with other children or adults.  Problem solving skills. Emotional & Physical development.  Eye-hand coordination. Creativity by stimulating a child’s imagination and cognitive skills.  Self -entertainment. Development of fine and large motor skills.
  • 9. THE PROBLEM OF LARONG PINOY’SDETERIORATION IN THE COUNTRYFACT IS: Unlike Western sports (i.e. basketball), playingLarong Pinoy game ends in the street because thereis no venue for further competition.As soon as children reaches the age of 10 years old,they switch to sports available in schools & barangays.
  • 11. THE PLAN
  • 12. LARONG PINOY REVITALIZATION PLAN To re-institutionalize Larong Pinoy back in the mainstream, what is vital is a visible SPORTS INFRASTRUCTURE . PLANTo make Larong Pinoy relevant, first and foremost, an awareness for the game mechanics must be taught among children, in schools and communities. Secondly, there must be a venue for competition, where players can demonstrate their skills. Finally, a sports marketing enterprise must be built around the games. An enterprise that can be beneficial and/or profitable for “mobilizers”, whether it be through tournament prizes or marketable goods.
  • 13. LARONG PINOY REVITALIZATION STRATEGY VITAL TO BUILDING A SPORTS INFRASTRUCTURE FOR LARONG PINOY ARE: SPORTS CLINICS  SPORTS MARKETING & & TOURNAMENTS SPORTING GOODS TRADE LARONG PINOY SPORTS CLINICS  LARONG PINOY FEDERATIONS Training Schools implemented in schools & in Creation of sports clubs in schools and barangays, Barangays, with sports instructors, standard curriculum. as well as, federations in cities/municipalities; to coordinate for sustainability of activities. LARONG PINOY SPORTS TEAMS Creation of legitimate Larong Pinoy teams in schools  SPORTING GOODS ENTERPRISES and barangays, with appointed trainers and coaches. of Larong Pinoy Toys & Equipment Connecting local distributors (i.e. from Divisoria) LARONG PINOY COMPETITONS to make toys available among school bookstores A tournament similar to UAAP or NCAA, where teams and barangay sari-sari stores; that would allow could be recognized for demonstrating skills excellence. traders to earn modest income. A VISIBLE INFRASTRUCTURE WILL ATTRACT PUBLIC INTEREST, AS WELL AS PRIVATE COMPANIES.
  • 15. THE VALUE OF A SPORTS INFRASTRUCTURE FOR LARONG PINOY A VISIBLE INFRASTRUCTURE WILL STRENGTHEN LARONG PINOY AND GIVE PEOPLE FAR-REACHING ASPIRATIONS.Training the youth, enlivening and regenerating inner city neighborhoods; encouraging active citizenship;developing a dynamic and committed citizens who believe in our goals, and implement the project alongwith a community enterprise that provides livelihood in order to sustain the program in communities.The infrastructure addresses sports development and social goals with a sustainable way, beneficial toprovide materials, training support and social enterprise to maintain funding in local communities. TRAINING TOURNAMENTS SPORTS CLUBS SOCIAL ENTERPRISE SCHOOL To hold inter-school and inter- to mobilize active to conduct livelihood buildfor youth & teachers, barangay, for exhibition of skills participation of youth & around the sports, to support on-campus & in learned and camaraderie adults, and sustain the club and activities in Barangays among organizations programs in schools and in barangays. communitiesOur society has come to recognize that healthy activity can nurture social regeneration, integration and crime reduction. With such a diverse portfolio, the Larong Pinoy Program has the capacity to reach all sections of the community and connect with the people to transform people.
  • 17. SCHOOL CLINIC & TOURNAMENTS Establishing the 1st Ever School for Laro ng Lahi and a Legitimate Inter-City Schools Competition
  • 18. SPORTS CLINICS IN SCHOOLS AND BARANGAYS.The “Eskwe-Laro” provides game  Individual Game Instruction  Synchronized Group Movementinstructions with scientific drills.  Group Clustering
  • 19. TRAINING SCHOOLS & PLAY CAMPSTraining schools are conducted in schools and barangays with Dep-Ed approved training curriculum. Trainings are given to School P.E. teachers and Barangay sports coordinators, building capacity to sustain training students and participants. Training for children with ages 5 to 15 years old with instructions on game play mechanics and procedures for Scientific drill exercises executed to train kids in proper posture & movements
  • 20. Outreach Tours conducted in Schools and Barangays since 2007
  • 22. SCHOOL OUTREACH PROGRAM PLANSchools & Barangays are given FREE GAME MATERIALS.GAME KIT consisting of: SCHOOLS RECEIVE THE FOLLOWING:1) Game Instruction Booklets  Training Manuals and Syllabus for Classroom & P.E. classes2) Larong Pinoy Game Equipments  Game Equipments and Tournament Materials3) Permanent playground markers  One-Day Trainer’s Training Skills Transfer for TeachersSchools campuses are provided with groundmarkers for school children to use. The ground  One-Day Larong Pinoy Clinic for Studentsmarkers will be permanently painted in theplaygrounds and playing courts.  Weekly Monitoring during P.E. class session for 5 weeks
  • 23. SCHOOL & BARANGAY COMPETITIONS TEAMS ARE FORMED DURING TRAINING CLINICS IN SCHOOLS AND BARANGAYS.Intramurals are conducted in schools & barangays to determine to official contenders; And, Larong Pinoy competitions are held among the teams in city-districts.  School Intramurals  Barangay Games  Inter-School Tournaments  Inter-District Competitions An avenue for the A venue for camaraderie and Filipino youth to inter-action among demonstrate their skills. schools & barangays.
  • 24. Conducted in schools & barangays using the Official Tournament Rules & Regulations developed by Magna Kultura, which wasapproved by the Department of Education
  • 25. By invitation, numerous corporations have also requested Magna Kultura to conduct Larong Pinoy Sportsfests for their employees --- even for the summer of 2011.
  • 26. Since 2008, Magna Kultura continues to conduct street games in the barangays of Metro-Manila. The Barangay Outreach Photos could be viewed at
  • 28. PROGRAM SUSTAINABILITY THROUGH SOCIAL & CULTURAL ENTREPRENEURSHIPLarong Pinoy Sports Clubs will serve as the coordinating council in communities to  manage citizensparticipation,  continuity of activities and  propagation of a the livelihood enterprise, in order toensure sustainability of the program in areas visited by Magna Kultura and Metrobank Foundation.The LARONG PINOY SPORTS CLUBS in will be managed by local citizens who will: Facilitate and monitor all Larong Pinoy activities in their area; Create community enterprise with livelihood income streams.The SPORTS CLUB is key to the establishment of a sports infrastructure.While membership to the club is composed of kids and neighborhood adults, the clubmanagement is composed of youth leaders and civic individuals in the district-barangays.
  • 29. CLUB MEMBERSHIP Membership is open to children from ages 4 to 15 years old Membership will also cater to young adults & parents in schools communities.Youth and adults will receive membership certificates, and will entitle them to participate in the activities and avail ofthe benefits under the Larong Pinoy program. The Club certificates or I.D. cards could be used by members to avail ofdiscounts & benefits among local trade participating in the program, i.e., in retail stores, fast food outlets or anyparticipating commercial establishments.
  • 30. CLUB FRANCHISEThe Clubs will be operated like a franchise.Club franchise will be awarded a Council of local advocatescomposed of the district’s school PTA & the SangguniangKabataan. The franchise will allow the clubs to: Operate under the Larong Pinoy sports infrastructure of activities and events Receive workshops on sports development and management of livelihood enterprise.The Club Council will manage the communitylivelihood enterprise that will be operated in thedistrict, built around the Larong Pinoy program. TheClub’s goal is to achieve financial stability through thelivelihood enterprise, in order to sustain theprograms and activities with less external subsidies.CLUB COUNCIL Magna Kultura will conduct a comprehensive training of Club Council members and create a secretariat pool to facilitate activities in the locale Creation of comprehensive sports development programme for the district Development of community enterprise built around the program.
  • 31. THE VALUE OF THE SPORTS FRANCHISE AMONG CLUBSThe sports franchise will authorize local clubs to operate under the Larong Pinoy system. Localclubs will be looped-in to the Larong Pinoy system which will allow interface with other cities.The Larong Pinoy Franchise will give local Clubs the following benefits:SPORTS CLINICS & TRAINING OF LOCAL TEAMS To receive seminars, manuals, and updates for running Larong Pinoy Free Clinics for members in their district-barangays Certificates of clinic participation and Club membership I.D.’s for members in the locale. (Note: the I.D.’s could be used during local and national promos)PARTICIPATION IN TOURNAMENTS Participation of local teams in Inter-District Competitions in the Philippines Monitoring of locally held tournaments with entitlement of team progression in regional tournamentsLIVELIHOOD ENTERPRISE Authorization to conduct Larong Pinoy promotions in stores & neighbourhoods Provision of promo items and merchandising materials; Supply of Larong Pinoy toy items at wholesale prices to allow club income; Financial instruments - i.e. receipts, sales order forms, inventory materials, etc.The clubs will be supervised by Magna Kultura Foundation withregular administration management and monitoring system, bothfor the sports activities and the livelihood program.
  • 32. SOCIAL ENTERPRISE Providing Livelihood in Communities to sustain local clubs.A community enterprise built around the Larong Pinoy Program to make the project/activities sustainable in the areas. THE FOLLOWING BUSINESS WILL BE GENERATED IN CITY-DISTRICTS:  Loading of Larong Pinoy Toy items among local sari-sari stores & groceries  Brand promotion & direct selling of corporate sponsor’s products
  • 33. SOCIAL PURPOSE ENTERPRISECreative Financing Though Cultural EntrepreneurshipOur aim is to build local capacity of sports club to sustain Larong activities in the locale.Magna Kultura will train citizens in managing operation in social entrepreneurship skills, inmanaging data-base and finance.The Social purpose enterprise will be built around vending of official Larong Pinoy gameitems sold through officially designated outlets and vendors in district-neighbourhoods.Larong Pinoy Sports Clubs will be given sports franchises with opportunity to conduct socialpurpose enterprise in In every district-barangays.COMMUNITY ENTERPRISE PROCESS1st : Larong Pinoy Club coordinators will be trained in marketing and management of the community enterprise. They will be oriented in dealing with local stores and vendors.2nd : Local stores and vendors in district-barangays will be given invitation brochures with brief summary of the advocacy, and an application form to join the enterprise. Then, All prospect stores and vendors will be given an orientation session on the business and process.  Local coordinators assign to facilitate loading and merchandising of Larong Pinoy items  Profits earned are ploughed to the local Sports Club  Governance of finance will be under supervision of Magna Kultura Foundation
  • 34. ORGANIZING COMMUNITY ENTERPRISESTo sustain interest for kids to play the Larong Pinoy games, Magna Kulturawill activate retail outlets in neighbourhood to sell Larong Pinoy toys with itslogo printed on each item to give it a more inviting appearance.The organization of the community enterprise is comprises three (3) stages.MERCHANDISING PLAN / ITEMSStage in the process that covers the finalization of products to be sold, printing lay-out oflogo designs for each item, designing of each merchandising materials, andproduction/packaging of products and merchandising items.RETAIL STORE COORDINATION / ACTIVATIONMarketing stage of the program in target areas; securing of permits to operate, person toperson cascading amongst retail outlets by Larong Pinoy sales forces, merchandising stage. LOADING / WAREHOUSING PROCESSES Monitoring and maintenance of the sales operation in each areas.
  • 35. On several occasions, Magna Kultura has been featured on the leading television networks; discussing the advocacy, the game mechanics, and the organization’s plans to make it relevant in modern society among the new generation of Filipino children.