16 Easy Strategies To Increase Your Enrollment


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After brainstorming and defining what makes my childcare services unique I was able to create marketing strategies that generated inquires and drive my brand into the minds of prospects. I love when people who do not have children or children within childcare age range refer my childcare program to people who do have children.

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  • Knowing Who Your Target Of Parents AreWhere To Find ThemHow To Find ThemWhat Tools You Need To Find ThemAnd MOST Importantly-Being Prepared For SUCCESS
  • 16 Easy Strategies To Increase Your Enrollment

    2. 2. House Keeping Rules • Ask Questions • Keep You Phones On Mute • Use The Text Chat Box and Type In Your Questions During Anytime Of The Workshops I Will Reply • Unmute Your Phone During Q and A
    3. 3. What This Course Is About Creating an enrollment method or set of procedures for achieving Your Desire of Keeping Your Childcare Program FULLY ENROLLED!
    4. 4. Who Is Andrea Dickerson Favorite Quote: I Can Do All Things Through Christ that Strengthens Me! Favorite Affirmation Everything I put my hands to shall prosper! • Childcare Center Owner • Nanny Agency Owner • Business Coach • Author • Speaker • I Own A Daycare Founder • I Love My Daycare Product Line
    5. 5. The BLUEPRINT!
    6. 6. How To Determine Your Target Market 1. Know Exactly What You Offer 2. Decide What Area You Are Going To Concentrate On And How Many Clients Are Available 3. Are They Currently Using Child Care 4. Can You Offer Them Anything Different 5. Know Your Competition
    7. 7. Example Ad
    8. 8. Example Ad Following Blueprint
    9. 9. How To Find Them-Where are My Target Market? 1. Where Do They Go? 2. Where Do They Work? 3. Where Do They Frequent The Most?
    10. 10. How Will You Attract Clients 1. You Don’t Have To Be The Cheapest In Your Area To Be Competitive, But You Have To Show How Your Program Adds Value or Benefits Your Parents
    11. 11. Ways To Attract Clients • PTA • Website • Facebook • Twitter • Local School District • Flyers • Direct Mail • Post Cards
    12. 12. Ways to attract clients • Billboards • Providing Lunch or Snacks For Parent Job • Visible and Professional Curb Signage • Parent Referral Program • Business T-Shirts • Partnerships With Complimentary Business • Having a Professionally Managed Center
    13. 13. My Unique Value Proposition What Sets You Apart From Your Competition? 1. Who You Are 2. Your Program Technology 3. Education Marketing 4. Your Program Space or Ratios 5. Academic Program
    14. 14. My Unique Value Competition It's tougher than most people could ever imagine, to organize all of these elements into a few sentences -- • 1. Your target market • 2. The #1 benefit your product or service provides to your target market • 3. A description of your product or service • 4. What makes you unique in your marketplace
    15. 15. Listen To What Parents Want • Trust your parents to tell you what they need and want. Finding your UVP in your market is far more likely when you become involved and understand your customers, tune-in to their "opportunity triggers" where they literally tell you what they want or don't want, you are able to obtain feedback on early concepts and ideas and have a good understanding of how competitors are positioning themselves in your market.
    16. 16. Your Program Features Know What You Offer and Why! Your Program Features Should Be The Real Reason Why Parents Select Your Business.
    17. 17. What Parents Gain By Working With You • What Are You Really Selling? • Focus On The Results They Want • What Is It That I Offer That Motivates Parents To Buy?
    18. 18. How Will I Wow My Customer? • What makes your services REMARKABLE? • Can You Offer Parents A Reason to SWITCH Daycares? • How Do You Present Your Business To Your Parents? Examples: • Free Gifts • Coffee Mondays • Parent Dinner Night • Parents Night Out
    19. 19. Where Will I Sell? Make A List Of 4 Ways To Accomplish This • Offline Marketing • Online Marketing • Business Partnership Marketing • Business To Customer Marketing
    20. 20. What Are My Follow Up Systems • People Who Inquire About Your Services Need You To Follow Up At Least 7-15 Times • What Multimedia Ways You Can Follow Up?
    21. 21. What Are My Marketing Tools To Achieve Enrollment? • Parent Referrals Program Set Up • Follow Up Systems For Emails, Phone calls, and Inquires • Online Marketing Tools-Hoot Suite, Gmail, Mail chimp, vista print, blog, You Tube,--------Major Tool • Offline Marketing Tools- Childcare programs, Pictures, Newsletters, Network, Promotional Materials • Brochures, Sign Up Packets To Capture Referral Names,
    22. 22. What Objections Should I be Prepared For • Parents Make Decision Based On Emotions and Logic. • Price- • Location- • Hours- • Satisfaction-
    23. 23. Ask For The Sale • Is There Any Reason Johnny Can Not Enroll Today? • Would You Like To Try Us For Free? • Are You Ready To Experience Our Services?
    24. 24. How Does The Funnel Work?
    25. 25. How To Make More Money andAttract More Clients! • Childcare Packages • Summer Camps • Extra Curricula Activities 20 Ways To Market Your Business • Get RID OF the ONE PRICE DOES IT ALL MODEL