Expectations from social audit of MGNREGA
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Expectations from social audit of MGNREGA

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Mahatma Gandhi NREGA boasts of a robust system of Social Audit in order to ensure transparency and accountability. I was asked, what are your expectations from the Social Audit? I was trying to......

Mahatma Gandhi NREGA boasts of a robust system of Social Audit in order to ensure transparency and accountability. I was asked, what are your expectations from the Social Audit? I was trying to figure out some answer. The product is this presentation.

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  • 1. PROCESSES  Social Audit must follow the processes as enumerated in the Government of India published Rules governing SA  Emphasis is on  formation of Social Audit Teams  Intensive training of social auditors  Social audit in every Gram Sansad
  • 2. PROCESSES  Data collection, pre-audit  Field visit and consultation  Data analysis and interpretation  Social Audit Gram Sabha  Presence of key officials/ functionaries in SA GS
  • 3. PRODUCTS  Gaps in implementation identified  In case of defalcation, the extent of defalcation identified  Responsibilities fixed  Recovery ordered and effected  Action recommended to the DPC  Action taken  ATR uploaded on the MIS
  • 4. What the SA Teams are to look into  Registration  Demand  Allocation  Worksite facilities  Payment mechanism  Output vis-à-vis expenditure  Supervision, record keeping and monitoring
  • 5. REGISTRATION  Is there any gap between demand and registration of Job Cards?  Are Job cards received within stipulated time?  Are all willing adult members, especially women being registered?  Are photographs affixed on the Job Cards?  Is there any public grievance on JC registration?  Any fees/ charges taken for registration/ photographs? …
  • 6. DEMAND  What is the mechanism for demand registration?  Dated receipts against demand given?  Demands entered into the system?  What about the seasonality of demand?  What about the recurrence of demands?  Whose demand counts? …
  • 7. ALLOCATION OF WORK  Demand based allocation or allocation-driven demand?  Allocation within 15 days of demand?  Communication of allocation?  Distance of worksite?  In case of distance >5 KM, what about extra 10%?  Allocation to women wage seekers? …
  • 8. WORKSITE FACILITIES  Shade?  Drinking water?  First aid facilities?  Crèches for children? Are these on paper or actually existing?  What about old and infirm wageseekers’ engagement, especially in managing worksite facilities?
  • 9.           PAYMENT MECHANISM Attendance? Supervisors? System of measurement? How transparent is the measurement system? Output based measurement? Gaps in payment? Time lag? What are reasons for the time lag? What about Bank/ Post Office? Compensation for delayed payment? …
  • 10. OUTPUT VIS-À-VIS EXPENDITURE  Musters record tallies with the field testimony?  Materials record tally with the field testimony?  Is the asset visible?  Does it tally with what is shown on record?  What are people’s perceptions?  If there are gaps in output vis-à-vis expenditure can the quantum be assessed?  Quantum of anomalies? Defalcation?  Responsibility ??? …
  • 11. SUPERVISION, RECORD KEEPING AND MONITORING      Who are the Supervisors? Are they trained? Are they performing their duties properly? Are Job Cards updated regularly? What about citizens’ information board at worksite?  Are wage seekers informed about the measured quantity of work?  What about worksite photographs?  Grievance redressing mechanism? …
  • 12. … Thanks