UPDATED 2011 CPRS Educators Poster Session


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The following slide is a poster for the CPRS Educators Sunday Poster Session at the Canadian Public Relations Society national conference in Saint John, New Brunswick. www.cprs.ca

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UPDATED 2011 CPRS Educators Poster Session

  1. 1. Diane Bégin MA APR completed her graduate studies at the University of Alberta with a final project on why people are shifting their trust to bloggers when they once solely turned to traditional news sources. In 2010, she also completed her accreditation in public relations (APR), with a work sample that received a CPRS National Gold Award of Excellence for Social Media. She is an active volunteer with her local CPRS board and the national social media taskforce. 
Understanding trust and its impact on public relations BLOG: wheretobegin.ca TWITTER: @dibegin LINKEDIN: ca.linkedin.com/in/dibegin PORTFOLIO: behance.net/dibegin Public relations practitioners must understand their audience and whom their audience trusts. After “Public relations is the strategic management communications planning, but can no longer be 4. Application to PR “America’s most trusted man” Walter Cronkite passed on in 2009, it was suggested that the word trust of relationships between an organisation and viewed in a linear format. should have been buried with him, as there were no obvious heirs to his role. (Poniewozik) its diverse publics through the use of ✘ Of the three ways to secure human Brogan and Smith outline “why we trust people is the same, it’s only in the way we come to trust people communication to achieve mutual cooperation (power, purchase, persuasion), that is changing and that’s because communication is changing.” (2009, p. 260) With the internet, bloggers understanding, realize organizational goals, this model was based on persuasion changed the game and humanized media relationships by changing the way people came to trust. and serve the public interest.” (Flynn, Gregory ✘ Planned persuasive communications with I examined how this new media landscape makes Grunig’s two-way symmetric model more relevant and & Valin, 2008) significant publics; era of mass persuasion why Marston’s RACE formula can no longer be used in a linear format. ✘ Developed in a time when most audience Learning from the past and present, the Most present-day PR is based on a Grunig’s members were only receivers unless they got Most of our normal conceptual system is 3. Results1. Introduction following elements are part of a PR two-way symmetric model that is planned “sufficiently excited” to write a letter or make metaphorically structured and that “we practitioner’s job respectively: through Marston’s RACE formula. a phone call understand and experience one thing in terms of A few final thoughts on the praxis of PR 5. Conclusions another.” (Lakoff and Johnson, 2003, p. 5) Old Metaphor While developed years ago, the two-way practitioners: Processes and tools, controlled messages, symmetric model remains relevant. 1.  Trust ≠ Persuasion; Trust = Truth The Media Landscape business copy for media releases with the right  Mutual understanding 2.  Tools changed; way we trust changed Past: Love-hate relationship between traditional key messages, indirect access to audience, key  Two-way; balanced effects 3.  Shift from persuasion to power in securing media and PR practitioners spokespeople, mass consumption  Group <-> Group human cooperation; power to uncover truth Present: Awkward threesome between PR New Game  Formative; evaluative of understanding 4.  PR practitioners are always RACE-ing, not practitioners, traditional media and bloggers Trusting relationships, change is a constant, necessarily in that order In both cases, audiences still turn to the Also developed years ago, the RACE formula 5.  Complexity of the current environment; new tools being explored, givers get, audience sources they trust. (Research, Analysis/Action, Communication, simplicity in trust known in person, multiple faces of the organization, tailored communications Evaluation) includes all the elements of down ! To know a trust agent is to be a trust agent. r racing A qualitative case study of a trust survey created by Stephen Trust is built in two types of No longe path…!2. Method blogger was used to explore M.R. Covey at whotrustsyou.com. systems: just one what could be applied to a PR 1.  Open: constantly changing "Our path is not going to be linear or practitioner’s praxis. Personal
 2.  Closed: fully understood smooth. Its still early days.” Mark Fields! Others
 References “Trust impacts us 24/7, 365 This particular blogger operates Brogan, C., & Smith, J. (2009). Trust agents: Using the web to build influence, improve reputation, and earn trust. Hoboken, New Jersey: days a year. It undergirds and Interac9ons
 in an open system with the John Wiley & Sons Inc. affects the quality of every “Trustability”
 following strongest traits: Covey, S. M. R. (2008). The speed of trust: The one thing that changes •  Making her own game; everything. New York, NY: Free Press. relationship, every Flynn, T., Gregory, F. & Valin, J. (2008). PR definition. Retrieved April 1, 85%
 communication, every work Competence
 passion for life hacking 2010, from http://www.cprs.ca/uploads/PR_Definition.pdf project, every business venture, Character
 •  Being an agent zero and Grunig, J.E. & Hunt, T. (1984). Managing Public Relations. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Publishing Company. every effort in which we are building an army; often at “Do not go wh Lakoff, G., & Johnson, M. (2003). Metaphors we live by. Chicago, Illinois: engaged.” (Covey, 2008, p. 1) What Makes this Source Trusted? the core of creating a sense of ere the path may lead; The University of Chicago Press. go Marston, J.E. (1963). The Nature of Public Relations. McGraw-Hill Book Brogan and Smith’s elements of a community; go-to subject instead where there is Company, Inc. Is this Source Trusted? trust agent were used as a checklist: matter expert no path and lea Poniewozik, J. (2009, July 17). Walter Cronkite: The man with ve a To determine if a particular Make your own game, one of us, trail.” ! Americas trust. TIME, Retrieved from http://www.time.com/ time/nation/article/0,8599,1911501,00.html blogger was trusted, members Archimedes effect, agent zero, Ralph Waldo Em erson! of her audience completed the human artist, build an army