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Local mobile monopoly video

  1. 1. Mobile Monopoly 2 ReviewHere’s an inside look at one of the most popular mobile marketing courses and apps on the web.My God Mobile Monopoly 2 by Adam Horwitz has been generating a lot of buzz around the Internet andaffiliates are going crazy to promote it. In my previous post, someone mention that Adam broke the Clickbankrecord for the fastest million dollars made after a product launch, although, I couldn’t find any proof to this claim.Either way, Mobile Monopoly 2.It’s a program designed to teach you all about mobile marketing. It was created by an 20-year-old dude namedAdam Horwitz and he claims to be making thousands of dollars through mobile advertising. I wanted to put hisclaims to the test and this is my full-review of the program.Is Mobile Monopoly 2 a Scam?No. In my opinion, it isn’t.I paid the $49 fee and joined the program this week. I’ve watched nearly every single one of his 50+ videos andhave just been soaking it all in. I do have to say I’m thoroughly impressed. Adam is definitely an expert when itcomes to mobile advertising and it’s easy to see that he does know what he’s talking about.The program serves as a great introduction to mobile advertising and all the different ways you can make moneywith mobile phones. Just a brief side-note: you do not need to own a smart phone to benefit from this course. Allof your work will be performed behind a computer and even with your Smartphone or Ipad.Mobile advertising as a whole is in its infancy stages. It’s growing more and more each day as millions of peoplearound the world are switching to smart phones. As a mobile marketer, you’ll be buying ad space on people’smobile phones and you’ll be making money by promoting products or businesses.As far as I can tell, Adam’s program is the first on mobile marketing. That really proves just how new the wholeconcept is.What Does Mobile Monopoly 2 Provide This Time?The course, as a whole, focuses on six ways of makingmoney in more advances through mobile advertising andthey are…Mobile Squeeze Pages – Adam teaches you how to collectnames and email addresses into newsletters so you canconnect with mobile users and then sell to them on theircomputers.Mobile CPA Offers – With CPA offers, you get paid everytime a mobile user completes an action ie. filling out a formor downloading a ringtone. This method is the main focus of the course.Pay Per Call Offers – Pay Per Call is a new form of marketing for mobile users only. The user will click on an ad andthat will connect them with a 1-800 number. You get paid depending on the length of the call.Local Business Advertising – Adam walks you through the steps of reaching out to local businesses to help themincrease their mobile presence.App Development – This is probably the most profitable way to make money through mobile devices; however, it
  2. 2. requires a good idea and some technical coding experience (or a decent amount of investment funds)Help Musicians – This is a lot like the local business method. You reach out to small bands to increase theirpopularity on the mobile platform.And you can see the member area dashboard layout below:All in all, it’s a pretty solid course. Adam specifically breaks down each method and will give you detailedstep-by-step instructions on how to get started. The course is mostly video based and you’ll be able to watchAdam work directly. At times, all you need to do is copy exactly what he does in the videos.I really enjoyed the help local business and musician methods. It’s a pretty unique idea that I haven’t seen anyoneelse promoting. Given enough time, work and dedication, you could really develop a seriously profitable businesson your own just by performing these two methods. I’m talking a potential five figures a month.A great testament to Adam’s knowledge and experience are the “secrets” he plants throughout each trainingmodule. These are basically little jewels of information that Adam has discovered through his experiences as amobile marketer that will help you get started, save you time, or even increase the amount of money you canmake. For example, one of the secrets will teach you how to leverage offers to pretty much double your income.It’s insanely simple, but incredibly genius.What I Don’t Like About Mobile Monopoly 2As with nearly every program these days, there are a ton of upsells. There’s always something else to buy that willmake your life easier as a mobile marketer. Do you have to buy it? No, you can get by just fine with what’sincluded in the course.Take for example this software Adam created. It’s called BeastMobi and will create mobile optimized squeezepages with the click of a button saving hours of work. You do not need the software as you would only benefitfrom BeastMobi for just one of the methods. However, it will cost you a staggering $67 per month to use it.Unfortunately, there’s no mention of it on thesales page.Finally, and this is me just nitpicking here, butAdam likes to refer to the Android platformas just “Droid” which is the name of a specificAndroid phone. That’s like calling the iPhonejust phone. Also, his sales pitch tells you tocut the cord and forget Google, but thenumber one ad platform he recommends to
  3. 3. use is owned by Google. I found that to a bit humorous.Other than that, it’s a great program and I do give it a full recommendation.Who Should Join Mobile Monopoly 2?Mobile Monopoly isn’t really for everyone. I’ve broken the program down into two categories for you guys.I recommended Mobile Monopoly 2 for…★ People with a strong PPC background. You can make a killing just by transferring the skills you have to amobile platform. Mobile clicks are averaging around 5 cents a piece.★ Experienced Internet Marketers. Mobile advertising is the “next big thing” and nows a good time to take thejump.★ Someone looking to try something new. The local business method Adam teaches is a great idea that couldlead to a very successful home business.★ Someone who can afford to fail for a little. Mobile marketing does cost money and you will have to spendsome to buy ad space.I do not recommended Mobile Monopoly 2 for…★ Complete beginners. A lot of this will go over your head. Learn how to do Internet Marketing first, and thenmove on. But if you wanna have a try just carry on.★ Someone on a tight a budget. Ads cost money and there is no guarantee of a return. If money is tight and youhave no room to spend, this isn’t the program for you.Finally, Can You Make Money with Mobile Monopoly 2?YES!Adam teaches methods that are known to generate income. There will be a bit of trial and error when you getstarted, but once you find a campaign that works, you can potentially make a lot of money. There aren’t a lot ofplayers in the mobile marketing game quite yet so now is the time to get in.When I first started this review, I really wanted to have conclusive evidence that it worked before issuing apositive recommendation. Unfortunately, it takes a few business days to setup an affiliate account with themobile affiliate programs that Adam recommends. At this point, I’m still waiting to get approved by two moreprograms before I can start advertising.I WILL be testing this program in full though. I’ve already deposited $100 into a mobile platform and the only wayto see that money again is through success with the program. Within Mobile Monopoly 2, there are a few“proven campaigns” that Adam claims to have made money with. I will be replicating one of his campaignsword-for-word to see how well it performs and will test a few campaigns of my own.I will be reporting every single detail on this blog. I’ll show you how much money I’ve spent, made, how manypeople viewed my ads, clicked on them, etc. If there’s a statistic to track, it will appear on this blog, so stay tunedfor future updates.