Technology and the Administrator - Class #1


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Presentation used in GRIT 687 at Chestnut Hill College.

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  • \n
  • Play Video\nBriefly Discuss - What struck you the most from this video?\n
  • Go around table and introduce\nI’ll go last\n
  • - Take quiz\n- Share colors\n- Show notebook file\n- Go over the linked page - communication between colors\n
  • Go through each part \nObjectives - just the numbers\nTech Plan, Leadership, Legal Issues\nOutline \nAttendance\nGrading\nResponsibility & Professionalism\n
  • -Go through each and explain more in-depth\n-Rubrics\n\n
  • -Go through each and explain more in-depth\n-Rubrics\n-Show Wikispace, Google Calendar, Diigo group\n-Legal Basics - give out chapters\n\n
  • - Do in small groups\n- Share out\n
  • Watch Video\n
  • - Give them 10-15 minutes for this activity\n
  • - Image links to article\n- Go through Goals, Action Options, Implementation Pitfalls, Different Points of View\n
  • - Show Matrix and everything highlighted\n- Tech Plan is heavily a part of the matrix\n
  • \n
  • Technology and the Administrator - Class #1

    1. 1. Welcome toTechnology and the Administrator !! Class #1 May 17, 2012
    2. 2. Why are we here?
    3. 3. IntroductionsNameSchoolCHC ExperienceTechnology ExperienceWhat you hope to gain from this course Image: Brothers
    4. 4. True ColorsFollow link on Blackboard to take QuizWhat does it all mean?Why is it important?
    5. 5. Syllabus Goals & Objectives Course Outline & Calendar Attendance Student Responsibility & Professionalism Image: 27Apr09 ~ Planning
    6. 6. Activities & ProjectsDiscussion BoardEmergent TechnologyResearch & ReportLegal Issues Article &ReportInterview withAdministrator & Report Image: Getting on with some work 300/365
    7. 7. Activities & Projects Digital Technologies Chapter Summary & Presentation Independent Research and Reflection Paper Wikispace Portfolio Technology Plan Image: 13/52 : Charte canadienne des droits et+libertés+-+Canadian+Charter+of+Rights+and+Freedoms
    8. 8. Technology in Your DistrictConsider a school district or school with which you are familiar.   When did it first become involved with computer technology? What were the first types of applications that were implemented?   How advanced is the school or district now in terms of its use of computer technology? Turn & Talk!
    9. 9. National Educational Technology Plan
    10. 10. Elements of a Technology PlannWhat are the common elements that yousee among the technology plans?Use the Diigo group and/or Google to finda few district or state technology plans. Find at least 5 elements/parts of atechnology plan that seem to be commonand place them on the board.
    11. 11. Developing a Tech Plan Goals Action Options Implementation Pitfalls Different Points of View Image: Flickr Feature Complaint Flowchart
    12. 12. ITS MatrixImage created from PDE Competencies for Instructional Technology Specialist at
    13. 13. Wrap-UpWeeks 1-4 WorkDigital Technologies ChapterSummary & PresentationAssignments & ProjectsNext Class - June 6th?