American Revolution selftest 1


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American Revolution selftest 1

  1. 1. The American Revolution
  2. 2. Money that a governmentcollects from the people is_______. tax
  3. 3. What was Britain’slawmaking body called?Parliament
  4. 4. Britain believed that Parliament______________ had legalauthority in the colonies,while the colonists believedtheir ________________ local assemblieshad legal authority.
  5. 5. The colonists believedthey should not be taxedsince they had no representation_________________ inParliament.
  6. 6. Patrick Henry inspired other patriots when he spoke out against taxation _________ without representation ________________. Hes ai d: me liberty or give me“… givedeath.”
  7. 7. The army fighting for independence was the C o n t in e n_________________ t a larmy.
  8. 8. Who was thecommander-in-chief ofthe Continental army?
  9. 9. What was the first land battle foughtin Virginia? Battle of Great BridgeThis American victory forced theBritish _____________ to flee the city governorof ____________. Norfolk
  10. 10. What document expresses thereasons for colonial independence?
  11. 11. Who wrote the Declarationof independence?
  12. 12. What is the date that the Declaration of Independence was signed?July 4, 1776
  13. 13. The Declaration ofIndependence states thatthe authority to governbelongs to thep________ e opl erather than to kings.
  14. 14. The Declaration ofIndependence states that all equalmen are created _________.
  15. 15. The Declaration of Independencestates that all people have theright to: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
  16. 16. In favor ofindependence:
  17. 17. Opposed toindependence:
  18. 18. Some did not take sides:
  19. 19. Who was a slave from Virginiathat served in the Continentalarmy and was given hisfreedom after the war?
  20. 20. Who had moreresponsibility athome during the war?
  21. 21. During the war, thecapital was moved fromWilliamsburg to…
  22. 22. Richmond was a more central __________ location Richmond was safer ______ fromThe population was British attack. westwardmoving __________.
  23. 23. Who rode on horseback towarn Thomas Jefferson thatthe British were coming toarrest him and members of theGeneral Assembly?
  24. 24. The British armysurrendered after theAmerican victory at …
  25. 25. A nd the U n it e d S ta te s o f A m e r ic a w a s born!
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