American Revolution selftest 1
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American Revolution selftest 1






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American Revolution selftest 1 American Revolution selftest 1 Presentation Transcript

  • The American Revolution
  • Money that a governmentcollects from the people is_______. tax
  • What was Britain’slawmaking body called?Parliament
  • Britain believed that Parliament______________ had legalauthority in the colonies,while the colonists believedtheir ________________ local assemblieshad legal authority.
  • The colonists believedthey should not be taxedsince they had no representation_________________ inParliament.
  • Patrick Henry inspired other patriots when he spoke out against taxation _________ without representation ________________. Hes ai d: me liberty or give me“… givedeath.”
  • The army fighting for independence was the C o n t in e n_________________ t a larmy.
  • Who was thecommander-in-chief ofthe Continental army?
  • What was the first land battle foughtin Virginia? Battle of Great BridgeThis American victory forced theBritish _____________ to flee the city governorof ____________. Norfolk
  • What document expresses thereasons for colonial independence?
  • Who wrote the Declarationof independence?
  • What is the date that the Declaration of Independence was signed?July 4, 1776
  • The Declaration ofIndependence states thatthe authority to governbelongs to thep________ e opl erather than to kings.
  • The Declaration ofIndependence states that all equalmen are created _________.
  • The Declaration of Independencestates that all people have theright to: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
  • In favor ofindependence:
  • Opposed toindependence:
  • Some did not take sides:
  • Who was a slave from Virginiathat served in the Continentalarmy and was given hisfreedom after the war?
  • Who had moreresponsibility athome during the war?
  • During the war, thecapital was moved fromWilliamsburg to…
  • Richmond was a more central __________ location Richmond was safer ______ fromThe population was British attack. westwardmoving __________.
  • Who rode on horseback towarn Thomas Jefferson thatthe British were coming toarrest him and members of theGeneral Assembly?
  • The British armysurrendered after theAmerican victory at …
  • A nd the U n it e d S ta te s o f A m e r ic a w a s born!