Content Marketing for the SEO Professional
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Content Marketing for the SEO Professional



Presentation by Dianna Huff for SEMNE, September 15, 2010

Presentation by Dianna Huff for SEMNE, September 15, 2010



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Content Marketing for the SEO Professional Content Marketing for the SEO Professional Presentation Transcript

  • Content Marketing for SEO Professionals September 15, 2010
  • What  You’ll  Learn   How  to  add  value  to  client  /  team   rela7onships  by:   • Answering  site  visitors’  unspoken  ques7ons   through  content   • Developing  original  content   • Recommending  content  that  drives   conversions   ©  DH  Communica7ons,  Inc.                                                                       September  2010  
  • We  are  All  Now  Publishers   •  DIY  PR  (PR  Web)   •  DIY  content  crea7on  (WordPress)   •  Instant  communica7on  with  network  /  friends   (social  media,  SMS)   •  Our  vote  counts  (Yelp,  user  reviews,  FB)   ©  DH  Communica7ons,  Inc.                                                                       November  2009  
  • What’s  Driving  Content   •  Social  media   •  Network  /  friends  “recommenda7ons”   •  Breakdown  of  tradi7onal  media  /  mass  media   adver7sing   •  Universal  search   •  People  looking  for  products  /  services   ©  DH  Communica7ons,  Inc.                                                                       November  2009  
  • Site  Visitors  Have  Ques7ons   Ques7ons  for  a  Wedding   Recep7on  Caterer:   •  Can  they  handle  a  sit-­‐ down  meal  for  200?   •  Can  they  do  outdoors?   •  What  other  weddings   have  they  done?   ©  DH  Communica7ons,  Inc.     September  2010  
  • Di]o  for  B2B   •  “Does  this  company  offer  what  I’m  looking   for?”   •  “Can  they  solve  my  problem?”   •  “Who  else  have  they  done  business  with?”   •  “Do  they  have  something  I  can  download  to   show  my  boss?”   •  “What’s  the  next  step?”   ©  DH  Communica7ons,  Inc.     September  2010  
  • Content  Answers  These  Ques7ons!   •  Tes7monials   •  Client  list   •  Case  studies   •  Reports,  guides,  white  papers,  checklists   •  Video,  podcasts,  Webinars   •  Blogs,  forums   •  Social  media  integra7on   ©  DH  Communica7ons,  Inc.     September  2010  
  • Tes7monials   ©  DH  Communica7ons,  Inc.     September  2010                                                                    
  • Client  Lists   ©  DH  Communica7ons,  Inc.     September  2010  
  • Blogs   ©  DH  Communica7ons,  Inc.     September  2010  
  • Guides,  Reports,  E-­‐Books   ©  DH  Communica7ons,  Inc.     September  2010  
  • Your  Value  Add   Help  business  owners  /  marketers     come  up  with  content  ideas.   ©  DH  Communica7ons,  Inc.     September  2010  
  • 1.  Think  Like  a  Reporter   Develop  a  “beat”  that   includes  your   customers’  industries.   Example:  Walt  Mossberg   covers  “Personal   Technology”   ©  DH  Communica7ons,  Inc.     September  2010  
  • Read,  Watch,  Observe   •  Read:  Newspapers,  magazines,  books   •  Watch:  TV,  spor7ng  events,  movies   •  Observe:  People  at  the  market,  at  the  gym   •  Listen:  To  what  people  talk  about   ©  DH  Communica7ons,  Inc.     September  2010  
  • Example:  New  Rise  Investments     ©  DH  Communica7ons,  Inc.                                                                       November  2009  
  • What  I’m  Doing  –  Sniffing  out   Stories   • Reading  WSJ   • Following  some  blogs     • No7cing  trends  /  events   • Analyzing  Web  analy7cs   • Asking  client  ques7ons   ©  DH  Communica7ons,  Inc.     September  2010  
  • 2.  Go  for  a  Walkabout   “But  first  they  headed   to  Wolfsburg  to   roam  the  270  acres   of  VW  factory  and   meet  employees.”   *  Is  the  Bug  Dead?  The  Great  Beetle  Ad  Campaign   ©  DH  Communica7ons,  Inc.     September  2010  
  • “That’s  how  many  7mes  we  inspect   a  Volkswagen.”   ©  DH  Communica7ons,  Inc.                                                                       September  2010  
  • Will  It  Blend?   ©  DH  Communica7ons,  Inc.     September    2010  
  • Show  People  in  the  Building   “You  don’t  take     buildings  out  to     lunch.  You  take     people  out  to  lunch.     Show  the  people     inside  a  building.”     –  Dianna  Huff   ©  DH  Communica7ons,  Inc.     September  2010  
  • 3.  Analyze  Your  Inquires   Have  a  search  box  on  your  site?   •  What  are  people  searching  for?   •  What  types  of  ques7ons  do  you  get  via  email?   •  Develop  content  based  on  these  queries.   ©  DH  Communica7ons,  Inc.     September  2010  
  • What  Types  of  Content?   •  FAQs   •  Reports  and  How-­‐to  guides   •  Checklists  or  Product  comparisons   •  Blog  posts  /  newsle]er  ar7cles   ©  DH  Communica7ons,  Inc.                                                                       September  2010  
  • Example:  High  Rankings  Forum   ©  DH  Communica7ons,  Inc.                                                                       November  2009  
  • How  This  Worked  For  Me   •  Client  ques7on:  “How  do  I  get  more  people  to   my  blog?”   •  Wrote  an  e-­‐newsle]er  on  the  topic:  “7  Tips  for   Gekng  People  to  Your  Blog”   –  Tips  came  from  stuff  I’ve  read,  my  own  prac7ces,   and  other  experts   –  Can  send  link  to  prospects  who  inquire  about  blog   consul7ng   ©  DH  Communica7ons,  Inc.     September  2010  
  • 4.  Analyze  Your  Web  Analy7cs     Combina7ons  of  keywords  around  a  similar  topic   •  i.e.  “Green  Marke7ng”  for  a  print  broker   ©  DH  Communica7ons,  Inc.     September  2010  
  • Result:  Green  Marke7ng  101   Report   Helps  marketers/print   buyers  make  decisions   •  Soy  vs.  tradi7onal  ink?   •  Recycled  vs.  cer7fied   paper?   •  Varnish  vs.  non-­‐varnish?   ©  DH  Communica7ons,  Inc.     September  2010  
  • Example:  New  Rise  Investments   •  How  to  add  income   to  apartment   buildings   •  How  to  invest  in  an   apartment  building   •  When  inves7ng  in   apartment   buildings,  what  does   ROI  mean?   ©  DH  Communica7ons,  Inc.                                                                       November  2009  
  • 5.  Analyze  Current  Projects   •  What  kinds  of  projects  is  your  company   working  on?   •  What  has  changed  in  the  last  3  –  5  years?   •  What  are  you  seeing  that’s  new  /  different?   ©  DH  Communica7ons,  Inc.     September  2010  
  • Types  of  Content   •  Newsle]er  ar7cles   •  Applica7on  notes   •  Case  studies   •  Added  bonus:  pitch  idea  to  online  industry   publica7on  (inbound  link)   ©  DH  Communica7ons,  Inc.     September  2010  
  • Example:  AchieveGlobal   ©  DH  Communica7ons,  Inc.                                                                       November  2009  
  • Case  Study    Magazine  Ar7cle   ©  DH  Communica7ons,  Inc.     September  2010  
  • 6.  Survey  People   Use  free  survey  tools  (i.e.  Survey  Monkey)   to  ask  your  newsle]er  readership  or  clients   what  informa7on  they  want.  Turn  it  into   content.   –  Blog  posts  /  newsle]er  topics   –  E-­‐books  /  Reports   –  Web  content   ©  DH  Communica7ons,  Inc.     September  2010  
  • Top  B2B  Marke7ng  Mistakes   ©  DH  Communica7ons,  Inc.                                                                       November  2009  
  • 7.  Try  Something  New   HubSpot  TV   –  Started  off  using  Flip  camera  and  conference  room   –  Lots  of  snafus   –  Now  company  films  the  show  every  Friday  with  in-­‐ studio  audience!   –   ©  DH  Communica7ons,  Inc.     September  2010  
  • 8.  Monitor  Social  Media  /  Alerts   ©  DH  Communica7ons,  Inc.                                                                       November  2009  
  • Content  that  Drives  Conversions:     Stuff  that  helps  people  make  a  buying  decision.   •  White  Papers  /  Reports   •  How-­‐to  Guides  –  print  and  video   •  Comparison  charts   •  Ar7cles  (shows  your  exper7se)   •  Case  studies   ©  DH  Communica7ons,  Inc.     September  2010  
  • Mar7n  Marie]a  Comparison  Chart   ©  DH  Communica7ons,  Inc.     September  2010  
  • Helaine  Smith,  DMD  “Before/Aqer”   ©  DH  Communica7ons,  Inc.     September  2010  
  • Inca  Gold:  Ar7cle    White  Paper   ©  DH  Communica7ons,  Inc.     September  2010  
  • Edward  C.  David,  CPA   ©  DH  Communica7ons,  Inc.       September  2010  
  • Webinars   ©  DH  Communica7ons,  Inc.                                                                       November  2009  
  • “Takeaway”  Report   ©  DH  Communica7ons,  Inc.                                                                       November  2009  
  • Free  Stuff  from  Dianna  Huff   Free  Report:  41  Ways  to   Grow  Your  E-­‐Newsle]er   Subscriber  List   Subscribe  to:  MarCom   Strategist  Newsle]er /tools/newsle]er/   ©  DH  Communica7ons,  Inc.                                                                       September  2010  
  • Thank  you!   Dianna  Huff   DH  Communica7ons,  Inc.   603-­‐382-­‐8093   E-­‐mail:   Web:   Blog:   Twi]er:  @diannahuff   ©  DH  Communica7ons,  Inc.                                                                       September  2010