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My big fake book of ads.

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Diane book(1)

  1. 1. Writing is like prostitution. First you do it for love,and then for a few close friends, and then for money. MOLIERE Lookin’ For A Good Time?
  2. 2. HELLO, My name is Diane Phamand I am a copywriter & Social Media INDEXEnthusiast in Minneapolis. 1. Water for Peace Re-Brand 2. Hyundai VelosterTHINGS I DO 3. Salt from Mars(click links) 4. Monster Energy Drink1. Almost twitter-famous. 5. Degree Adrenaline Series2. Broadcast my ambiguously fictional 6. Elemental Meals sex life to Minneapolis. 7. Element Hotel Omaha3. Organize and teach a writing class 8. Marc Jacobs for Target4. Blog seldom-interesting things.
  3. 3. Say what you mean.(Water for Peace re-brand)“The problem,” Zamin, the branding manager,told me, “is that what we do is hardto explain.”When I signed on with Water for Peace (aMinneapolis non-profit organization thataims to mend relations with Iraq by facilitat-ing fundraisers that buy water filters for Iraqi 1. Water for Peaceschools and Re-brandhospitals), their brochure copy was 2 ½pages of single-spaced text. Brochure Copy Web Content“And it’s still confusing,” Zamin said. Manifestation“We don’t know how to talk about ourselves.”He then added, “And we have no content forthe website. Can you write that too?”Water for Peace’s new brand launchedsummer 2011.www.waterforpeaceproject.org
  5. 5. BROCHURE COPY: Give water. Give peace. Water for Peace connects Americans and Iraqis in a positive way. Decades of conflict and imposed sanctions have ravaged Iraqs once-vast water infrastructure and prevented the country from rebuilding. Many Iraqis are left with drinking water that is contaminated by dangerous bacteria and raw sewage. Water for Peace links American fundraisers, colleges, schools, and churches with Iraqi peacemakers who install water filtration systems and electricity generators in Iraq. Our mission is to help Iraqis and Americans move beyond the traumas of the past and restore partnership through mutual respect.
  6. 6. BROCHURE COPY: Peace-building in Iraq Through organizing trade, transport, health- care and recreation between people of different communities and faiths, our partner in Iraq- the Muslim Peacemaker Teams (MPT) – active creates positive connections where there was once fear, prejudice and conflict. They implement Water for Peace projects by matching American fundraisers with an Iraqi school or hospital in need, acquiring filtration systems, and installing/maintaining the equipment. We connect people across the globe, so they can learn from each other and use their knowledge to build peace.
  7. 7. Hyundai Veloster rejects your gender binaries.The Veloster is unique and sexy subcompactcar with 3 doors.But the problem with designing a small, highlystylized car is that it runs the risk of beingwritten off as a “chick car”.That’s what happened with the new VWBeetle, and Hyundai wanted very much to 1. Hyundai Velosteravoid this. These Veloster ads were tailored Copyfor men, emphasizing the car’s style withoutseeming fussy or cute. Print Ad Series
  8. 8. SUMMARY A sporty compact 2-door car released in 2012. Very distinctive, sleek appearance that boasts 3 doors. One driver side door and two on the pas- senger side.
  9. 9. PRINT AD: An original design for 2012, the 3-door Hyundai Veloster boasts a look like no other car on the road. Inside is a 40mpg high-efficiency engine , 7-inch touchscreen entertainment system and Bluelink® navigational technol- ogy. Get the look and the tech, starting at $17300. ABOUT TIME SOMETHING CHANGED.
  10. 10. PRINT AD: Sometimes I see myself passing a mirror and I think, damn, I look good.
  11. 11. PRINT AD: odd is beautiful.
  12. 12. Enhance your advertisingSalt from Mars is small tubes of gourmet chilipowder (in an assortment of flavors)attached to a convenient keyring so youcan take it anywhere and put it on all youfood. It’s the brainchild of a Minneapolisman who has good idea, a cool name andno idea how to brand his product. I amwriting the content for his website, which willlaunch this upcoming summer. 3. Salt From Mars Copy Manifesto
  13. 13. MANIFESTO: Fun fact: everything tastes better spicy. We know you. You lead a thrilling, action- packed whirlwind of a life, waking up every morning and never knowing where your day will take you. This is why you have Salt from Mars desperately clinging to your carkeys as you zip through your life like an out-of- control rocket missile launched in a hurricane. It’s gourmet chili powder on a keyring so you can take it anywhere and put it on everything. So, wherever you crashland, Salt from Mars will be there to make your food as hot and exhilarating as your life. Make it rain on your freshly tackled panther meat, your coffee, your ice cream, your elbow, and your grandmother’s chicken soup. Enhance the flavor of everything, enhance your life
  14. 14. Monster UpThe appeal of “Monster up” is that thecatchphrase can be applied to a myriad ofsituations. More importantly, it can be veryfunny. With some memorable, humorous ads,people will be repeating “Monster up” in theirdaily lives, firmly placing the energy drink intoour pop-culture lexicon. 4. Monster Energy Drink Campaign Billboard Series Print Ad
  15. 15. SUMMARY Nationally recognized energy drink aimed at young, athletic, or “extreme” 20-somethings. TAG LINES: Better, stronger, faster, Monster. Tired? Let Monster do it for you. CAMPAIGN: “Monster up.”
  16. 16. BILLBOARD: it’s your turn. better monster up.
  17. 17. BILLBOARD: appointment with desk running long. better monster up.
  18. 18. PRINT AD: but you have work in the morning. better monster up.
  19. 19. Not for every man, just the man you wish youwere. (Degree Adrenaline Series)Degree Adrenaline Series is activated by therelease of adrenaline in your body.Degree wanted to market itself as theperfect deodorant for thrill-seekers andextreme athletes without boxing itself in asmall demographic. 5. Degree AdrenalineThese taglines have “hey, that’s me!” appeal Serieswith adrenaline junkies. To everyone else, itsappeal lies in fun, adventure, and action. Billboard Series Print Ad
  20. 20. SUMMARY Line of deodorant/antiperspirants for men designed to respond to increasing adrenaline. Aimed at adventure-seekers and athletes.
  21. 21. TAGLINES adrenaline junkie? so is your deodorant.
  22. 22. TAGLINES protection for the fearless.
  23. 23. TAGLINES all adrenaline no sweat.
  24. 24. Read it and eat it. (Elemental Meals)Being premium, high-end microwave dinners,Elemental’s target market is the sort thatwants to read the box before purchasing.Elemental wanted their packaging to beinviting, wholesome and nourishing – justlike their food. In high-end markets, brandpersonality matters. 6. Element Meals Copy Packaging Text
  25. 25. PACKAGING Front: Premium ingredients. No additives. Just good food. Back: Check the Nutrition Facts: less fat, less sodium, no chemicals; all the vitamins and even some antioxidants too. Frozen food that’s actually good for you. We use premium ingredients like organic vegetables and whole grains. Then, we design our meals with world-class chefs. So good it’s not even fair to call them micro- wave dinners. If it’s fast, healthy, and deli- cious, we call them Elemental Meals.
  26. 26. Nice things without the first-world guilt.(Element Hotel Omaha)Element Hotel is the picture of urban lifetoday. In the heart of a bustling, modernneighborhood. They wanted to emphasize astrong commitment to sustainability withoutsacrificing style.. 7. Element Hotel Omaha Manifesto
  27. 27. MANIFESTO As stylish and comfortable as the best of them, Element Hotel Omaha also carries LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmen- tal Design) certification – a distinction held by very few hotels in the country. We are constantly seeking ways to incorporate recycled and sustainable elements to the design and construction of our hotel. The appliances are EnergyStar rated. The flooring is made from recycled material. The lighting and plumbing is energy efficient. Our aim is to defy convention by creating luxurious amenities that are environmentally responsible. This is our commitment to wellness, the well- ness of our guests and the wellness of the planet. Element Omaha is located in the up-and-coming Midtown Crossing area, nestled between the all the corporate offices downtown and the vibrant nightlife of the historic Old Market District. We are just a few minutes from the Qwest Conven- tion Center, the Joslyn Art Museum, the Orpheum and the Holland Performing Arts Center. Eat, explore, or relax.
  28. 28. Press Release for TargetLonger writing in an objectivejournalistic style. 7. Marc Jacobs for Target Press Release
  29. 29. PRESS RELEASE Target announces exclusive Marc Jacobs for Target clothing line coming Spring 2010 Nov 3, 2009 – In continuation with its popular Target Designer Collaborations program, Target Corp announced that it has partnered with the cutting-edge fashion house Marc Jacobs to create a clothing and accessory line to be sold at its U.S. retail locations. Marc Jacobs describes the inspiration for this collection as a “twist on traditional menswear” that will feature classically masculine apparel reinterpreted for women. The line will launch February 22nd and will continue until April 13th. It will not be sold in Australian Target stores. This is by no means the first time a big-name designer has worked with Target. Marc Jacobs is merely the most recent addition to the legacy of Target Designer Collaborations, a project that aims to bring affordable, high-end fashion to Target shoppers. The program has already generated significant buzz with the names it’s drawn – fashion legends Jean-Paul Gaultier, Stella McCartney, and Alexander McQueen to name a few. The Marc Jacobs label is a relative newcomer on the fashion scene, but experienced nearly instant success since its launch in 1993, and it has since become an internationally known and sought-after label. It is a New York based firm, but Marc Jacobs himself splits his time between NYC and Paris, where he is the creative director for the luxury leather-goods pro- ducer Louis Vuitton. He says he’s very excited about the partnership and lauded Target for pushing to “make great style an option for everyone.” In that past, Target’s designer collaborations have proven to be a runaway hit for the distributor and the designer. The pairing gives the largescale discount retailer an affordable- but-upscale, haute couture touch while bringing mass-market exposure to niche designers. There are no previews of the Marc Jacobs for Target line yet, but information and official statements about the partnership can be accessed via Target’s website as well as marcjacobs.com/world-of-marc-jacobs/news-and-gossip/.
  30. 30. THANK YOU.And I hope to hear from you soon.