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  • 1. Innovative Technologies for the Classroom
  • 2. How can we embrace technology in the classroom in a way that facilitates student engagement?
  • 3. 1. Encourage participation in new and different ways  Learn how to use Socrative and Poll Everywhere
  • 4. Socrative Pretend you’re a student:  Go to on your smartphone or your computer  Or download the socrative app from the App Store onto your smartphone
  • 5. Socrative Pretend you’re a student:  When prompted, enter room number 108348
  • 6. Socrative Now you’re the instructor:  Go to  Click “Get Started Now”  Register with your UTA email address and create a password
  • 7. Socrative  You can create quizzes with multiple choice or short answer questions  You can even insert images into your questions  Try it!
  • 8. Poll Everywhere  Create your own poll now at  It’s so easy!
  • 9. Encourage participation in new and different ways  Interactive whiteboard   Backchannel or Twitter
  • 10. How can we make the impersonal environment of an online class more personal?
  • 11. 1. Allow students to see and hear you (and each other)!  Change your Blackboard Profile Picture to a real picture of you, and encourage your students to do the same!
  • 12. 1. Allow students to see and hear you!  Make videos of yourself introducing topics and clarifying concepts  Kaltura Media in Blackboard  YouTube (create your own channel)
  • 13. 2. Use Screencasting to explain technology and provide feedback  Some useful tools for screencasting:  Jing   My explanation is accessible here:  xGRg  And here’s how I’ve used screencasting in my class:  7Ks
  • 14. 3. Let students hear your voice (and each other)  Consider using VoiceThread or Evernote to supplement or replace the traditional Discussion Board  Great tutorial from Dr. Jill Scheifelbein at ASU here: here-area/
  • 15. 4. Communicate frequently  Consider adding a wiki to your class in Blackboard  In addition to your weekly announcements, email/post an announcement that is relevant and timely on a regular basis  Encourage students to contribute regularly, either through a wiki, email, or discussion board
  • 16. Other fun ideas  Animate yourself!   Example: source=emailshare&refuser=05zPscnYExxo  Draw something!  Pw  Play Jeopardy  (I can send you the files)
  • 17. Other fun ideas  Have students try a free buzzer app  Use social media:
  • 18. Previous Technology Brownbags Making the Impersonal Personal: aking-the-impersonal-personal Flipping the Classroom: pping-the-classroom-31581112