User Research for Startups


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User Research for Startups

  1. 1. ConductingUser Researchfor StartupsDiane LoviglioGeneral AssemblySan FranciscoAugust 28, 2012
  2. 2. HELLO.General Assembly is a global network of campusesfor individuals seeking opportunity and education intechnology, business, and design founded in NYC.Follow us on Twitter at @GA_SF for the latest newson classes, courses, and events in San Francisco, anduse the hashtag #GASF to continue the conversation.Take a look at our course catalog for a list of classes currentlyoffered. Conducting User Research Interviews for Startups GENERAL ASSEMBLY 2 Diane Loviglio August 28, 2012
  3. 3. CLASS RULES.We’re so thankful to the Hattery for hosting us intheir beautiful space! A few things to be mindful of: • Please try to stay within the classroom and the bathroom. • Feel free to grab some water from the kitchen area, but please do not take any food. And now for the fun stuff... Conducting User Research Interviews for Startups GENERAL ASSEMBLY 3 Diane Loviglio August 28, 2012
  4. 4. ConductingUser Researchfor StartupsDiane Loviglio@dianeloviglioGeneral AssemblySan FranciscoAugust 28, 2012
  5. 5. Architecture & Anthropology Startup Founder UX Researcher Startup Advisor
  6. 6. Gaining empathy for ...
  7. 7. What we’ll be learning today What is User Research? Why do User Research? User Research Methods How to recruit the right people - Writing a screener How to best understand those people - Writing an interview script - Conducting an interview
  8. 8. What is User Research? Understanding past and current behaviors in order to use them as a proxy for future behaviors.
  9. 9. Why do User Research? gain empathy their motivations their values their needs their behaviors
  10. 10. What problem is your startup solving?
  11. 11. What do you want to know about your current or potential users?
  12. 12. User Research Methods observation in-depth interview think aloud diary study
  13. 13. How To Recruit the Right People? Write a Screener Give a description, without giving away too much info. Include incentive. Start with easy questions. Always add “Other”.
  14. 14. Don’t make any questions required.
  15. 15. Don’t use branching logic.Ask at least one open-endedquestion.Keep it to 10 questions.
  16. 16. Only collect this info if it’s relevant
  17. 17. Include exact times and locations.
  18. 18. Ask for first name, email and cell aslast questions.
  19. 19. Write one questionfor your screener
  20. 20. The Arc of an Interview
  21. 21. Write an Interview ScriptGOAL Explore current app-related attitudes and behaviors among “v2 adopters” in order to identify future opportunities and development possibilities in the app space.METHODS 1 day diary study 2 hour in-person interviewSCRIPT Introduction (5 min) - introduce interviewers Create sections and give - get permission again to take video and photos them time limits. - sign consent form - no right/wrong answers - any q’s before we begin? About You (5 min) - what do you do? - how long have you lived here? Diary Study Review (15 min) - walk me through your diary Show & Tell (30 min) - walk through apps on homescreen on phone and Get them to tell you stories, tablet. when get? how find them? why get? - any apps you don’t use? why not delete them? and not just answer the q’s. - what are apps good for? bad for? Finding & Choosing Apps (10 min) - what was the last app you got? Ask about past, not future. - how did you find it? - what if there were 3 that did the same thing, how would you choose?
  22. 22. Write an Interview Script App Stores & Paying for Apps (15 min) - in the survey, you said that you use ______ and ______ app stores. why do you use them? Reference data - which other apps stores have you heard of? from screener and - which apps have you paid for? can you show me them? why did you pay for them? build on it. - in the survey, you said that you pay for ______, ______ and ______. how is paying for this different than paying for an app? - if you buy something from the Apple app store today and you change your computer, what happens to your stuff? - how do you keep track of which apps you got from which store? Understanding the App Ecosystem (20 min) - how would you describe apps to somebody who’s never seen them? - can you draw everything we talked about today and how it relates to each other? Give them - what the difference between an app, a website and a program? activities so you - show 2 screen printouts - do you see any differences here? - are you familiar with the term web app? can you describe it to me? have artifacts. Thoughts on [Company X] (5 min) - if [Company X] had an app store, how would you expect it to be different? - [Company X] is a non-profit, would they charge for apps? why or why not? Ask who, what, when, where, why Wrap Up & Thank You (10 min) - any questions for us? and how. - thank you so much, we got a lot of great data here. - here’s your incentive.
  23. 23. Write one questionto use in your interview
  24. 24. Conducting an Interview Leave awkward moments of silence.
  25. 25. Conducting an Interview Tell me more. Tell me more. Tell me more.
  26. 26. Conducting an Interview The participant is always right - don’t correct them.
  27. 27. Conducting an Interview Pilot with someone.
  28. 28. Take Notes In quote form - not he said, she said.
  29. 29. ConductingUser Researchfor Startups@dianelovigliodiane.loviglio@gmail.comGeneral AssemblySan FranciscoAugust 28, 2012