Conducting User Research for Startups - part 2

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  • 1. ConductingUser Research for Startups Part 2 @dianeloviglio August 2012
  • 2. What we’ll be learning today How can I best understand these people? Writing an interview script - designing exercises Conducting an interview - taking notes and collecting artifacts
  • 3. Write an Interview ScriptGOAL Explore current app-related attitudes and behaviors among “v2 adopters” in order to identify future opportunities and development possibilities in the app space.METHODS 1 day diary study 2 hour in-person interviewSCRIPT Introduction (5 min) - introduce interviewers Create sections and give - get permission again to take video and photos them time limits. - sign consent form - no right/wrong answers - any q’s before we begin? About You (5 min) - what do you do? - how long have you lived here? Diary Study Review (15 min) - walk me through your diary Show & Tell (30 min) - walk through apps on homescreen on phone and Get them to tell you stories, tablet. when get? how find them? why get? - any apps you don’t use? why not delete them? and not just answer the q’s. - what are apps good for? bad for? Finding & Choosing Apps (10 min) - what was the last app you got? Ask about past, not future. - how did you find it? - what if there were 3 that did the same thing, how would you choose?
  • 4. Write an Interview Script App Stores & Paying for Apps (15 min) - in the survey, you said that you use ______ and ______ app stores. why do you use them? Reference data - which other apps stores have you heard of? from screener and - which apps have you paid for? can you show me them? why did you pay for them? build on it. - in the survey, you said that you pay for ______, ______ and ______. how is paying for this different than paying for an app? - if you buy something from the Apple app store today and you change your computer, what happens to your stuff? - how do you keep track of which apps you got from which store? Understanding the App Ecosystem (20 min) - how would you describe apps to somebody who’s never seen them? - can you draw everything we talked about today and how it relates to each other? Give them - what the difference between an app, a website and a program? activities so you - show 2 screen printouts - do you see any differences here? - are you familiar with the term web app? can you describe it to me? have artifacts. Thoughts on [Company X] (5 min) - if [Company X] had an app store, how would you expect it to be different? - [Company X] is a non-profit, would they charge for apps? why or why not? Ask who, what, when, where, why Wrap Up & Thank You (10 min) - any questions for us? and how. - thank you so much, we got a lot of great data here. - here’s your incentive.
  • 5. The Arc of an Interview
  • 6. Write an interview script
  • 7. Exercises Tell me what you did yesterday. 12am 2am 4am 6am 8am 10am Noon 2pm 4pm 6pm 8pm 10pm
  • 8. Exercises Draw how those relate to one another.
  • 9. Exercises Sort these cards into groups. bedroom cloud xbox office kitchen tv computer programs phone tablet living room apps
  • 10. Exercises Who are the last 5 people you talked to?
  • 11. Design two exercises to use in your interview
  • 12. Conducting an Interview Always record the session. (Flip, phone, Skype, Screenflow etc)
  • 13. Conducting an Interview Let them do 90% of the talking.
  • 14. Conducting an Interview Leave awkward moments of silence.
  • 15. Conducting an Interview Tell me more. Tell me more. Tell me more.
  • 16. Conducting an Interview Bring along another person to take notes.
  • 17. Conducting an Interview The participant is always right - don’t correct them.
  • 18. Conducting an Interview Pilot with someone.
  • 19. Take Notes Time stamp from your watch or camera.
  • 20. Take Notes In quote form - not he said, she said.
  • 21. Take Notes Record questions the participant asks you.
  • 22. Conduct an interview and take notes
  • 23. ConductingUser Research for Startups Part 2 @dianeloviglio August 2012