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Join the momentum, Alma First Church of God's Informational Meeting Recap

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Join the Momentum

  1. 1. Join The Momentum,Informational Meeting RecapOriginally presented atAlma First Church of God on May 22, 2013.
  2. 2. Welcome and PrayerDale Whitmore, Church Council ChairClick button to play audio
  3. 3. Board of EldersJohn Kemler (Chair)Garth AndersonCarolyn GrohsBen KreiderPaul LoneyTim SipkaSteve Wimmer
  4. 4. Introduction of EldersPriorities for Ministry, 2013-2014Garth Anderson, Elder1. Become more intentional and effective in ourevangelistic outreach.2. Improve our congregations welcome and assimilation ofpeople of all ages into covenantal membership.3. Improve our effectiveness at cultivatingnew leaders and mentoring new andexisting leaders for ministry I n the churchand the local community.Click button to play audio
  5. 5. Ministry Team PresentationsHis Place Ministry TeamClick Here to View Video
  6. 6. His Place TeamChris Sipka (Chair)Connie BieskeKevin PalmerGene LebronAndi WhitmoreBonnie MiddletonJoe and Lois ChvojkaDeb Rogers
  7. 7. His Place TeamBecome more intentional and effective inour evangelistic outreach.1. Plan and provide a follow-up event for His Kids whoaccept Christ in order to discuss, answer questions andencourage them in their spiritual journey.
  8. 8. His Place TeamImprove our welcome and assimilation of peopleof all ages into “covenantal membership.”1. Join with other ministry teams to plan and provide afamily event by spring 2014.2. Improve awareness during “ministry focus month” withHis Place brochure, video, skit, and interest survey.3. Develop plans to install a balcony and restructure thegame room in order to improve spectating andconnecting spaces.
  9. 9. His Place TeamImprove our effectiveness at cultivatingnew leaders and mentoring new andexisting leaders for ministry in thechurch and the local community.1. Search for and mentor young leaders for fitness classes,basketball, His Kids, Special Event planning andcoordinating, Moving To Music, etc.
  10. 10. His PlaceChris Sipka, ChairClick button to play complete audio of presentation
  11. 11. Christian EducationTeamKris Kemler (Chair)Diana KushionBarb RichardsonBrenda ShawDan Fenby
Kris Whitmore
Charlie Stack
Ben KreiderWe are also grateful to Tim Sipka for overseeing ourAdult Christian Education Programs.
  12. 12. Christian EducationTeamGoal # 1We want to become more intentional in joining with HisPlace to reach the unsaved and the unchurched. We aredeveloping a plan of action to help establish a “bridge” forthe unchurched participants at His Place to come and joinin the Christian Education programs of the First Church ofGod, Alma. There are many, many children that comethrough those doors who may never have come through achurch door and we are desirous to provide thatexperience for them and their families.
  13. 13. Christian EducationTeamGoal # 2 and Goal # 3The Childrens Ministries is a natural place to help families feelwelcome and to cultivate and mentor new and existing leadersin our church and community. One of the ways we have triedto do that is to make sure that parents know their children are ina safe and nurturing environment. All workers in childrensministries have had a background check and every attempt ismade to have two adults in all classes, and in all places whereour children meet.Weve recently invested in 15 pagers to use to quickly contactparents when needed when their children are participating inour programs.
  14. 14. Christian Education TeamClick Here to View Video
  15. 15. Christian EducationYou are welcome, wanted and needed.
  16. 16. Christian EducationKris Kemler, ChairClick button to play complete audio of presentation
  17. 17. Hospitality TeamTrish Wilson (Chair)Barb BeardBetty JonesCindy KemlerShirley WallaceJoe & Lois ChjvokaJoneen WightDorothy CapenSara Rodriguez
  18. 18. Hospitality TeamGoal -To find a way to bring hospitality to all ministries in thechurch.Service through Funeral Dinners, College Brunch, His PlaceClosing Program Dinners, Sunday School Year EndBreakfast.Dreams – Ladies Day and a Dinner & a Show event.
  19. 19. HospitalityTrish Wilson, ChairClick button to play complete audio of presentation
  20. 20. Missions TeamDoug BieskeMark ProutMaresha MeadBen ShawSue AndersonMicah KemlerPam Henson BenderSteve Wimmer, Interim Chair
  21. 21. Ministry Team PresentationsMissions Ministry TeamClick Here to View Video
  22. 22. Missions Team2013-2014 Goals Increase congregational awareness of missions Develop guidelines for determining who/what we support Have a missionary come speak quarterly Help start a local non-profit for local relief Lay groundwork for future missions trips Raise awareness of local needs Increase outreach to college students
  23. 23. Missions TeamMaresha Mead, PresenterClick button to play complete audio of presentation
  24. 24. Worship MinistryTeamMargaret MetcalfPat LuetkemeierMichelle LucchesiKim JuneDiane LaffoonEileen PalmerMary KushionDave McMackenLogan WhiteDawn Brady-Wimmer,Interim Chair
  25. 25. Youth MinistryTeamBen Kreider (Chair)
Teri Kreider
Jamie Mallia
Laura Karr
Mike KarrDean HumphreyGinger Greenwood
Denny Greenwood
Matt Blick
Eric Shaw
Bill Kelley
  26. 26. Youth MinistryTeamVision and GoalsVision is To Expand Evangelism Outreach Through a service evangelism event in August. Lookingat going to the south part of alma to do a big cookout andyard games prior to fall kickoff to invite people to join us. Create an opportunity for every student to be a part of acovenant small group.Also, it is our desire is to equip our adult staff through anintentional training event called Simply Youth MinistryConference.
  27. 27. Youth MinistryBen Kreider, ChairClick button to play complete audio of presentation
  28. 28. Building &Grounds TeamRuss Wight (Chair)
Jeff CookPhil IsomLarry RichardsonDelbert TowerseyTrent Wiederhold
  29. 29. Custodial StaffTrent Wiederhold- His PlaceDoug Humphrey - ChurchBryon Shaw - Filling StationJuan Ramirez
  30. 30. Building &Grounds TeamThe Building & Grounds Committee had another productiveyear in 2012-2013. We have completed updating theelectrical service and wiring in the church building. Theoffice area furnace at His Place was also replaced.New projects for the summer of 2013 include the repair andsealing of the parking lot, as well as the catch basins.
  31. 31. Building &Grounds TeamOther new projects being considered are a new smoke alarmsystem for the church building, and adding handicapaccessible space throughout the church building, whichcould include updating the restrooms, etc.A new Building Task Force is being formed, so the Building& Grounds Committee will be working with that committeeto make some future building improvements.
  32. 32. Building &Grounds TeamOur primary goal is to provide the churchfamily and the community with clean, safe,attractive, well-maintained facilities forworship, learning, fellowship, andrecreation.
  33. 33. Buildings & GroundsRuss Wight, ChairClick button to play complete audio of presentation
  34. 34. Finance TeamJohn Leppien, II (Chair)Bill HirshmanRobin WhitmoreBrian AdamsJohn Morey (Treasurer)Click Here to Download The 2013-2014 Ministry Plan(3MB Adobe PDF File. Free reader at
  35. 35. FinanceRobin Whitmore, PresenterClick button to play complete audio of presentation
  36. 36. Presentation of Ministry Team LeadersBuildings & Grounds:Russ WightChristian Education:Kris KemlerFinance: John Leppien, IIHis Place: Chris SipkaHospitality: Trish WilsonMissions: Steve WimmerWorship:Dawn Brady-WimmerYouth: Ben KreiderChurch Council at Large:Kristina EggenbergerNancy Martin
  37. 37. Presentation of Ministry Team LeadersSteve Wimmer, PresenterClick button to play complete audio of presentation
  38. 38. Annual BusinessMeetingJune 16th11:15 amThe Annual Business Meeting will be held Sunday, June16th immediately following our 10:00 am WorshipCelebration Service in the church sanctuary.We will vote on the 2013-2014 financial budget and theballot for leaders. Should you be unable to attend theannual business meeting, please pick up an absenteeballot from the Welcome Center. ALL absentee ballotsmust be returned to the church before the start of thebusiness meeting. Absentee ballots will not be acceptedafter the close of the business meeting.