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Lesson 13 new content

  1. 1. 1. Complete Warm-Up for April 9th. Work with your shoulder partner first. Then swap and compare answers with the rest of your team. 4/9/122. The team with the most correct answers are “King/Queen for the day” and the D. Goldsberry rolling chairs.3. Get your journal ready. Add one page of guided notes to the next available page.4. Time Limit: 8 minutes
  2. 2. S8P5:Students will explore the 4/9/12wave nature of sound and D. Goldsberryelectromagnetic radiation.
  3. 3. How can light and 4/9/12sound be used as D. Goldsberrytools?
  4. 4. D. Goldsberry 4/9/12
  5. 5. Echolocation is the use of reflectedsound waves to determine distancesor to locate objects. Some animals 4/9/12use echolocation to navigate and tofind food. Examples of animals D. Goldsberryusing echolocation would includebats, dolphins, porpoises, andwhales.
  6. 6. D. Goldsberry 4/9/12
  7. 7. Sonar is a system that usesreflected sound waves to detect 4/9/12and locate objects under water.Some uses of sonar includes D. Goldsberrymapping the ocean floor andlocating sunken ships
  8. 8. Ultrasound waves can be sent into thehuman body. Different parts of thebody reflect sound waves differently. 4/9/12The reflected waves are collected by D. Goldsberrya computer. The resulting images canbe used to see the image a fetus, tolook for gallstones, and to look forharmful tumors.
  9. 9. D. Goldsberry 4/9/12
  10. 10. 1.Break up kidney stones or gall 4/9/12 stones D. Goldsberry2.Clean jewelry, glassware, or medical equipment
  11. 11. D. Goldsberry 4/9/12
  12. 12. Is this what you think of when I say the word „laser‟? 4/9/12 D. Goldsberry
  13. 13. ightmplification of = strengthened 4/9/12timulated (atoms emit light when exposed to D. Goldsberry electromagnetic radiation)mmision ofadiation
  14. 14. Characteristics of Laser light•Laser light consists of lightwaves that all have the same 4/9/12wavelength or color. D. Goldsberry(monochromatic)
  15. 15. Characteristics of Laser light The waves are coherent. (It is“organized” -- each photonmoves in step with the others.) 4/9/12 All of the crests of the waves D. Goldsberryalign with one another.
  16. 16. D. Goldsberry 4/9/12
  17. 17. Production of Laser lightLasers can be made from gases,liquids, and solids. Lasermedium is placed in a tube with 4/9/12a mirror at one end and a partialmirror at the other end. D. Goldsberry
  18. 18. Production of Laser lightThe medium is “excited orcharged” by an electric current.Excited atoms give off photons. 4/9/12The photons bump into otheratoms which then give off D. Goldsberryphotons “in sync” with thecolliding photons.
  19. 19. Production of Laser lightWhen photons travel back andforth between the two mirrorsuntil a coherent beam passes 4/9/12through the partial mirror. D. Goldsberry
  20. 20. D. Goldsberry 4/9/12
  21. 21. Cutting tool in industry 4/9/12 D. Goldsberry
  22. 22. Cutting tool in surgery – seals off blood vessels 4/9/12 D. Goldsberry
  23. 23. Remove cataracts and repair the retinaCorrect vision by changing the shape of the cornea 4/9/12 D. Goldsberry
  24. 24. D. Goldsberry 4/9/12
  25. 25. Reading bar codes on packagesReading a CD or a CD-ROM 4/9/12 D. Goldsberry
  26. 26. D. Goldsberry 4/9/12
  27. 27. Create hologramsD. Goldsberry 4/9/12
  28. 28. 4/9/12Fiber Optics D. GoldsberryCommunications
  29. 29. Light Tools: Other uses of EMWaves RADAR 4/9/12 D. Goldsberry Uses reflection
  30. 30. D. Goldsberry 4/9/12
  31. 31. Light Tools: Infrared detection 4/9/12 D. Goldsberry
  32. 32. D. Goldsberry 4/9/12
  33. 33. D. Goldsberry 4/9/12
  34. 34. Ultraviolet Waves Uses 1. disinfect medical equipment 2. detect forged bank notes 4/9/12 D. Goldsberry
  35. 35. Today‟s Closing Activity…Work with your shoulder partner to 4/9/12complete “Joking Around”. Your correct D. Goldsberryanswers will give you the response tothe joke.