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Kimball Sustainability Flyer


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Kimball Sustainability Flyer

  1. 1. Kimball Office SUSTAINABILITY ® Corporate commitment Continuous improvement and executive support Kimball Office has lived up to his expectation for continuous improvement and earned a reputation for operational excellence based on the practice Thirty seven years ago, Kimball of lean manufacturing. Lean manufacturing is based upon identifying and eliminating waste, International President, Thomas L. Habig conserving resources through recycling and reuse, reducing business costs and risk while improving expressed the company's commitment environmental results. Resulting benefits to Kimball Office correlate directly to advantages to the environment and sustainability enjoyed by our customers including exceeded expectations, reduced costs, improved process in a communication to all employees. flow and reduced lead times, lower regulatory non-compliance risk, improved environmental He shared that that ‘Many were aware of quality and improved employee morale and commitment. the problems of the environment, years before it became a popular crusade to Corporate strategy the now conscious public…’ He added, for sustainability ‘and it makes us proud that we were Aligning with the aspirations of our customers, Kimball Office had developed a holistic strategic one of those recognized for improvement plan moving forward with enhanced speed. We are utilizing globally recognized standards while and took action. We plan to continue…’ concurrently implementing innovative newly developed programs to enable maximum impact responding to customers’ evolving expectations for green building strategies and sustainability. 1
  2. 2. Kimball Office SUSTAINABILITY ® We view our roadmap Process Maintain our registration for ISO 14001:2004 towards sustainability Environmental Management System, which requires continuous improvement in environmental to be a three-prong areas by identifying Significant Environmental Aspects at all manufacturing locations. These strategy including: Aspects will reduce the environmental impact from our manufacturing processes and promote sustainable practices. People • Ensure sustainability is a clearly stated Kimball Develop sustainability strategies, implementation Office value, as communicated by our plans, and incentives with our vendors and supply stakeholders and included in employee training chain partners. and education across the organization. SCS Indoor Advantage • Build facilities and perform renovations meeting the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) LEED Green Building Rating Standard™, to enhance the Aspirations and health of our employees and guests while conserving energy and eliminating waste. expectations for • Contribute continued leadership and resources to the future Member USGBC industry and government partnerships, such as Over the years, Kimball Office has been pleased USGBC, EPA programs and BIFMA, which are to witness the increased consciousness of the committed to long-term comprehensive public and the priority that our customers have environmental strategies. placed on sustainability. We aspire to move forward in lockstep with them, working to Product develop products that enhance their workplaces Design new products utilizing DfE, Design for the with healthy, aesthetically-pleasing products that Environment Protocol, considering the attract and retain top talent. environmental impact of product design in the LEED® Gold Facilities: development and manufacturing processes. As our customers build green buildings in Jasper, IN Showroom • accordance with the USGBC LEED rating Maintain the highest level of product performance systems, we build green buildings for our attributes for indoor air quality for healthy employees and showroom visitors. We celebrate workplaces certified to environmental standards of recognition for unique accomplishments such as USGBC LEED and BIFMA Furniture Emissions our Recycling Center which accounts for diverting Standard (FES). eleven million pounds of waste annually from • landfills. We have learned about conserving fuel Implement Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) LEED® Silver Facilities: during transportation based on an innovative truck Certification on materials and chain-of-custody Chicago, IL Showroom idling program. We quietly celebrate these processes for our products, helping contribute achievements but are far from being satisfied. toward LEED building certification for our customers. We plan to continue. We have set our target • aspirations for the future and acknowledge a Proactively respond to market drivers for the long-term quest for action and improvement. benefits of material conservation, content and use of recycled materials in the development of all new products and enhancements. LEED® Certified Facilities: New York, NY Showroom San Francisco, CA Showroom Jasper, IN R&D Project Rooms Jasper, IN Corporate Headquarters The ‘LEED Certification Mark’ is a registered trademark owned by the U.S. Green Building Council and is used by permission. Form No. SUST Ver. 0908 2