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Seeing spots and dots
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Seeing spots and dots


Published on

In celebration of International Dot Day, a collection of spotted and dotted objects.

In celebration of International Dot Day, a collection of spotted and dotted objects.

Published in: Education, Sports, Business

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  • 1. Seeing Spots...and Dots by Diane Cordell “Spotted leaf” by dmcordell
  • 2. Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska “Glacier Bay” by dmcordell
  • 3. “Sky above Clouds IV,” Georgia O'Keeffe, Art Institute of Chicago “Sky above Clouds IV, Georgia O'Keeffe” by dmcordell
  • 4. Breakfast on a Delta Flight “Breakfast on the plane - real silverware!” by dmcordell
  • 5. Spotted Pony, Exercise Track, Saratoga, New York “Saratoga Morning Workout” by dmcordell
  • 6. Rotary Dial Phone, Wichita, Kansas “Vintage-style phone” by dmcordell
  • 7. Cherry Blossoms, Washington, DC “Cherry Blossom Festival” by dmcordell
  • 8. Log Cabin, Warrensburg, New York “Schroon River Campsites: corner of the cabin” by dmcordell
  • 9. Birthday Dress, Queensbury, New York “Morgan’s First Birthday” by dmcordell
  • 10. Doll’s Eyes (white baneberry), Manchester, Vermont “Botany Trail: Doll’s eyes” by dmcordell
  • 11. Spotted Kitten, Platte City, Missouri “Lulu” by dmcordell
  • 12. Fireworks over Soldier Field, Chicago, Illinois “Fireworks over Soldier Field” by dmcordell
  • 13. Salmon Lizard, Dorado, Puerto Rico “Salmon Lizard” by dmcordell
  • 14. Grapes, Queensbury, New York “Harvest” by dmcordell
  • 15. Bantam Chicken, County Fair, Saratoga, New York “Bantam chicken” by dmcordell
  • 16. Ruby Slippers, Free Library, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania “Oz exhibit, The Free Library of Philadelphia” by dmcordell
  • 17. Moose Scat, Big Delta State Historical Park, Alaska “Moose scat” by dmcordell
  • 18. Playground Tunnel, Queensbury, New York “Through the tunnel” by dmcordell
  • 19. Floats, Dunham’s Bay, Lake George, New York “Floats, Dunham’s Bay, Lake George” by dmcordell
  • 20. Shattered Train Window, Corinth, New York “Shattered” by dmcordell
  • 21. Sunfish, Hovey Pond, Queensbury, New York “Hovey Pond Park: Fish” by dmcordell
  • 22. Purplish Copper Butterfly, Queensbury, New York “Naming Things” by dmcordell
  • 23. Birdhouse, Hovey Pond Park, Queensbury, New York “Hovey Pond Park: Birdhouse” by dmcordell
  • 24. Minnie Mouse, Disneyland, Anaheim, California “Minnie loves books!” by dmcordell
  • 25. Water Droplets, Queensbury, New York “Spangled” by dmcordell
  • 26. MacIntosh Apples, Washington County, New York “MacIntosh Apples” by dmcordell
  • 27. Light Fixture, New York Public Library “Light fixture, New York Public Library” by dmcordell
  • 28. Snickerdoodles, Queensbury, New York “Snickerdoodles” by dmcordell
  • 29. Boots, Queensbury, New York “Bright boots in sloppy snow” by dmcordell
  • 30. Dot Club Disc, Chicago, Illinois “Member of the Dot Club” by dmcordell
  • 31. “Pointillism Portrait” by dmcordell Diane Cordell