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Picture That   Using Images In The Classroom
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Picture That Using Images In The Classroom


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Photographs can enhance learning experiences while fostering creativity.

Photographs can enhance learning experiences while fostering creativity.

Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. Picture That: Using Images in the Classroom
  • 2. Children learn in many ways.
  • 3. Teacher-generated bulletin boards and mosaics composed by adults are visually pleasing. But how much more powerful to have children find, photograph and identify plants themselves.
  • 4. A basic Flickr account is free; Pro accounts offer more storage capacity for a minimal yearly fee. There are no special options for educators, but a teacher/librarian could create a set of photos for classroom use.
  • 5. Snowball Visits the Library This collage was created by a public librarian. A similar set of photos could be used to introduce young students to the library. Even better, children could create their own library guide, illustrate genres, or promote reading with original pictures.
  • 6. 365 Project: September 2009 2009/365 For the 365 Project, participants post one photograph per day for the entire year. Students might work alone or in groups to record their school year or promote their community.
  • 7. Different perspectives Cameras help students to look closer, see differently.
  • 8. After signing up for a free account, users can create mosaics, posters, puzzles, and trading cards, among other things. This site can link directly to a Flickr account, eliminating the need for additional uploading of images.
  • 9. Created with the trading card generator. This application could be used in almost any curricular area, featuring careers, famous people, plants, animals - or the students themselves.
  • 10. Picnik is an online photo editing site that works with Flickr. It also has both free and Pro options. Special features include the ability to add text and stickers to photos.
  • 11. “SlideShare is a business media site for sharing presentations, documents and pdfs.” Uploaded slideshows can be easily embedded in a blog or website or accessed for public viewing.
  • 12. Classroom Rules My high school students were challenged to determine rules of behavior from unlabeled slides. Of course, an even better activity would be to have them brainstorm their own list of classroom etiquette, then locate images to illustrate the concepts.
  • 13. Classroom Rules Part 2 My students had some interesting interpretations of the images I chose!
  • 14. Animoto takes uploaded pictures and produces short video clips. The site includes music available for free under Creative Commons license. Teachers may apply for an classroom account at
  • 15. A Day in the Life of a Librarian This clip was used at an Open House. Variations might be “A Day in the Life of...” a middle school student...third
  • 16. Where in the World?
  • 17. Keeping Current
  • 18. Heavy Metal - Remix! This was a high school student’s first attempt at creating an Animoto. I loved his coupling of heavy metal groups with classical music.
  • 19. How I Spent My Summer Vacation
  • 20. When students need copyright-friendly photos, a Creative Commons search is a good option. Be sure to grab citation information - and be aware that some images might not be appropriate for student use!
  • 21. “Addo Elephant National Park” by exfordy
  • 22.
  • 23. Sources “Twirling Princess” by dmcordell “life’s.illusions” by pawpaw67 “Another little drummer” by basykes “Children learn how to make Chilean Rain Sticks” by San Mateo County Library 2076526391/ “New Face of Learning” by courosa “Learning the technique” by MiikaS “yr1plant” by LindaH “Black-eyed Susan” by dianecordell “Flower 4 U Mommy” by mudkat “September 2009” by dianecordell “The Rose Garden at Yaddo” by dianecordell and Ellen White Animotos by Diane Cordell and Zack “Addo Elephant National Park” by exfordy “Pines” by dianecordell “Spiral” by dianecordell “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere” by dianecordell “Trophy Case” by dianecordell “Landscape” by dianecordell “Feather” by dianecordell “Spirit of the Library” by dianecordell “My camera” by dianecordell Journeys Flickr Picnik SlideShare Animoto Creative Commons