Toolbox 2.0: Web-based OER for Connectivism Learning - ELSE 2014
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Toolbox 2.0: Web-based OER for Connectivism Learning - ELSE 2014



Toolbox 2.0: Web-based OER for Connectivism Learning ...

Toolbox 2.0: Web-based OER for Connectivism Learning
Paper presented at ELSE 2014 _ International Conference on eLearning and Software for Education, 24-25 April 2014, Bucharest

Using Open Educational Resources (OER) provides opportunities for collaboration both in the classroom and beyond. Many universities have embraced video conferencing tools such as Skype and Google Hangouts for common learning activities with students in classrooms across the street, across the country, or across the globe. This paper describes an ongoing collaboration between two universities, one in the United States and the other in Romania, where students use synchronous and asynchronous communication tools to complete a combined work product during the course of a semester. The project requires students to create, curate and publish digital media using established and emerging open educational and social media tools such as VoiceThread, ThingLink, SoundCloud, and YouTube. Each year, students work in groups with their international partners to create digital media artifacts that share their findings related to a current technology trend. Students chronicle their work, share resources, and collaborate using the ViCaDiS (Virtual Campus for Digital Students) platform and select the means of digital communication that they deem most appropriate for the various tasks involved. In the process, they also experience global cultures while communicating with international partners, and develop critical thinking and problem solving skills while using the Web as a research tool. This paper presents an analysis of student and faculty experiences over a five-year period using a variety of open educational tools as resources for creating an international Connectivist, learning environment. The analysis is based on authors’ records, initial and final surveys of student experiences each year, and their feedback. The paper concludes with recommendations on using these tools as OER in an international collaborative learning environment using Connectivist principles, thus creating a Connectivist OER (xOER).



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Toolbox 2.0: Web-based OER for Connectivism Learning - ELSE 2014 Toolbox 2.0: Web-based OER for Connectivism Learning - ELSE 2014 Presentation Transcript

  • Toolbox  2.0:  Web-­‐based  OER  for   Connec9vism  Learning   Mark Frydenberg Bentley University, USA Diana Andone Politehnica University of Timisoara ELSE  2014  
  • Connec9vism   G.  Siemens,  “Connec9vism:  learning  as  network  crea9on,”  ASTD  Learning  News,  vol.  10,  no.  1,  2005.     S.  Downes,  “An  introduc9on  to  connec9ve  knowledge,”  S,  22  December  2005.  [Online].  Available:  hPp://     ELSE  2014  
  • TalkTech  -­‐  Connec9vism   Learning  and  knowledge   rest  in  diversity  of   opinions.   Learning  is  a  process  of   connec9ng  specialized   nodes  or  informa9on   sources.   Capacity  to  know  more  is   more  cri9cal  than  what  is   currently  known   Decision-­‐making  is  itself   a  learning  process.   Choosing  what  to  learn   and  the  meaning  of   incoming  informa9on  is   seen  through  the  lens  of   a  shiVing  reality.   ELSE  2014  
  • TalkTech  project  2008-­‐2013   UPTimisoara  Romania       BU,  Boston,  USA   ELSE  2014  
  • TalkTech  2008  –  2013   Where  We  Are   ELSE  2014  
  • TalkTech  2008  –  2013     Students   Bentley  University       •  IT  101,  Informa9on   Technology   •  50  students   •  Spoke  English   •  Web  literate   •  PC  Literate     •  Age  18-­‐21   UP  Timisoara   •  TMM,  Technologies  of   Mul9media   •  40  students   •  Spoke  English   •  Web  literate   •  PC  Literate   •  Age  21-­‐24   ELSE  2014   587  students  involved,  no  dropout  
  • TalkTech  2008  –  2013   Students   ELSE  2014  
  • ViCaDiS  campus   ELSE  2014  
  • TalkTech  2008  –  2013     2008   •  Create  a  web  page  with  images,  a  video,  a  PowerPoint  or  Google  presenta9on,  a   recorded  audio  conversa9on,  or  a  combina9on  of  any  of  these  that  presents  your   group’s  understanding  of  a  current  issue  in  technology  and  culture   •  Post  content  and  group  progress  to  a  collabora9ve  Google  Site  TalkTech2008   2009   •  Research  a  web-­‐based  collabora9on  tool   •  Create  a  wiki  page  with  images,  blog  entry,  video    or  video  tutorial  of  a  tool;  post   link  on  ViCaDiS     2010   •  Create  a  short  video  evalua9ng  two  similar  online  collabora9on  tools    (screen   sharing,  forms,  presenta9ons,  video  conferencing,  scheduling,  project   management,  mind  mapping)  from  the  perspec9ves  of  usability  and   entrepreneurship   •  Summarize  findings  in  a  Google  Doc  or  video.     ELSE  2014  
  • ELSE  2014  
  • TalkTech2010  project   ELSE  2014  
  • TalkTech  2008  –  2013     2011   •  Create  a  presenta9on  in  which  your  group  analyzes  and  discusses  the  poten9al  of   various  start-­‐up  Internet  companies   •  Use  VoiceThread  to  add  comments  or  narra9on  to  the  presenta9on’s  slides;   integrate  in  ViCaDiS  blog   2012   •  Create  a  presenta9on  in  which  your  group  researches  innova9ve  methods  used  in   business  by  promising  start-­‐up  companies     •  Use  VoiceThread  to  add  comments  or  narra9on  to  the  presenta9on’s  slides;   integrate  in  ViCaDiS  blog     2013   •  Research  popular  web  or  mobile  apps     •  Create  an  interac9ve  image  using  ThingLink  Annota9ons  must  include  audio  and   video  clips  in  which  interna9onal  partners  appear  simultaneously  discussing  their   topic   •  Post  ThingLink  to  ViCaDiS  blog   ELSE  2014  
  • TalkTech  2008  –  2013     ELSE  2014  
  • ELSE  2014  
  • ELSE  2014  
  • TalkTech  2008  –  2013     •  Mul9cultural   •  Online  –  different  9mezones   •  Simulate  real  wolrd  work  in  an  IT  company   •  Students  freely  choose  the  tools,   communica9on,  working  9me  and  hours   •  All  students  finished  and  delivered  the  ar9fact   ELSE  2014  
  • TalkTech  2008  –  2013  OER  Tools     ELSE  2014  
  • TalkTech  2008  –  2013       •  Connec9vist  OER  -­‐    xOER   •  introduced  students  to  real-­‐world  technology   topics  and  trends  and  facilitated  their  use  of  a   variety  of  OER  and  tools  within  an  interna9onal   educa9onal  context     •  create  the  learning  and  working  environment  for   producing  the  final  ar9fact,  in  a  self-­‐organized,   networked-­‐based  and  quite  oVen  complex  and   chao9c  manner   ELSE  2014  
  • Curaj! ELSE  2014  
  • CONTACT Dr.eng. Diana Andone Director e-Learning Center Tel: +40.256403300, Email: Web UPT  –  CeL    Campus  Virtual   @diando70 hPp://