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Final project

  1. 1. Date: May 11th- 2013Name: Diana Piedad Pérez AcostaCode: 66121527Career: Professional Graphics DesignSemester: SixthLevel: English IV - SaturdayTITLEImplementation of a Corporate Personality concept, to improve the Corporate Identityservice in 2D Gráfica company.OBJECTIVES1. To extract and determine the Corporate Personality concept from “IdentidadCorporativa del Siglo XXI” book, by the Spanish Graphic Designer Joan Costa.2. To improve the customer service in 2D Gráfica Company, applying internally theCorporate Personality concept.3. To make a real exercise, applying the Corporate Personality concept to a real customer.4. To show to the graphic designers that research and implementation of new conceptsincreases value, give differentiation and innovation to their work.JUSTIFICATIONThis work is very important to me because in my job I have seen the great importance tocontribute with new ideas to give a higher value to the service that we have offered throughthe years under the same concept. The applying of the new corporate concepts in ourcompany is a synonymous of innovation, and gives us the chance to remain in the market,facing an aggressive, big and strong, but monotonous competence.METHODOLOGY1. To read completely the book “Identidad Corporativa del Siglo XXI”, by the SpanishGraphic Designer Joan Costa. Time: 8 days.2. To extract and determine the Corporate Personality concept of this book. Time: 2 days.3. To compile the most important ideas about 2D Gráfica strategic planning. Time: 2 day.4. To describe the Corporate Identity service that the company actually offers, anddevelop a diagnosis which result will talk about the advantages and disadvantages.Time: 1 day.5. Based on this book, to evolve the actual Corporate Identity service to CorporatePersonality, implementing it in 2D Gráfica’s portfolio. Time: 1 day.6. To apply this new concept, offering a service to an actual customer with the nextcharacteristics:
  2. 2. a. MYPIME service company, Natural Person.b. Located in Bogotá.c. Five members, maximum.d. Company recently created and registered in Cámara de Comercio de Bogotá,who needs a corporate identity development.e. To have a defined strategic planning.f. To have a physical local.The customer will have digital files with the originals designs, and a corporateidentity basic user manual. Time: 15 days.7. Make a class presentation about the results of applying the Corporate Personalityconcept in a real exercise with a real customer. Time: 1 day.• This is the first part of the whole work.• In the second part I will develop from 1 to 5 point, around 14thdays.• The third and last one part goes to 6 to 7 points, and I will make it around 16thdays tofinish at all this project.THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK1. In the bookBased on the book “Identidad Corporativa del Siglo XXI”, by the Spanish GraphicDesigner Joan Costa, and other kind of similar definitions, I extracted the concept ofCorporate Personality, to then applied to a real exercise.Costa, referred about Corporate Image like “…a global added value that covers above andtranscends all the acts, productions and communications of the company, that injects ownand unique personality and signification”.2. Corporate Personality conceptIn spite of different positions and contributions of the Corporative Identity experts, it existsa common viewpoint that they converge. The Corporative Identity is composed by fourfactors that complement and become a whole. It can’t exist one without another, and theyaffect each other, in a positive o negative way. These four factors set give a shape ofpersonality to the company.1. Corporative Behavior: It refers about internal operation, its productive procedures,administrative, financial, technological, logistics, commercial, and other. To them,added the company history that shows their own evolution, and if their behaviorgoes to the company vision.
  3. 3. 2. Corporative Culture: It refers about the company’s behavior, congruent or not, withits values and policies. That behavior impacts directly over the perceptions that thesociety has about it.3. Visual Identity: Is the set of signals that illustrates graphically the company soul,and represents what the company wants to show about them. Here comes the logo,symbol, corporative colors, stationery, furniture, and all that kind of things thatrepresents visually the company.4. Corporative Communication: It’s about all the expressive means that the companyuses to send a message; it could be a conscious or unconscious. For example, all thedaily acts, good or bad, communicate something, and society perceived it.On the above, it must be distinguished between what the company really is, what thecompany wants to show, and how the society perceived it. An ideal state would be thatthese three points were congruent between them. In conclusion, the Corporate Personality isformed by all the tangible and intangible things, and all the acts that conscious orunconscious send a message to their internal and external customers. The positive ornegative results, depends of itself.3. 2D Gráfica strategic planningMain Function• 2D Gráfica is a Graphic Design company, specialized in Corporative Imagedevelopment. This service goes to companies that want to enter in the market, andrequire an adequated counseling to get a Corporative Image that represent it onsociety, and make it unique in front competence, according their nature, needingand budget.Secondary Functions• 2D Gráfica belongs to a huge productive chain that enables it to provide a fullservice; it goes from designing of Corporative Identity, webpage design, to printproduction and advertising material.4. Analysis of Corporative Image service provided by 2D GráficaService Failures• The company doesn’t have a defined procedure of after market following andcustomer contact once the design of Corporative Image are delivered. Therefore 2DGráfica doesn’t know if their designs are effective or not, or if this brings a positive
  4. 4. results to the customer. The accompaniment that the company offers is limited tothe deliver of the design.Service Advantages• The members of the company have up to thirteen years of experience in design ofCorporative Image, for different kind of companies. Having contact with all thatpeople allowed to 2D Gráfica enrich their knowledge and learning to understand thespecifically needs of their customers.• That great experience makes 2D Gráfica not only advise these customers, but alsoteach them about the importance of this, changing the paradigm that design isanother cost but an investment.• 2D Gráfica members have the ability to recognize and understand the company failsabout custom service; therefore, they’re preparing and acquiring new concepts toimprove the service.5. Implementation of Corporate Personality concept in 2D Gráfica’s portfolio2D Gráfica has to make a great effort to improve the after market service to get a completeCorporate Personality, efficient and consistence with its portfolio, and then, to getcredibility and clinch the relationship with the customers.To prove the last paragraph, 2D Gráfica plans to make a real exercise, offering theCorporative Identity development to a new customer, with the profile required in this work(Methodology, point 6). 2D Gráfica will make an accompaniment to the customer, duringthrough all the design process including the aftermarket step to evaluate the results, no onlyabout design, but also about the 2D Gráfica’s image left to this client.DEVELOPMENTCorporate Identity Design for FundAmarte organization.According to the objectives proposed at the beginning of this work, the concept ofCorporate Personality was taken from the book “Identidad Corporativa del Siglo XXI”written by the Spanish graphic designer Joan Costa. This concept was implemented in 2DGráfica portfolio as it’s shown in items 2 and 3 of the Theoretical Framework of thisresearch.This concept was used as a basis to realize the next real exercise, when the CorporateIdentity of FundAmarte was designed, organization that meets all requirements proposed inthe sixth item of Methodology of this document. With this exercise, it will be demonstrated
  5. 5. how the graphic designers can evolve their work, through the constant understanding andaccompaniment with their customers, to increase the value of their prefession.The Chosen CompanyFundAmarte is a nonprofit entity that offers psychological services, which wants to give abetter quality of life to their patients and their professionals.Its founders are Viviana Castaño y Tatiana Riaño, psychologists from the CatholicUniversity of Colombia. Their common dream is to help people, specially the victims of thedifferent kind of violence that suffer in Colombia.It’s located in the 19thAvenue with 8thStreet, 5thfloor (Old Caracol’s building), in the heartof Bogota.Design ProcessAt the first meeting, FundAmarte introduces 2D Gráfica about what the company is, what itwants to be, and the expectative about what it want to show with the new image. Thepartners talked about that they want a logotype that shows humanity, love and kind.2D Gráfica made an investigation about related organizations, to see the design trends anddon’t fall in plagiarism or doing a similar design.Based up on the collected information, 2D Gráfica submitted three proposals differentiatedby color, form and typography. Then, that information was exhibited to the stakeholders ofFundAmarte for further study and concept issuing.
  6. 6. Once the proposals were analyzed, stakeholders manifested their disagreement with them;nevertheless they mentioned that the third one would be suitable. 2D Gráfica proceeded tocraft the two later proposals based up on the stakeholders’ observations.From the last two proposals they agreed with the second one but they wanted to checkanother option of coloring and a way to modify slightly the shape of the central icon of thelogotype.As a result of the suggested corrections, the resulting logotype became elected, in whichthey felt fully identified.With the selected logotype the stakeholders solicited two graphical pieces, personalpresentation cards and a template for Power Point slides.
  7. 7. Once the graphical process came to an end, 2D Gráfica gave to FundAmarte the LogotypeUsage Handbook which serves as an orientation for the correct usage of the logotype on theapplications making.
  8. 8. With the aim of the implementation of the Corporate Personality, 2D Gráfica arranged ameeting with the FundAmarte staff with the purpose of the socialization and interiorizationof the Corporate Identity, allowing them to speak in a common language and the fulfillmentof the corporate goals.“The foundation Logotype has been conceived from the wishes and projections thefounders had about the future of the organization.The logo’s concept came from the idea of give real support to real problems fromthe people facing difficult situations, being such person the core of the solution.The built of the logotype has been conceived thinking in show the core values whichthe corporation wishes to project.As is shown in the logotype, the "A" word drawn in an abstract manner shapes aperson, symbolizing the fact Self-Love and Love for Others is the best tool for facingchallenging situations.In the concern of the colors, they have their own meaning. Green color is related tohope. That is what most of the people look for from the supporting services ofFundAmarte. Yellow color is related with two ideas, Happiness and wealth.Happiness is the desirable ultimate goal of every human being, and wealth observedfrom an emotive point of view represents the highest values a person would bear.The soft and rectilinear shape of the typography means that the staff of FundAmarteis people with great professional and academic formation, being capable of handlethe situation patients use to confront.
  9. 9. According to the previous comments, it can be reached the conclusion that neitherof the elements of the Logotype has been made superficially, but the contrary with afull meaning, stressing the importance of show the Corporate Image as must be.For this purpose, the Corporate Image Handbook has instructions of how toimplement the logotype, avoiding potentially harmful changes to such Image.A good usage of the logotype enables the company to make a positive andexponential Brand positioning to their target audience; allowing them to bedifferentiated from competition.Is worth to mention the fact, good Corporate Image doesn’t rely exclusively on theappropriated usage of the logotype but in the sense of belonging of the companystaff, and a coherent behavior according to their principles. The meaning of thecompany logotype is a suggested directive to orientate the way of think and proceedof their integrants.Inside a conflicting society only those values can be found from people withprofessionalism, ethic, great sense of humanitarism, awareness of their socialenvironment and the capability of give real support to it. That is what we can expectfrom FundAmarte given his Logotype.”The socialization experience of the Corporate Identity which 2D Gráfica gave toFundAmarte as part of Post-Sale tracking was very enriching because the StakeholdersViviana and Tatiana expressed an enormous satisfaction and felt a great will on their workteam, which also was perceived by their customers.Now, 2D Gráfica will be capable to show FundAmarte as a successful client and also willbe able to show them as reference for further projects.