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  1. 1. Mother and father in adolescence –<br /> How to educate a child!<br />Problems of adolescence<br />
  2. 2. Impose limits:<br /> Have authority without being authoritarian, not to succumb to the tyranny of the child. The authority exercised when balance is an expression of affection and security features. Are relevant to the words of Marilda Lipp, Ph.D. in Psychology in Campinas: "The behavior does not loose the child and the parents love. Instead, she will love them less because they begin to realize that they have not given him structure, feel less secure, less protected for life. When parents fail to adequately punish the children often think they are being liberal. But the only thing is they are being irresponsible. "<br />Be father or mother is:<br />
  3. 3. Transmit values: <br />The child needs a life project. Since small is important to develop intra-personal values such as Ethics, Citizenship, Solidarity, Respect for the Environment, Self-Esteem, becoming adult flexible and versatile, who can solve problems, which are open to dialogue, and to changes new technologies<br />Be father or mother is:<br />
  4. 4. Value school and study.<br />Educators err yes! And parents too! Small differences between the School and Family are acceptable, and perhaps salutary, since education is to live with mistakes and successes. The child needs to develop tolerance, balance, preparing for a life in which conflicts are inevitable. However, in essence, there must be understanding between parents and educators. The son is like a bird that gives the first flights. Family's College are like two wings: if you do not have the same pace, there will be a good direction for our beloved student. <br />Be father or mother is:<br />
  5. 5. Provide security of his love. <br />It further the quality of affection that the amount of time available to her son. Nourish you emotionally, because the presence negligent is damaging to the relationship. The responsible fatherhood is a mission and a duty that no one can steal. However, children find themselves orphans of living parents. Working life, despite their high standards, can be fine tuned to a particular life balanced. <br />Be father or mother is:<br />
  6. 6. Dedicate respect and warmth to the child.<br />Treat you with the same urbanity with which we treat our friends, impressing some of us, so frank and age appropriate.<br />Be father or mother is:<br />
  7. 7. Agrees that there are material shortages. <br />Cover the son of all the wills (toys, clothes, trips, comfort, etc..) Is a miscalculation. Even when these facilities will continue? We offer primarily what we had in our childhood. But you have to ask: are we giving him what he really had and were happy for that? <br />Be father or mother is:<br />
  8. 8. Allow time to be a child (or adolescent). <br />One should not burden the child with the executive agenda: sports, languages, music, excessive lessons, social activities, etc.. If we burn stages of its development, it is an adult lacking in emotional balance. Our son needs to play, share, socialize with friends, thus developing colleges and socialization psychomotor <br />Be father or mother is:<br />
  9. 9. 1    Teach your child to distinguish the things we buy because they "want" those who "need." 2   Early make your child understand the importance of not wasting money and take care of. 3   Teach the child to control the impulse consumer, showing how to prepare a shopping list and obey it in the supermarket. 4   Explain to children what kind of work performed. This will help the child to establish the relationship between making money and the limits of its use. 5   Show the differences between things "guys" and "cheap" in different environments (bakery, pharmacy, stationery etc). <br />Ten tips to help you educate your child<br />
  10. 10. 6   Take their own shortcomings with regards to money. Use common sense and do not give moral lessons. 7    Encourage the child to participate in the household budget, encouraging her to give suggestions on ways to reduce costs. 8   Giving pocket money to children. This will help her make decisions and choices, even in small scale. 9    Do not feel discouraged if your child spend all the money from his allowance. Making mistakes is normal and will teach her to avoid major mistakes in the future. 10   Reinforce the idea that ethics and social responsibility must always be present in the gain and the use of money.<br />Ten tips to help you educate your child<br />
  11. 11. How to raise an only child? <br />Only child or only child is always the little king or princess of the house, the most pampered (a) and spoiled (a). But many times, creating the only child or only child is a difficult task, since it can not be pampered all the time by being the only house, if so it can grow as a teen also spoiled and become an adult emotionally unstable. So that limits where they are needed. Every mother wants to protect his son, then it is common that children are only children are pampered and protected to the extreme. But if the mother knows quantitative such protection, the child will not have problems throughout his life. This super protection of the child only has a name: "only child syndrome", it is sometimes diagnosed by a psychiatrist as well. <br />
  12. 12. Often children with this syndrome have bad behavior, selfishness, no difficulties in accepting, shyness and excessive attachment to parents tending always to be the center of attention. The first step in creating an only child is very clear to your child the option of having only one child, but that does not mean that the child will have everything she wants. The child should not be treated as being in the spotlight. Another step forward is not to every taste nor give in to blackmail all of the child, never surrender to the laments of their son or daughter, however cruel they may seem, just so you'll be well educated, making it learn that can not have everything you want and that the "no" has to be accepted as well as "yes." The only child has to learn to be independent so soon, just so he'll be less dependent on you or the father, learning early on that despite him being the little king of the house, he has to perform tasks and duties at home. You should also encourage your child to have many single friends and play fairly. Not infrequently you notice that only children are more like adults than the age he has. That is why you should make him live intensely every age, play a lot and he has many friends.<br />
  13. 13. Gifts should only be given on special occasions or by merit, not to compensate for lack of a brother or to please him afraid he will feel rejected. Indeed, this rule applies to all families, regardless of the number of children they have. Educating takes work and many parents prefer to fill the child's present than to have to talk and explain what can and can not. If you give in to every whim of your son or daughter could have major problems at a time where you have to say 'no', or in a situation where you will not be able to 'meet' the wishes of the child. So nothing better than being very realistic and actually worry about the 'type' of education you're giving, and with the kind of 'human being' who you are fomando. Yes exactly, you are responsible for the formation of character and personality of your son or your daughter, so watch what you teach him. Always remember that you are the mirror to his son, he will always have the tendency to repeat their behavior, so if you really want to educate your son or daughter, is also attentive to their own behavior. No use charge if you do not give good example<br />
  14. 14. A day marked by Stork<br />
  15. 15. When I found out you had only 16 more weeks inside me. You were very young, but for me the important thing is that your heart was beating inside me. At that time you were not what I wanted most, but it happened and why it is important to me to be happy with you and do not leave. I never thought to destroy your little life! Although very little that you were, because I felt like mine and mine alone. Me and your daddy you assume from the outset, knowing that our lives would take a turn. You never had a lack of affection, even when we were in my tummy. Let us give you full attention and take care of you properly. I began to feel you inside me you had 20 more weeks appreciably. It was a unique moment in my life that not exchanged for anything in the world. You looked like a penalty to move inside of me, light and slowly. I fell in love with you from the moment that I discovered and saw a tiny television moving, moving ... The day July 1, 2008 was the happiest day of my life! Waiting for that moment will be months ... You are born to you! I saw you the first time, and ages, and yet entirely beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! you had only 3.350kg and eras much like your father. Were finally in our arms. Since that time, my life has changed, but I do not regret anything. <br />DINIS everything to me. Without you no longer make sense. I'll always be by your side, I will do everything to be happy! Nothing will destroy us! We will be a pride for many people<br />