Ingles III


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Ingles III

  1. 1. INSTITUTO POLITECNICO NACIONAL WILFRIDO MASSIEU NO. 11 ENGLISH III teacher’s name: Gonzalo Hernandez Hernandez group: 6iv16 student’s name: ESPINA MARTINEZ DIANA LAURA
  2. 2. COMPO 1MY LAST WEEKENDI am going to talk about my last weekend. First on Friday afternoon I went to the schoolafter that in the night my friends and I went to a party and later I arrived to my house.On Saturday morning I woke up and had a breakfast, I ate hotcakes, orange juice andbread.Later my boyfriend phoned me and invited me to the movies. So I went to the movieswith him, after that we went to eat to burger king and in the night he took me home.On Sunday in the morning I see the TV with my family, my parents and I were playingbasketball after I did my homework and I slept.Thats what I did last week.124 Words*
  3. 3. COMPO 2THAT SPECIAL PERSONMy special person is my boyfriend his name is Fernando I met him when my friendGuadalupe I present at the beginning of the third semester. One day we were allowed toleave early for a class for sports that were exhibiting in the yard only if we conducted areport to deliver the next day. I was taking to my report while in the coffee shop, at thesometime my friend was taking with Fernando in the yard.Other people were watching that sport would choose to practice. He was helping to makethe story of my friend, when we had talked a while and went to see what they wereexposing, we had fun while given departure time and we went together to the subwaythen we discovered that we lived very close.135 Words
  4. 4. COMPO 3MY LAST VACATIONMy last vacation I took a trip on Mazatlan, Sinaloa. I went with my parents and my sister. Wewent to meet my family, my aunt and my two cousins and knew but I met my uncle and hiswife and my two cousins. We visited a botanical garden and it was filled with many beautifulplants. We also went to the boardwalk at night from 11 until 2 am.One day my cousin took us to downtown Mazatlan and we went to the lighthouse, we wentwalking the hill where the lighthouse was even sweat like never imagined but was well worthit because the view from the top was beautiful. You could see the sky and the sea togetherbesides the harbor view. The next day we went swimming and sandcastles. After a week oftraveling back to our home. 145 Words
  5. 5. COMPO 5PLANS “THE NEXT SATURDAY”The next Saturday I am going to get up early since 7 am and I am going to taking a shower Iam going to breakfast with my family a few hot cakes. Then I shall be with my boyfriend at 10am to exit as every Saturday to the movies and to eat together.In the afternoon we are going to go to a party hosted by my friend for your baby, I am goingto talk and play with my friends, after in the evening we depart from the feast and myboyfriend takes me to my house. When i got home and I am going to give you eat dinner tomy pet and when I see television and I am going to go to sleep.129 Words
  6. 6. COMPO 6DYINGI am in the last 3 days, I am going to be able to be with my family, spend time with myfriends and my boyfriend. Also I am going to let them know that I love you very much.I am going to make a testament where indicate my last wishes, for example dividing mythings to my brothers and my money to my parents, for my boyfriend I am going let himknow that you are always going to love that never ceases to be as he is, and that inspite of that he is no longer with the I hope you will be able to overcome it and tocontinue to move forward with your life and to succeed in everything you want.Also let them know that I love and enjoy the good times I spent with them. Thank youfor all the good moments that I had in my life. 156 Words
  7. 7. COMPO 7ANGERWhat happens when your parents get angry?What happened the last time they get angry?When my parents scold me angry and then punish me depending on what is done.My father makes an angry face and is very serious with me and switches to voice thickbut my mother when angry yells and I don’t talk to me for a while.It bothers me that I scold but they say it’s because they care about me.The last time my parents were angry it was just this weekend happened because Iwent with my boyfriend since early and then I went to a baby shower and late to myhouse. My parents they said it was dangerous was out so late of house.My father was angry and punished me with not out next weekend.121 Words
  8. 8. COMPO 8FIXING A PROBLEMDid you have a problem with some?Did you have a difficult situation to fix with someone?How are you planning to have solution?Explains the problem.If have problems with a friend it met in high school and we are very good friends but latelyhe will leave me when I started to walk with my boyfriend.It’s assumed that I want they are well but together them when they were not spoken. Oneday asked what was happening and told me that it ended with my boyfriend the would bemy friend Sergio because don’t spent you time and also told me that the was jealous of myboyfriend.If then my problem is that if I finished with my boyfriend I will lose my best friend but lose myboyfriend, buy my boyfriend told me that it wanted to stop talking about him that I notsacrifice and the as my friend should understand me but not would be a bad friend.If he is good friend understood.144 Words
  9. 9. COMPO 9NEXT SATURDAY AND SUNDAYMy next Saturday I am going to get up early since 9:00 am and I am going toeat breakfast eggs and chocomilk. Probably I am going to watch T.V. with mymother and sister, I will go to the cinema with my boyfriend and we will see anew movie I might arrive to my house.On Sunday probably I will get up early 11:00 am and I am going to watchsoccer play with my brother and I will have a homework, if have time I willstudy my notes. In the evening my family and I are going to eat dinner pizza.105 Words
  10. 10. COMPO 10How are you planning to celebrate on next birthday party?In my next birthday I plan to ask permission to my parents to be able to invite myfriends to my house and make a party.Definitely plan a first when it would be the party because it must be a Saturdayafternoon, and know what they will give her something to eat that day.After you see my guest list because where I live you must go little people because itis a department and if it is something small for all the would like to invite.I am going to plan put music for that dance in addiction I would like to give mesuggestions for play between us and so have some fun and planned chat with all.Probably some but always want to take and when all is with measure, I hope mightto control all. 140 Words
  11. 11. COMPO 11MY NEXT HOLIDAYS.My family and I will go on trip to Oaxaca to visit my grandparents and my uncles who livethere.We planned to do in March next year to visit them and because we need to go to paysome outstanding costs that we leave by beyond.We plan to list the suitcases so lightly because we always do when we have many thingsand even the use, in addition to that we came back with more things that we had.We will go by truck and we do 8 hours of travel.We turn to beyond a week. I planned to go to the town, where there is also a church.When we arrive with my grandparents I’ll hug them and I’ll kiss them how I missed themand also I’ll help to my grandmother to do that delicious coffee that she prepares, andthen I’ll eat that delicious bread that they prepare in Oaxaca.156 Words
  12. 12. COMPO 12MY PLANS FOR NEXT CHRISTMAS.My plan for Christmas is that Im going to go shopping with my mother and buy everything you needfor dinner where he will come my whole family that comes from travel. Put the decorations, theChristmas tree. When they reach my family, we all are going to the church for crooning about thechild Jesus. That day, Christmas, my grandparents, my uncles, myparents, brothers, sisters, cousins and i had dinner at around 11:00pm between all help us to makeit rich dinner.Normally we are going to eat turkey, grill, and hugs with mole and drink cider, some not takebecause they dont like. After dinner we opened gifts, each who should give one, we alwaysexchange for everybody to have their gift.My uncles always bring piñatas for the smaller fun breaking them and receive their candy; mygrandmother said that is a way to calm our annoyances, and members with the piñata. On this dayall we talked about what we experienced this year, the good or the evil that we spent, we aredelighted to see us and step plan to celebrate New Year. 185 Words
  13. 13. COMPO 13 194 wordsLETTERDear Diana:I write this letter to you because I have some problems, one is that I don’tunderstand English is very difficult for me because only understand somewords and I know write them.The things that are very difficult for me are still understand phrases and fulltexts, another problem i have is that I failed in drawing because the teachermade a mistake with my rating because you lost my task.Dear Japet:What you could do is to consider more English, happens to me just like you, Ifelt that i didnt know anything, but I can recommend that you consult somepages on the internet, some are very good and, therefore, learn more.And what happened with your rating you should speak with your professor tothe command of the Academy of Art and you know that youd be theprofessor who taught you your foil lost all modesty and to tell you therating, because this act was not your fault.Tell your parents about this problem if you dont arrive to make a case andyou should go to school control or direct to the address that you respect yourrating.
  14. 14. COMPO 14.COMPARING MY FAMILY.Who are the members of your family?How is the environment in your family?Normal activities- compare the members.In my family we are five persons and I. The environment in my family is better and sometimesis bad.For example on Saturday in the morning my brother Victor as loose as my sister Gaby tohousework as making bed. I like to tend my bed after waking up.Also we are breakfast and my grandmother is kitchen as delicious as my mom. My mother thefood comes out very salty.After my dad and my brother watches TV but when they see soccer my brother is crazier thanmy dad because his favorite team loses.In the afternoon I do my homework but my mom says that my sister is more responsible thanme. I this bothers me.Sometimes my family plans to go to the park to play basketball and I am better than my dad.Which bothers her and sometimes we play rough.I get along well with my dad but sometimes I don’t get along my sister because is grouchierthan others. I get along so so with my brother. I love my grandma and my mom.Sometimes the environment in my family is odious when we see soccer watch on TV and playour teams and one of them loses. 206 words
  15. 15. COMPO 15.THE BEST INVENTIOSFor me it is so important because it is multifunctional mobile phone has different applicationsor uses, such as: Camera, music player, photo gallery, calendar, you can send messages, youcan record phone numbers and internet to surf and acquire more knowledge.The laptop is very practical and better for work in keep documents with this you can enter tosocial networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, WhatsApp, among others.The movies are for me the most interesting because I like see with my family, my friends ormy boyfriend in weekend. The T.V. is for me a hobby with my family and has family time.The handbag for me is the best invented for a woman because is very practical for any things.You can keep all this. I love have much handbags.The guitar is an instrument invented for play and relaxes so I listen.The mobile phone is more important than the laptop because they are the best invented untilnow.The play guitar is as important as the T.V. and the handbag is as beautiful as the mobilephone.In my opinion the mobile phone I facilitate the things, me allows you to call in any emergency,it is practical and easy to use and easy to carry. 212 words
  16. 16. COMPO 16MY OBLIGATIONSWhat are your obligations at home?What permissions do you have?What can you do? And What can you not do?My obligations in my house are to study, get good qualifications, I have do your housework inthe house, for example: stretching out my bed when I woke up, pick up my dishes when youare finished, the weekend I must wash it, I have to my homework, sort out my things.For my parents it’s obligation is giving us a good and stable home, give us good examples tosupport us with our school affairs, give us everything in its power to that we also fulfill ourobligations.I have two brothers, my older brother only the obligation that has today is to give a part ofwhat you earn for the expenses of the house.My younger sister has the same obligations as I, which simply by virtue of being the lesssometimes does not obey.What I mustn’t do is arrive home late on everything because the city is dangerous and Ishouldn’t walk alone so late, I should warn when Ill be late, I should not miss him to myparents, much less my brothers, I dont have to have bad ratings, I mustn’t need to do otherthings more than studying and devoting myself to it.201 Words