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  • 1. Complements (Not the ones you give to other people, like I like your outfit!)
  • 2. A complement is
    • A word or group of words that completes the predicate of the sentence.
  • 3. 1. Predicate Nominative
    • Noun or pronoun that explains or identifies the subject
    • Follows a linking verb
    • Angela will be our soloist .
    • A whale is a mammal .
  • 4. A Hint
    • You should be able to reverse the subject with the predicate nominative .
    • Think of a mirror image.
    • Angela is our soloist.
    • Our soloist is Angela.
  • 5. 2. Predicate adjective
    • An adjective that modifies the subject
    • Follows a linking verb
      • The soup is too hot .
      • The plant looks dry.
  • 6. A Hint
    • If the subject is a noun, then you should be able to put the predicate adjective in front of the subject.
    • The man is sunburned .
    • The sunburned man…
  • 7. 3. Direct Object
    • Noun or pronoun that receives or shows the result of an action.
    • Answers the question “what”? or “whom”?
    • Follows an action verb
    • Her poem won an award .
    • Ask yourself “poem won what”?
  • 8. 4. Indirect Object
    • Noun or pronoun that is before the DO and tells “to whom” or “for whom”
    • Follows an action verb
    • You can’t have an IO without a DO
    • Sam sold me the football tickets.
    • (ask yourself “sold tickets to whom”?)
  • 9. Here is a flow chart to help you identify complements. Identify the verb Action verb Linking Verb Say the verb and “who” or “ what” = direct object Say the verb and “ to whom” or “ for whom” = indirect object Noun renames the subject = predicate nominative Adjective describing the subject = predicate adjective