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Applause March 2012
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Applause March 2012


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smile) Skin ;-D NEW! Botanical Effects skin care is here!

smile) Skin ;-D NEW! Botanical Effects skin care is here!

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  • 1. applause PHILIPPINES MARCH 2012 ®smile)skinNEWBotanicalEffects™skin care isHERE! Career Conference Coming to a City Near You! star sellers soiree More Fabulous Treats for You!
  • 2. Message from the GENERAL manager Dearest Beauty Consultants, We started the Year 2012 with a consistently strong company performance. Overall sales and to make the search for new customers and new team members a daily recruitment for both January and February followed an upward trend and we expect to see further habit for everyone. We will also continue to help all members of the Mary improvements in the coming months. I wish to congratulate all of you for this early achievement Kay sales force to earn the kind of income that will not only provide for and for taking your Mary Kay business to a fast start. We declared this year to be our “Year a family’s basic needs but also allow them to realize their dreams and of Explosion” and that is exactly what we will achieve if we continue to work diligently and aspirations for their families. consistently to achieve our business goals as well as our personal dreams and aspirations. And speaking of irresistible and top selling products, we will continue to build loyal customers Following a year of tremendous growth, we now face the challenge of beating our best by making sure that our products are easy to sell and that our customers enjoy interacting performance record and growing our Mary Kay business beyond all expectations and even beyond with our brand. Along these lines, I am pleased to announce the coming of our latest product our wildest imagination! This is the time to get out of our comfort zone and to try doing things offering – the new Mary Kay Botanical Effects™, a simple regimen infused with the goodness differently and more passionately. This is the year for us to shine and achieve our dreams. And and benefits of botanicals. Your customers will surely love these products because of the this is our chance to contribute in a big way to the attainment of our company’s mission and vision. benefits they bring and their very affordable prices. The new five-year vision of Mary Kay is to get every woman all over the world to say “I love Lastly, we will continue to create a positive impact in the communities where we do business my Mary Kay because of the rewarding opportunity, irresistible, top-selling products and by adhering to the values and principles on which Mary Kay Ash built her beloved company. positive community impact.” In short, we want every woman to say “I Love My Mary Kay.” We will always remember her message about the importance of giving back to others. We want every woman’s encounter with Mary Kay to be pleasant and memorable. Our Here’s to an explosive March to us all! mission of “enriching women’s lives” remains the same and our new vision aims to keep us focused on helping attain this noble mission.This is the reason why we strive to make the Mary Sincerely, Kay opportunity rewarding and relevant to the needs of Filipino women of today. We are committed Tente Alday march 2012 calendar of activities Date Day Activity Venue Time 1 Thu SsD pacesetter Mkt/Ceb/Dvo/Zam 9 am SD Meeting SD MEETING SD JAN-MAR CELEBRANTS Mkt/Ceb/Dvo/Zam 4 pm 1 Makati, Cebu, Davao, Zamboanga 2 Fri Makati 9 am COFFEE WITH GENERAL MANAGER NEW BC WELCOME PARTY Mkt/Ceb/Dvo/Zam 6 pm GUEST EVENT Quezon City 6 pm New BC Welcome Party MARKET BLITZ Lipa City 4-8pm 2 Makati, Cebu, Davao, Zamboanga Mary Kay 3 Sat TBC / RJU DAY 1 Mkt/QC/Ceb/Dvo/Zam 9 am BEAUTY GUEST EVENT Mkt/QC/Ceb/Dvo/Zam 3 pm MARKET BLITZ Bataan said it best MARKET BLITZ Bacolod City 5-9 pm New BC Welcome Party 6 7 Tue Wed MARKET BLITZ executive GUEST EVENT for sds Apalit, Pampanga Mkt/QC/Ceb/Dvo/Zam 4-7pm 6 pm 9 Quezon City market blitz Sogod, Southern Leyte 4-8 pm "Enthusiasm is the market blitz Baguio City 5-8 pm market blitz Cagayan de Oro City 4-8 pm General Assembly motivating power to 8 Thu NISD DAY 1 market blitz Mkt/Ceb/Dvo/Zam Iligan City 9 am 10 Makati & Cebu 9 Fri NISD DAY 2 Mkt/Ceb/Dvo/Zam 9 am success. The person NEW BC WELCOME PARTY Quezon City 6 pm GUEST EVENT Mkt/Ceb/Dvo/Zam 6 pm General Assembly who is enthusiastic 10 Sat MARKET BLITZ ESRS day 1 / RJU DAY 2 Biñan, Laguna Mkt/Ceb/Dvo/Zam 4-8 pm 9 am 17 Davao & Zamboanga PKW - BOTANICALS EFFECTS & lip gloss Mkt/Ceb/Dvo/Zam 2 pm exercises a magnetic general assembly Mkt/Ceb 3 pm GUEST EVENT Zamboanga 3 pm influence over those 13 Tue MARKET BLITZ DEVELOPING OFFSPRING COURSE Pagadian City Mkt/Ceb/Dvo/Zam 3-7 pm 9 am Beauty Center Schedule 14 Wed ESSD MEETING Makati 8:30 am All Beauty Centers are open Tuesdays to with whom he or she EXECUTIVE GUEST EVENT FOR SDS Mkt/QC/Ceb/Dvo/Zam 6 pm Saturdays (closed on Mondays and Sundays). 16 Fri MARKET!MARKET! MALL SAMPLING Market! Market! Mall 10am-10pm comes in contact. To GUEST EVENT Mkt/QC/Ceb/Dvo/Zam 6 pm Training Rooms in Makati, Davao and QC 17 Sat ESRS day 2 Mkt/Ceb/Dvo/Zam 9 am Beauty Centers may be used on Mondays with ESRS DAY 1 / RJU DAY 2 Quezon City 9 am advance reservation through Customer Service. become enthusiastic, pkw - botanical effects Quezon City 2 pm PKW - BOTANICALS EFFECTS Mkt/Ceb/Dvo/Zam 2 pm Beauty Center Operating Hours: act enthusiastic. general assembly Dvo/Zam 3 pm Makati, Quezon City & Cebu: 11am - 8pm GUEST EVENT Mkt/QC/Ceb 3 pm Davao & Zamboanga: 10am - 7pm 21 Wed EXECUTIVE GUEST EVENT FOR SDS Mkt/QC/Ceb/Dvo/Zam 6 pm It could easily 23 Fri TTT MASTERS Makati 9 am MARCH 2012 GUEST EVENT Mkt/QC/Ceb/Dvo/Zam 6 pm 1 Wed All Beauty Centers open at 2pm revolutionize your life." 24 Sat ESRS DAY 2 Quezon City 9 am 2 Thu All Beauty Centers open at 2pm ttt basics Makati City 9 am 30 Tue Last day for ordering of BCs up to DIQs pkw - botanical effects Quezon City 2 pm 31 Wed Last day for personal orders of SDs GUEST EVENT Mkt/QC/Ceb 3 pm 28 Wed APRIL DIQ INTERVIEW AND ORIENTATION Mkt/QC 2 pm Please check with your respective Beauty Centers EXECUTIVE GUEST EVENT FOR SDS Mkt/QC/Ceb/Dvo/Zam 6 pm to confirm the classes/activities or when it is rescheduled. 29 Thu APRIL DIQ INTERVIEW AND ORIENTATION Mkt/QC 2 pm2 applause march 2012
  • 3. Inside THIS Ismile)skin SSUE6-9botanical effectsTM skin care 13 star sellers soiree 2012The wait is over... the newest skin care regimen, Mary Kay® Botanical Due to popular demand, were bringing back the much-requestedEffectsTM is here. Simple, fresh and tailored for you! Star Sellers Soiree - this time with bigger and brighter star treatments.The Look Career MARCH 2012 thelook PHILIPPINESMarch 12 Con 12Edition Smile, Beautiful guide This is your Gifts to easy beautyAVAIL OF NEW! thE LOOK attendance & early bird giftsThe NEW! Look March 2012 edition features the latest skin care Receive a Mary Kay® Mineral Powder Foundation (Ivory 2) with brush asregimen, color products, makeup trends and Mary Kay opportunities. your Career Conference 2012 attendance gift.Available for sale beginning March 16. Register to the Conference to get a You Can Do It! Purse as your CareerTHE LOOK (1 PIECE) - P40 THE LOOK (PK/5) - P180 Conference early bird gift if you are part of the first 700 registrants in Luzon, first 200 in Davao, first 100 in Cebu and first 100 in Zamboanga. applause march 2012 3
  • 4. Is your skin Your skin smiles and stays beautiful when it get what it needs. Take this test to see if smiling? your skin smiles. Check one answer to each question below. 1. Which of the following best describes 5. How would you describe your your skin condition? daily surroundings? My skin looks Constantly Constantly My skin feels Constantly in an red & greasy, My skin feels in a non-air outdoors; great and rarely air-conditioned feels painful, & dry and flaky conditioned under the sun has breakouts environment has breakouts environment +1 -1 -1 0 -1 -1 2. Do you follow the 3-step cleansing routine 6. How often do you exercise for at least (cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate)? 30 minutes? Occasionally Rarely or never YES NO Regularly +1 -1 +1 0 -1 -1 7. How much water do you 3. How often do you use facial masks? drink everyday? Once or more Occasionally Rarely than once a (Less than once or 8 glasses Between Less than week a week) never or more 4-8 glasses 4 glasses +1 0 -1 +1 0 -1 -1 4. Do you apply sunscreen or other forms of protection? 8. What is your usual diet regimen? Generally good, Could be better. Well-balanced; YES NO healthy but I do slip-up sometimes I often eat fast food and snacks. +1 0 +1 0 -1 Smiley Skin Index Add up your scores and check out whats the state of your skin. -7 to -1 0 to 4 5 to 7 | | Your skin is rather _ | | Your skin is | | Congratulations! ( feeling OK. Your skin is happy. ( unhappy.4 applause march 2012
  • 5. smile)skin NEW! Mary Kay ® Botanical Effects™ SKIN CARE it’s what your skin craves • Personalized botanicals deliver holistic benefits by skin type • Leaves dry, normal, and oily skin feeling balanced • Contains antioxidant-rich, botanical complex • Formulated without synthetic dyes or added fragrance • Tested for and proven to be safe for sensitive skinCut this portion and give this to your potential or existing Botanical Effects customers Available • DRY NEW! 3-in-1 Cleanse Botanical EffectsTM NEW! Hydrate Botanical EffectsTM NEW! Mask Botanical EffectsTM in three • NORMAL Skin Care Skin Care Skin Care P950 Net Wt. P850 Net Wt. P950 Net Wt. formulas: • OILY 4 fl. oz. 3 fl. oz. 4 fl. oz. See also the botanical goodness at The Company grants all Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants a limited license to duplicate this document in connection with their Mary Kay businesses. This page should not be altered from its original form. ©2012 Mary Kay Philippines, Inc. All rights reserved. Printed in THE PHILIPPINES applause march 2012 5
  • 6. How to Make Your Skin Smile Pick your formula. Pick your products. Have great skin. Mary Kay Botanical EffectsTM Skin Care is a simple regimen infused with the goodness of botanicals personalized to help each skin type bring out its healthy radiance. FORMULA 3-in-1 CLEANSE HYDRATE MASK Helps restore Helps maintain Flaxseed Sea Kelp Dry Skin skins natural skins Extract Extract balance, Gently moisture level, exfoliates as it helps helps leaving skin making skin relieve the moisturize helps improve feel smooth, feel supple discomfort and balance skins texture of dry skin skin hydrated and and resilient nourished Gently Skin looks Deep cleans Normal Skin Frangipani Water removes healthier as it gently Flower Lily makeup and and feels exfoliates, Extract Extract impurities, nourished restoring helps protect mineral for leaving skin and refreshed radiance and against healthy skin clean, soft without feeling leaves skin stressors and looking oily or greasy looking healthier healthy Helps purify Provides Helps refine Kanuka Guava Oily Skin skin and hydration while appearance Extract Extract helping control of pores, cleanse pores, helps reduce helps helping control excess oil, absorbing bacteria slough leaving skin and controling away dead excess oil without drying with a beautiful excess oils so skin cells matte skin skin looks fresh Two nourishing botanicals that benefit all skin types: Silymarin (milk thistle) and Luo Han Guo (also called the longevity fruit) are powerful antioxidant sources that help defend against environmental damage while helping to promote healthy, balanced skin. Great skin is in! Your lifestyle can have a big impact on the health of your skin. Get in the habit of a simple daily skin care regimen that includes at least a cleanser and moisturizer for your skin type. A mask can provide additional benefits based on your skin’s needs. – r. Beth Lange, D Mary Kay Chief Scientific Officer silymarin luo han guo6 applause march 2012
  • 7. Just the facts... What do these these are the women say about the goodness of good stuff! Botanical Effects? 9 out of 10 women agree, skin looks healthy!* That’s what they said in a one-week study*. Here’s what else they’re sayingHappy tips to make your skin smile about this simple sensitive skin care solution:- Follow the three step cleansing routine 88% said it leaves skin feeling nourished. (cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate)- Use a facial mask twice or thrice a week 86% said it revitalizes skin.- Apply sunscreen protection 83% said it enhances skin’s natural beauty.- Manage a stress-free life I really loved it! It made my skin soft and healthier! Great product to- Constantly be in a clean and good environment maintain balanced skin! Now my husband loves to touch my face ! =)- Pamper yourself with a massage at least once a month- Exercise daily for at least 30 minutes - Senior Sales Director Maria Fe Aliba- Dont smoke The new Botanical Effects will help us reach a wider market for our- Drink at least eight glasses of water daily business as it will attract more people of the younger generation because of its suitability to their skin plus its less expensive.Great skin is a beautiful thing. - Executive Senior Sales Director Marites Ceña * esults reported during a one-week independent study in which 394 participants used the cleanser and R moisturizer twice a day and the mask two to three times during a one-week period. The percentages reflect the number of women who agree with the statement. Watch at com/marykayphilippines a leanse, Hydrate and Mask tube sleeves contain C beginning March 16 and Mary Kay® 50 percent post-consumer resin (PCR) material, so get ready to make your Botanical what was destined for a landfill now gets a new lease skin smile! Effects™ on life as part of our packaging. packaging aubes also feature lightweight caps, using one-third T less plastic than traditional flip-top caps.How to morninguse theBotanicalEffectsTM Mask night For a gentle deep 3-in-1 exfoliation, apply Hydrate smile)skin Cleanse Daily - Morning two to three times a week - at night. Daily - Morning and Night and Night applause march 2012 7
  • 8. Boost your business with botanicals The NEW! Mary Kay® Botanical Effects™ Skin Care is another opportunity to reach more customers and to expand your business. Botanical Effects™ WHY INTRODUCE THIS HOW CAN I FIND NEW HOW DO I SELL THIS PRODUCT NOW? CUSTOMERS WHO LINE AT A SKIN CARE is hypoallergenic WOULD LOVE THIS LINE? CLASS? and fragrance- Its important to meet customers where 1. Hold a Botanical EffectsTM Skin Care free, so even those they are. The vast majority of your Class. If you have potential customers potential customers spend a lot who may be perfect for this new line, with sensitive of time online, shopping, building you can demonstrate the Botanical skin can share relationships or recommending EffectsTM products at your class. The answer is simple - its what our products to others. Think about: 2. Hold an All-Skin-Care Class. If you in its botanical customers want! • Your daughters friends have customers with different skin care • The ideal customer is a person benefits. Plus, it’s • Your customers daughters needs, you can pre-profile them and who wants healthy, natural • Nieces / nephews demonstrate the product that will work a terrific value for and balanced skin in a simple, • Students generated from best for them. customized line. your customers, University tie-ups • Theres a market for young • Guests from Market Blitz/ especially for young people who do not yet need or Beauty Events who are want a skin care regimen that people out there! interested in basic yet includes age-fighting ingredients customized skin care • Your current Botanical Botanical Effects™ is Customized Skin Care 3. Mother-daughter Skin Care Class. great for the skin, customers who want to If approriate, offer the mothers the continue to have a healthy skin TimeWise® products and the daughters for the planet and from a simple, customized skin the Botanical EffectsTM. for your customers care line with todays technology At the end of the and ingredients. class, offer a five- Remember these customers may not budget. Now • It gives you one more way to reach minute color looks be on a skin care regimen today. And doesn’t that just feel new customers who may not so that everyone thats where you can help them! yet have found a Mary Kay leaves with a good? Skin Care solution. polished look. LET THEM Invite your current Botanical Customized Skin Care users to a skin care class to try the NEW! Botanical EffectsTM Skin Care products and ultimately switch to it as their go- *The Botanical Customized MAKE THE to skin care line. Theyll be switching to a line developed with todays ingredients. Skin Care products - SWITCH If they LIKED the Botanical If theyll love the Botanical EffectsTM Cleanser, Mask, Freshener Customized Skin Care* Skin Care and Moisturizer - • Cleanser • 3-in-1 Cleanse in Formulas 1, 2, 3 will • Freshener totally be discontinued for • Mask • Mask sale beginning March 16. • Moisturizer • Hydrate • Botanical CSC Set • Botanical Effects Skin Care Duo Set8 applause march 2012
  • 9. Try an easy fresh- faced look with iBeauty Set Buy the iBeauty Set* for P1,800 only! Set includes: 1 NEW! Botanical EffectsTM Skin Care Basic Duo Set (3-in-1 Cleanse and Hydrate)** AND GET 1 FREE Botanical EffectsTM Floral Cosmetic Pouch * Available from March 16 to April 15 or while supplies last, whichever comes first. Please refer to Promo Part Number online when ordering. ** Available in Formula 1, 2 3, comes in a Botanical EffectsTM Bag and a Botanical EffectsTM Brochure The company reserves the right to replace items with others of equal or greater value in the event that supplies run out. Achieve great sales with this consultant promotion + = get Free 1 TimeWise® Liquid Foundation and buy for every 5 Botanicals Luminous-WearTM Buy for every 5 iBeauty Sets of any formula (Ivory 5) 1 TimeWise® EffectsTM Masks** of any formula Liquid Foundation Matte-WearTM (Ivory 5) ALL IN a SINGLE RECEIPT PURCHASE * Available from March 16 to April 15 or while supplies last, whichever comes first. ** Available in Formula 1, 2 3 The company reserves the right to replace items with others of equal or greater value in the event that supplies run out. HOORAY! for this months great freebies Receive a free Botanical EffectsTM Get free 1 TimeWise® Liquid Foundation Luminous- WearTM Then, if you are also on your Month 1 or Month 2 Add P4,250 purchase and get Then, if you are also on your Month 3 or Month 4 Add P6,000 purchase and Then, add P6,000 purchase andFloral Cosmetic Pouch 1 Matte-WearTM (Ivory 5) as a Beauty Consultant the free MOB as a Beauty Consultant get the free MOB you are on target when you buy at least 5 iBeauty this March, you already Level 1 Lotus this March, you already Level 2 Lotus as the Quarters when you buy an Sets and 5 Botanical EffectsTM get the NCB 1 or NCB 2 Bamboo Body get the NCB 3 or NCB 4 Bamboo Deo Star Consultant - iBeauty Set* for Masks in single receipt for components Cleanser. components Spritzer. Sapphire Level. P1,800 only! P13,750 only! for FREE. for FREE. applause march 2012 9
  • 10. Boost your sales SAMPLE! with botanical SAMPLE! business online tools SAMPLE! Whether its a personal touch, face-to-face meet-up or an online greeting, let these Botanical EffectsTM Business Once you have identified your target users, especially your and Online tools help you generate great sales and recruits this month! existing customers who have daughters, provide them samplers for them to try. section 2 materials NEW! 3-IN-1 MARCH 2012 thelook CLEANSE PHILIPPINES SAMPLERS*: PACK OF 6 P135 Smile, Beautiful This is your guide to easy beauty NEW! the look NEW! BOTANICAL EFFECTSTM NEW! BOTANICAL march 2012 edition* product sleevers foR EFFECTS BROCHURE* 1-piece, P40 BOTANICAL EFFECTS SAMPLERS* PACK OF 5, p30 NEW! HYDRATE PACK OF 5, P180 PACK OF 10, P65 SAMPLERS*: * Available for sale beginning March 16 under Section 2 items. PACK OF 6, P125 online tools NEW! the look eCATALOG smile) skin march 2012 edition* NEW! available at Botanical EffectsTM Skin Care • Personalized botanicals deliver holistic benefits by skin type. beginning March 16 • Leaves dry, normal, and oily skin feeling balanced. • Contains antioxidant-rich, botanical NEW! MASK complex. • Formulated without alcohol, synthetic dyes or added fragrance. • Tested for and proven to be safe for sensitive skin. Your lifestyle can have a big impact on the health of your skin. Get in the SAMPLERS*: habit of a simple daily skin care regimen NEW! botanical that includes at least a cleanser and moisturizer for your skin type — like Botanical EffectsTM Skin Care. A mask can provide additional benefits based on your skin’s needs. smile. effects VIDEOS PACK OF 6, P140 – r. Beth Lange, D Mary Kay Chief Scientific Officer Make That’s what they said in a one-week study*. Here’s what else Nine out of 10 they’re saying about this simple sensitive skin care solution: 88% said it leaves skin feeling nourished. your women agree, 86% said it revitalizes skin. skin looks healthy!* skin 83% said it enhances skin’s natural beauty. with NEW! Botanical EffectsTM Skin Care *Results reported during a one-week independent study in which 394 participants used the cleanser and moisturizer twice a day and the mask two to three times during a one-week period. The percentages reflect the number of women who agree with the statement. marykayphilippines 4 5 * Available in Formula 1, 2 and 3 and for sale beginning March 16 beginning March 16 under Section 2 items. And now, for some good, clean fun PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE WORKSHOP meet mr. b and fall in SCHEDULEs love with his goodness WATCH OUT soon Attend Mary Kay Philippines Product Knowledge FOR MR. B Workshops* this month. The workshop will cover the NEW! Botanical EffectsTM Skin Care. This is a great at university and mall opportunity not only to learn more about the new sampling activities and product line but also to help your customers under the other special events products work. Watch at Date Beauty Center Time marykayphilippines beginning MARCH 10 - Mkti/Ceb/Dvo/Zam 2 pm March 16 to find out how a MARCH 17 - Mkti/Ceb/Dvo/Zam/QC 2 pm love story began with Botanical MARCH 24 - QC 2 pm EffectsTM. *Please check with your respective Beauty Center to confirm classes.10 applause march 2012
  • 11. Chic Explosive la ont m st h ! REWARDS PROGRAM BAG COLLECTION Make an explosive start of your Mary Kay business this year by keeping those sales flowing. Start the January - March 2012 year big and reward yourself with the Chic Explosive Bag Collection. Collect all these bags when you become a Star Consultant Emerald Achiever! Chic Clutch, Zipped Pouch and Walletsapphire Set ruby Chic Clutch TOTAL SECTION 1 RETAIL SALES REQUIREMENT FOR 3 MONTHS: TOTAL SECTION 1 RETAIL SALES REQUIREMENT FOR 3 MONTHS: P90,000 - P109,999 | PIN: Ladder of Success Pin + Sapphire gemstone P110,000 - P129,999 | PIN: Ladder of Success Pin + Ruby gemstone REWARD: Star Reward Sapphire + Chic Clutch REWARD: Star Reward Ruby + Chich Clutch, Zipped Pouch and Wallet Set Minimum Average sales/month: P30,000 Minimum Average sales/month: P36,667 suggested suggested sets to sell sets to sell this month: this month: 2 TimeWise 5 iBeauty Sets 5 Botanical 1 MelaCEP 2 TimeWise 5 iBeauty Sets 5 Botanical 2 MelaCEP Miracle Sets EffectsTM Masks 5-piece System Miracle Sets EffectsTM Masks 5-piece System Sets Handbag, Tote bag, Zipped Handbag, Pouch Zipped and Pouch and Wallet Wallet Set, Set, anddiamond and emerald Chic Chic Clutch Clutch TOTAL SECTION 1 RETAIL SALES REQUIREMENT FOR 3 MONTHS: TOTAL SECTION 1 RETAIL SALES REQUIREMENT FOR 3 MONTHS: P150,000 P130,000 - P149,999 | PIN: Ladder of Success Pin + Diamond gemstone and above | PIN: Ladder of Success Pin + Emerald gemstone | REWARD: Star REWARD: Star Reward Diamond + Chic Clutch, Zipped Pouch and Wallet Set and Reward Emerald + Chic Clutch, Zipped Pouch and Wallet Set, Handbag and Tote Bag Handbag | Minimum Average sales/month: P43,334 Minimum Average sales/month: P50,000 suggested suggested sets to sell sets to sell this month: this month: 3 TimeWise 5 iBeauty Sets 5 Botanical 2 MelaCEP 2 TimeWise 10 iBeauty Sets 10 Botanical 2 MelaCEP Miracle Sets EffectsTM Masks 5-piece System Miracle Sets EffectsTM Masks 5-piece System Sets Sets NOTE: 1. Ladder of Success pin will be awarded to first time achievers and gem stone will be given to consultants who qualify every quarter 2.The company reserves the right to replace any item with similar value in case of depleted stocks. 3. Design and sizes may vary from photos. 4. Claim your star gifts at the beauty centers from April 16 to May 15, 2012. Unclaimed gifts after this period will be shipped together with your order only. In the absence of an order, unclaimed gifts after May 31 will be forfeited. For more information about the Star Consultant Rewards program, please contact the Sales Development and Education Team. BE A STAR CONSISTENCY ACHIEVER 2012 How you can be part of this program: Example: Sapphire level - SDs with 4 BCs who are Be a Star Consistency Achiever and you will... july 1, 2011 – june 30, 2012 • Beauty Consultants and Sales Directors who achieve in the ladder of success consistently in 4 quarters • Parade on Seminar stage Ladder of Success (any level) in the 4 calendar quarters and a consistent LOS achiever herself of any level • Attend Royal Reception in Seminar 2012 and will be awarded the Star Consultant Consistency Award. in 4 quarters. receive trophies on Seminar stage and a signature Example: Sapphire level 1 - 4 quarters achieved. bag for Diamond and Emerald star consistency • Beauty Consultants and Sales Directors who achieve awardees • Sales Directors with 4, 6, 8, 10 and more Ladder Diamond and Emerald Star Consultant and Star • Receive a collectors item symbolical of the seminar of Success achievers in the 4 calendar quarters Director Consistency awards will also be awarded year’s theme at Philippine Seminar 2012 will be awarded the Star Director Consistency trophies and a signature watch. • Have your name featured in Applause® Award as long as they are Star BCs themselves. applause march 2012 11
  • 12. timeless SERVICE Power up your business with the Power Card Serving 21st Century Customers At Mary Kay, Golden Rule Service is our January 16 - december 31, 2012 key to winning th th on Your 3rd10Mon on Your 2nd10Mon customers – always activities Month Power Do all of these on Your 1st 10 activities Activities activities Do 3 Customer Service Power Classes Do all of these Activities Hold 3 Skin Care Do 3 Customer Service Power up with this Power Classes Do all of these Activities Hold 3 Skin Care Interviews Have 1 New Customer Do 3 Customer Service Have 3 Teambuilding Card Power ly start building Hold 3 Skin Care Classes Have 3 Teambuilding Interviews Have 1 New Customer mark as you accomplish each activity. has been, always will Have 1 New Customer Put a check/tick and you’ll definite ful Have 3 Teambuilding Interviews each activity. a great and success events classes mark as you accomplish Put a check/tick these events 5 of any of these yet Attend any 5 of Mary Kay career! Attend a total of each activity. Put a check/tick mark as you accomplish you have not Product Class 1 plus the classes 1st Month Unit Meeting Power 10 activitie s classes attended on your Your Sales Director’s Accomplish the these events Orientation New Consultant of Attend any 5 of Unit Meeting Product Class 2 required number Your Sales Director’s and attend the New Consultant Orientation General Assembly every month. Unit Meeting Welcome Party be! But are today’s Your Sales Director’s events and classes General Assembly New Beauty Consultant Local Red Jacket Rally Welcome Party Guest Event with 3 Guests New Beauty Consultant e the month’s to Reach Success When you complet General Assembly Essential Steps challenges, you Guest Event with 1 Guest Red Jacket University Power Card activity Special Gift of Essential Steps to Reach Success Market Blitz / Beauty Event 10 will get the Power Guest Event Essential Steps to Teambuilding Event Market Blitz / Beauty or a Mary Kay Sales Staff sign the month. Event Product Class Director, Team Leader Have your Sales your attendance to these events to verify or classes. Market Blitz / Beauty e all three monthly customers any Staff sign or a Mary Kay Sales Director, Team Leader When you complet or classes. Have your Sales your attendance to these events es, you will to verify Staff sign Power Card challeng Ovation. or a Mary Kay Sales Director, Team Leader or classes. Have your Sales your attendance to these events ion in to verify receive recognit different? A great and successful Mary Kay career begins with consistent career habits. Develop the habit that spell Who ARE the 21st century customerS? success with the help of the Power Card. The Prime-Time woman comprises females 35 and over. They’re on the go with kids, careers and their lives. They feel empowered to do whatever they want – the sky’s the limit! They want to be informed about their choices, Power Card Gift including skin care. These women want for March 2012! to know more about anti-aging. They want whatever makes them feel as Limited-Edition young as they want to feel and look. Mary Kay The Real-Time woman, also known Nail Lacquer - as a Generation Y, is under 35. She is Platinum*! informed, can access information quickly and she wants real-time collaborative communication. Even though they’re younger, they are women of influence, HOW THE POWER CARD WORKS • A new Beauty Consultant must accomplish all the activity requirements from her opinion and power. They are excited. first to her third month as a Beauty Consultant. They want it all, and they’re not going to • The first set of activities is Power 10 activities (HOLD 3 SKIN CARE CLASSES, settle for anything less than the best! 3 INTERVIEWS, 3 CUSTOMER SERVICES AND ADD 1 NEW CUSTOMER EVERY WEEK) that must ALL be accomplished. How are the 21st century customers different? • The second set requires the New Beauty Consultant to attend at least 5 Women of the 21st Century are busy, more independent and have access to lots of activities and/or specified classes. This must be done within the calendar information, but they still want to know they can rely on their Independent Beauty month he/she signed in as a Beauty Consultant. Consultant for their skin care needs. • If he/she signed in from the 20th to the 30th/31st of the month, she has until the next month to accomplish her 1st Month requirements. Succeeding months’ Women are more eager to learn and be heard. requirements will be counted under calendar months thereon. You have to treat every customer individually and, also, • The new Beauty Consultant will receive a Special Power 10 Gift when be sensitive to how she wants to be contacted. Does she accomplishes all the requirements for the month. She has a chance to she like to be called, emailed, texted, all three or a receive up to 3 Special Power 10 Gifts for every month she accomplishes all the combination? Catering to her needs and being attentive requirements. When she successfully accomplishes the 3 months, she will to her is how we build relationships. also receive recognition in Ovation. • There will be one Special Power 10 Gift per month across all months. Mary Kay has always believed customers were the • Claim the Special Power 10 Gift after accomplishing all your month 1, 2 or 3 focus of this business, and that remains true today. required activities. Cut and submit each card monthly to Customer Service or the Relationships have always been rich in our company, Sales Development Education Team for processing. even in today’s fast-paced world. It’s what sets us apart. You can’t beat a great brand with a great Independent OTHER POWERFUL REMINDERS • Accomplish the Power 10 activities and attend the required number of Beauty Consultant! events and classes every month. • The POWER CARD is available in the STARTER KIT and is downloadable at * The company reserves the right to replace items with others of equal or greater value in the event that supplies run out.12 applause march 2012
  • 13. ghter, Open t n d bri Mary o all active ger a of top e... Kay B t a big ring at th Consu eautyExpec gathe sellers ltants y Mar y Ka Were giving out BIGGER and BRIGHTER ST R TREATMENTS to our TOP CONSULTANTS who have at least P150,000 cumulative personal sales from March 1 to April 30, 2012. Its what Stellar Dreams are made of! • The Top 10 of the Nation get exclusive gifts fit for the stars! • You’ll shine your brightest at the Star Power Makeover Party! • Be a standout shining star through Star Power Image coaching from professional image experts! • And that’s not all! Your Star Power Makeover look will be captured professionally during a stellar photo shoot! Sales Directors Special Star Challenge • All Independent Sales Directors who have at least 3 Star Sellers Soiree Achievers in their unit and have P100,000 cumulative personal sales within the challenge period will be qualified to participate in the Star Power Makeover Party. • Challenge period is from March 1 to April 30, 2012. applause march 2012 13
  • 14. t ! lasnth o m Red Jacket Rally Challenge Period: JANUARY - MARCH 2012 Be part of the Plus! If you are at the Red Jacket Rally and have... Red Jacket Rally! • At least 6 new active personal recruits with If you are an Independent Beauty Consultant, P13,000 sales each and you will receive an Senior Consultant or Red Jacket who has never EXCLUSIVE RED JACKET SCARF and a attended a Red Jacket Rally, then you can join! PREMIUM BAG upon graduation. With at least 4 new active personal recruits • At least 8 new active personal recruits with P13,000 sales each and you will receive an with P13,000 sales each within the challenge EXCLUSIVE RED JACKET SCARF, PREMIUM BAG period, you will be able to JOIN THE RED JACKET and your very own MARY KAY RED JACKET upon RALLY in April 2012! graduation. To learn more about the Local Red Jacket Rally, please contact the Sales Development and Education Team. The Company reserves the right to validate authenticity of recruits. Should there be any discrepancy, the Company reserves the right to disqualify the achiever. The company reserves the right to change, amend or revise these rules as deemed necessary for the best interests of the Company. All gifts will be awarded at the RJ Rally. Failure to attend will mean forfeiture of gifts. According to Independent National Sales Director Rena Tarbet, most Beauty Consultants go TEAM through various emotional stages many times as Independent Beauty Consultants, especially BUILDING during the first few weeks after signing the Independent Beauty Consultant Agreements. TIPS! STAGE 1: EXCITEMENT STAGE 2: FRUSTRATION STAGE 3: CRISIS POINT STAGE 4: RECOMMITMENT Youve caught the vision of Things arent going as fast Do you throw in the towel Youve made it! Youve where you can go and what as you would like them to. and throw out your Starter recovered from the situation, The you can do with the Mary Can you relate to this? Of Kit, or do you get your head and youre stronger for it. emotional Kay opportunity. You dont know or understand how it course you can. Weve been there. We get impatient. We straight and work through it? Do you tell yourself that unit/ Youve recaptured your dream, youre excited again, stages of an will all come about, but you tell ourselves that nobody team meetings are the last and youre ready for the Independent just know that it will. Nothing can stand in your way. wants to book a class or buy Mary Kay products. place you want to be since you havent done anything to next opportunity. One thing is certain: each time you Beauty deserve recognition? Or do you slip into frustration, your tell yourself that a unit/team trip back to stage one Consultant One way to combat fear in this business is to meeting is just what you need gets easier and quickier recognize it before itll have a chance to set in. to get your act back together. because you know the way. Youre Clueless on your first few months as a Beauty Consultant? invited Be ahead of the game. Join us at the New Beauty Consultants (BC) Welcome Party every 1st Friday of the month at Makati, Cebu, Davao to the Zamboanga Beauty Centers and every 2nd Friday of the month at Quezon City Beauty Center. New BC Why should I attend the New BC Welcome Party? Welcome • Get to know your Independent Sales Directors • Receive tips on how to have a successful career • Be the first to try the latest products for the month Party! • Meet the Mary Kay staff and learn the great ways of transacting business with the Company • Enjoy snacks and refreshment and meet your new fellow Beauty Consultants14 applause march 2012
  • 15. Join Mary Kays ten easy steps Top Directors’ to order your Mary Kay products online Trip 2012 going online ordering Log-on to Achieve at least P16 million Enter your Consultant # and Password. retail unit sales from August 2011- July 2012 and have a fabulous trip with your spouse to Paris, France. Under the Quick Links, click Order Online. placing your order online To place your order, go to Cosmetic Orders and click Create a cosmetic order. Completely fill out all your Shipping Information. (Specified address or for pick-up at defined Beauty Center) For more information about the Top Directors Trip 2012, please contact the Sales Development and Education Team. Click the Product (under Section 1 or Section 2) on the item/s that you will order. Input the Quantity and click Update My Order. Click as many products as you want. You may order by part number or by one page order sheet. Click Submit My Order once you have completed your order. Review your orders. Click Proceed to Payment. paying online A payment breakdown will be shown on your screen. Read the ordering guidelines and click on the box beside the statement (I agree to the Ordering Guidelines). Select Payment Type t ! and click Purchase.lasnth If paying through Credit Card or o Join the ASIA PACIFICm RED JACKET RALLY 12 Smart Money or any ATM Debit Card (VISA or Mastercard), key in your Credit Card details 3 digit security code once payment has been confirmed. Click Continue. (All Cut this portion and keep it as your reference when placing your order. VISA and Mastercard cards are accepted.)BE ONE OF THE ACHIEVERS AND MORE PRIZES! No credit card? Not a problem! Click Save Order.GET THESE PRICELESS REWARDS The top 5 qualified Beauty Save your order and pay by:• Three-day regional education conference on Consultants with the highest 1. BPI online payment at or leadership, team building and career development number of qualified records will deposit payment over the counter at any BPI or BDO branch.• Exclusive education by top Mary Kay Independent receive limited-edition Mary Send deposit information (Bank and branch name, Amount, Sales Directors from around the world Date, BC Name, BC No. and Order No.) to MK Customer Service Kay Duffle Bag Set for the trip.• One round-trip airfare to and from Hangzhou, China 2. Pay directly to our Customer Service counter and provide BC No. and Total Amount of order.• Five days and four nights hotel accommodation in Hangzhou, China Your order has been confirmed and will then be processed for delivery to your preferred address.• Tour of Mary Kay’s manufacturing facility in NOTES: Hangzhou, China • A P250 storage fee will be charged if pick up orders on regular* For the mechanics of Asia Pacific Red Jacket Rally Challenge, please refer to days are not be picked up within 3 days from order date. or previous Applause issues • Month-end orders for pick up and delivery may take longer fulfillment and delivery days. applause march 2012 15
  • 16. recognition | december 2011 Mary Kay’s Pride Keepers of the Dream Top in Unit Sales National Sales Director Marites Ceña 1,454,545 Renelyn Gesmundo 1,254,810 New First Line Marita Del Corro 1,206,335 Sales Director Offspring Ma. Luisa Nohara 1,148,265 Rochelle Lynn Guintu 1,135,430 Annamae Carissa Luces 1,126,345 Sales Director Cecile Cahoy 1,120,045 Ma. Kristina Mancol Alma Alburo 1,041,815 Charito Reyes 1,024,095 Nanette Mission Virginia Hubahib 1,634,960 Special Awards Top in Personal Sales Millionaires Club hitting P1 million in one month Letecia Loloy 168,050 Luzmile Pilar 158,385 Sheila Monares 151,165 Ellen Joana Marie Mendoza 142,235 Khristine Marie Bridwell 137,505 Remelyn Mesia 134,815 Jogie Chu 125,730 Leizel Apresurado 118,440 Delia Madarazo 116,480 Celedonia Jabel Virginia Hubahib Marites Ceña Renelyn Gesmundo Marita Del Corro Ma. Luisa Nohara 235,520 Top in Personal Recruiting Maria Esperanza Apelo 11 Perlita Catap 9 Rochelle Lynn Guintu Annamae Carissa Luces Cecile Cahoy Alma Alburo Charito Reyes Marilyn Cabudbod 7 Alma Alburo 7 Almira Santiago 7 Car Achievers Rosalie Onayan 7 Quarter 4 - 2012 On the Right Track Merry Michelle Dato 6 December 2011 New Qualifiers - Level 1 Richael Canabe 6 Maria Emma Rocamora 6 Malou Aragon 11 Top in Team Sales Renelyn Gesmundo Annamae Carissa Luces Ma. Luisa Nohara Rugenia Omay Renelyn Gesmundo Rochelle Lynn Guintu 642,920 Ma. Luisa Nohara 630,470 Fabulous 50s Club Honor Society Alma Alburo 599,505 Requalifier - Level 1 Requalifier - Level 2 December 2011 December 2011 Renelyn Gesmundo 579,040 Marita Del Corro 490,015 Charito Reyes 438,220 Malou Aragon 434,575 Rona Mima Rafal 409,945 Olivia Pambid 401,135 Annamae Carissa Luces 735,350 Olivia Gonzales Virginia Hubahib Gypsy Joy Geduriagao Zenaida Malvar Ma. Luisa Nohara16 applause march 2012
  • 17. director’s profile | january 2012 New Senior Sales Director New Senior Sales Directors December 2011 Top 1 - P 222,441 Top 2 - P 193,846 Top 16 - P 96,200 Top 17 - P 95,451 Top 3 - P 186,571 Top 18 - P 95,381 Top Sales Top 4 - P 185,911 Top 5 - P 165,114 Top 19 - P 94,647 Top 20 - P 92,923 New Directors Top 6 - P 159,018 Top 21 - P 91,028 Executive Highest Top 7 - P 155,942 Top 22 - P 90,493 Senior Commissions Top 8 - P 149,096 Top 9 - P 137,004 Top 23 - P 87,693 Top 24 - P 85,646 Sales Top 10 - P 115,103 Top 25 - P 84,119 Director Average Figures: October - December Top 11 - P 111,099 Top 26 - P 83,000 Top 12 - P 107,853 Top 27 - P 81,612 2011 NAME: Virginia Hubahib Top 13 - P 104,060 Top 28 - P 80,658 NAME: Renelyn Gesmundo NAME: Celia Dela Cruz NAME: Rodella Dollentas Top 14 - P 99,016 Top 29 - P 71,537 BEGAN MK CAREER: May 2006 BEGAN MK CAREER: June 2011 BEGAN MK CAREER: August 2008 BEGAN MK CAREER: July 2009 UNIT NAME: Simply Amazing UNIT NAME: Glowing Diamond UNIT NAME: Diamond Ring UNIT NAME: Diamond Ring Top 15 - P 97,427 Top 30 - P 68,562 BeautiesNew Sales Directors Directors-in- Qualification December 2011 Maria Esperanza Apelo Jemille Ann Kun Eulou Isobelle Palomino Pamela Reyes Maria Emma Rocamora Janet Songcayauon Vivian TayagNAME: Malou Aragon NAME: Sherill Felizardo NAME: Rowena Galvan NAME: Elsa Galvez NAME: Ma. Kristina Mancol NAME:Arbel Roto NAME: Almira Santiago Jeanifer TolentinoBEGAN MK CAREER: June 2011 BEGAN MK CAREER: June 2011 BEGAN MK CAREER: March 2011 BEGAN MK CAREER: August 2011 BEGAN MK CAREER: July 2011 BEGAN MK CAREER:August 2011 BEGAN MK CAREER: July 2011UNIT NAME: Simple Diamond UNIT NAME: Red Diamond UNIT NAME: Pink Passion UNIT NAME: Ultimate Power Angels UNIT NAME:The Dazzling Beauties UNIT NAME: Shining Beautiful UNIT NAME: Amazing GraceSSD: Renelyn Gesmundo SSD: Celia Dela Cruz ESSD: Charito Reyes ESSD: Marites Ceña NSD: Nanette Mission Achievers ESSD: Virginia Hubahib SSD: Jeanie Dela Paz Note: In Applause December, Geraldine Cabato’s Unit Name was inadverntently written. It should be Eternal Beauty Queens and not Internal Beauty Queens. Our sincere apologies. Whats the BUZZ pink explosion! Jumpstart rally Independent Sales Force members and Mary Kay Philippines staff nationwide started mary kay pink car awarding 2012 with Pink Explosion! Jumpstart Rally - full of explosive recognition, energizing Congratulations to our latest batch of inspiration, great product sampling activities Mary Kay Pink Car Achievers from across and high flying performances. the nation! Our Mary Kays most successful Independent Sales Force members are recognized in their Pink Cars! applause march 2012 17
  • 18. Are you a brand new Beauty Consultant? Join the Enjoy free premium products when you consistently meet your single purchase goals in your first four months as a Beauty Consultant! FREE products with total retail value of P14,950. 1 1 22 3 3 4 4 month month month month Required Sales: P13,000 single purchase Required Sales: P13,000 single purchase Required Sales: P14,000 single purchase Required Sales: P16,000 single purchase Components: Components: Components: Components: • Miracles Happen Book • Satin Hands Pampering Set • Mary Kay® Foundation Primer • TimeWise® Day Solution Sunscreen SPF25 • Mary Kay® Custom Compact • Customer Profile Card Set • Mary Kay® Lip Protect Sunscreen SPF 15 • TimeWise® Night Solution • Mary Kay® Mineral Cheek Color • Customer Order Form Pack • Mary Kay® MK Bronzing Powder Desert Sun • TimeWise® Age-Fighting Eye Cream • Mary Kay® NouriShine™ Plus Lip Gloss • TimeWise® Microdermabrasion Step 2: Replenish • TimeWise® Age-Fighting Lip Primer • Mary Kay® Mineral Eye Color Total Retail Value: P2,630 • The Look (Sep 2011) - 3 pcs (until March 15) / • SKC Trays (5/pk) • Disposable Facial Cloth (25/pk) The Look (Mar 2012) - 3 pcs (beginning March 16) Retail Value: P2,495 Total Retail Value: P4,085 Total retail Value: P5,740 Want more? Stretch your sales a little more and qualify for the Monthly Ordering Bonus Program and get more freebies! Get ESRS-certified Avail of Monthly Ordering Bonuses Essential Steps to Reach Success (ESRS) is a two-day program that Nurture yourself from head to toe. Feel a natural freshness from Mary Kay will add success to your business. After completion of the ESRS, get a Body Care Lotus Bamboo products. Get these for FREE when you avail of the voucher worth P6,000 of products and a Color Showcase with your first Monthly Ordering Bonuses this March. single purchase order of P16,000! LEVEL 1 Get this Lotus Bamboo Body Cleanser for FREE with minimum personal cumulative sales of P18,000 this month. LEVEL 2 Get this Lotus Bamboo Deo Body Spritzer for FREE with minimum personal cumulative sales of P24,000 this month. color showcase The ESRS product set includes: Acne Clarifying Cleanser, Acne Pore Purifying Serum, Acne Spot Solution, Acne Body Spray, TimeWise Age-Fighting Eye Cream, Satin Lips Lip Balm, Microdermabrasion samplers pk/6, PLUS! Color Showcase. MOB is available to all Beauty Consultants including NCB participants. To know more about the NCB and ESRS programs, visit or check out available flyers for details. The company reserves the right to replace items of equal or greater value in the event that supplies run out. 1. FOR SALES DIRECTORS, THE 2. DELIVERY LEAD TIME orders 3. PRODUCT / ITEM IMAGES are for 4. FOR ALL PROGRAMS AND POWERNOTES PRODUCT LAUNCH SUPPORT (PLS) TOOL KIT MAR 2012 EDITION is received at the first and last three days of the month will take 7 representation purposes only. The colors of the printed images may PROMOTIONS, the company reserves the right to replace items MARCH 2012 available for sale beginning March 16 at your nearest Beauty Center or through working days for serviceable areas and 10 working days for non- slightly vary from the colors of the actual product / item. with others of equal or greater value in the event that supplies run out. online ordering at P600. One Sales serviceable areas. Director per PLS tool kit only.18 applause march 2012
  • 19. Make adifference!Join Mary Kay Global Month of Service March 8 - April 8, 2012 Join Company-initiated activities like fun run activities, feeding program, tree-planting that will benefit local charitable institutions or non-profit organizations this March 2012. Inquire at your nearest Beauty Centers for details.One Participate and register in these activities and get a GLOBAL MONTH OF SERVICE T-SHIRT andMillion CERTIFICATE. Inquire at your nearest Beauty Centers for more details.HoursYou can be part of something great this year to celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8. Your Times Counts. Its simple! Go to to enterYou and your customers can participate in the Mary Kay Global Month of Service from March 8 to service hours and have yourApril 8. Our goal for the month is to volunteer 1 million hours of service, and we want contribution reflected in theyou to be a part of it! Companys global count. 1. Click on theVolunteer on your own or join with your customers. I volunteered buttonCount ongoing charitable work or get involved with a new charity. Or practice random acts ofkindness in your community. You can feel great knowing you’re making a difference to someone 2. Enter your email addresswho needs it! When you involve your customers, you have the opportunity to build relationships and select the number ofwith them and share more about Mary Kays vision of enriching the lives of others. hours you have rendered. how many times does the Botanical Effectstm Smiley Logo appear in this issue? MECHANICS: Email your answer, your complete name, address and contact number to on March 16 only and well raffle off special prizes to 10 lucky winners. Open to all active Mary Kay Beauty Consultants. (Winners to be raffled off at Career Conference Manila; 1 email entry per Beauty Consultant only) applause march 2012 19
  • 20. MANILA DAVAO CEBU ZAMBOANGA SMX Convention Center (Venue: TBA) (Venue: TBA) Garden Orchid HotelCareer April 14 (Saturday) 8 am – 5 pm April 21 (Saturday) 8 am – 5 pm May 5 (Saturday) 8 am – 5 pm May 12 (Saturday) 8 am – 5 pmConference2012 GET ONBOARD! Early bird gift3 ways to register: attendance gift Get a You Can Do It! Purse Receive a Mary Kay® Mineral as your Early Bird gift1. Online Ticket via Online Ordering Powder Foundation (Ivory 2) with - first 700 registrants in Luzon2. Beauty Center brush as your Attendance Gift. - first 200 in Davao3. Fax - first 100 in Cebu - first 100 in ZamboangaDon’t Delay! Register Career Conference A SPECIAL LUNCHEON awaits ouron or before March 31, 2012for DISCOUNTED REGISTRATION FEE! Special Quarter 1 DIAMOND EMERALD Star Consultant Achievers in Pay only P500! Luncheon YOU CAN DO IT! Career Conference 2012! Challenge Challenge Period: January 1 - March 31REGISTRATION FEE IS P550.*for all active Beauty Consultants, Sales Directors Spouse Special Seating Challenges - Unit with the highest number of registrants from Feb 1 - Apr 8(Includes heavy snacks, attendance gift, conference - Unit with the highest number of recruits from Feb 1 - April 8packet, and attendance in educational classes) - Unit with the most number of Botanical Effects Basic Skin Care Duo Set* Onsite registration is allowed until all seats are taken. sold from Mar 16 - Apr 8 In the past Career Conference, I learned so much about value of selling, setting goals and developing plans to achieve those goals. I was energized seeing the women AND men achieved outstanding milestones and shared their stories of success with us. I also received recognition for the things I have already accomplished and I am super motivated to achieve the rest of my goals by Seminar! - Senior Sales Director Lourdes Felix 0212 • 06043812 MARY KAY (PHILS), INC. QUEZON CITY DAVAO CITY CEBU CITY ZAMBOANGA CITY 2nd Floor Allegro Center 2nd Floor, Unit S-8 Ground Floor, Philam Life Ground Floor 2nd Floor YPC Building 2284 Pasong Tamo Extension Shoppes @ Victoria Rizal Street, Davao City Cebu Capitol Veterans Avenue Makati City Victoria Towers Tel: (082) 224-5956 Comm. Complex 7000 Zamboanga City Tel: (02) 859-6222 / 859-MARY Watch us on Find us on Timog corner Panay Avenue Mobile: (0923) 724-6432 N. Escario Street Tel: (062) 992-6222 YouTube Facebook Mobile: (0922) 889-4128 (call only) Quezon City Fax: (082) 224-5955 Camputhaw, Cebu City Mobile: (0923) 252-0153 (0917) 866-0488 (SMS only) Tel: (02) 371-8355 / Tel: (032) 254-8081 Fax: (02) 859-6299 (02) 371-8322 Mobile: (0923) 724-6433 Watch us on Find us on Email: Mobile: (0923) 724-6431 Fax: (032) 253-4661 YouTube Facebook
  • 21. PHILIPPINESEnriching Women’s Lives OVATION a recognition supplement to Applause ® March 2012 Vol. 1 No. 90 Published monthly in recognition and inspiration for the sales force members of Mary Kay in the Philippines by Mary Kay Philippines, Inc., Makati City, Philippines. “Success begins with a dream, and the first step in making dreams come true is to know what you want. Have a mental picture of your goals. The mind’s eye must see the things you want. When it has a strong mental picture, it will begin to change your dreams into realities.” - Mary Kay AshPerfect Start Top Sales Director with most number of Perfect Start December 2011New Independent Beauty Consultants with minimum P8,000personal retail sales in her first two weeks from start up date. Sales Director Ma. Luisa Nohara*Perfect Start Achievers from November 16, 2011 – December 15, 2011Abarado, Fe Albina E. Arellano, Ma. Ernalyn S. Benzon, Alve Krisna U. Carriedo, Grace Linda T. De Luna, Anna Lyn Enriquez, Maria Carla B. Gaunia, Jonerizza L.Abarquez, Almira D. Arguelles, Irish L. Bernardino, Marlyn Cartagena, Phoebe J. De Roxas, Florenda S. Erece, Maria Fatima L. Gaupo, Michelle P.Abbas, Saadia S. Armiendo, Bethzaida A. Bibat, Maribel R. Casintahan, Gelia Z. De Roxas, Rachel Joy C. Eresima, Edilyn C. Geli, Rowena H.Abdon, Editha B. Arqueno, Sidney D. Bitalac, Nida Casis, Mariel M. De Vera, Senona Escalante, April Anne Gentindatu, JonathanAbellar, Marie Ann Janice D. Ascano, Shaleni S. Blanco, Bea Isabel B. Castelltort, Therese C. De Vera, Zulieca T. Esperancilla, Glaiza O. Goles, Keynvi M.Abitria, Mary Jane N. Asim, Zuhaira S. Boglosa, Joy C. Castillo, Bita B. Deabanico, Pamela Esperas, Kevin Paul S. Golucan, Stacey Anne C.Abriam, Amelia A. Aspiras, Diana A. Bonje, Raymond Angelo C. Castillones, Pinky B. Deguino, Fidela M. Espiritu, Carmelita D. Gonzaga, Janness M.Acena, Hani Girl C. Astillero, Ashton Jondalar Y. Bonsol, Clarita G. Cataya, Jevy C. Del Carmen, Delcristine E. Espiritu, Sarah Jane L. Gonzales, Liela D.Acha, Perlas M. Astrero, Arlene Borja, Alaine Noelle P. Catembung, Carilla Eimile Del Rosario, Jannelle C. Estacio, Joy Ann C. Gornez, Stella Marie B.Adanza, Marife C. Asuncion, Fe Bornales, Derlyn C. Catipon, Filipina E. Dela Cerna, Maricel A. Esteban, Frilyn Jane F. Gotico, Michelle C.Adaptar, Judith E. Asuncion, Leiz L. Borreta, Marilyn A. Celi, Ofelia T. Dela Cruz, Charisma M. Esteban, Janice M. Gozum, Emily F.Adaptar, Lourdes A. Atabelo, Roschel A. Bridwell, Khristine Marie P. Cerbo, Ana O. Dela Cruz, Kriscel R. Esteban, Leizel C. Granada, Florabelle C.Adriano, Ramon E. Atilano, Jaemarie E. Briones, Joselyn G. Challoy, Cleo C. Dela Cruz, Ma. Teresa D. Estimada, Divina B. Gualvez, RosieAdvincula, Eleonor Renee P. Aureno, Mylene C. Brocoy, Eleonor L. Changcoco, Nestor E. Dela Rosa, Billy Ruel P. Estrella, Aimee Rose Guanzon, Imelda Y.Agayan, Mylene F Avila, Annabelle G. Buela, Veronica C. Chantioco, Sally S. Dela Rosa, Jessica May P. Evangelista, Jelyn Guillermo, Annabel Lee A.Agrazamendez, Maureen D. Avila, Maria Chona D. Buenaobra, Editha S. Charles, Lina V. Dela Rosa, Joanne Cedie P. Fabro, Dyan N. Gumboc, Monaliza S.Aguilar, Delia R. Aviso, Teresita C Buljatin, Nonelyn G. Cheng, Guadalupe G. Dela Rosa, Lilian B. Felizarte, Leonila P. Gutierrez, Dixie B.Aguilar, Glenda M. Awini, Jerzel Kurt M. Bumatay, Melo Jean M. Chiong, Henriette O. Dela Torre, Ma. Silda L. Fernandez, Ma. Rudelyn E. Haber, Delia I.Aguinaldo, Bernarda B. Ayuste, Carolyn A. Bunag, Rodessa B. Chu, Jogie A. Delante, Ellen K. Ferrer, Marites M. Habibain, Nursia J.Ahmad, Heba A. Azada, Imelda Z. Bunagan, Mariam Joji T. Chu, Lolita M. Delfin, Annie A. Ferry, Ma. Dolores M. Hassan, Salimah P.Ahmad, Nurus-Samsie S. Azupardo, Jessica L. Bunda, Christine J. Clarito, Claudette Rachel L. Delfin, Mercy S. Fidel, Catherine D. Hernandez, AbigailAhmad, Sheha A. Babas, Esterlita T. Bureros, Angelita O. Claro, Fe A. Delgado, Aura June B. Flores, Annie A. Hernandez, Ma. Eloisa C.Albao, Ruth R. Babata, Glecie Anne C. Burias, Isagani C. Colis, Lenorie G. Delgado, Connie R. Flores, Glenda M. Hilario, Wendy Joy N.Albit, Alberto A. Badilla, Alfie T. Busto, Maria Cristina R. Collyer, Angelita S. Delgado, Jenelyn G. Flores, Gloribeth A. Hilarion, Angelica Amor D.Alcala, Maribel G. Bagallon, Marivic Cabangisan, Donna Fe J. Concepcion, Elis Maria V. Delima, Jonah P. Flores, Ma. Cristina P. Hipolito, Cherrylyn C.Alejandro, Sheryl C. Balaba, Ma. Cristina A. Cabanlit, Diana Ann H. Concessa, Noreen Delos Reyes, Aristeo T. Forcado, Evelyn J. Humol, Rosalinda B.Alfonso, Kristian Diane L. Balana, Sarah Jane M. Cabaya, Wilson B. Constantinopola, Carmen Demonteverde, Fedelina D. Framil, Eillen Rose Ibanez, Alma A.Algarme, Perla C. Balares, Amy Lyn B. Cabeguin, Aira Cordero, Meliza H. Deomampo, Ma. Leslie D. Francisco, Joecy H. Ibita, Analyn C.Ali, Mathniya S. Balboa, Rachel B. Cabilla, Lorna M. Cordova, Melissa O. Deroma, Imelda B. Francisco, Maria Editha B. Ilag, Flora D.LAlim, Annabelle F. Balingit, Marian Charis C. Cadiogan, Gina D. Cornejo, Princess Anne Loraine S. Diano, Theresa G. Franco, Mark Jayson D. Isidro, Agnes D.Alo, Glaiza Marie T. Balmes, Estelita Caguioa, Charm L. Cornelio, Aira Grace M. Diaz, Cherry Frias, Perla M. Jabillo, Leonora A.Alojado, Josefina A. Balolong, Sheryl V. Caguioa, Victor P. Correos, Orvi D. Diaz, Maria Cecilia D. Fronda, Anna Jabines, DaisyAlonsabe, Alfredo G. Jr. Bambico, Arcely M. Cajapin, Sheryll P. Costales, Mary Ann C. Diaz, Rose Cinthy Ann F. Gabisay, Arlina D. Jabines, MayAlquizola, Shiela Mae Banez, Aida P. Calma, Erlinda C. Costelo, Mila S. Dimaandal, Agnes Gabutin, Jenifer C. Jacob, Maria LorenaAltamirano, Aileen D. Banquil, Ma. Cecilia N. Calma, Ira Marisse D. Crayton, Catherine F. Dimaano, Sonia D. Gadon, Richel Mae C. Jakaria, Zheela A.Alvez, Melita D. Banzon, Mary Grace S. Calunsag, Maricar M. Cruz, Anna Mae M. Dimapilis, Nerissa N. Gagatam, Maylin S. Jalandoni, Jenny D.Amance, Rosendo M. Barrete, Rose Antoniette M. Camana, Cecille M. Cube, Robelyn Dioquino, Mary Rose R. Galinato, Maridel P. Jauculan, Jeralyn E.Ambray, Concepcion L. Barrientos, Benierose Campos, Leny Cuevas, Shenah Mae J. Diosana, Cherry May L. Galino, Rosemarie M. Jenalyn, Nasong Y.Amparo, Hazel B. Bartolome, Belinda V. Canabe, Edita O. Cunanan, Ella M. Dizon, Abigail D. Gallemit Jr., Vicente S. Jeng, VanessaAnagap, Katherine S. Basan, Imee Jean Canaya, Melinda P. Cunanan, Nympha B. Domondon, Marilou C. Gallentes, Ria B. Jimenez, Lalaine Melissa P.Andong, Venessa F. Basan, Nancy A. Caneda, Maria Luz Curato, Mary Ann A. Doroja, Carmencita C. Gallo, Ann Nerry E. Josol, Alta Crystal F.Andres, Girlie Marie Basco, Estela S. Canela, Erlinda E. Dablo, Geraldine C. Dotado, Magdalena C. Galvez, Juanessa A. Juan, John Lester F.Ang, Erlinda B. Basmayor, Roselle T. Canela, Jheo Ren Eyrlo E. Dacula, Aileene A. Dulnuan, Emilyne Galvez, Lea Jugas, Julita A.Angeles, Charissa S. Batoy, Lediya M. Canete, Raymond Alvic D. Dagdag, Irene Joy V. Dumanhog, Jessel F. Gam, Kristine A. Jumagdao, Imelda J.Aniano, Madona A. Bautista, Josephine G. Canlas, Joan Z. Daiz, Rosette B. Dumdum, Yvette C. Gan, Jeanice C. Jumawan, Agnes A.Annayo, Alma L. Bautista, Ludina G. Canlas, Lubeth T. Dalagan, Ma. Alona J. Dumulag, Clarisse Armie R. Ganoria, Cielito Gabriela P. Kadalum, Farisha E.Antivo, Ivy P. Bautista, Shirley O. Canon, Mayda M. Danan, Marnelie D. Dumulag, Winnie S. Garcia, Ann Loraine S. Kayan, Jona DAntonio, Ariel A. Bauzon, Jasmin Canoy, Aivee Dato, Cyrah Magnolia March A. Ebalin, Edelyn F. Garcia, Esther Ko, Josephine G.Apante, Maricel L. Baylon, Ruby V. Canson, Ofelia T. Dato, Merry Michelle D. Edem, Kristine O. Garcia, Ruby Kuo, Romelyn M.Aquiler, Maria Cristina P. Baysa, Edith S. Cao, Hao Yin David, Nenita R. Ediza, Hartesse S. Garrido, Joydee E. Labanza, Julie Ann P.Araneta, Recrita S. Baz, Gemma Linda A. Capiato, Caren E David, Rhea Elumba, Marian R. Gasendo, Jennipher P. Labiton, Joedelyn A.Arante, Lanie N. Becnan, Nojielyn Joy A. Capucion, Joyce J. De Guzman, Lerie V. Enobio, Mark Anthony N. Gasis, Ginalyn M. Labordo, Rachelle E.Arcinue, Monina N. Beltran, Delma B. Caritativo, Reina S. De Leon, Sherly Q. Enriquez, Jermane N. Gatcho, Sarah Jane L. Lacatan, JonathanArellano, Jesi Mae P. Benasa, Cristina A. Carpio, Czarina Whenona De Los Reyes, Pauline Joy A. Enriquez, Ma. Corazon R. Gauiran, Rodelyn P. Lacia, Mary Fe L. *alphabetical order
  • 22. Perfect StartNew Independent Beauty Consultants with minimum P8,000 personal retail sales in her first two weeks from start up date.*Perfect Start Achievers from November 16, 2011 – December 15, 2011Lacpao, Evelita C. Luzano, Cecille Monleon, Jenelyn D. Pascual, Maria Kristina T. Rieza, Rowena Sevilla, Mariel Jana P. Tingal, Lezette Ann G.Lacson, Myralee Cristy F. Mabanta, Marieta R Monsay, Mary Rose P. Patenio, Imelda F. Riola, Rubie Mae M. Sibug, Melody P. Tiongson, Analiza S.Lagman, Jhenny Lynne T. Mabasa, Michelle L. Monte, Jackie Lou M. Patoc, Sheena Joy R. Rivera, Kathleen Jane Silanga, Rachel M. Tizon, Charissa Belle T.Laguit, Vanessa T. Macabidang, Flordelis G. Monton, Vircelle D. Patricio, Hener V. Rivera, Ma. Lourdes Z. Silongan, Nhor Emra P. Tocloy, Anabelle G.Lalicon, Mary Jean N. Macalinao, Anna Liza P. Morales, Czendy D. Payuran, Pamela V. Rivera, Marjuneta F. So Chan, Danica Corazon D. Toledo, Elizabeth M.Laplana, Leanie S. Macalingay, Hazel Joy M. Moreno, Alma Mae M. Pediriso, Danilo F. Rivera, Rhea S. Soberano, Ninfa B. Tolentino, Alma A.Larot, Teresa C. Macapagal, Chiara Joy D. Moreno, Melanie H. Pellarada, Robert T. Rivera, Rosa F. Sobrevinas, Nora S. Tolentino, Evelyn N.Lauban, Nezzar Fahima Macapagal, Remedios P. Nacua, Ruth M. Perez De Tagle, Beatriz S. Rocili, Elsa R. Sol, Sheryl Tolentino, Julie AnnLava, Rowena R. Macaso, Jocelyn J. Naga, Rosario Perez, Edna M. Rodriguez, Diedy Q. Soller, Katherine Cates Tolentino, Mark R.Lavezares, Jennifer M. Madelo, Marites V. Naranjo, Catheriene Perez, Kristine Kay L. Rodriguez, Elsie M. Solomon, Gretchen Tormon, Janet M.Lawyan, Nyka M. Madsahipa, Sitti Jaliha D. Nepomuceno, Ruth T. Perez, Mariel M. Rodriguez, Michelle T. Somosierra, Laiza Ann V. Torrato, Mary Grace C.Layugan, Marie Pauline T. Magan, Edith S. Nermal, Liza O. Perez, Rizelyn D. Romagosa, Analyn Sonido, Micheele Lirio S. Torres, LorenaLazaga, Carol Ann P. Magcamit, Christine C. Nicanor, Alma T. Pimentel, Cindy B. Romero, Marivic V. Sonson, Melony C. Torres, MelodyLazaro, Necitas D. Magdayao, Caroline B. Nicolas, Maria Jasmine Pingol, Marivic O. Roque, Hazel Faye D. Soriano, Geraldine C Tubo, Santa B.Lee, Ma. Theresa O. Malabanan, Rowena M. Noble, Juvy R. Pingol, Sarah B. Roquino, Lilibeth E. Sotto, Regina A. Tulagan, Luciana D.Legados, Luz L. Malabuyoc, Anita P. Nono, Maria Shirly D. Pompa, Desiree May Roxas, Bleshilda P. Sta. Ana, Adolphus Jerald Tundag, Ma. Luz P.Leodones, Kristina E. Malcampo, Golda B Nunag, Michelle Z. Angelica A. Roxas, Drolah S. Sta. Maria, Lilibeth Tungol, CorinaLeona, Janice D. Mamuric, Opeza May A. Obed, Veronica L. Ponce, Camille Marie P. Rozul, Jeanette T. Suib, Tita B. Untalan, Edna Elizabeth G.Librero, Jennifer M. Mancol, Nida A. Obial, Luz Imsave P. Ponce, Rosalina Y. Ruaya, Rebecca Sumatra, Jemiha L. Urriza, Donna S.Licerio, Imelda M. Manlapaz, Ivy D. Oira, Maria Ynis T. Posada, Jenelyn P. Rull, Joanalisa G. Sumayang, Luzviminda A. Uy, Emmeline Joy C.Licup, Rezhane B. Manuel, Mark Anthony Z. Olaya, Rowena L. Preña, Sandy Russel, Emma O. Sunga, Jovelyn C. Uy, Zenaida B.Lim, Joan Nikki D. Manzanares, Ina A. Oling, Marife L. Publico, Noemi R. Sabal, Mardie Claire B. Sunga, Sheena L. Valderrama, Maria Rufina A.Lim, Ofelia R. Manzon, Marieta V. Olondriz, Maria Nikki Quemada, Maria Theresa Kristel B. Salado, Bernadine G. Supan, Carmencita R. Valencia, Rochelle F.Lim, Shirlyn T. Mapanao, Rosalind P. Ong, Claire P. Quiambao, Jean F. Salazar, Rhea L. Surpia, Janice A. Valencia, Shermelaine T.Lingan, Marilyn C. Mararac, Rubeline Joy C. Ong, Elsie P. Quijano, Ma. Connie D. Salcedo, Divina Joy C. Suson, Ghenerichi B. Vargas, ArabelleLiu, Jinling Marba, Mary Lizel D. Opanda, Arlyn J. Quindo, Diana Salindato, Noemi P. Sy, Maria Jocelyn C. Vargas, Genevieve G.Llames, Ella Mae F. Maribojo, Marivie S. Orilla, Jovencia D. Quindoza, Jocelyn F. Sallave, Marlon S. Tabinas, Mariejo P. Vasquez, Maricress G.Lobiano, Ligaya D. Marquez, Melanie J. Orillo, Lenida Rabaria, Lea Saludar, Merryl Reina P Tablang, Edna R. Vea, Lorelei L.Lojo, Ma. Victoria T. Masilungan, Ruth M. Orpia, Nancy Grace T. Rafols, Melanie G. Sampang, Almalyn K. Tabuena, Demie Marie G. Velasquez, Pricilla S.Lontoc, Mariebeth M. Masongsong, Liwanag D. Orpilla, Mybelle Marie Louise M. Ragos Ty, Dina Clara Sampang, April Michelle C. Tajanlangit, Lilia A. Velasquez, Yolanda K.Lopez, Cherry I. Mata, Michelle Mae S. Pacheco, Myrna S. Ramento, Crisologo R. Sampang, Ma. Katherina C. Tajolosa, Michelle H. Viajedor, Eljah Mila R.Lopez, Evelyn A. Mateo, Mary Grace G. Pada, Jemarie A. Ramento, Vanessa Joy N. Sampang, Sauda L. Taladucon, April Anne D. Vibal, Paulina NLopez, Kate Muriel B. Matillano, Lerma P. Padilla, Maricar Ramirez, Gemma C. Samson, Lalaine M Talavera, Arlene P. Vilar, Maricon A.Lopez, Maia M. Matunog, Josephine Pagulong, Decorosa S. Ramirez, Glenda E. Sanchez, Jonathan Talisic, Virginia D. Villa, Adelie Belle D.Lopez, Maylin G. Mauleon, Anneth Viviene A. Pakingan, Nenita F. Ramirez, Jenalyn G. Sanchez, Michelle C. Tamosa, Vivien Leigh V. Villaluz, MaureenLorca, Angelica S. Melegrito, Myrna L. Palana, Ma. Haide Ruby A. Ramos, Cherry Marie A. Santillan, Ma. Angelica F. Tan, Diana Villanueva, Michael B.Loria, Ma.Gracia E Mendoza, Aileen R. Palen, Charleymen M. Ramos, Dolores D. Santos, April Gay H. Tan, Gloria R. Villanueva, Myrna D.Lozano, Dedencia A. Mendoza, Ellen Joana Marie B. Palomo, Lorrilaine R. Ramos, Eden V. Santos, Jenaina Lee R. Tan, Jelline May B. Villanueva, Raquel O.Lozano, Eugene R. Mendoza, Joy D. Palongpalong, Josephine L. Ramos, Jasmin C. Santos, Marieta T. Tan, Roxanne M. Villarosa, Loraine Cecilia B.Lozano, Genevieve O. Mendoza, Sharon S. Panares, Sol B. Ramos, Kathrina M. Santoyo, Leonila G. Tanauan, Rachel G. Villatura, DaisyLozano, Mary Adeline P. Mercado, Jacqueline R. Panganiban, Mary Jane E. Rarela, Abby Sesanjura Marie J. Saraum, Anashiela P. Tangaha, Liera M. Villora, Evelyn C.Lucena, Charmy B. Mercado, Jennifer S. Pangilinan, Melissa Jane P. Razalan, Ma. Chona Saril, Ma. Rosafe Amelou V. Tanglao, Lara Volante, PrescilaLucero, Annabelle B. Mercado, Shirley G. Pantua, Mary Jane L. Reeves, Melanie R Sario, Romina S. Tano, Rachel Joy P. Wakasugi, Rutchel G.Luchana, Mary Lorny D. Merciales, Anicia Cecile A. Papa, Leda Ruth B. Remulla, Roshane Joyce E. Sarsona, Susana G. Tayco, Ginalyn D. Winterbottom, Jovy S.Lucido, Jacquelyn Venus P. Mier, Carmel Mildred F. Papa, Shiela T. Reyes, Ethel F. Sawali, Cristyl O. Tecson, Fernalet G. Yaoyao, Jocelyn C.Lugtu, Rose Ann Glenda S Millendez, Renalyn Pardilla, Kate Eleanor T. Reyes, Liza E. Sayon, Amelia S. Tecson, Janine Mae Yauna, Susana P.Lumata, Filomena S. Miranda, Brenda Mae A. Pasana, Marilyn Q. Reyes, Marga M. Sazon, Gina H. Tenerife, Lecile Jane A. Yu, Rhodora D.Lumayag, Cecilia A. Molo, Joy Ced M. Pascua, Connie C. Reyes, Maribell C. Senen, Riza Testigo, Remedios G. Zafe, SherylLumboy, Rosemarie N. Monaren, Estrella C. Pascua, Vernalyn S. Ricaborda, Stella G. Sequitin, Angelita B. Timpahan, Elsa K. Zurita, Edwin C.Luna, Arlene S. Mondano, Ericka Mae O. Pascual, Ma. Ana C. Ricaforte, Raychell Anne F. Serion, Noll J. Tindoy, Hazel Ann L. *alphabetical order*New Consultant Bonus Program Top Sales Director with most number of(NCB) Achievers - September 2011 batch NCB AchieversIndependent Beauty Consultants who successfully completed the Sales Director Cherry May BautistaNew Consultant Bonus program (months 1-4)Abaygar, Sally P. Aguilar, Aurora M. Ancheta, Alma Perlita R. Ballester, Emilou M. Brodeth, Eva T. Cadigal, Jenalyn G. Castro, Francia P.Abelgas, Melugean S. Aguinaldo, Petcheclaire G. Andaya, Analene C Barangan, Marilyn S. Bucayu, Lorna T. Caingcry, Crystel L. Catubig, Merly M.Abesamis, Joy O. Alcantara, Remmycel G. Andrade, Agnes P. Baronda, Joselita B. Buctuan, Kristy Lyn C. Calatrava, Vanessa B. Chan, Marietta T.Abiada, Jessica B Alegria, Lorenzo P. Ang, Josephine A. Basan, Maria Cristina C. Bujatin, Ana Rhea P. Caluag, Teresita C. Chavez, Maria Lourdes R.Abiera, Norie Jane M. Alejandro, Aple Lyn A. Apelo, Maria Esperanza M. Bascon, Maria Corazon M. Bunye, Anelie B. Capunfuerza, Elleine Joy V. Cocamas, Mary Rose P.Abrahan, Emmaflor R. Alger, Mary Ann O. Apolonio, Marites E. Basir, Amor S. Bustamante, Baby Rose P. Carag, Violeta P Conge, Teresita R.Absenares, Ma. Lourdes T Ali, Dearyll Meriam P. Apostol, Raquel V Bautista, Divina O. Caballes, Maria Cherryl B. Caranto, Grazelle C. Cumigad, Luz F.Abubo, Leslie Anne L. Almazar, Joel P Aragon, Fe E. Benipayo, Jereza Anne A. Cabanero, Josefina N. Carino, Filipina B. Curacho, Yemma B.Abueva, Antonette L. Almerino, Racquel A. Aragon, Karla Marie M. Benito, Cherry Grace U. Cabatic, Charity B. Carongay, Janet B. Dadulo, Rosario L.Adino, Carina A. Altea, Bernadette D. Arceo, Perlas G. Bernaldez, Joy Ruth D. Cabayan, Rosel D. Carpiso, Carina A. Dandal, Bernardita C.Aganan, Mauren M. Alvaro, Henedina P. Articuna, Estela Mae B. Blane, Yzhyl Lois G. Cabigting, Lory L. Carredo, Gay P. Daquio, Shanemie Carelle O.Agcaoili, Sheila Marie M. Amboayan, Rheylyn Joy L. Aureo, Alberto S. Boclot, Maricel L. Cabral, Jannette L. Carvajal, Flora C. Dato, Delia E.Aglubat, Michelle V Amodia, Marilou B. Balba, Nenita C Borja, Perla M. Cabrillas, Alfredo R. Casantosan, Elizabeth D. Dayo, Mayleen CAguila, Lorie Laine S. Anceno, Marianne B. Balina, Grace T. Borromeo, Ma. Yolanda Cabudbod, Marilyn D. Castillon, Teresita M. De Leon, Jasmin T. *alphabetical order
  • 23. *New Consultant Bonus Program (NCB) Achievers - September 2011 batchIndependent Beauty Consultants who successfully completed the New Consultant Bonus program (months 1-4)De Leon, Marina M. Gales, Juvy R. Lazaro, Preciosa B. Mercullo, Ana Carmela V. Palo-ay, Nejerose V. Rico, Edna C. Tajanlangit, Karen T.Dean, Amelia R. Galvan, Yvonne Grace D.C. Ledesma, Ariane S. Metila, Eleanor L. Palomar, Davie Ariane P. Rico, Olive M. Tapang, Anna Erlinda P.Decena, Mary Cheryl B Gamboa, Anielyn M. Legaspi, Cristy Love V. Milar, Marlon C. Pangilinan, Irene M. Rivera, Ross Ann B. Tolentino, Rexy L.Dela Costa, Nikki Faye C. Gamuyao, Sheila Marie M Lelis, Criselda T. Mirhan, Melvin S. Pantinople, Amalia A. Roa, Sherlie A. Tongol, Miaflor S.Dela Pena, Muriel J Gane, Zarina T. Lestojas, Josseth L. Montada, Olivia L. Pantinople, Jessa Mae A. Roman, Wilhelmina L. Tuba, Mary Michelle Y.Dela Vega, Evelyn L Garcia, Cristy C. Licudan, Merlin N. Montecino, Maricris B. Papa, Pamela Faith R. Romero, Nikki Zandra M. Tuba, Rose May Y.Delloro, Ma. Patricia D. Garcia, Jennifer C. Lim, Daisy Mae F. Monteverde, Helen Evangeline Q. Papa, Shaira T. Roto, Roselina M. Uriarte, Maria Ethel C.Delos Reyes, Hilda L. Gentiloso, Rhea Michelle D. Lim, Jane Grace D. Musngi, Imelda C. Parcon, Shirley Z. Ruiz, Emerald B. Uy, Virginita FDinzon, Mary Ann E. Gimotea, Johanna V. Locloc, Arcene B. Namangcayao, Ruth F. Pardo, Marycor T. Rumbines, Jenibith P. Valdez, Rizalina V.Diputado, Genara C. Gloria, Noraida F. Locsin, Victoria V. Namoro, Catherine S. Parreno, Linda M. Sabater, Cynthia L. Valmoria, Nova C.Domantay, Claire Anne M. Gonzales, Cynthia S Lopez, Marilyn M. Narciso, Alea C. Partos, Amor A. Salazar, Elizabeth S. Velarde, Loraine Ann D.Duavis, Marilyn C. Hirsan, Loida M Lucero, Dinah Marie L. Natuil, Aileen Rose A. Patio, Joan G. Samar, Mercy C. Velasco, Susana C.Dumondon, Leonida S. Hudtohan, Renee C. Luzares, Ma. Losela Hanel A. Oamerga, Winnie P. Pearson, Shiela Mar M. Samonte, Lota M. Velasco, Wulfida BEata, Analyn A. Inocente, Oscar M. Mabaquio, Ma. Lourdes Z. Obenieta, Daisy Jane P. Pederio, Cindy P. Santiago, Aldine r Venoya, Alve E.Edrosa, Rafunzel G. Jabilles, Jenny B Macahilig, Aida M. Obial, Ma. Lourdes P. Pena, Vivian V Santos, Mary Ann E. Vergara, Diana S.Empeno, Ma. Florifess O. Jamotillo, Rechilda B. Madrilejos, Marisa A. Oblefias, Marissa P. Peraman, Louzle Ann C. Santos, Milba S. Vergara, Sharon EEscodilla, Ann Glace L. Javier, Jean E. Madula, Rosemarie S. Ochea, Annalle A. Picpican, Rhoda B. Selves, Jayson B. Vicada, Niza C.Esguerra, Lonie P. Javier, Shelly N. Magallanes, Charleen Anne G. Olatic, Kristine Grail S. Pilapil, Angel Lhynne N. Sese, Ramina R. Vicente, Joyce A.Estorninos, Ruby Ann S. Jones, Ellen Grace P. Magbanua, Emilia Jourdanne S. Olimberio, Ma. Chona S. Piolo, Merlie S. Sia, Argie Belle R. Villanueva, Flora Nina D.Evangelista, Nemia M Jose, Eleanor P. Malit, Corazon V. Ong, Maria Teresa A. Policarpio, Laura G. Sibag, Amelia P. Villanueva, Myrna A.Fajarito, Romasita F. Kabigting, Dhianne Angelyn L. Manlapaz, Glenda R Ordona, Sonna Luz L. Pontejos, Michelle B. Sievert, Mary Valerie L. Villarosa, Geraldine C.Famitangco, Neriza R. Kane, Maria Karen G. Mantalaba, Elpidio Jr. C Ornedo, April Anne C. Postrano, Robie R. Sigue, Jocelle B. Villavicencio, Anselma T.Felicano, Veronica R. Kono, Jo An A. Mantukan, Nasser C. Orot, Analita B. Presto, Maria Del Soccoro F. Silva, Richard B. Vistal, Yolanda D.Feliciano, Elizabeth E. Kurose, Irene S. Mariano, Marilyn G. Osabel, Johna May S. Quiambao, Caroline B. Sitoy, Joera Bell M. Vizconde, Jen Louie M.Ferrer, Rowena A Labiste, Angelita F. Marquez, Kenneth R. Osorio, Mary Jane G. Ramento, Leoncio R. Sual, Ivy O. Voloso, Mylene G.Flores, Raygilyn O. Lagonsin, Haycel Y. Mata, Leonida B. Pacheco, Shirley B. Ramos, Kristine R. Suan, Lhealyn A. Wong, Nelson F.Floresca, Millian S. Lagrisola, Angee La Marie U. Mata, Ma. Luisa A. Padillo, Nenita D. Ramos, Maria Rossana M. Sumaday, Gennie T. Wong, Shella Marie F.Forteza, Jocelyn D. Lanante, Luzviminda D. Mata, Michelle Ann S.W. Pagente, Apolinaria V. Ramos, Michelle L Sumail, Elizabeth E. Yang, Antonieta A.Francisquete, Emelyn B Laqui, Celina T. Mendoza, Lourdes Sheila S. Pagsolingan, Katherine M. Ras, Alicia R Sumalpong, Joan S. Zambrano, Lilibeth B.Gabisan, Gizzale B Lascuna, Rustica S. Mentoy, Essel Lovely A. Pagsuyuin, Maricel S Reunir, Lelia M. Taa, Lilibeth F. Zamora, Vangeline S.Gafate, Jenette C. Lauronilla, Arlene F. Mera, Mary Ann M. Paladipen, Minda S. Revita, Simonette P. Tagab, Virginia E. *alphabetical orderGalang, Mary Ann S. Laylo, Marilyn C Merciales, Ma. Rusylinda C. Palaginog, Amor O. Reyes, Edita U. Tagle, Soledad O.Ladder of Success Independent Beauty Consultants who achieved star consultant status by achieving a minimum personal retail sales in Mary Kay from October to December 2011.EMERALDAbinsay Jr., Armando M. Chu, Jogie A. Gales, Juvy R. Laggui, Marissa C. Mesia, Remelyn P. Pera, Jocelyn C. Simeon, VictoriaAdriatico, Grace C. Cordero, Janette B. Galvez, Elsa B. Lanzaderas, Hernani B. Monares, Sheila A. Pilar, Luzmile O. Sugimoto, Lycil G.Aganon, Eugenia DL Cordero, Mary Jane B. Galvez, Juanessa A. Laylo, Marilyn C Mondano, Alma O. Pornobe, Ma.Salvacion M. Sumail, Elizabeth E.Alejo, Ma. Evelyn R. Cornejo, Yvonne E. Gesmundo, Renelyn B. Loloy, Letecia T. Montada, Olivia L. Rafal, Rona Mima B. Tacandong, Karen M.Aragon, Malou M. Dato, Merry Michelle D. Gimotea, Janice V. Luces, Annamae Carissa Nacpil, Rosel L. Rajaya, Maryam Taronas, Herminia L.Basilan, Amalia R. De Torres, Dianna Rose M. Grapa, Rosemarie P. Madarazo, Delia Nama, Viernalyn M. Ramones, Virginia Torrelavega, Aida T.Bataclan, Jealine V. Dellosa, Daisy D. Guerrero, Rhona Lyn M. Mallari, Suzette C. Narag, Catalina A. Ramos, Michelle L Torres, Jassleen L.Biag, Chaermayne C. Duran, Maria Linda Inciong, Raquel Patricia O. Manago, Janet D. Nicandro, Charisma M. Rey, Elsie P. Torres, Rosalie M.Cabudbod, Marilyn D. Dy, Corazon T. Inciong, Victoria Debbie S. Manaoat, Magdalena C. Odonnell, Precila L. Reyes, Adela B. Uy, Salvacion R.Canabe, Richael A. Ebol, Ma. Paz O. Isles, Marina V. Manaog, Delia B. Orpilla, Fredarene T. Reyes, Loyda Valderia, Lorenz F.Capunfuerza, Elleine Joy V. Enriquez, Orlyn M. Jabel, Celedonia P. Medina, Barbara C. Osorio, Mary Jane G. Reyes, Maria Angela G. Villegas, Via Loryne G.Carganilla, Nelcie M. Estepa, Virginia T. Jabillo, Leonora A. Melendres, Michelle Pagador, Jaziz Chris G. Rosit, Hazel Joy L. Yu, GeorgianaCasis, Rowena Y. Feliciano, Elizabeth E. Jamotillo, Rechilda B. Mendoza, Ellen Joana Marie B. Pena, Vivian V Roto, Arbel P. *alphabetical orderCena, Marites P. Fernandez, Rachel Joy Jimlan, Gay T. Menes, Maricel R. Pensoy, Joylene C. Sepnio, Rosanna A.DIAMONDAgustin, Charlotte O. Ang, Kresta P. Caballes, Maria Cherryl B. Digo, Rizia S. Laruan, Reneron A. Obed, Veronica L. Tayag, Vivian R.Agustin, Sonia O. Apresurado, Leizel W. Caoyonan, Bella C. Fuentes, Germeline O. Magtoto, Marissa J. Ramos, Cherry Marie A. Tolentino, Jeanifer R.Alejandro, Aple Lyn A. Bautista, Normita A. Capilastique, Chrisadel B. Kun, Jemille Ann D. Manalo, Marilou L. Revita, Simonette P. Torres, Irma M.Anceno, Marianne B. Bridwell, Khristine Marie P. Caraig, Teresita T. Labayne, Ivy C. Manliquez, Lorelyn A. Tamayo, Jocelyn A. Tsurumi, Cherry Z. Villanueva, Flora Nina D. *alphabetical orderRUBYAbrenica, Maritess P. Cabales, Ana Liza A. Garcia, Eva M. Inocente, Oscar M. Mamaril, Josefina Papa, Shaira T. Taa, Lilibeth F.Amora, Genevieve D. Dayo, Mayleen C Gillego, Gracia G. Jolorte, Rebecca C. Manalo, Katherine A. Peconada, Ana Liza T. Tagalinao, Leah G.Ang, Pamela Pauline M. De La Torre, Leona Lynn V. Go, Mikhaela Gabrielle DY Jose, Elena S. Manga, Kenneth R. Pepito, Marianne Gay P. Tamayo, Rochelle P.Balina, Grace T. Dela Cruz, Marlyn C. Golpo, Vanessa T. Kane, Maria Karen G. Montecillo, May C. Policarpio, Laura G. Tenerife, Lecile Jane A.Basilio, Cherry Lyn Ferrer, Rowena A Grefalda, Johanna C. Lidasan, Rhea Jane C. Nacario, Rowena T. Quiambao, Maria Lorievic V. Tongol, Miaflor S.Bassam Abdi, Laiela R. Flores, Imelda M. Gulosino, Eva T. Lopez, Raychiel C. Olpindo, Editha B. Rodriguez, Ma. Monica S. Ventura, Elizabeth D.Borja, Perla M. Galvan, Rowena D. Holganza, Imelda Georgia G. Macahilig, Aida M. Opalla, Bernadita M. Sumalpong, Joan S. Zosa, Gemma P. *alphabetical orderSAPPHIREAbella, Delia Albit, Alberto A. Aquino, Ma. Editha F. Belza, Eunice A. Cahoy, Cecile A. Catap, Perlita O. Cuartero, Farrah E.Abueva, Antonette L. Alcaide, Maria Lenny J. Arao, Gemma C. Bien, Ruth R. Calderon, Janice S. Clado, Ellen G. Cumigad, Luz F.Aganan, Mauren M. Aliba, Maria Fe V. Arellano, Jesi Mae P. Bonnevie, Dahlian C. Canlas, Aileen A. Clarito, Julieta D. De Leon, Sherly Q.Aglubat, Michelle V Anagap, Katherine S. Bagolbagol, Blessedee Marie M Cabanag, Genalyn C. Capaoan, Ardelyn A. Concepcion, Bella U. De Lugar, Ma. Annie A.Aguila, Lorie Laine S. Andong, Venessa F. Balboa, Rachel B. Cabello, Analesa H. Carilla, Tina O Cruz, Janina Celine M. Dela Cruz, Ann Lorraine R.Aguirre, Junelyn B. Antoque, Monic G. Baltazar, Noemi Theresa O. Cabrera, Myra Joana T. Castillo, Liezel P. Cruz, Susan M. Delante, Ellen K. *alphabetical order
  • 24. SAPPHIRE Delfin, Rosalinda B. Gabat, Sherelyn F. Laquian, Judy R. Navarro, Maribel T. Palo-ay, Nejerose V. Ritualo, Marsha B. Tan, Marissa D. Diamse, Jhasmine B. Galza, Edna G. Lavadia, Lowena A. Navera, Diana G. Palomado, Diamayma S. Ruiz, Emerald B. Teng, Ma. Jinky Elizabeth L. Dimaano, Ma. Rebecca O. Garsuta, Angelica G. Ligan, Vanezza D. Nohara, Ma. Luisa C. Palomares, Patria C. Samera, Luz A. Terre, Lennie A. Dimaya, ruby P. Gellecanao, Ana Marie D. Macatigos, Nory A. Norcio, Madonna T. Pambid, Olivia P. Samillano, Honey Lyn P. Tolentino, Emmylou C. Dimson, Ma. Prias C Gonzales, Marlene S. Manalo, Mary Ann O. Nunag, Rachelle D Pandita, Noreena B. Santos, Josie D. Tumbokon, Ma. Lourdes E. Dumadapat, Joann Mae C. Guintu, Rochelle Lynn C. Maniquil, Czarina M. Obenieta, Daisy Jane P. Pascua, Virgie P. Sardea, Amelia T. Uriarte, Maria Ethel C. Ediza, Hartesse S. Hingco, Alelyn B. Marquez, Kenneth R. Olatic, Sani B. Pederio, Cindy P. Selves, Jayson B. Velasquez, Valerie Joanne M. Espinosa, Francia R. Ibita, Sonia A. Mendoza, Lourdes Sheila S. Onayan, Rosalie S. Pediriso, Danilo F. Sevilla, Ma. Dalia M. Vistal, Yolanda D. Espirituoso, Christine Imperial, Valerie Camille A Mercado, Joana G. Origenes, Glenda G. Peralta, Maricar P. Silva, Richard B. Voloso, Mylene G. Esteban, Janice M. Jailani, Ajija S. Miguel, Lailane D. Orilla, Girlie G. Peraman, Louzle Ann C. Sobremisana, Virginia S. Yu, Danielle Lei Y. Flores, Mary Grace C. Jalando-on, Hermely A. Mirano, Jasmin Osabel, Johna May S. Pigoh, Wenddy Sta. Maria, Lilibeth Yu, Wilna Rose U. Forteza, Jocelyn D. Lagrisola, Angee La Marie U. Molina, Aiza B. Pabustan, Alenie C. Quejada, Velvet E. Sto Domingo, Chona B. Zagala, Kristyl C. Francisquete, Emelyn B Laigo, Lovely Joy O. Molina, Ronela S. Pacheco, Myrna S. Ramos, Josefina D. Tagab, Virginia E. *alphabetical order Franco, Lani M. Lanzanas, Mary Grace C. Musngi, Imelda C. Padilla, Katrina Janine Rendon, Rogeilyn Tagle, Soledad O. Fuerzas, Socorro M. Lapay, Catherine P. Narisma, Arlene D. Esmeralda M. Rimando, Lorna B. Tan, Jeanette G. Ladder of Success Sales Directors with 4, 6, 8, 10 more Ladder of Success Achievers in Mary Kay from October to December 2011. EMERALD DIAMOND RUBY SAPPHIRE Ceña, Marites P. Cahoy, Cecile A. Ebol, Ma. Paz O. Apad, Crecilia R. Dela Paz, Jeanie B. Guintu, Rochelle Lynn C. Simeon, Victoria Hubahib, Virginia P. Bonjoc, Dinah C. Dequina, Filda S. Inciong, Victoria Debbie S. Tamayo, Rochelle P. Magtoto, Marissa J. Concepcion, Bella U. Dimla, Amelia D. Jose, Elena S. Tan, Jeanette G. Pambid, Olivia P. Cornejo, Yvonne E. Gesmundo, Renelyn B. Luces, Annamae Carissa *alphabetical order Reyes, Charito C. Cruz, Susan M. Guerrero, Anna Gayle Nohara, Ma. Luisa C. Del Corro, Marita Guerrero, Rhona Lyn M. Palomino, Angeli *First Time Senior Consultants for December 2011 Independent Beauty Consultants with 1 to 2 active team members for the first time in a given month. Abella, Rhonamer C. Badal, Yolanda C. Constantinopola, Carmen Ganga Ey, Beatriz B. Mama-o, Papalah C. Pepito, Marianne Gay P. Seow, Marisa S. Abina, Ma. Josephine P. Bagallon, Marivic Cruz, Maureen R. Gano, Joyce L. Mapanao, Rosalind P. Pinpin, Cherry P. Sequitin, Angelita B. Abon, Rose Ann MArie P. Bambao, Ginalyn G. Curacho, Yemma B. Gonzales, Joanna Rosse A. Marana, Donna Fe C. Pinpin, Ruby C. Soledad, Magdalena E. Alacar, May C. Barangan, Marilyn S. De los Reyes, Shanon Q. Grefalda, Johanna C. Marquez, Francis John D. Protacio, Irene M. Tagab, Virginia E. Albit, Alberto A. Barrientos, Benierose Del Rosario, Lyndon C. Hermogeno, Jennifer Martinez, Nick M. Rafols, Melanie G. Tagle, Soledad O. Alfonso, Laurie Anne S Bassam Abdi, Laiela R. Del Rosario, Nora C. Ignacio, Clarisse D.R. Mendoza, Lourdes Sheila S. Ramos, Ma. Eleonor T. Tan, Jelline May B. Ali, Dearyll Meriam P. Beltran, Delma B. Dela Cruz, Charisma M. Ignacio, Mary Ann P. Mendoza, Mary Chiles T Refugio, Marites G. Topia, Jack V. Amparo, Hazel B. Bunye, Anelie B. Delfin, Annie A. Juan, Cezar Jr. C. Mentoy, Essel Lovely A. Regaspi, Jasmine C. Torres, Rosalie M. Ancino, Joan Paula B. Bustamante, Baby Rose P. Delgado, Connie R. Lagrimas, Liza Gina E. Mera, Mary Ann M. Remulla, Filipina M. Trijo, Maria Lourdes G. Andong, Venessa F. Caballero, Ana Lyn L. Delloro, Ma. Patricia D. Lamoste, Modesta S. Meron, Eliza V. Rentillo, Rosie V. Urriza, Donna S. Ang, Kresta P. Caballes, Debbie M. Dumulag, Winnie S. Lauronilla, Arlene F. Musngi, Imelda C. Reyes, Marinet S. Villa, Adelie Belle D. Annayo, Alma L. Cabanag, Genalyn C. Escobar, Janet S. Lazan, Lordelyn P. Narag, Catalina A. Reyes, Valeryia Wong, Shella Marie F. Ansay, Sheila May S. Cabanlit, Diana Ann H. Fajardo, Lovely Ann D. Lazaro, Preciosa B. Narciso, Alea C. Rioja, Purificacion R. Yanson, Lilybeth V. Aqui, Marilyn A. Cabatic, Charity B. Fermo, Rubia M. Legaspi, Gloria M. Pagente, Apolinaria V. Rotil, Sarah Joanne R. *alphabetical order Arellano, Jesi Mae P. Camana, Cecille M. Galang, Leocadia Rosita B. Lucero, Dinah Marie L. Palana, Ma. Haide Ruby A. Salado, Bernadine G. Argonia, Araceli Capilastique, Chrisadel B. Gales, Juvy R. Macahilig, Aida M. Pamintuan, Pomona A. Santiaguel, Victorina C. Astrero, Arlene Catipon, Filipina E. Gallarde, Virginia E. Magarao, Emraida P. Pasana, Marilyn Q. Santos, Eleanor S. *First Time Group Leaders for December 2011 *First Time Future Sales Directors for December 2011Independent Beauty Consultants with 3 to 4 active team members for the first time in a given month. Independent Beauty Consultants with 8 or more active personal members for the first time in a given month. Asuncion, Ma. Fe Gonimil, Rosanna B. Prescillas, Tarcianita B. Cabudbod, Marilyn D. Enriquez, Orlyn M. Rimando, Lorna B. Bondoc, Maria Janilyn Guevarra, Raquel A. Pun-an, Christne Canabe, Richael A. Onayan, Rosalie S. Taa, Lilibeth F. Cabrillas, Alfredo R. Maliwat, Fe Perla Rafanan Rosit, Hazel Joy L. Dato, Merry Michelle D. Reyes, Maria Angela G. *alphabetical order Canela, Erlinda E. Mapayo, Vicente Ernecito T. Seva, Agnes F. Castillon, Teresita M. Ochoco, Rowena C. Sevilla, Ma. Dalia M. Dalandag, Baimona P. Olatic, Sani B. Taleon, Gugma C. Escobar, Adora T. Orpia, Nancy Grace T. Tenerife, Lecile Jane A. Gloria, Noraida F. Pao, Divina Grace S. Villanueva, Gemma I. *Red Jacket University Graduates for December 2011 Gomonit, Nellen Marie P. Pornobe, Ma.Salvacion M. *alphabetical order Antonio, Marites V. Enriquez, Orlyn M. Reyes, Maria Angela G. Argonia, Araceli Go, Rhodora C. Rimando, Lorna B. *First Time Team Leaders for December 2011 Cinco, Crisanette Luz C. Mapayo, Vicente Ernecito T. Sugimoto, Lycil G.Independent Beauty Consultants with 5 to 7 active team members for the first time in a given month. Delos Santos, Rachelle Anne J. Marquez, Kenneth R. Villanueva, Maria Alida G. Diaz, Lorelie Mirano, Jasmin Zosa, Gemma P. Abella, Vicenta B. Fernandez, Rachel Joy Mercado, Shirley G. Dimaano, Ma. Rebecca O. Palomino, Eulou Isobelle M. *alphabetical order Asuque, Leonora B. Jatico, Jean D. Orilla, Girlie G. Caballes, Maria Cherryl B. Jimlan, Gay T. Palo-ay, Nejerose V. Dapiton, Devie Grace V. Manaoat, Magdalena C. Trasmonte, Jean J. Davis, Marlene C. Melendes, Michelle *alphabetical order Top Sales Director with the most number of ESRS graduates for “Your goal must become an obsession in your mind. December 2011 We have to run after the goal of our choice persistently – *alphabetical orderand with enthusiasm – and let nothing stand in our way.” - Mary Kay Ash Senior Sales Director Dinah Bonjoc MARY KAY (PHILS), INC. QUEZON CITY DAVAO CITY CEBU CITY ZAMBOANGA CITY 2nd Floor Allegro Center, 2nd floor Shoppes@Victoria Ground Floor, Philam Life Ground Floor, Cebu Capitol Commercial Complex 2nd Floor, YPC Building 2284 Pasong Tamo Ext., Makati City Victoria Towers, Timog corner Rizal Street, Davao City N. Escario Street, Bgy. Camputhaw, Cebu City Veterans Avenue, 7000 Zamboanga City Panay Avenue, Quezon City Tel. Nos: (02) 859-6200/859-MARY Tel. Nos: (02) 371-8355 Tel. Nos: (082) 224-5956 Tel. No: (032) 254-8081 Tel. No: (062) 992-6222 Fax No: (02) 859-6299 (02) 371-8322 Fax No: (032) 253-4661 Email: