Monitoring Social Media to Create WOW Moments


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  • 5 Reasons Why You Need to Monitor the Social Media LandscapeSocial media has provided consumers with the power to influence one another's purchasing decisions by sharing and rating customer experiences on social media outlets. With millions of conversations happening on social networking sites, it's crucial for companies to monitor the social landscape and tactically join the online conversation when appropriate. Here are five reasons why your company needs to monitor social media:
  • Your customers are talking about youBy monitoring the social landscape, you have the opportunity to discover what consumers are saying about your brand to their online community. Listening can provide insight on why some consumers are hesitant to purchase your products, and give your company the opportunity to create a WOW experience that would help them overcome their indecision. With over 250 million blogs in the social media landscape, this is no easy task. However, it's absolutely critical that brands are finding the relevant, actionable conversations. New tools, such as Social CRM, and technologies simplify this process.
  • Improve customer experienceSmartphones have increased the need to monitor social media as consumers now have instant access to a large audience that they can share a negative experience with. Engaging consumers online by answering questions, solving problems and providing feedback, strengthens the company's relationship with their target audience and prevents crises.
  • Establish yourself as an industry expertParticipating in social media conversations allows companies to set the industry standard. Through insightful recommendations and information, people will view your company as knowledgeable and trustworthy. More consumers will include your company in their purchase decision process as your reputation as an industry expert grows.
  • Monitoring Social Media to Create WOW Moments

    1. 1. MONITORING SOCIAL MEDIA TO CREATE WOW In a recent article titled “Your Good Name”, Lodging Magazine discussed the importance of social media monitoring to discover and address unfavorable feedback on hotel experiences. The article detailed how a Miami hotel was able to turn an unhappy customer back into a regular customer again through the quick discovery of a customer’s negative feedback on a hotel review website. The unsatisfied customer was not ignored, but was given individual attention by the general manager of the hotel which repaired the customer’s impression of the hotel. MOMENTS
    2. 2. Hotel review websites and social media have amplified the impact of word-of-mouth marketing on the hospitality industry. Guests have 24/7/365 access to a seemingly endless online community where they can share positive and negative experiences. Responding to social media posts gives companies a second chance to save brand reputation. However, there are thousands of consumer ranking websites and more than 250 million blogs and forums filled with conversations to monitor. Discovering relevant conversations and utilizing social to amplify the customer experience takes the right balance of strategy and technology. WORD-OF-MOUTH MARKTING
    3. 3. This hotel example provided above gives an excellent example of how monitoring social media can provide a proactive customer experience. Recognizing an issue and addressing it before it escalades is crucial in the hospitality industry as 87% of hotel review readers said reviews influenced their purchase. With such a large impact on consumers’ purchasing decision, businesses must monitor social media to maintain positive brand image and reviews. But, most hospitality businesses do not have the proper social media monitoring and engagement technology or strategy to efficiently interact with customers. IMPACT OF PEER REVIEW
    4. 4. So who should be responsible for monitoring social media? The article states the entire hotel staff should be responsible for a company’s online reputation. According to an independent study conducted by PhoCusWright, 84% of survey participants felt a response from a hotel improved their impression of the company. However, monitoring can be time-consuming and difficult to develop a consistent branding strategy. MANAGING REPUTATION
    5. 5. DEVELOPING STRATEGY There is a lot to consider when developing a social media strategy around the customer experience. Join Customer Experience Executive Lauren Ziskie and Hospitality Veteran Bobby Matthews as they discuss social media best practices and the impact on the hospitality industry during a free webinar being held of July 24th, 2 – 3 p.m., How to Innovate Your Guest Experience to Create WOW Moments. Attendees will learn how to improve consumers’ brand perception through a personalized social media experience. Register for the free webinar