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B2B Inside Sales Support is a full start to finish sales program led by a team of sales professionals. We manage the entire process from generating the leads all the way through closing the sale and following up. We have created a true sales-driven culture focused on winning together, because your success is a team responsibility.

The sales team has daily huddles each morning to discuss effective strategies, best practices, benefit statements, and innovative ways to overcome any objections of your product. Such collaborations help hone our message to the customer and ensure our communications are aligned with market feedback.

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B2B Inside Sales

  1. 1. END TO END B2B INSIDE SALES Dialogue Marketing’s outsourced B2B inside sales support is an end to end sales process. The entire process, from generating leads to closing the sale and following up, is handled by our team of sales professionals. We pride ourselves on our clients’ growth because our success is dependent on our clients’ success. Dialogue Marketing has created a sales-driven culture to reiterate our goal of succeeding together.
  2. 2. Our B2B inside sales philosophy was developed with an emphasis on relationship selling. Relationship selling establishes trust and builds a relationship with the prospect every time they are contacted. Leads are assigned to an agent, so one representative is making each contact throughout the sales process. To further the customer experience, our B2B inside sales team leverages the benefits of a multi-channel strategy. B2B INSIDE SALES TECHNIQUES
  3. 3. RECRUITING FOR B2B INSIDE SALES When recruiting for your program, we will work together with your team to determine the profile of the target candidate. We don’t assume that all sales people are created equal and that any call center agent can handle sales programs. Our recruiting success is heavily influenced by our behavioral base interviewing system, known as STAR (Situation Task Action Result). This system features customized interview guides that focus on performance/behavioral interviews.
  4. 4. B2B inside sales service is a cost effective solution to increasing sales in a timely manner. Our sales program has numerous benefits for our clients including: • End to end B2B inside sales process • Highly skilled sales professionals • Our sales representatives are knowledge brand advocates – not script readers • Performance based compensation motivates agents to succeed • Reduce cost and risk of expanding your business BENEFITS OF B2B INSIDE SALES
  5. 5. To learn more about improving customer service through social media monitoring call us at 800.523.5867 or contact us. STEPS NEXT
  6. 6. THANK YOU