Turkish Music


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Turkish Music

  1. 1. Turkish MusicCultureTurkeys cultural history consists of a richcombination of different cultures. Since Turkey lies onthe axis of the Eastern and Western cultures you canfeel the rythms of both cultures while listening to ourmusic.Turkish music can be classified as Turkish folkmusic, Turkish classical music, Turkish pop music,Turkish rock music, Turkish fantasy music, religiousmusic and jannissary band music.
  2. 2. Turkish Folk Music:Different dialects and forms are performed invarious regions in Turkey. Therefore, sometimes it canbe difficult for a Westerner to understand a song thatbelongs to the East.Aşık Veysel Neşet Ertaş
  3. 3. Turkish ClassicalMusic:Turkish classical music dates back to Ottomantimes. Its main themes include love, death, sorrowand such bitter and also deep feelings.Zeki Müren Umut Akyürek
  4. 4. Turkish Pop Music:Popular music is distinguished from thetraditional genres such as Turkish classical and folkmusic.Tarkan Sertab Erener
  5. 5. Turkish Rock Music:Known as Anatolian Rock Music, it consists of acombination of Turkish folk music and rock music.PentagramMoğollar
  6. 6. Turkish FantasyMusic:Unique to Turkey, it is an oriental-rooted musictype. Generally, the lyrics are about desperate andone-sided love, despair and fate.Orhan Gencebay Ferdi Tayfur
  7. 7. Turkish Sufi music:According to Sufism in Islam, the aim is not toentertain people but to reach God by means of thismusic. Sufi music is the vocalization of religiousfeelings. Sufi music is divine.“Come, come, whoever you are.Wanderer, worshipper, lover ofleaving — it doesnt matter,Ours is not a caravan of despair.Come, even if you have brokenyour vow a hundred times,Come, come again, come.”RUMI
  8. 8. Janissary Band:Known as also the Mehter, it is the worlds firstand the oldest military band in Turkish style. Turkishmilitary music is an indispensable element during thewar, very similar to the sound of thunder, and the aimis to discourage the enemy.Mehter Team
  9. 9. Musical Instruments Unique ToTurkish Culture
  10. 10. BağlamaThis is the most common stringed instrument inTurkey.
  11. 11. UdThis is a large-bodied, short-stemmed stringedinstrument played not only in Turkey. It is very similarto the European lute.
  12. 12. KanunThe origins of this instrument date back to pre-Christianity period, and to the civilisations ofAnatolia, Mesopotamia and Egypt.
  13. 13. KemençeThe name kemençe is actually shared by twodifferent stringed instruments, one used in Ottomanmusic and the other in folk music of the Black Searegion.
  14. 14. ZurnaOne of the most important instruments intraditional/local music. The pipe was first made fromtree bark, and later panels of copper or brass wereadded.
  15. 15. TulumThis is the Turkish version of Scottish bagpipe.
  16. 16. DavulThe davul is one of the oldest instruments,having been used over the ages by variouscivilisations of Anatolia, and later used bycommunities in Central Asia.
  17. 17. DarbukaIt is a percussion instrument used especially toadd vibrant rythms to music. Similar instruments todarbuka were used by civilisations in Anatolia,Mesopotamia and Central Asia in ancient times.
  18. 18. Major works by worldwide famous composersabout Turks.Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Ludvig Van BeethovenTurkish March Turkish March
  19. 19. The world famous TurkishpianistFazıl Say
  20. 20. The world famous Turkish pianist and violinistvirtiousesSuna Kan and İdil Biret
  21. 21. The world-famous Turkish flutistŞefika Kutluer
  22. 22. Kerem GörsevThe world-famous Turkish pianist
  23. 23. The world-famous Turkishsaxophonistİlhan Erşahin
  24. 24. Thank you..