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Bus information

  1. 1. Full Sides Reach 949,920 Individuals per 4 weeks with 3 Full Side Buses Size: Approximately 9’ X 40’’ Full sides are enormous displays Placement: One entire side of the that provide an overwhelming bus – street side presence in the marketplace. Primary Target: Vehicular and pedestrian traffic
  2. 2. Full Wraps Size: Full side is 9’ x 40” (up to 60’), Fullback is Full Wraps provide three approx. 9’ x 7’, Headlight is 21” x 44” enormous displays and an Placement: Two full sides, one fullback, and overwhelming presence in one headlight the marketplace. Primary Target: Vehicular and pedestrian traffic
  3. 3. King Kongs Size: Approximately 100 ” x 246 ” King Kongs have wall-sized graphics Placement: Street side of bus that provide premium exposure Primary Target: Vehicular and opportunities in congested streets. pedestrian traffic
  4. 4. Kong with Headliners Reach 904,400 individuals Per 4 weeks with 5 Kongs with Headliners Size: Kong is approx.3’6” X 246” The Headliner enhances the Headliner approx. 1’ 6”’ x 40’ effectiveness of several other transit advertising displays. Placement: Street side of bus The Headliner also advertises Primary Target: Vehicular and above the traffic line for pedestrian traffic increased impact and visibility. Headliner with Kong Headliner with KongHeadliner with Kong
  5. 5. Queens Reach 904,400 Individuals is 4 weeks with 10 Queen Bus ads Queens increase name recognition through frequent exposures every day. Size: 20” x 70” Placement: Curb side of bus Primary Target: Pedestrian and vehicular traffic
  6. 6. Kongs 4 Kong Advertisements reach Kong with Extension 542,640 individuals per 4 weeks Kongs are massive Size: Approximately advertisements that reach 3’6” x 246” active target groups and Placement: Street side of the bus increase name recognition through frequent exposures Primary Target: Vehicular and every day. pedestrian traffic
  7. 7. Full Backs Fullbacks reach active target groups who are on the move. These giant graphics generate great recognition and recall as vehicles travel behind the ad for prolonged periods of time. Six Full Back Ads reaches 813,960 individuals in 28 days Size: Approximately 9’ x 7’ Placement: Tail of the bus Primary Target: Vehicular and pedestrian traffic
  8. 8. Sky Tails The Sky tail advertises above the traffic line for increased impact and visibility. Size: Approximately 45” x 90” Placement: Top third of the rear of the bus Primary Target: Vehicular and pedestrian traffic
  9. 9. Super Tails& TaillightsTaillights reach activetarget groups who areon the move. Theyimprove namerecognition and recallas vehicles travelbehind the ad forprolonged periods oftime. Size: 20” x 70” Placement: Rear of the bus Primary Target: Vehicular and pedestrian traffic
  10. 10. Bus Shelters Reach 1,211,280 IndividualsPer 4 weeks With4 Bus Shelter Panels Shelters achieve great exposure day and night as they are distributed along busy bus routes throughout the market. Size: 68.75” x 48” Placement: Street Primary Target:: Vehicular and pedestrian traffic
  11. 11. Bus Interiors Bus Interiors reach an audience for extended period of time where a great deal of information can be presented including phone numbers and websites. Size: 11” x 28” Placement: Various locations on interior cabins of buses Primary Target: Business and leisure commuters
  12. 12. Transit Coverage
  13. 13. Shelter Coverage
  14. 14. Service Guarantee At Lamar, we strive to maximize your advertising investment and accommodate your individual needs. Our services include full implementation of your campaign from start to finish; including campaign design, production, installation and removal. As a company we promise to: 1. Provide timely creative support 2. Print on high quality 3M vinyl 3. Provide insurance on Lamar production 4. Install your campaign on time 5. Invoice properly Thank you for taking the time to review the proposed options for a transit advertising campaign. We look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your marketing objectives.