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Diablo 3
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Diablo 3


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On May 15, hell will unleash its most evil demons. The five heroes and the players around the globe, will join in an epic fight against evil. Even the heavens shall tremble.

On May 15, hell will unleash its most evil demons. The five heroes and the players around the globe, will join in an epic fight against evil. Even the heavens shall tremble.

Published in: Entertainment & Humor

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  • 1. Diablo 3 - The world of Sanctuary is in peril! Diablo 3 is the newest Hack and Slash RPG, brought foreword byBlizzard Entertainment. It offers the players yet another chanceto delve deep in the dark setting of the Diablo universe. Theevents in Diablo 3 takes place 20 years after Tyraels decision todestroy the Worldstone. Now, the last two lords of Evil -Azmodan and Belial are laying siege upon Sanctuary.
  • 2. Diablo 3, like every other hack & slash rpg, offers the players a choice amongfive character - Wizard, Monk, Barbarian, Witch Doctor and Demon Hunter.
  • 3. The Wizards in Diablo 3 originally come from the Zann Esu clan,but have undergone addition, special training under thesupervision of the Vizjerei. This allows the Wizards to make useof the various destructive elemental spells, kept by the Zann Esumagician, bending the elements of Fire, Ice and Lightening totheir will, but can also control the powers of the Arcane, thanksto the advanced teachings of the Vizjerei.
  • 4. The Monks are one of the two melee oriented classes within thegame. The class is a very interesting hybrid warrior adept atsupporting his allies with his powerful Mantra abilities. Monksare capable of delivering devastating quick combinations ofattacks leaving their opponents crippled and unable to fightback. diablo 3 guide
  • 5. The other melee-oriented class in Diablo 3 is the Barbarian. Thisclass is adept at staying in the midst of battle, going close up andpersonal with the enemies. And this is exactly what theBarbarian skill kit offers. Barbarians are naturally much moredurable than all the other classes, giving them the opportunityto stay in the fray for a lot longer, trading hits with multipleopponents at the same time.
  • 6. The Witch Doctors come from a long line of mystics, living deepwithin the Tganze jungle, in the Torajan region. Witch Doctorsuse their summoned pets to create a distraction for theirenemies, while they make quick work of them via powerfulcurses and destructive spiritual abilities. diablo 3 guide
  • 7. The Demon Hunter is a ranged class, relying primarily on theirranged weapons and traps to dispose of their foes. This class isadept at sewing confusion amongst their enemies, quicklytumbling to maneuver and strategically reposition themselves onthe battlefield, while making use of various traps and specialdevices to destroy the forces of evil.
  • 8. And by choosing the class that you want to play, you alreadyhave made your first step in Sanctuary. As you set foot on thedesolated landscape, surrounding the New Tristram, the gamewill start introducing you to the various innovativemechanics, specially created so that can fully enjoy the game.
  • 9. Diablo 3 offers the players four difficulty settings - Normal, Nightmare, Helland Inferno. As the difficulty level rise, so do the rewards, received forconquering various areas. This is exactly what makes Inferno the mostchallenging and interesting part of the game. In the last difficulty setting, themonsters receive not only additional statistics and abilities but they actsmarter than ever before. To compensate for this and make it worth the timehowever, Blizzard have made sure that Inferno is the place where one canobtain the best gear in the entire game.
  • 10. Diablo 3 offers the players all of this and much more! There arethe special Hardcore mode, offering the additional challenge,presented by permanent death, the various Achievements, thePlayer Versus Player Arenas and, of course, the Real MarketAuction House (RMAH).
  • 11. So delay no further, future heroes! Join thebattle today and aid Sanctuary in the desperatefight against the forces of evil!