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Content Network Getting Started Guide Ad Words Help

  1. 1. Content Network Getting Started Guide - AdWords Help Page 1 AdWords Help Create a new campaign's your bid Get started campaign set performance Optimize groups and ads Measure your Content Choose keywords and Network campaigns ad your Content Network Getting Started Guide Whether you're new to the Content Network or have tried it before, this step-by-step guide will help set your campaigns up for success . How can you extend your reach to the Content Network ? It's easy to get started. To demonstrate, we'll follow a savvy AdWords advertiser, Sarah , as she sets up campaigns for her online sports gear store. Click the navigation links on the guide 's sidebar to find how you can start reaching more customers today. Identify a single product line to start with. Sarah decides to focus on Tennis Gear for her first campaign, instead of creating a broader campaign around sports gear. Creating specific campaigns helps her better organize and manage her account. Limit campaign's ad delivery to the Content Network. To ensure that her ads show only on the Content Network , Sarah selects only the 'Content Network' option under 'Networks and Devices' when she creates her campaign. She then selects ' Relevant pages across the entire network' to have her ads placed automatically on pages related to her products . Choose bidding option and set campaign budget . Sarah chooses Manual bidding for clicks as her bidding option. Then, she sets her campaign budget to a level she's comfortable with. Here's what you can do with separate campaigns for the Content Network : Set a separate budget for the Content Network. Apply different campaign strategies without affecting the performance of your search campaigns . Tailor your ads to better communicate to users who are in a different mind-set than those using a search engine. Follow these instructions to get started advertising on the Content Network: 1. Sign in to your AdWords account. 2. Click the Create a New Campaign button and select New Campaign. 3. Within your campaign settings, scroll to the ' Networks, devices, and extensions' section and make sure that the Content Network checkbox is selected . 4. Click Save and Continue. Remember, you can change any of your campaign settings at any time. Ready to try the Google Content Network ? Start advertising on the Content Network now Create your ad groups Create your ad groups After creating her new campaign for the Content Network, it' s time for Sarah to create her ad groups within this campaign. Her ad groups are comprised of her ads and keywords. Identify specific products and create an ad group for each of them Sarah sets up several ad groups, each focused on a specific product : Ad group 1 : Tennis Rackets Ad group 2 : Tennis Balls Ad group 3 : Tennis Balls Machines This will help each of Sarah 's ads reach a targeted audience. Eventually, she'll create an ad group for every one of her products , but here, she's started with a few of her most popular items . Learn about ad groups Each AdWords campaign is composed of one or more ad groups, the basic family unit of AdWords. It' s a collection of ads and keywords you build around a common theme. When serving your ads, the AdWords system looks at the overall theme in 10/29/2009 6:29:48 PM
  2. 2. Content Network Getting Started Guide - AdWords Help Page 2 Each AdWords campaign is composed of one or more ad groups, the basic family unit of AdWords. It' s a collection of ads and keywords you build around a common theme. When serving your ads, the AdWords system looks at the overall theme in each ad group to determine if your ad relates to a particular page on a website. That's why each ad group should focus on a specific product to ensure your ads only appear on the most relevant webpages. How many ad groups should I create ? It depends on the variety of products or services you sell. As a general guideline, you might begin with 5-10 tightly-themed ad groups in each campaign, each for your best-selling product , and expand by creating ad groups for additional products. Create ads within your ad groups Create ads within your ad groups Sarah creates 2-3 text ads per ad group . She writes sharp, compelling ad text that tells the user exactly what she offers. Tips to effectively target your message to potential buyers Identify your audience. Tell that audience exactly what you have to offer. Use your keywords in your ad text. Include a call-to-action in your copy that tells users what you expect them to do after clicking your ad. Use the ad text title to grab attention. Ensure your ad text accurately represents what users will find on the landing page of your website . Why multiple ads in each ad group? By creating multiple ads in each ad group , you'll be able to see which variations get the most response from users . Our optimized ad serving will automatically show the ads with higher clickthrough rates (CTRs) more often. It takes the guess work out of testing your ads. Available ad formats Text ads are an easy, effective way to get started on the Content Network . However, you can advertise using a variety of ad formats on the Content Network , such as image, video, and rich media. And with our free Display Ad Builder, you can create your own display ads in minutes using your existing logos and product images . Want to try new ad formats on your existing Content Network campaign? Access your account, go to the Ads tab, click the New ad drop- down menu , and select Display ad builder. Add display ads now Set your ad group's maximum cost -per-click (CPC ) bid Since Sarah is new to the Content Network, she's not sure what to bid. As a starting point, she chooses the same bid amount that she's using in her search campaigns and ad groups. Since she' s using Google's free Conversion Tracking to help her measure the performance of her ads, she can later adjust her bids based on how her ads perform. Read more on conversion tracking. You can add a new ad group to a campaign anytime by clicking the + New Ad Group button on the Ad groups tab . Smart Pricing Once you set your maximum cost-per-click (CPC) bids for your ad groups, Google's smart pricing feature will automatically go to work to reduce your bids when your ads show on pages that have a lower likelihood of converting. Learn about smart pricing. Choose keywords Choose keywords Sarah adds 5-15 keywords per ad group that are related to the product she's advertising. Here's a sample of her keyword list for the Tennis 10/29/2009 6:29:48 PM
  3. 3. Content Network Getting Started Guide - AdWords Help Page 3 Sarah adds 5-15 keywords per ad group that are related to the product she's advertising. Here's a sample of her keyword list for the Tennis Rackets ad group : tennis racquet tennis rackets tennis racket equipment tennis racquet reviews To come up with keyword ideas, Sarah uses the Keyword Tool, which generates keyword suggestions based on her products and services. How keywords work on the Content Network Your ad group 's keywords determine where your ads show on the Content Network. Therefore, each ad group should have a group of keywords which are related to one another but that provide variations within the theme. The closer the relationship between the keyword and your product , the more likely it is that your ad will find the right audience. Measure your campaign's performance Whether your goal is to drive sales, collect leads, or generate registrations, without properly measuring your campaigns, it's difficult to know whether your Content Network campaigns are working. That's where Google's free Conversion Tracking comes in. Set up conversion tracking Conversion Tracking helps Sarah measure whether her new campaign is resulting in sales, and enables her to view this information right in her AdWords account. For example , Sarah knows how many clicks her new Content Network campaign gets, but would like to know how many of those clicks are converting to sales. With basic conversion tracking, she can get this valuable information. Find out how much your conversions are worth With customized conversion tracking, a more advanced setting, you can also report the dollar amount of each sale and get the total revenue generated by each of your keywords as compared to the total cost of the keyword. To start using conversion tracking, click the Reporting tab of your account and select Conversions from the drop-down menu . Then click Create an action. Learn more about conversion tracking. Optimize targeting and bids With the Content Network, you can easily see a report of the sites on which your ads have appeared. Sarah clicks the Networks tab to view her placements and bids. Coupled with Conversion Tracking, you can quickly understand which sites are resulting in sales and which aren't , and make decisions based on this information. Here' s how Sarah uses this information: Monitor site-level performance. For each of her ad groups, Sarah monitors her performance on specific sites in the Content Network. This helps her see which sites are meeting her performance goals, and which aren't. She can even view page-level performance within specific sites. Increase bids on high -performing sites. For sites that are effective, Sarah increases her bids to maximize her ads' delivery on those sites . Decrease bids for poorly performing sites. For sites that aren't meeting her goals, Sarah decreases her bids to improve performance . Apply site exclusion and negative keywords . Sarah completely excludes from her campaign sites that aren't performing well to continually optimize her targeting. She' s also noticing that her ads are sometimes appearing on pages about tennis elbow, which aren't performing well either. She decides to exclude those sites and add negative keywords like 'elbow ' and 'tennis elbow' to her campaign to 10/29/2009 6:29:48 PM
  4. 4. Content Network Getting Started Guide - AdWords Help Page 4 performing well either. She decides to exclude those sites and add negative keywords like 'elbow ' and 'tennis elbow' to her campaign to prevent this from occurring in the future. Again, through it all, Conversion Tracking data drives Sarah's decisions because she sees which sites are leading to sales, and which aren't . To her surprise, she sees she's getting sales from sites that she wouldn't have guessed would perform well, and Conversion Tracking helped her see this. Tips when monitoring site-level performance Optimize your Content Network campaigns Results improve when you continually measure your campaign performance and use that information to make changes to your account. Below, you can see how Sarah uses performance data to improve her ads. Optimize ads In each of the ad groups in her Tennis Gear campaign, Sarah creates multiple ad variations to see which ad text receives the best response. Next, she creates new ad groups for men's , women's and children's tennis apparel , with targeted ad text in each ad group . She always uses conversion data to make her decisions. This helped her see that even though an ad with the headline 'Tennis Apparel For Less' gave her the most clickthroughs, she found that those visitors bought fewer items than those who had clicked on an ad titled 'Quality Tennis Apparel.' Without Conversion Tracking, she wouldn't have known this. Based on this information, she can delete the lower-performing ad and focus her budget on the better-performing one. Clickthrough rate (CTR): 3.5 % Clickthrough rate (CTR): 2 .4% Total clicks: 329 Total clicks : 121 Total sales: 5 Total sales: 6 How Conversion Optimizer can help By enabling the Conversion Optimizer, you can eliminate most of the time and effort you spend to optimize your campaigns for maximum performance . The Conversion Optimizer will monitor your ads' performance and make real -time adjustments to your bids to maximize the number of conversions your campaigns receive while meeting your ROI goals. One you implement Conversion Tracking, enabling Conversion Optimizer for your campaigns is just one click away. Learn more about Conversion Tracking. Read on tracking your performance and optimizing your account in the AdWords Help Center. 10/29/2009 6:29:48 PM
  5. 5. Content Network Getting Started Guide - AdWords Help Page 5 AdWords - Contacting Us - Help with other Google products - Change Language: English (US )‎ ©2009 Google - Google Home - Privacy Policy - Terms of Service - Advertising Policies 10/29/2009 6:29:48 PM