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Virgin mobile

  1. 1. Virgin Mobile Group 9 Arjun Batra 08FT-010 Gaurav Singhal 08FT-016 Rajeev Vishwanath 08FT-034 Rohit Dhuwad 08FT-037 Sippu Rout 08FT-050
  2. 2. About Virgin Mobile Virgin Group one of the world's most recognized and respected brands Tata Tele Services Ltd. (TTSL) one of India’s leading private telecom service providers offers integrated telecom solutions under the TATA Indicom brand uses the latest CDMA technology for its wireless network Virgin Mobile India - Virgin-TTSL joint venture: a ‘brand franchise’ agreement with TTSL and not operating as MVNO Target break even in 3 years, at a subscriber base of 5mn
  3. 3. Market Analysis - STP Segmenting 215 million Indians aged between 14 and 25 years 75.17 pc of mobile service market shared by GSM operators Calling vs VAS Targeting Youth Segment 70 mn own mobile phones in this age group Addition of 50 mn new mobile phone subscribers in next 3 years account for less than 30 pc of the total, but contribute over 50 pc of the telecom industry's Rs 500mn , expected to reach 350mn 95 pc of young users are pre-paid subscribers, run out of both talktime and recharging money by the month-end VAS to be next in thing with maximum revenue Positioning As a Youth Brand – “Think hatke”
  4. 4. VAS in India
  5. 5. Current Marketing Strategy: 4Ps Product: connection provided by Virgin and supported by TTSL - vBling CDMA handsets with RUIM – vSleek, vTrendy, vKewl Price: Service Pricing – Get paid to receive calls, outgoing calls from virgin costs 50 paise per minute after 2 minutes Handset Pricing – at about half the price, Style + Value at low cost Place: dealers in 47 cities covering all Tier – I cities and major Tier – II cities Virgin Mobile branded products and services online Promotion: find a way around, rather than a way against / Think hatke Buzz marketing to get initial attention, followed by attitude based promotion
  6. 6. Challenges in achieving the goals Number portability: difficult to convert existing non-VM subscribers limited to CDMA technology and in turn to limited handsets: difficult to attract subscribers preferring GSM handsets strategy and offerings are yet to be time-tested: difficult to continue the initial buzz created
  7. 7. Mobile Service – Value Chain Platform Providers Device Manufacturer Network Operator Content Provider Core Competency End User Virgin Mobile
  8. 8. Proposed Marketing Strategy Communicate clearly about the value proposition 'VAS targeted to youth' from lame 'think hatke' tag-line Need based instead of generic VAS with local content in vernacular language ‘Content is king’ in VAS – connect and sell Attractive formats like 'Get paid per use' strategy in VAS using Mobile marketing compensate by third party advertisement Venture into GSM sector through TTSL or other strategic alliances Target upcoming fields like m-banking, m-commerce, m-governance
  9. 9. Implementation issues VAS with local content in vernacular language More strategic alliances with content developers Need based content development 'Get paid per use' strategy in VAS using Mobile marketing Subscriber base will decide attractiveness for third-party advertiser Proper revenue sharing model to be developed Venture into GSM sector through TTSL or other strategic partnership TTSL has already talked to DoCoMo for GSM operations Need for new partnership model Target upcoming fields like m-banking, m-commerce, m-governance User awareness security
  10. 10. Marketing Audit Plan Surveys targeting youth Awareness about VAS Awareness about VM’s brand position Feedback from retail outlets and distributors To find out trends after implementation of proposed strategies
  11. 11. Virgin Mobile - Schemes
  12. 12. THANK YOU