20/09/2011 19:30                 dental-hygienist-school.net                Dental Hygienist Schools in Georgia           ...
20/09/2011 19:30                 dental-hygienist-school.net                Dental Hygienist Schools in Georgia           ...
20/09/2011 19:30                 dental-hygienist-school.net                Dental Hygienist Schools in Georgia           ...
20/09/2011 19:30                 dental-hygienist-school.net                Dental Hygienist Schools in Georgia           ...
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Dental hygienist schools in georgia


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Dental hygienist schools in georgia

  1. 1. 20/09/2011 19:30 dental-hygienist-school.net Dental Hygienist Schools in Georgia Athens Technical College Dental Hygiene L ist of Dental Hygienist Schools in Georgia together with the info such as campus location, Program the type of degree on offer, campus contact information. Life Sciences 800 U.S. Highway 29 North To develop into a dental hygienist, a qualification Athens, GA 30601-1500 from a dental hygienist school is compulsory. The Tina A. Grile, CDA, RDH, MHS — Program Director qualification can be included as one of a certificate, Phone: (706) 355-5142 Ext.: Fax: (706) 425-3104 an associate degree or maybe a bachelor’s degree Email Address: tgrile@athenstech.edu in dental hygiene field. Web Site: www.athenstech.edu Degrees Awarded Throughout the United States of America, dental Certificate: N/A hygienist courses both grant a certificate (right af- Associate: AAS ter a 12 months’s research), a 24 months associate Baccalaureate: N/A degree, a 4 years bachelor’s degree or maybe a mas- ter’s degree in dental hygiene. The university must have an accreditation from the American Dental Association (ADA). An dental hygienist can even Atlanta Technical College Dental Hygiene require a State license from the state which they Program planned to operate. 1560 Metropolitan Parkway, SW, Room 2148 Community and technical schools offer 2 years pro- Atlanta, GA 30310-4446 grams resulting in an associate degree, although Candace Marshall, RDH — universities generally offer you four years courses Phone: (404) 225-4560 Ext.: Fax: (000) 000-0000 to get a bachelor’s degree. It’s possible you’ll observe Email Address: N/A the university atmosphere and education methods Web Site: www.atlantatech.edu/ by paying the university / college a visit. Location Degrees Awarded can be an important concern to many as it’s possible Certificate: N/A you’ll wish to stay near your loved ones or planning Associate: AAS to go abroad. Baccalaureate: N/Ajoliprint Printed with http://www.dental-hygienist-school.net/2011/06/dental-hygienist-schools-in-georgia.html Page 1
  2. 2. 20/09/2011 19:30 dental-hygienist-school.net Dental Hygienist Schools in Georgia Central Georgia Technical College Date Email Address: rfoster@columbustech.edu Dental Hygiene Program Web Site: www.columbustech.edu Degrees Awarded Allied Health Certificate: N/A 3300 Macon Tech Drive, Building J Associate: AAS Macon, GA 31206-0000 Baccalaureate: N/A April Catlett, RDH, BHSA, MDH — Director Dental Hygiene Program Phone: (478) 757-3487 Ext.: Fax: (478) 757-3489 Email Address: acatlett@centralgatech.edu Darton College Dental Hygiene Program Web Site: www.centralgatech.edu Degrees Awarded Allied Health Division Certificate: N/A 2400 Gillionville Rd. Associate: AAS Albany, GA 31707-0000 Baccalaureate: N/A Stacey B. Marshall, RDH, MS.Ed, DMD — Program Director/Supervising Dentist Phone: (229) 317-6840 Ext.: Fax: (229) 317-6620 Email Address: stacey.marshall@darton.edu Clayton State University Web Site: www.darton.edu Degrees Awarded College of Health Certificate: N/A Dental Hygiene Department Associate: AS 2000 Clayton State Boulevard Baccalaureate: N/A Morrow, GA 30260-0000 W. Gail Barnes, RDH, PhD – Interim Chairperson Dental Hygiene Phone: (678) 466-4969 Ext.: Fax: (678) 466-4997 Fortis College Dental Hygiene Program Email Address: gailbarnes@clayton.edu Web Site: www.clayton.edu 2108 Cobb Parkway Degrees Awarded Smyrna, GA 30080-7630 Certificate: N/A Dr. Donna Solovan-Gleason, RDH, PhD — Dental Associate: N/A Hygiene Program Director Baccalaureate: BS-DH Phone: (678) 486-8401 Ext.: Fax: (770) 980-0811 Email Address: dsolovan-gleason@edaff.com Web Site: www.fortis.edu Degrees Awarded Columbus Technical College Certificate: N/A Associate: ASjoliprint Department of Dental Hygiene Baccalaureate: N/A 928 Manchester Expressway Columbus, GA 31904-6535 Rebecca Foster, RDH, MSEd — Program Manager Printed with Phone: (706) 649-1978 Ext.: Fax: (706) 649-1599 http://www.dental-hygienist-school.net/2011/06/dental-hygienist-schools-in-georgia.html Page 2
  3. 3. 20/09/2011 19:30 dental-hygienist-school.net Dental Hygienist Schools in Georgia Georgia Highlands College Email Address: dbyers@laniertech.edu Web Site: www.laniertech.edu Health Sciences Division Degrees Awarded Dental Hygiene Department Certificate: CERTIFICATE 415 East Third Avenue Associate: AAS Rome, GA 30161-0000 Baccalaureate: N/A Donna L. Miller, RDH, BSDH, MS — Director of Dental Hygiene-Associate Professor Phone: (706) 295-6760 Ext.: Fax: (706) 802-5140 Email Address: dmiller@highlands.edu Georgia Health Sciences University Web Site: www.highlands.edu/dental Degrees Awarded School of Allied Health Sciences Certificate: N/A Department of Dental Hygiene Associate: AS 1120 15th Street; AD 3103 Baccalaureate: N/A Augusta, GA 30912-0200 Marie A. Collins, RDH, EdD — Associate Professor and Department Chair Phone: (706) 721-2938 Ext.: Fax: (706) 721-8857 Georgia Perimeter College Email Address: mcollins@mcg.edu Web Site: www.georgiahealth.edu/sah/dh Department of Dental Hygiene Degrees Awarded 2101 Womack Road Certificate: N/A Dunwoody, GA 30338-0000 Associate: N/A Debra L. Davis, RDH, BS, MEd — Assistant Professor, Baccalaureate: BS-DH Department Chair Phone: (770) 274-5131 Ext.: Fax: (770) 274-5258 Email Address: ddavi2@gpc.edu Web Site: www.gpc.edu/~gpcdh Middle Georgia Technical College Degrees Awarded Certificate: N/A Department of Dental Hygiene Associate: AS 80 Cohen Walker Drive Baccalaureate: N/A Warner Robins, GA 31088-0000 Dr. Barbara Jansen, DDS — Program Director Phone: (478) 988-6800 Ext.: 4024 Fax: (478) 988-6875 Email Address: bjansen@middlegatech.edu Lanier Technical College Web Site: www.middlegatech.edu Degrees Awarded Department of Dental Hygiene Certificate: N/Ajoliprint 2990 Landrum Education Dr. Associate: AAS Oakwood, GA 30566-0000 Baccalaureate: N/A David Byers, DMD — Dental Hygiene Program Di- rector Printed with Phone: (770) 535-6905 Ext.: Fax: (770) 531-6366 http://www.dental-hygienist-school.net/2011/06/dental-hygienist-schools-in-georgia.html Page 3
  4. 4. 20/09/2011 19:30 dental-hygienist-school.net Dental Hygienist Schools in Georgia Savannah Technical College Dental Certificate: N/A Hygiene Program Associate: AAS Baccalaureate: N/A 5717 White Bluff Road Savannah, GA 31405 Suzanne Edenfield, RDH, EdD — Department Head Phone: (912) 344-2982 Ext.: Fax: (912) 344-3442 Wiregrass Georgia Technical College Email Address: sedenfield@savannahtech.edu Web Site: www.savannahtech.edu Department of Dental Hygiene Degrees Awarded 4089 Val Tech Road Certificate: N/A Valdosta, GA 31602-0000 Associate: AS Sandi Woodward, RDH, MEd — Director of Dental Baccalaureate: N/A Programs Phone: (229) 245-3716 Ext.: Fax: (229) 245-6513 Email Address: sandi.woodward@wiregrass.edu Web Site: www.wiregrass.edu Southeastern Technical College Dental Degrees Awarded Hygiene Program Certificate: N/A Associate: AAS 3001 East 1st Street Baccalaureate: N/A Vidalia, GA 30474-0000 Jennifer M. Gramiak, RDH, MS — Dental Hygiene Please re-visit this page to get the updated list of Program Director/Instructor Dental Hygienist Schools in Georgia. Phone: (912) 538-3210 Ext.: Fax: (912) 538-3278 Email Address: jgramiak@southeasterntech.edu Web Site: www.southeasterntech.edu Degrees Awarded Certificate: N/A Associate: AS Baccalaureate: N/A West Georgia Technical College Dental Hygiene Program Allied Health & Service Division 4600 Timber Ridge Dr.joliprint Douglasville, GA 30135-0000 Cherie Rainwater, RDH, MS — Director of Dental Hygiene Phone: (770) 947-7225 Ext.: Fax: (770) 947-7377 Printed with Email Address: cherie.rainwater@westgatech.edu Web Site: www.westgatech.edu Degrees Awarded http://www.dental-hygienist-school.net/2011/06/dental-hygienist-schools-in-georgia.html Page 4